Wednesday 19 August 2020

Purple Daisies


Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all ok, sending special hugs to all those that are feeling under the weather xxx

Talking of weather we had a funny day yesterday, it was full blazing hot sun one minute and light rain the next, as I am writing this it looks like the heavens are about to open once again, no thunder so far today though.

Today's card is one I made on the day that Paul came home unable to see clearly, with all that commotion going on I totally forgot that I had made it so I was delighted when I came across it while tidying my desk yesterday afternoon. 

I used the latest SU 'In Colour' patterned paper pack (6x6 inch) to cut to size to fit my 41/4  X  5 1/2 card base, I then took some Elegant Eggplant card to die cut the daisies and the scallop circle for the back of the sentiment piece.  I gave the daisies a little bit of a shape and stuck two together, finishing the centres off with a diamante.  I used some green card to cut some foliage ti break up the purple shades.  I stamped my sentiment in Elegant Eggplant and die cut the circle, backing it with the scalloped circle and placed it down on my card, I then arranged the flowers around the circle and added the leaves.
Quite a simple card but I quite like the simplicity and the tone on tone colours too.

Have a lovely day ladies,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a gorgeous card, I love everything about it.

    Yesterday was a busy day with a few problems. Late afternoon someone turned up to fix the printer/photocopier machine-guess who has to stay as he wanted to fix it and needed to go back to his van for spare parts?! Another late finish so I’m really hoping today is a better day and I can actually just do my normal hours!!

    Margaret-Sorry yo hear your suffering with Gout, hope you start to feel better soon.

    Lynda-if you haven’t heard from the Physio team then please contact them as most services are booking patients in again and you’re clearly a priority case.


    1. I hope you have a better day than yesterday Michele.

  2. Morning everyone.
    A beautiful card Sandra.
    Hopefully work be alright for you today Michele and the same to our Karen.
    If I'm not wrong Sonia, you got a week off ? Hope you can enjoy it even if the weather is very unpredictable at the moment.
    Mamma Margaret, wish you feeling better soon from the gout. Hugs for you and Pop.
    Lynda, hope you get hold of some physio.
    Haven't slept much ,think I only got two hours so not sure yet what I'll do or how much oomph their is.
    Sending hugs to you all and wish you a good day Maria xx

  3. Beautiful card SANDRA I love tone on tone cards
    I hope you’re taking note of what we’ve all been saying about your garden Other things are far more important now and it won’t be long until PAUL can help properly It might feel like a waste but what the heck PAUL’s recovery is the priority
    Work is exceptionally busy at moment I hope you get to have a “normal” day MICHELE
    I have a virtual appointment with my DSN later Hopefully she can sort out why my pump is waking me up at 5am every morning!
    Take care all xx

  4. Hi everyone
    Beautiful card Sandra, love the colour.
    We had a very heavy downpour yesterday mid morning, but brightened up after. Raining here this morning too, but we seem to have missed all the major thunder storms.
    Thanks Maria, yes I’m off this week. Spent most of the time crafting so far due to the weather, but I don’t mind that 😊
    Hope you all have a good day. Hugs to all xxx

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Lovely card Sandra. Love the colours as well as purple is my favourite.
    Raining here this morning, I hope it doesn’t continue all day.
    Sorry to hear that your suffering with gout Margaret.
    Lynda you need to talk to the physio people as Michele has said as you should be walking by now.
    Sonia enjoy your day off.
    Hope you manage to get your pump sorted today Karen.
    My friend Beryl is coming over for a coffee this morning. I’ve met her at Yarnton for the last couple of weeks. But she asked if she could come to me again. She came to me 2 weeks ago as she’d taken up my cut offs for me. She seemed a bit more cheerful when she rang me this morning. Need to finish a few cards that I’ve started. Results day for Amber tomorrow. GCSE’s. She’s waiting to hear when she has an telephone interview for Hartpury college. All last minute of course as she didn’t think she’d get the grades to go there. All depends if they have places left I suppose at this late stage. She already has a place offer for Moulton College. But wanted to wait to hear from Hartpury first. I know she loves and looks after animals but she’d love to own a farm. I’m not to sure that’s feasible or not though.
    Take care & stay safe everyone.

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Beautiful card Sandra, love tone on tone it works so well with these gorgeous daisies and the background you have used. Thank you for your inspiration. xx Hope your patient is being good today and you haven’t been overdoing things.Sending Hugs For both of you xx

    Like the rest of the country we have rain, it started about 9am today and is still a continuous fine drizzle. It’s nothing like the rest of the country though, so not complaining.

    Hope our working ladies are coping with the exceptional work load. xx

    PAT hope Amber gets the grades she needs for GCSES.
    I feel so sorry for the students who have been hanging on because A level results were marked down, now they have to check if the university or college can still offer a place. Fortunately both of our grandsons will be going to their first choice university, but on the news they were saying some students who wanted to study medicine the courses were now all full....... Think I had better put my soapbox away, I could go on for ages!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your day ladies, Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  7. Hello, did I we want rain !!! We rain and gales, broken lot so Rs flowers.

    Sandra lovely card for inspiration today,very unusual.

    We have our daughter down for the day, first time since Christmas. It’s our grand daughter’s birthday today, missing seeing them.

    Hope you all had a good day, hugs Lilian