Friday 17 April 2020

Thanks all round for Next weeks Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and are ready for the weekend, the weather isn't supposed to be great sadly but that is a good excuse to stay in and craft.

Next Weeks Challenge

I thought that it  would be nice for us all to make 'Thank You' cards for our Challenge this week, I have left a Thank You card for our Post man and for the driver that delivers for Amazon, I even took one to the ladies in the Pharmacy the other day too. Just a small token but our Postie was so grateful to have a little something to collect and his face lit up when he opened it.  
You can make your card designed specifically for a certain service, I have started playing with an 'Eclipse' style  card with the letters NHS. 
I wonder if you can get an address of the NHS direct office as those people are seriously over worked and I'm not sure that they get the praise and thanks that they deserve as they are often the front line as far as calling is concerned and can certainly stop you worrying unnecessarily!
We all have so much to be thankful for in these trying times.
I hope you like this Challenge idea.

I have included the address for this remarkable Gentleman on today's post as I thought that some of you might like to make and send him a Birthday card, I think the figure he had raised the last time I looked was in excess of £15 Million pounds !!! 
What an incredible achievement, it's hard to believe that he is almost 100 and not long had a new hip, he is an inspiration to us all.  The address is on the picture above. 

I had a looong day yesterday as I sat making the 'Save The Date' cards that I have been putting off!
I sat and tied 80 tiny twine bows, made 80 tiny envelopes. I then had to die cut the each one of the little cards and glue the twine bow to each one and after it had dried I had to attach a tiny yellow rose to the centres of each bow!  As I am writing this I have yet to complete the 'assembly' stage, I have a load of the cards sat with their bows drying on the coffee table waiting for their flowers to be added.
I will be sharing a photo of them when they are completed.

Before I finish them though I have to go and cook the Teryiaki Salmon that I have been marinating all afternoon, I made the sauce at lunch time, I was going to serve it with buttered new potatoes and Tenderstem Broccoli 🥦 which seems to have become a favourite veg in our house! But the girls fancied Egg Fried Rice with the broccoli instead, so I precooked the rice earlier, it will only take me a few minutes to pull the whole meal together when Paul gets in, it's quite a light tea too, which is better when we are eating later. 
Phew I just looked at the time and had to high tail it to the front door to clap for the Keyworkers & NHS.  It's odd as it seems like we have only been doing it for a couple of weeks and the first one was in total darkness.  
Our village really goes to town with the Church bell ringing, car horns, air horns, gongs and bells, as well as whistles and hoots, it gives me Goosebumps!
Enough waffle for one day!

Have as great a day as you can in the circumstances,

Sending HUGE hugs and Love to all of you,


PS.  I want to say a Huge THANK YOU to all of supporting the Blog everyday 💛💜❥


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-great Cards & a fantastic challenge for next week. I’ll certainly be making my card for the remarkable Captain Tom . We have light rain predicted for this evening & overnight-fingers crossed it does rain as everything is so dry.


    1. Hopefully it’ll rain later here as well. Mind you I am watering my pots. I have 6 water buts that we’re full too the brim. Might get the car brush out if it rains a bit and rub the car over as it’s very very dusty. Take care.

  2. morning everyone
    What a good Challenge for this week.

    I cannot believe that it's got around to that 'swear' word day again. I'm sure that there's more than one Friday in the week these days or am I just 'stir crazy'.lol

    The CAFE is OPEN -usual hours- for you to pop in for some respite in the day.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE xxxx

  3. I think this is a beautiful challenge Funnily enough OH said last night that he should have put a thank you note out for the dustmen He had no idea that you were going to set it as a challenge
    I will also try and make a card for Captain Tom Moore It’s the least I can do for this remarkable man
    I am gutted that we have another 3 weeks lockdown and not get to have a cuddle with Oscar and Charlie BUT if it keeps us safe then I will put up with it
    I am loving my new sewing machine My first project is a bit dodgy but it’s giving me the practice
    I have been deployed to a different team (again) so it’l be interesting to see what this morning brings at work
    I will hopefully craft later
    Take care all Be careful LYNDA and ease up on the exercise Big hugs to you and MARGARET xx

    1. My word that are moving you about quite a bit aren’t the Karen.
      I’m glad your enjoying using your sewing machine. Such a shame about the advent calendar.
      You’ll have to have extra cuddles when this is all over.

    2. Thanks Karen i should listen to my Body slowly does it

      Lynda xxx

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Lovely cards today. Well not many of us were out yesterday at my end off the road last night. A poor show really and I didn’t go to the end of the drive to see who was out up the road as people were walking by with their dogs. None off them clapped either.
    Lynda don’t do too much exercise at once. It doesn’t work the more you do the quicker it mends. So gently does it.
    Windy and dull here at the moment. I have washing on so I hope the rain stays off for awhile.
    Sandra who are you making the Save the Date cards for. Is it someone Becca knows ?. I think you had said before when I was over but can’t remember. I’m piling up craft CD’s that I haven’t used in a long time. I expect they will all end up in the bin. Found things while clearing shelves in my craft room that I don’t even remember buying. I expect the boxes of wooden stamps & the clear ones will eventually they’ll go the way off the CD’s. such a shame really.
    Take dare everyone and stay safe.

  5. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Fantastic challenge for next week and I love your cards.
    Hope you managed to get around to finishing the save the date cards.
    Another good turnout from our road at 8pm last night, clapping for the NHS and keyworkers. James was working at the time and he said they stopped and clapped too.
    Thank you for all your kind comments on my card yesterday, and thanks again Sandra for sharing it 😊
    Have a good day, hugs to all xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Love your cards Sandra and a good idea for next week's cc.
    As the sun have been out my crafting have been very slow, it have been more for me to get the warmth on my aching bones but today it looks like rain coming so hope to make some cards this afternoon. It was a bit chilly on our walk this morning so will not sit outside to read today.
    Lynda- take care and don't overdo your exercises, small steps. Sending love and hugs for you both x
    Have a good day everyone and take care. Big hugs for you all xxx

    1. MARIA thamk you yes i will buti just want to to get off my bum & walk. But as you say baby steps
      Love Lynda xx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sandra your thank you cards are all lovely and what a great idea to make ‘Thank You’ cards for the next challenge, think this will be a very popular challenge.

    I’m having a busy doing nothing day today, I had a blood test this morning John dropped me off at the surgery door and was over the road when I came out, so I haven’t been charging around, but I’m shattered. I was like this on Tuesday, had a nap after breakfast and another after lunch !!!

    Hope everyone is being careful if you have to go out.

    Take care and stay safe, Love Brenda xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies
    I lost two comment so grrr. SO THIS OME SHORT & SWEET
    MICHELE sorry for that nasty comments you got om Sue's blog
    Don't upset yourself they aren't worth it you won your prize fair & Square. You enjoy using them.
    She is just a sad jealous individual♥️
    MARGARET hope your feeling better
    Stay safe sending you a big, 🤗
    Think i will sending HUG'S _AND LOVE LYNDA XXX