Thursday, 6 April 2017

A little touch of Spring

Good Morning Ladies,

As the sun was shining today (although it was quite chilly), I couldn't resist doing another 'Spring' inspired card, it is a ok so my entry for 'Scrimpy's Stampin Forum' on Facebook.

I made it using Stampin'Up! Botanical Builder Dies (for the flowers and foliage) and 'So Very Much' stamp set. 
I stamped the "Thank you" with Peekaboo Peach ink, I then die cut all of the flowers using Peekaboo Peach card and some cut out of white card and coloured using Daffodil Delight ink. 
I had done matching coloured fibre/yarn in my stash which I wound around my base card. I arranged the flowers top and bottom corners as the sketch shows.  I used my Stampin'Up Blender Pens with some Peekaboo Peach ink to colour in some plain white pearls to finish the flowers.

I hope you like it! 

The Ally Pally tickets arrived yesterday, only 2 more sleeps now, until i get to see some of you ladies, I am excited, can you tell !!??

Brenda, I hope Ciara enjoyed her cake decorating, I bet she loved it, she is naturally creative so I',m sure she made a good job of it!Xx
Maria, take it easy for a couple of days so that you are well enough for Saturday, I will ask Paul if we can upgrade to a 'Double Wheelchair' so that he can push us both round if you get tired ! Hahaha. So looking forward to seeing you! XX x

Pat, I'd like to say I'm surprised that the Consultant hasn't been in touch, but I'm not. Maybe you can chase her up? Sending hugs to you both xxx

Lorraine, it was lovely to see you back yesterday, the door is always open my lovely, i hope you start to feel brighter soon xxx

Michele has sent me some photos of  the 'Aseptic Unit' where she works, so i shall share them with you all either tomorrow or Saturday. It's good to see a picture of something you have heard a lot about, thank you Michele xxx

I hope you all have a good day,

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Another beautiful card Sandra, great colour combination.

    Well-the much awaited handover didn't happen...surprise, surprise. We now have no idea when it is so we decided it was about time something happened so we started moving paperwork back into the new office. More moving stuff today & tomorrow then we'll see what's left next week-probably the drugs fridges as that's the hardest thing to move as it take so much planning.
    I was awake at 1am & 4am so by 5am I gave up and sat in bed reading! Think I'll be tired this evening.


  2. Morning everyone from a cool but sunny morning here in Marigny.

    SANDRA- I love love your Touch of Spring. It's so simple but so so effective. Your choice of colours are spot on.
    I hope you're taking your own advice to Maria in taking it easy for the next couple of days.
    I just know that AP will be full of Fun, Laughter and lots of Love on Saturday when you all meet up.

    I'm with Sandra PAT please chase up the Specialist. I know you have a lot on this week but needs must Dear Friend.

    We had a good day yesterday - food shopping done. We decided not to travel to the big supermarket in Never and went instead into Corbigny and shopped there. I think we will be doing that as we're only here for four weeks this time and it doesn't take all day.

    I'm hoping to get some crafting done today as I really want to try and get a CC done and I'm getting withdrawal symptns as I've not done any for THREE DAYS!!!!! hehehe

    Have a good day everyone. I've looked in the CAFE and everything looks OK for the day so I think it's safe to pop in for a chat and a cuppa lol.
    HUGE HUGS to you all xxxx

  3. Morning I'm sorry ai didn't pop in yesterday Life don't 'arf get in the way at times Both cards are stunning SANDRA and your crafting space looks gorgeous Like others I love your paper racks I hope CIARA enjoyed her cake decorating course That would be something I'd like to try
    PAT You need to remind the Consultant that she hasn't been in touch
    Working for the NHS I am not surprised to hear that the move can't be completed MICHELE And the story about the builders "bum" made me laugh BUT seriously how frustrating
    Off to get ready for work 2 days to AP Yippee!

  4. Hi Sandra and ladies.

    Lovely card nice n bright just what I needed for a cheer up. Having a crap morning in the shop today oh well it's only work not life threatening lol.

    Made 4 cards yesterday on my day off in between housework etc. All orders so not much chance to have a play with my new stufffrom last weeks craft shop excursion lol.

    Hope u all have fun at ally pally will look forward to hearing all ur escapades lol xx

  5. Good afternoon ladies.
    I absolutely love today's card and I don't do yellow and orange. I will make an exception for this beauty :)
    Thanks for the welcome back.
    Alas my getting better has been put on hold as I now have a cold. My chest felt a bit tight before bed then I had an awful night with waking up coughing. So today I have earache,a sore throat and very little voice. Plus I am tired.
    I still made myself put washing out on the line as it's such a gorgeous day.
    Hoping things go well for you all x

    1. Hi Loraine
      Nice to see you but sorry your not feeling very well.& you were awake early. I hope you have a better night's sleep tonight.
      Sending some warm Hug's xx

  6. Margaret Palmer6 April 2017 at 14:32

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra lovely card today great spring colours. Hope you are resting
    I am writing this sat in car while Alan is gping through pre-op session at hospital, we've been here since 12. so came out for a while.
    Lorraine good to see you in hope you feel better
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Very pretty card Sandra. I don't often use yellow or orange but it looks really bright and Spring like.
    Bet you and all ladies off to Ally Pally at the weekend arre really getting excited. Have you all got long lists? As usual I'm really jealous. So wish I was going as well.
    Pat, I have you heard today from the Consultant. If not I would definitely be putting a call into her office.
    Janet Glad you've settled in. Looking forward to reading a description of your lovely pastries. Has the house next door been occupied or is it still empty?

    Margaret. Hope by now Allan has well finished his pre op session and youre both home enjoying a well deserved cup of tea.

    Lorraine sorry you're not feeling so good. Having a cold is a rotten thing. Keep warm, try and rest and have plenty of hot drinks plus the occasional hot toddy. Hope you'll soon be feeling fine.

    I had a lovely dayout with Wendy yesterday. We went to Elda about 30 miles past Alicante. Elda is a very big town famous for its shoe. Many shoe shops about with beautiful shoes but sadly well out of my price range. They also have a shoe Museum which was very interesting. Bye pm the shops shut cf or siesta and there was nothing else to do apart from sit outside a cafe in the town square, drink, chat and watch the world go by until the coach returned at 4.30.

    It's my daughter Lynn's birthday today and her and Pauls day off work so been out for a lovely meal. Eaten too much of course and just changed into my elasticated waist pants. So much more comfy. Could just have a little snooze now.

    Hugs to all not feeling so good today.
    Love Valxxx

  8. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    I hope you are still taking things easy. Remember we need you fit and well for Saturday........ I Love your card Sandra, it really screams SPRING it's so bright and vibrant. You have got the colour balance just perfect. Thank you for sharing. xx

    Ciara really enjoyed the workshop yesterday. The theme was a Woodland
    Scene. BUT by the time she came home, it was more like a tree stump with a
    fox, minus ears also some toadstools - they had been eaten. Will ask friends mum if she managed to take a picture, as she was the one who picked up the girls afterwards. I have got a picture of the remaining bits will show you on

    My iPad is in demand, madam wants to borrow it.

    Hope everyone is well.
    Sending love and hugs to everyone, Brenda xxx

  9. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Beautiful spring card today, and yesterday's was lovely too.
    Sorry not been in for a couple of days. Been busy back at work and trying to finish this decorating. Pleased to say the painting is all done and now need to move everything back (especially as some of its in Luke's room, and he's back tomorrow night!) The only thing letting it down is us trying to source a suitable border to fill in where the old one was, but that will have to be done now when time allows. I'm hoping to replace some of the furniture aswell but for now it'll all have to go back as was.
    Anyway, enough of me babbling on! Hoping everyone is well and thinking of you all. Sending hugs and extra for anyone who needs them xxx

  10. Hi Sandra & everyone
    Sandra sorry I didn't get in yesterday. I was trying to publish my comments but no they decided not to publish I tried in the morning Afternoon & evening so had to give up👺Your card yesterday was so pretty I loved it also loved that one too. Both gorgeous Sandra. Your craft room is Amazing you have organised it so well I also love you card rack & love your trolley. Well done 👍
    I must tidy mine now I have just put all my stamps in folders but I think I need a proper stamp folder hoping to find something at AP.
    I tried to get tickets on line on Monday but they are unavailable now so hope we can buy at Ally Pally on Saturday. Just letting you all know it's ONLY two more sleep 😴😴💤 YAAAY. Made my challenge card today so will send it Sandra.
    Maria hope your resting today & tomorrow see you soon.
    Pat hope you have here'd from the consultant if not have you given his secretary a ring. Big Hug's for you both.
    Brenda glad Ciara had a good time at the cake decorating workshop shame she started eating her decorations before you had a chance to see it & take a picture.. see you Saturday Hug's Lynda xx

    1. Sorry push publish by mistake at least I know it publishing
      Janet glad your all settled in now you can start relaxing.
      Take care my friend Hug's Lynda xx
      Val glad you had a good trip with Carol & a nice meal for Lyn's birthday
      Happy belated birthday Lyn. Have a rest now take care love Lynda xx
      Love & Hug's for everyone xx

  11. This is a beautiful card Sandra and I love your colour choice. Botanical Stamps and Dies are one I haven't used much and I am hoping they don't retire. I am trying to join in Scrimpy's Sketch Challenge myself this week as this sketch is super.
    Christine xx

  12. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Love this sunny card Sandra ,very lovely colours together. You really are good at putting them together.
    Have nearly finished the cc, realised tho that I need to get some lighter colours of paper or cards because everything I got seem to be pretty dark.
    Have sent you a message Sandra, hope you can see it.
    Another nice day so we have been outside lots of the day. Don't know why but we have some of our plants that have died since last year so they need to be taken up, will be a hard task for they have been there for many years.
    Well wishes to all who are feeling poorly and hope you are soon better.
    Hi Christine- nice to see you hope you be back again another day .
    Have a good night. Many hugs Maria xoxx