Tuesday 18 February 2020

Michele's latest Cards

Good Morning Ladies, 

Lucy and I stopped on the way back from collecting our prescriptions to take some photos of the flooded Thames,  the road over the bridge was barely passable this morning as the water from fields on both sides of the road has merged into one big river,  the river is flowing as far as the eye can see in both directions, the flood water in the fields is around 5ft deep and you could see the current flowing across the road.
The photos show looking from the bridge up past the Red Lion towards Kempsford, I have zoomed it in on second photo so that you can see the Lifebouy thats fixed to the tree, beside a table in the pub garden, there is usually about 5ft of grass between the tree where the Lifebouy is to the river,  which is only usually about 2ft deep.
The last photo is looking towards Swindon, you can see how the river Thames has flooded so many fields that you can no longer see land in the distance.   Our roads where that bad that Soph turned back from her journey to Uni as the floodwater on one road was actually coming in through her car door,  she called me asking what to do  I just said that if you don't feel safe turn back, she is experienced enough to drive through deep flood water.  Can you imagine how terrible it would be if we had a hard freeze now!! 

We are just so lucky that it doesn't reach our home, my heart really does go out to those poor families that have lost everything once again, it must be bloody soul destroying.  

Michele has shared two of her recent cards with us today.

The first card is just beautiful and very recognisable from the 'House of Zander' cdrom, I'm not sure if they have changed their name to Dolly Dimples as these designs were definitely on the 'Dolly Dimples ' stand at Stamperama. I love the shape of that background piece Michele, your layout is lovely too.
Michele's second card is made using images from Ella's Design new cd rom called "Word at Play", I will add the images of it below .
The dog on your card has so much Character, I love the font you have used for the sentiments, its like an old typewriter or those Dymo machines that you print labels with.

Thank you so much for two lovely cards Michele XXX

Nothing much happening here today, girls are both out at Work/Uni, Pat is in Colchester, so no visit this week, really hoping to see Sue on Wednesday so that we can play with our new craft goodies that we bought at Stamperama. 

Have a lovely day, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-scary photos of the flood water. Good advice to Sophie-no one should attempt to drive through deep flood water, far too dangerous. We have gales here today-again! Hubby is flying to Ireland this morning & isn’t looking forward to the flight as they’re all small planes so it’ll be quite bumpy!
    Thanks for showing my cards-both made for colleagues birthdays. Both printed from CDs and I just cut out the images/layers and assembled them. Not been feeling like making cards recently so this was the easy option.


  2. Hi Sandra and ladies hope you are all safe we have sunshine but its freezing. Physio went well again.

  3. Oh SANDRA what a sight I am so glad SOPHIE turned back
    Your cards are lovely MICHELE I love the layouts you have chosen I definitely need to have a look at Ella’s designs
    Ooh LYNDA SO good to see you in and that physio is going well
    Work is a pain but at least I’m home now Going to have a snooze and then make a banana loaf
    Take care all xxx

  4. Hi ladies.
    Nerve wracking photos Sandra of the Themes. Here we got the Grand Union Canal which have flooded in lots of places. Glad Sophie didn't go any further, she must have been so scared.
    Lovely cards Michele, love the doggie one 🐶 .
    Nice to see you in Lynda. Only take it easy and let your body to heal. I hope Terry is alright too. Big hugs x
    We had a nice morning even if the scales for me showed a increase, can't get my head around it at the moment. Met OH for a coffee, window shopping a bit and quickly in to Speck- savers to get some nose-cushions for one had fallen off and it really hurts if you haven't got them :/
    Hope your day is fine and you get the hugs I'm sending to you all and they not get blown away to someone else. xxx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I echo all the other comments about the Thames, with the amount of rain we have had lately, it’s no wonder rivers are breaking there banks, I feel so sorry for all those families with there homes flooded yet again, they must be at their whits end. Pleased Sophie didn’t carry on her journey to Coventry, I’m sure she wasn’t the only student who didn’t turn up.
    MICHELE lovely cards, Can’t decide which I like best, they are equally gorgeous.
    LYNDA Love to see you, keep working on the physio - Sending gently caring hugs for you and a few extra for Terry. xx
    SORRY MARIA, you asked on Sunday what die did I use for my first card, it’s a Gemini Foilpress die. I’m still trying to get a successful image, BUT I am working at it.
    My day didn’t start well, had a phone call to say a friend had died at 7.15 this morning, not unexpected, as she was diagnosed with type 4 cancer about a year ago, all I can say she is in a better place now.
    Time to make a move, I’ve made a Lasagna for dinner so only vegetables to do now.
    Have a lovely evening everyone, love Brenda XXX