Wednesday 8 April 2020

Cheryl's 'Man' Challenge Card

Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are well,  I also hope that you were bathed in glorious sunshine like we were yesterday, it was really warm too, we spent a good part of the day sat out on the patio, the girls really enjoyed it, for them it makes the isolation a little more bearable. 

Today I am delighted to be able to share 2 of the cards that Cheryl made for last week's  'Man' Challenge.  
The cards are both amazing, Cheryl used HunkyDory's Big Book of Toppers as the starting point  of both cards, I love the vintage look, those extra embellishments really do make such a difference, bringing the cards to life.
I spoke to Cheryl yesterday and the couple that had requested them came to collect them from Cheryl's porch, they were delighted with them and left a Very generous donation to Cheryl's chosen Charity 'Cardiomyopathy UK'.
Thank you so much for sharing your cards and taking part in the Challenge my lovely xxx

I hope that you all have a lovely day today,

Sending love and hugs to all of you, 



  1. Morning Ladies

    Cheryl-two fantastic cards, I’m sure the recipients loved them.

    We sat out at lunchtime time (in work) then I did the same when I got home but it was a bit cool by then but still pleasant.

    We currently have 3 members of staff off showing symptoms of coronovirus so they’re being swabbed & waiting fir results. We have 3 more on long term sick so we’re stretched now. We’ hoping to find out today what hours we’re expected to work over Easter-at the moment every department has been asked to voluntarily cover Easter as if it’s normal working hours. I feel so tired that I’m hoping I can have some time off-fingers crossed.


    1. Normal working hours over Easter doesn't sound so good Michele, if that was managers and the MP's they would have made sure it was triple hours for them. Take care xxx

    2. I hope your members of staff are OK and get through this awful virus Stay safe MICHELE
      I know a lot of my teams are having to provide a 7 day service now and that includes a lot of clerical staff that have always been Mon to Fri

    3. Stay safe and hope the others will be alright Michele, take care x

  2. Two lovely cards CHERYL How kind of you to make them at this sad worrying time for you
    Take care
    I didn’t go into my craft room yesterday I really haven’t got any enthusiasm at all I will later today after work
    Take care all xxx

  3. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Both of theses cards are beautiful Cheryl, I love the embellishments that end the perfect finishing touches. I hope you and your family are able to get everything sorted out without more trouble for you all. Hugs to you x
    Sandra, it was absolutely gorgeous yesterday here to. If it stayed like this all year o would be perfectly happy. I hope you and the girls get to relax outside again today xx
    Brenda, snap re the washing yesterday. I had the same satisfaction as you did with my three loads. I do have some more today, you can’t beat that lovely line dried smell can you x
    I hope you all manage to get a little time outside, if the sun is shining for you that is. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies.
    Two lovely cards today Cheryl. Thinking of you at this sad time.
    A lovely day yesterday & today at the moment.
    Sandra I know Paul will take all the necessary precautions at work. He’s very sensible isn’t he.
    Well I went into the shed this morning to see if I could find a small saw. I did eventually. I want to see if I can cut up a dead Angels Trumpet that’s given up the ghost. It’s not too thick so hopefully I’ll be able to manage. The patio needs doing but Craig borrowed the cleaner so that’ll have to wait.
    I haven’t heard how Doreen is as they will notify if there’s any change.
    Gill went into the hospital yesterday morning. The hospital had decided to move Bryan Thursday morning instead of the 16th April. Gill is of course devastated as she’ll be unable to see Bryan. Nor can she have the comfort of the family being around her. Bryan too is probably devastated as well. I can’t begin to understand how they must be feeling. Well I can sort of but it’s not the same situation as I was in.
    Fingers crossed people still stay inside.

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Two lovely cards Cheryl, you really are so thoughtful making cards at this very sad time. But also lovely that the couple acknowledged your efforts with a generous donation to your favourite charity. xx
    Sandra, Pleased you had some lovely fresh air with the girls yesterday, I’m sure it was a great tonic for you all.
    Like you my AF is really all over the place and leaving me feeling quite exhausted, I walk upstairs and need a rest, not sure if it’s worrying about family and friends that’s affecting it. Usually I say if you can’t fix it don’t waste your energy worrying and trying to. At this point in time those thoughts are not working. Thank goodness for crafting, it does help.
    Sending Hugs (Virtual) to Margaret, Lynda and any of our friends who are feeling under the weather, thinking of you all.
    Love Brenda xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Love your wonderful cards today Cheryl, and so kind of the couple to donate to the charity.
    Lovely card yesterday Sandra. Sorry I didn’t get around to commenting.
    Hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the sunshine, gone a bit hazy here now, but still warm.
    Hugs to all xxx

  7. Hi Sandra and all.
    Two lovely cards Cheryl. Hope you and your family are doing alright. hugs x
    Not one card made yet and the stress is here. I have a special card I want to make for OH but even follow youtube how to make it, I cock up on the measurement aaargh!
    Had a lovely walk again this morning, it is now our ritual and we both enjoy it. After shower we have brunch and then if the sun is still out we sitting in the garden and read, or in my hubbies case, 40 winks Lol
    I wish you all have the chance to get outside for a bit and yes, the washing have been on the line as soon the sun came out. It's smells so different for some reason.
    Take care and many hugs are sent to you all, Maria xx

  8. Hi All, so much warmer today, after the very chilly wind yesterday, managed to get my sweet peas planted, hoping to get some more seeds tomorrow.

    Cheryl two really great cards, as always your finishing touches make the card.

    Did anyone watch Greg Wallace lat night, he was at Ginsters pasty factory, please don’t think they are a proper pasty. Never use mince is the main fault. Still maybe it’s because I’m a Cornish National.

    Sent my card off to Sandra today, a shock for her as I’m usually last minute.

    Pasties for dinner so all in the oven and clearing up done, might go outside if it’s still warm, lovely that the evenings are getting lighter.

    Hugs to all, Lilian