Thursday 23 April 2020

Karen's Birthday card for Captain Tom Moore

Good Morning  Ladies,

Another glorious day here in sunny Wiltshire yesterday, it has been so lovely to sit and eat lunch with the sun warming your face.  Paul managed to finish the lawns, including all of the rough areas under the trees and around the vegetable patch, I think that we really need to get a petrol strimmer to tackle these areas, these are the things that Matt usually buys for Paul for his birthday, he has bought some really useful gifts over the years.

Karen has shared the card that she has made for Captain Tom Moore's 100th Birthday, I love the design that Karen has gone for, cleverly using the design as the background for a 'Shaker' card, which makes it even more special.
I will add Karen's description below:

I made this card for Captain Tom Moore this afternoon
It’s a shaker card with gold and silver stars
The background is from Serif
and a mixture of Sue Wilson and Tonic dies''

Thank you so much Karen for sharing your inspirational design for Captain Tom's card, I am sure that he will love the shaker card. XXX

Today I am going to prepare the things I need for the 'Accordian Fold Notebook' Worksop that I am taking part in on Saturday and Sunday morning.  Tracy Evans from 'Aall & Create' is hosting the Workshop, I did one a couple of weeks ago and it was great fun, I will share my project on Saturday's Blog.  The workshop is run as a Facebook Live session, which makes it fun as everyone interacts by messaging in, there were some hilarious conversations and even the ladies husbands were getting involved trying to 'out do' each other by bringing cups of tea and Bacon sandwhich etc.  I didn't craft along with the actual class 'live', Tracy leaves the workshop up for you to follow whenever you like, so I did mine on the Monday after, that way I could skip all the chat and craft at my own pace, although I will say that Tracy crafts at a pace that is super easy to follow and will stop and help anyone that is struggling with a particular problem, Tracy's goal is for you to enjoy the Workshop the same as if you were all sat in a room together, I think it worked.
We were discussing if this would be a way forward as craft workshops go as it makes them more accessible for everyone, the cost is less as there is no venue to pay for, all you are paying is the £10 to Tracy for the tuition, which I think is a bargain, the last one took just over two hours on Saturday and the same on Sunday morning, leaving the rest of the day free. So there is no travel expense or anything and you can take part what ever your ability


  1. Morning Ladies

    Karen-your Card is stunning, really lovely.

    Sandra-the workshop at the weekend sounds good. This might be the way forward as o think it’s going to be quite some time before social activities return to normal.

    Off to Tesco as we need some fresh items-I’ve got my cool box ready as I’m not risking taking my food into work as I’d probably forget it when I leave!


  2. Morning Everyone
    It's a dull start to the day here.

    KAREN-I love your Shaker Card. I haven't made one of those for ages.Thank you for reminding me how effective they are.

    Today I have to photograph my CC and then whatever comes to Just the usual day at the moment.

    The CAFE is OPEN so pop in whenever you can.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all with loads of extras for Dear Friends in need. PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.

    Oh I nearly forgot Mr Tesco is delivering this morning.

  3. Thank you for sharing my card I need to get OH to post it now
    SANDRA persuaded me to take part in this workshop (she really did Had my arm twisted right up my back!πŸ˜€) It does sound fun and I think it’s the way forward as it’s cheap No traveling expenses and as it’s a closed group on FB we get to “keep” the video/tutorial to refer back to I hope to do the “prep” today too Wanted to do it yesterday but the afternoon just flew by
    I watched Sewing Bee last night I love it
    Take care all xx

  4. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Love your shaker card Karen for Captain Tom.
    The workshops sound fun. I have seen a few of these coming up on Facebook and think it’s a great idea.
    Lovely sunny morning here and looks to be the hottest day of the week 🌞
    Enjoy your day. Hugs to all xxx

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A lovely card Karen for Capt Tom. Some really fab designs from all who made one.
    I must say I am enjoying my Groovi online class which Maria is doing. I got all the materials, plus written and picture instructions plus a videos off her doing a step by step. I do hope that classes don’t permanently go this way as I do like meeting & chatting with different people. It would be an awful shame if everyone just crafted in their own houses.
    Keith brought my car back yesterday all washed and clean. Mind you it’s probably going to get just as bad as the Londis shop at the bottom of the street is going to be turned into flats. I don’t know if it’s going to be demolished or not. The man who owned the shop was not very nice, his wife was lovely. He used to go into our pound shop and buy branded things really cheap then sell it in his shop at over the price you’d get it in the supermarket. He also expected you to take your shoes off at the door if it was wet or snowy outside. I could go on and on but won’t.

  6. Crikey the washing machine telling me it was finished put me off and pressed publish in error.
    Lovely & sunny today.
    Lynda it was good that you managed to get too your craft room. As Sue said you could sit on a dining room chair instead off your wheels one. You’d feel much safer.
    Enjoy your days off Sonia if you don’t get called into work. Sophie wasn’t needed at work as she’s arranged some time off to spend with her boyfriend who lives in Rushdon. Obviously she wasn’t able too because off the lockdown.
    Lovely that your Grandson sent John a new puzzle Brenda. The one he’s finished sounds interesting. I’d better go and sort the washing machine out.
    Take care everyone and stay safe.

  7. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Great card Karen, you have done a good job with making a shaker card.
    Brenda- how nice for John to get another puzzle to do, might keep him out of mischief 🐢
    Lynda- yes, get another chair in your craft room for now so you feel safer when sitting down. Good you manage to go out there, soon you will make cards again.
    Sonia- have a lovely day off. The weather is gorgeous so it will be reading and relaxing on the patio here too today.
    Had our walk, shower and now sitting and having brunch. Most day are now the same but thank goodness the weather is nice. Spoke to my parents yesterday tho and they have taken the mobile home out for a trip. I warned them to be careful but as school and shops are still open there,it is so
    different from us in the UK πŸ˜’
    Have a nice day everyone, many hugs xxx πŸ™Œ

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I’m having a dreadful time today trying to connect to the internet, both iPad a mobile phone are just not connecting, can’t blame the weather as it has been gorgeous. I have lost three messages already today it’s so frustrating. Anyway will try once more.🀞 but will keep it short.
    KAREN love your card for Captain Tom. It will certainly stand out in the crowd. xx

    Sending love and hugs to everyone, Brenda xxx