Sunday, 30 April 2017

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Good Morning Ladies, 

It was a lovely sunny day here yesterday, Paul managed an hour or two at the allotment in the afternoon, we have been lucky in that the plot next to ours (our one and that one used to one whole plot but waiting list was so long that they divided any new plots that came up into 2 half plots), has been abandoned, the chap that took it on a year or two ago decided to give up, the weeds are waist height but I will give us a lot more growing room, we like to grow potatoes but if we sow 3/4 rows of potatoes we then have no room for peas and beans. Our current plot has Paul's most used birthday gift (10years ago), a 20ft polytunnel on and a 'Heath Robinson' style fruitcage that was already on the plot, it has gooseberries, blackcurrants and we added 3 rows of raspberries. I think Paul is quietly excited about having the extra room, our latest experiment is to try and grow Sweet Potatoes, I will keep you updated on the success! I will also maybe do some 'before and after' shots of the new plot! 

Now onto your lovely cards:

Karen's Challenge Card, I love that backing paper Karen, such an amazing colour, I will paste in Karen's description for you........

I was going to do a Christmas card using the John Lockwood Christmas rose stamps which I bought at AP last September and I can't find them Arrrgh! I intended to use them to create the sentiment part.  They must be somewhere buried in my room (I hope!)

So instead I used a die I bought from Hobbycraft - LOVE made by X-cut. I made the mats from an image on my Special Shaped cards usb in ScanNCut. and the heart border is a die cut using Sue Wilson's Diagonals - Love Hearts. The red ribbon was probably snipped off a t-shirt. Actually I wish that the ribbon was slightly wider.
A lovely​ card Karen, thank you so much for taking part XXX

Janet's Challenge Card is a fantastic monochrome card, the hint of gold on the flower adds a touch of luxury. Thanks Janet for taking part, I hope your journey to Calais goes smoothly today XXX

Lilian's Challenge Card is such delicate design, soft beautiful papers, pretty pink ribbon and those gorgeous little sparkly dragonflies finish the design perfectly, thank you so much for taking part XXX

Maria, oh such a pretty Challenge card from you this week, you have such pretty paper and adding the delicate lace makes it even prettier, I love the little resin bow on the tag too!  A gorgeous Challenge card Maria, thank you XXX

Val, I love your monochrome Challenge card, that Embossed background is amazing, such a deep, crisp emboss too, is that your new 'Gemini' by any chance??
A fabulous Challenge card Val, thank you so much for taking part, I am so happy that you have your 'Mojo' back !! Yay !!! XXX

Lynda, wow !! 3 fantastic Challenge cards from you this week, your first card is so pretty, it looks almost Lacey, the flowers are the perfect finishing touch.
Your second card is just gorgeous, such a pretty Christmas card, oh my I love that rose stamp! I wonder if that's the stamp our Karen was going to use ?? 
Your 3rd card is very 'Tim Holtz', that Tree stamp is lovely Lynda, the diamond die looks totally different on this card, you are so talented Lynda, I love your cards Lynda, thank you so much XXX

Michele's Challenge Card finishes our line up today,  what a way to finish!!
I love your card Michele, that 'Happy Birthday' die cut is just gorgeous, mounting onto the white linen look card was a genius touch that really works, I love the good embossed background too, the gold lace creates a lovely textured border, a really pretty card Michele thank you for taking time to make a card, I know how hard it was for you this week XXX

Thank you so much ladies, you are amazing friends XXX

I am off to prepare tomorrow's Challenge, hhhmmm, what shall we go for this week, traditional sketch or something different like Colour or theme type Challenge??

Enjoy the rest of your weekend Ladies,

Love and hugs,



  1. Hello All, from wet and windy Cornwall, first rain for weeks the garden is loving it can almost see the plants smiling!

    Sandra so pleased to hear you have extra room to grow your yummy things, is the allotment fairly near to you.would love to see photos.

    All of the challenge card are great, wow three lovely cards from Lynda, I struggle getting one done.

    Finished sorting my work room so now I have much more desk space with all my inks easily available instead of having go get up each time.

    Going to make some new cushions today with some fabric I bought yesterday, it's cream hop sack with yacht all over, not my usual style, but it caught my eye as I walked by the tiniest fabric shop (so difficult to find one these days ). I don't normally do craft sewing as I'm doing it all week, but the price of ready made cushions is ridiculous, for something a bit different.

    Have a Lovely Sunday All, hugs Lilian

  2. Morning Ladies

    Great collection of challenge cards. I know I didn't really follow the sketch but I was extremely pushed for time-only started making this card at 4.30pm yesterday afternoon but I didn't was to let you down Sandra & not participate.

    We have sunshine & gusting winds here this morning, forecast is for rain this afternoon which would be great for the garden.

    I'd love to see photos of the allotment Sandra-I love to be nosy!!


  3. Me again-just been on to Sues blog & Pat is a comments winner!!!!!


  4. Hi Sandra. And ladies.

    Ooooh very pretty cards this week ladies. I do wish I had more time to make cards but working full time leaves me knackered by the end of the day to do anything else lll xx

  5. I love Sunday mornings and seeing everyone's take on the challenge I still haven't found the stamps I was intending to use I hate it when you go to a space convinced that's where you've put something and it's not there Nor is it in the second or third place either! I don't think it's the same as LYNDA's
    You sound really excited about the allotment SANDRA and good luck with the experiment I love sweet potatoes
    Good luck with the sewing today LILIAN My sewing machine looks at me very forlorn I really ought to make space and sew
    Gorgeous sunshine here at the moment I have a huge pile of ironing to do So tele on for Sunday Brunch and a cuppa and I'm away
    Hope to pop in later
    Take care ladies
    Looking forward to tomorrow's sketch It gives me something to think about and forget problems etc

    1. I'm always misplacing things Karen as Sandra will vouch for, as I'm usually asking have I left this at your house.

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    What a beautiful array of cards today. Just love them all.
    I assume Lynda that your Die is all in one. Diamonds at one end and a border at the other. I'd like to know what it is please if you have the packaging it came in.
    Sandra, I'm please for you that Paul managed to secure the second part of your original plot. Potatoes will break the soil up a treat.

  7. Morning Sandra & ladies,

    Another gorgeous display of challenge cards, so fresh and pretty.

    Congratulations Pat for winning Sue's comment game. Enjoy your prize when it arrives. I received a set of flower stamps last month for my win.

    Dull start here today, just the right ambience to weed the borders ready for mulching. I haven't emptied the largest compost bin since Pete left us so it should be premium quality and hopefully loads of worms.

    I was so amazed at the number of replies to my English bug bear, thank you all. I too do not understand why the tt is not spoken ( be er, gu er) and I dislike the way demonstrators and presenters on C&C say yer gettin or ickle. Stopped watching it for that reason. I could go on and on and on with other instances. hehe

    However you plan to spend your Sunday, I hope you have a lovely day.

    1. I wonder what I'll receive Cheryl from Sue. I wonder why children or grown ups say fink instead of think?.

  8. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    I have just lost a long message floating around inside the place now, does it make you cross? So this will have to be a quick message as I'm meeting daughter in about half an hour. Having said that she's always late so it might be records of an hour!
    Ladies what a lovely display very inspiring cards today all beautiful.
    Brilliant news that you manage to get in the other half of your allotment, looking forward to hearing how you get on growing Sweet potatoes etc.
    Right I must get a wriggle on, will pop in later and see what everyone's been up to.
    Hope everyone is having a good day and the Sun is shining where you are.
    Love and hugs Brenda XXX

    1. I wish the sun would shine here Brenda. It started up promising then went very dull and cold. Enjoy your meet up with your daughter.

  9. Hi Sandra and everyone,
    Lovely cards today ladies.Some great ideas for me to snaffle.

    Well done Pat on winning on Sues blog. After all your going through at the moment it's good for a lift to brighten your

    Good news Sandra re more space at the allotment. Takes me back to my childhood when my dad had an allotment. I used to love going with him to help. I think we supplied the whole street with caulies and cabbages. Happy memories.

    Lilian, great that your making your own cushion covers. They are so expensive to buy. I badly need some new ones myself but there are no fabric shops over here and I tend to scour the Charity shops as sometimes they have oddments for sale. No luck so far but I'll carry on looking.

    I'm just about to make a coffee and sit down to watch the start of the snooker final. I've got quite hooked actually.

    Have a lovely day ladies, however you plan to spend it.

    Hope your journey is going well Janet.
    Love Valxxx

    1. We're sat watching the snooker as well Val. I think Mark Selby is going to lose this session 6-2.

  10. Margaret Palmer30 April 2017 at 13:47

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra lovely display of cards again, well done ladies, sorry not one from me this week it went in the bin & ran out of time in the end. Pleased you have secured rxtra allotment, we do miss vegetable garden & lucky Paul having a polytunnel makes such a difference. I enjoyed our chat yesterday thank
    Janet hope your journey goes smoothly & safe crossing
    I have put coconut lemon drizzle cake ready for afternoon tea,
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  11. Yes whoopie I've seen I'm a comment winner on Sue's blog. Doesn't look very promising weather wise here in Oxfordshire. Pete bought potatoes to plant in the garden but won't be doing it today, as he's gone up to Karen's field where she keeps her horses as Craig's up there with the Grandchildren. Must try and get him to make sure he takes his Chemo card and pacemaker card with him when he goes out. Probably tell me to stop nagging, but he's old enough and ugly enough to take them without me prompting him.

  12. Hi Sandra and all.
    Nice collection of cards on display. Some lovely papers around. wow 3 cards Lynda, kept yourself busy in between appointments. Love them.
    Can see you will be busy too Sandra with more space at the allotment, interesting to hear how the sweet potato will grow.
    I wouldn't mind to have some Colour themed challenges , need some help with that sometimes.
    Well done Pat for winning on Sue's blog. Hope you have a restful weekend.
    Lilian, hope you had some time today to make some cushion covers. Don't forget to take a photo for a Saturday's mixed craft. Envy anyone who can use a sewing machine, I'm glad if I can sew a bu--on on hihi sorry Cheryl, couldn't help it. Hope you have a nice time with your friend visiting.
    OH dropped me off for the ww this morning, did not do well this week (bummer). I walked in to centrum after, had a coffee at Nero and a panetone to make me feel better but not so sure it did. Bought some shoes from Deichmann, nearly got two pairs but they didn't have my size in the others (hate buying shoes me) . Thought I could take the bus home but as it is Sunday it was no one going close enough so it got to be taxi. They have already £ 3 on the clock before you even sat in it which I found a bit much but I got home to the door and that was nice because I was pretty knackered after walking around in town for four hours. Now having a coffee and going to watch the film 'Chocolate' ,one very suited for today or........Lol
    Sending many hugs to you all, Maria xxxx

  13. Hi Sandra & everyone
    Gorgeous card line up this morning ladies well done. SANDRA I'm very sorry I forgot to say yesterday that Matt's lambs are a credit 🐑 Too him. Well done Matt.All your hard work has paid off. Sandra you seem so excited about getting another allotment. So nice eating your home grown produce.
    We have just been for a walk up the park had a cupper in the café & watching Bambie playing with all the other dogs & people watching love doing that.
    PAT well done on winning over on Sue's blog you deserve it after all the hospital appointments late. Have you got a rest from them this week.Hug's xx
    I'm just off to dish up my roast beef dinner. Try & pop back later.
    Love Lynda xx

  14. Lovely cards from you all. I seem to be missing the challenges Sandra. What day do they start as I would like to take part.
    Christine xx

    1. Hello Christine, nice to meet you. The Challenge starts tomorrow with a sketch or sometimes something else and we sending them in for the coming Sunday. Hope you can play along, love to see what kind of craft you make. Have you got your own blog ? Sandra very kindly otherwise lets us use her blog to send our craft/ cards in for show. Hope to see you again xx

    2. Hi Christine, welcom to the best blog ever, please drop in again

  15. Hello Maria and Lilian. Thank you for your lovely comments. I have been speaking to Sandra and I am looking forward to joining in with you all.
    I have a blog called -
    I am also a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.
    Love and hugs
    Christine xxx