Thursday, 13 April 2017

The rest of shopping and a Card

Lynda's Shopping

Lynda, you bought an amazing selection of craft goodies, from the very basics like card stock, card blanks to some gorgeous stamps, different styles too, I can see you making some amazing altered pieces with those masks and Inkyliscious stamps.
Now the Visible Image stamps are something I have never tried so can't wait to see what you do with them.
Thank you so much for sharing your shopping

 Cheryl's Shopping

Cheryl went to the Craft4crafters show and look what goodies she managed to find.....
Pete's fabric for the Pillow cases for the Grandchildren, I bet you can't wait to get them made Cheryl, you know you will find that fabric now you have replaced it!!
Santoro stamps were reduced to £2.50 in the Range,
Gilding Polish was also a bargain at 4 for £15 !!,
Last but not least are the bag clasps. 
I am excited to see all the projects you make Cheryl, especially the pillow cases as they are something truly special!
Thank you 

Pat's Shopping

 Pat I think you got the prize for the most desirable shopping,
As you finally took the plunge and treated yourself to a fantastic Gemini !!!!
You deserve a treat and to be honest you have had nothing but
Trouble with your Grand Calibur, it was lovely seeing you get to grips with it on Tuesday, that makes 4 of you ladies are in the 
"Gemini Club", all I can say is...'A girl dream'!!
The top photo is of the freebie bag that Pat was given when she bought her Gemini, the dies in the bottom photo are of the free dies Pat got to choose from Pink Frog's range of Brittania dies, along with some Honey Doo Mica Powders, some Pearlescent card and some Glitter card, an Inkyliscious kit for making the Northern Lights effect on your cards, the lady's demo was so inspiring. Sue Wilson's Lucy die finishes your Haul.
You got some amazing things Pat, you have no excuse not
To make a Challenge card now! 😉
Thank you for sharing

Right I will have to do Margaret and She's shopping on Saturday
Otherwise this post will be way too long!
The card I made was for Scrimpys Stampin Forum's Challenge,
I used Birthday Blooms Stamps and Sweet Sugarplum card and inkpad, Pear Pizazz ink too, to colour the flower in I used my ink pad and a Stampin Up Blender Pen.
I hope you like it !

 Lilian, I hope you are back to full health my lovely, there are so many horrible bugs around at the moment xxx

Maria, please don't struggle without a score board, use a Embossing folder for you Challenge card xxx

Val, now you see the blog is good for medical advice now too, 
I bet you'll Be glad to see the back of it xxx

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs 


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-beautiful card, love the colours you have used.

    What wonderful crafty purchases-so interesting to see what everyone buys.

    Busy day yesterday then Tesco shopping so I was shattered last night. Today looks like it will be busy- workmen & our governing body out to start our testing plus lots of patients on the treatment list.

    Thank goodness it's a long weekend-I'm very glad someone offered to work for me tomorrow. I don't plan to do much at all over the Easter weekend.


    1. Hi Michele
      How lucky that someone offered to work tomorrow for you. Enjoy your greak you deserve it.

  2. Morning Everyone
    What a fantastic haul of goodies bought last week-end. I can see some very exciting projects and cards appearing on our Café Wall of

    PAT- enjoy your Gemini. I have to confess that it's the best piece of kit I've bought since I started crafting. For me the biggest save is that the plates are so light tbo handle. They are like a feather but the results you get are just beautiful (oh that sounds like I'm blowing my own trumpet doesn't it but I'M NOT) I also love the button where you can reverse the plates so if you only have a small die you don't have to wait for the plates to go all the way through.

    LILIAN- I hope that today you are feeing better Dear Friend. Have a restful day if you can.

    SANDRA- A beautiful work of art. I love you colouring as it is always so professional.

    I'm hoping to send my pics off to Sandra today. This morning we are popping off to see Daniel and Sylvie to deliver her bday card as it's her day on Sunday.

    I see Marigny Dobbie is working well and playing hard with Herman too. I cannot believe how well they get on and no damage done hehehe.

    HUGE HUGS to you all. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      I hope your enjoying your break away. I'd bought some very intricate CC dies. My GC wouldn't cut them at all in the middle. I borrowed Sandra's Metal Shim and then they cut using two or three passes. However, sing the Gemini hey cut in one pass. I hummed and harred at Farnborough but curcummed at a Ally Pally. I'm so glad I did.

  3. Morning Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Lovely card Sandra , very nice colours on papers and flower. Amazing shopping from you ladies, hope you like the Gemini Pat. Looking forward to see what you all making, like the masks Lynda bought.
    I hope you feeling better today Lilian and I hope Lynda that you not in to much pain.
    Sending special hugs to Pete and Pat.
    Seeing nurse this morning for blood taking, taking OH out for a coffee (his today) and then some shopping for step-son and his partner is here until Saturday when we take them to Watford, they going for the football while I window shopping and then dinner together so this weekend will be fun so thank goodness I feeling more like myself today. Think I was a zombie Lynda hihi
    Love and many hugs to you , Maria Xxxx

    1. Hi Maria
      I'm glad your feeling better today. I'm glad your going to have a lovely weekend.

    2. Hi Maria so glad you are yourself today & not a Zombie !!!
      Pleased your feeling better 😘 Have a lovely weekend & hope💉Goes ok Ouch I have one 💉next week Wish Ric a Happy Birthday
      Big Hug's for you both xxxx

  4. Hi Sandra and ladies.

    Lots of ooing and ahing this morning at all your wonderful crafty stash. All fantastic. Lynda did you have a trailer with you?

    I think Sandra I should call you doctor Sandra. I'll know who to ask first re any health problems ha ha.

    Lilian do hope you're feeling tons better today.
    Lynda hope your mouth is a lot less sore.
    Maria so glad you're feeling ok now. Wish OH happy birthday. Enjoy window shopping and your meal out and have a good weekend.

    Nothing much on today. Coffee with a friend in an hour and a meal out tonight. Might sit out in the sun later. Still not making cards.

    Lovely card Sandra. Love the stamp and your colouring and the pretty background paper.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val lucky you being able to sit out in the sun. As usual with a holiday in the U.K. The sun always disappears. I suppose we ought to be grateful it's not raining.

    2. Hi Val yes it didn't take long before my money to run out lot's more goodies I could have bought. I would have loved a Gemini machine but Hay Ho I was pleased with my stash.
      Take care my friend love Lynda xx

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    My word Sandra I love your card. The colours are gorgeous. I think Lynda takes the prize today for most shopping bought. I can't say I'm impressed with the white crafters companion glitter card at all. It looks to have a shimmery pattern on it rather that glitter. The other ones I bought from Ally Pally are fine though. Well I'm still coughing well so I'm hoping that my chest X-ray comes back to the Drs today and they give me a ring. Mind you Pete goes to see the Dr today re the medication for his pacemaker.
    Cheryl you can guarantee you'll find the cloth you've misplaced for Pete's cushion after you've replaced it. I to am looking forward to the Easter break as all hospital clinics are shut. Whoopie doo. We start again next week. 3 days next week and 2 days the week after. Apart from Tuesday which is Petes appointment for Oncology. He rest is for tests to see if he meets the trials criteria.
    Janet I'm glad your enjoying your break.
    Hugs to all who need one today especially Lynda.

  6. Meant to say ladies I had a great time with friends last night at Ask Italian in Oxford. I'd arranged with Paula to catch the same bus as her but at an earlier stop. Well he S2 came and I got on. Paula was getting on at the next bus stop. However, the bus I was on went sailing passed the stop, so we waved to each other as I went by. Apparently the S1 which goes through Eynsham was right behind it.

    1. Hi Pat, so hope your news is good from the docs today. Easter is a definite break for you both with no hospital visits. I'm sure you'll enjoy days of taking it easy.
      Glad you had a good time out last night when you eventually met up ha ha.
      Take care. Val xxx

    2. Hi Pat glad you enjoyed your evening with your friends yesterday
      Thanks for the Hug's my gums are much better today well till next Tuesday when I have next appointment. Hope you had good news from doctors today. I would have loved to buy a Gemini machine maybe when I win the lottery .
      Take care my friend love Lynda xx

    3. No news from the Drs re my cough I'm afraid. Maybe on Tuesday if I'm lucky. It's now 9 weeks of coughing. Getting a tad wearing now.

    4. Pat you must be so worn out with coughing for 9weeks. Sending you some gentle Hug's hope you get it sorted soon dear friend
      Love Lynda xx

  7. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Sandra your card is beautiful, the colours blend and coordinate just perfectly , thank you for sharing this with us. XX
    Pat, I just know you're going to enjoy your Gemini, so many extra goodies with it to. I know you are struggling at Farnborough as it was such a good offer, so when that had the same offer at AP it would have daft not to go for it. NOW I HAVE A CONFESSION I bought a Gemini at Christmas time. I was not happy with the machine I had, and getting very positive feedback from everyone about the Gemini. So I treated myself! And am really happy with it.
    LILLIAN I hope you are feeling better today. XX
    LYNDA, hope your mouth is more comfortable today. Big WOW to all of your lovely shopping. XX
    CHERYL, So pleased you were able to pick up the material to make those special cushions, You do realise that the first lot of material will turn up now don't you. XX
    MARIA, Hope Ric has a lovely birthday. Best of luck with your blood test. XX

    Have a good day everyone, Love Brenda xxx

  8. Hi everyone.

    Wow what a spending spree u ladies have been on.
    I'm well jealous lol. Some of those products look amazing. I've never heard of honeydoo stamps so will look them up as they look so pretty.

    Lovely card Sandra xx

  9. Hi All, lovely day here, but they have forecast rain for tomorrow, expecting roads to be gridlocked later today, typically they have roads on both main roads into Cornwall.

    Sandra love your card, it's one of my favourite stamps, have to stop myself from using it all the time.

    Hope everyone has a lovely rest of the day, and those not well will soon be on the mend, hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian
      Yes, the news showed all the main roads were gridlocked so I'm glad we're having a few days at home, as no hospital appointments until a Tuesday.

  10. Sorry forgot to say lovely lot of shopping, especially love Lynda's stamps, can't wait to see what you make with the ladies face, love that stamp.

  11. Goodness What a lively lot of stash I was very tempted to buy those Woodware Flower stamps and didn't Wish I had now Maybe September ...
    I hope you're feeling better LYNDA and LILIAN I found my preemie cardigans so you're bound to find your fabric CHERYL
    Your card is so pretty SANDRA and PAT I hope the x-ray comes back fine PAT and you definitely needed to treat yourself You deserved it

    1. No results yet I'm afraid Karen. Perhaps on Tuesday fingers crossed. Saw Dr Hadfield today who got Petes pacemaker sorted. We have to see him every 3 weeks until Petes heart pills go up to 10mg. Has to be done gradually apparently.

  12. Hello ladies, my apologies for going missing again but my Mum had a fall on Monday. She hit her head falling down some steps so after being given the all clear from the hospital she needed me to stay with her to keep an eye.
    Her eye went many colours the next day and she kept finding extra sore bits. She's taken the dressing off today and says the cut underneath looks quite big but it's all sterile stripped up.
    Spent some time with my son who left this lunchtime to go back to Blackpool. Really miss him but that's life. He will be back down in July.
    It's been lovely to see all the shopping from Ally Pally etc. I was disappointed that Sue Wilson didn't do a show for Hochanda as I think she is much better than John Lockwood.
    Happy crafting to you all x

  13. Hi Lorraine
    I hope you Mum is feeling much better now. Must have been a shock to have fallen like that. Give her a hug from me when you see her next.

  14. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra once again a lovely card from you, love the colours, thanks for showing
    Lynda you hid your shopping well on Saturday, did you have an invisible bag? You have a lovely lot of goodies. I hope you win lottery soon so you can get a Gemini, they really are so easy to
    Cheryl & Pat you also have a lovely lot of goodies, Pat enjoy your Gemini. Hope you have result of XRay
    It has been another busy day, worked in garden this afternoon, I think will have to take it easy tomorrow otherwise I will suffer.
    Maria glad you feel better enjoy your weekend. Happy Birthday to
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  15. Hi Margaret haha I could have bought so much more if I had won we do the postcode lottery now but still luck oh well I'm not ment to be rich.
    Please take care Margaret don't over do things in the garden.
    Love Lynda xx

  16. Hi Sandra & everyone
    Sandra your card is so beautiful it's stunning. I have comment on way down I started this morning but my internet kept stopping so kept loosing my messages.
    Pat I loved all your shopping from Ally Pally didn't you do well with your extra goodies with your Gemini machine . Cheryl you bought some lovely things at the craft show I hope now you find your material for Pete's cushion.xx
    Lillian hope feeling better now blooming bugs.Take care Hug's on the way xx
    Had a bad night last night with burning in my feet & legs keep trying to get Arthur to off but he keeps coming back.was awake about 3ish so started looking on Pinterest for. a couple of hours then tried to go back to sleep at 5ish.
    So quit shattered now. Will go bed soon I think. I better say goodnight as I'm hoping internet is still on. See you tomorrow & Hopefully get my CC done tomorrow.
    Good night love Lynda xx

  17. Gorgeous card Sandra. Today is the first day I have used this stamp and really enjoyed water colouring it. Don't know why I have neglected it for so long.
    Christine xx