Monday 6 April 2020

My 1st Monochrome Challenge Card

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you all enjoyed the weekend, it was lovely and sunny yesterday but there was quite a strong wind that was a little chilly. We were outside most of the day, Paul was busy doing gardening, I sat outside most of the day, I helped with a few little jobs but my heart has been really playing up this past few days and I struggle to do anything without being out of breath, so very frustrating!!
Paul got loads done though, then we had a mess to clear up....
During the recent high winds the Mesh cage got blown off of our Chimney, we have reported it (as its not accessible for Paul to put it back on), anyway while sitting in the lounge yesterday morning I noticed that the fireplace was full of twigs, there were loads hanging out of the chimney too, so Paul gingerly cleared them all out, needless to say I was out of the room. While we were sitting outside we noticed a Blackbird flying around and dropping sticks into the chimney pot, poor thing doesn't realise that everything is falling right down and is being cleared out as fast as he is dropping it in. So hopefully we can get that sorted in the next few days, I couldn't bare for it to get to the point that they lay eggs.

Today's card is a very simple design, I saw something similar on Pinterest, I used a small square die to cut lots of squares out of some old Stampin Up Dsp called 'Colour Theory'.  I arranged them in layers, fading the colours from Dark to light. The card base is 41/4 X 5 1/2 inch.
I used an old Spellbinders die to die cut the 'hello' sentiment, which I placed at the bottom of the card.
A simple design that needs no extra embellishment I feel.

Now I want to advise any of you that use the 'Wish' app or shop on their website to be very vigilant and keep a check on any cards that you use to make any purchases from it.
I had a call from my Credit card company yesterday to say that somebody had attempted to use my card to make a purchase of £168, luckily I have never used my Credit card to purchase anything from them so it was flagged as an 'Unusual' transaction and they checked to see if it was genuine, so it got declined.  I was so relieved but shocked at the same time, how on earth do people get all of your card details? including everything you need to make a transaction!  The chap from the Credit card company said that Wish was a hotspot for fraudulent card transactions. They cancelled my card and have sent me a new one thank goodness.

So frustrating to see so many people abusing the rules of Isolation and taking to beaches and parks, so bloody selfish (excuse my language) but it really frustrates me that people are so stupid and selfish that they don't realise that they are jeopardising the lives of so many and prolonging the Isolation for those of us that are obeying the rules!  I can't understand why it's so hard to understand.
Soap Box back in its place for the next protest!!

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-your Card is fantastic, really lovely.
    Good job your credit card company were vigilant. Like you, I’m so angry that some people think the rules don’t apply to them regarding Stay at Home! I truly hope the government don’t have to enforce a complete ban on exercise because some selfish idiots are flouting the rules.


  2. Good morning Sandra and ladies.
    Love the card you have made Sandra.
    Hope to make some cards later after our walk, we distance ourself as much as we can but some stupid people don't seem to take this serious. Don't understand Sweden at all for their schools are still open and coffee shops etc still let people meet up and for some reason their death rate is lower then anywhere but think they are a few weeks behind us so we have to see. As long my parents and sibling are ok. Thanks to fecetime we can still be in contact but it was with a heavy heart we had to cancel our holiday to see them all.
    Thanks for the warning reg Wish, used them a few times myself so. I have had my card changed now three times because of fraud, never found out who.
    Have a nice day everyone. Plenty of hugs in the basket just inside the door so help yourself to as many you need xxx

  3. Beautiful card SANDRA I like be all the different shades A real monochromatic card with an ombré feel too
    I totally agree with you both about the idiots The worst case I saw on tele was a guy using gym equipment in a park even though it had been taped off OK he was on his own and probably wearing gloves So in his eyes was “safe” but IT HAD BEEN TAPED OFF NO ENTRY!!! The council had to go back and dismantle it I do feel sorry for people living in high rise flats that don’t have a garden and the government need to make it clearer about being able to drive 5 minutes or not to a beauty spot to be able to exercise
    I finished a crochet piece yesterday Still got one to sew up I have now started knitting small dolls for a group on FB to give to NHS worker’s children
    Sit down and breakfast over so off to to work now
    Take care all xxx

  4. Hello All, sunny but chilly.

    Sandra super card, so precisely lined up.

    We had Police patrolling our beaches over the weekend, terrible waste of police time just because some people don’t think the rules don’t apply to them.

    Must do some cards today, not go out in the garden, hope you have a good day. Lilian

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Love your card Sandra, it really is inspirational, something I would never thought of doing. Thank you for sharing.

    Those people who are ignoring the warnings not to go outside unnecessarily are really being very selfish. But I also feel for families who are stuck in a flat, some of whom haven’t even got a balcony to stand on, they must be pulling their hair out. Most of us have got a garden we can walk around and get some fresh air, so on the whole do very well. We have also got television and the Internet so are able to access anything we want to. Daughter when planning lessons for pupils in her school did a survey before the schools were closed, asking did everyone have internet access, for some families the only access to the internet is via a family members mobile, obviously she couldn’t follow the Internet route because that would have made some pupils even more disadvantage than they are. It makes you count your blessings, but it also makes you realise just how disadvantaged some families are. Sorry soapbox put away.

    Take care everyone and stay safe, love Brenda XXX

  6. Great card today Sandra. Fingers crossed they don’t have to try and stop people going out for some exercise. But I suppose you’ll always get some people who think the rules don’t apply to them.
    I rang to speak to Doreen this morning. After some consultation I was told she was unwell and they would ring me back. As I’m still waiting I expect I’ll have to ring them back. I expect they’re very busy and whoever was going to ring me back forgot.

  7. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Fabulous card today - love it.
    Sorry, I did pop in earlier but never got round to messaging as Mark wanted to Skype his mum. So happy we’ve now got my parents and his mum onto Skype.
    Hope everyone keeping well and had a good day.
    Hugs to all xxx