Monday, 1 May 2017

Michele's Monday Challenge

Happy Birthday Sue

Good Morning Ladies,

I know that you will all join me in wishing our very dear friend Sue a Very Happy Birthday, I hope you have a lovely day with family down in Devon, hopefully the sun will shine for you, maybe go out for a lovely Devon Cream Tea. Love you lots xxx

This weeks Challenge is something different, I have to thank Michele for the idea, I ended up having a really bad day yesterday with one thing and another and didn't think I was going to get a post up today.  I mentioned this Michele and she came up with a solution that I think you will all enjoy!

The card above was made using just one colour (with white card as well).  I used the Fresh Fig ink to stamp the patterned paper at the bottom of the card, I pressed the inkpad onto my glass mat and spritzed it with water, I used this to colour my ribbon.
You could use that same method to create a background for your card.  Now I had card that matched my ink pad, (one of the benefits of Stampin'Up​!). I used that to die cut my butterfly, you could colour some white card with your ink pad to get the same effect.
I don't mind if you use shades of the same colour to make it easier, I'm pretty sure most of us have atleast one piece of card that matches an ink colour, you could use craft card instead of white card, just add another colour in, or go for the monochrome look like Val did yesterday for her Challenge card.
You can design the card layout however you please, or copy my simple layout above.

I think that this is a fun Challenge, that will get your minds buzzing, I will try and add some more examples through this week.  Have fun ladies XXX

I have to finish a Wedding card that someone has ordered, it is in Emerald Green and white and I am just having a proper case of crafters block, finding matching card and ribbon was a bit of a pain, but I must get it done today, wish me luck please.

Thanks for all your lovely comments about Matt's sheep, he is having a hard time at the moment and it really cheered him up!

Michele thank you so much for your support yesterday xxx

Enjoy the last day of your long weekend.

Love & hugs to all of you!


  1. Love the challenge idea SANDRA and credit to MICHELE for helping out
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE Hope you have a great day - there is a card in the post but it hasn't gone to Devon!
    OH just left for work and it looks like I am going to be tied to my craft room because I have to wait in for a delivery of a new washing machine!
    Enjoy your day ladies Hope your trip back from Mariginey is a safe and uneventful one JANET

    1. Hi Karen
      Oh what a chore being tied to your craft room until your washing machine is delivered.

  2. Morning Ladies

    Happy Birthday Sue -hope you have a lovely day today & a great time in Devon.

    Sandra-your cards are just to lovely to only be shown once. I think you made at least one more card that would qualifier this challenge-one in pale green?

    Well-yesterday went quickly, did all the housework & chores before lunch then did some paperwork. Sorted out letters & paid some bills-boring but essential.

    Today we're going to return the material samples to the furniture store-trying to decide what colour the new 3 piece suite will be. After lunch I'm going to collect a shopping list from my Dad then help him walk to the front gates using his crutches. I'm sure he's scared to use them but he needs to get more mobile.
    Hopefully I'll get some time to craft after my visit.


    1. Hope your dad gets along ok and good luck with the three piece suite search

    2. Hi Michele
      I hope your Dad manages his crutches. He definitely needs to do his exercises and walk about to get more mobile.
      Good luck with the three piece suite search.

  3. Hello All, from a wet Cornwall ( weather back to normal ).

    Many Happy Returns Of the day SUE,hope you have a lovely time with family on this your special.

    Sandra loved this card, and the challenge idea is great, thanks Michele for helping out.

    Michele hope that your Dad gets moving soon, so important after that op, did his care package work out well? Hope so.

    Well two more cushion covers today, but simple one with the fabric I bought on Sat.

    Have a good bank holiday, what ever you are doing, hugs to all Lilian.

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Café. Thank you for your kind birthday greeting. I have lots of cards that I can't wait to open 😊
    I have just lost my second comment so I will have to try again later as SIL has just said that breakfast is ready now.
    Love and hugs to you all. Take care Xx

    1. Margaret Palmer1 May 2017 at 08:39

      Happy birthday Sue lots of love Mum &

    2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE, Hope you have a lovely birthday, I'm sure your family will spoil you rotten. As Keren said, card in the post, but not going to

    3. Happy Birthday Sue. Enjoy your day. Love Valxxx

    4. Happy Happy Birthday πŸŽ‰Enjoy being spoiled

    5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE ! Hope your day be as beautiful as you are. xxx

    6. Happy Birthday Sue enjoy your day.

    7. Happy Birthday Sue. Have a wonderful day :-) Hugs xxx

    8. Happy Birthday Sue, have a great day

  5. Morning Sandra and everyone.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE. have a wonderful day and a lovely time in Devon with your family.

    Love the challenge idea Sandra and great idea Michele.

    Michele so hope you dad gets mobile soon. Most important after his op although crutches aren't the easiest things to use.

    Well Pip my window cleaner has arrived so better put the kettle on.

    Have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday everyone.

    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val
      Hope pip dies a good job with your windows. Lucky him going to the Oval. I had a friend who was a printer. His friend had a printing job at the Oval. So we used to go to all the big matches. Sat in the stand where all the stars used to sit. Took a picnic with us, and it was a fantastic day out.

    2. Margaret Palmer1 May 2017 at 14:08

      Hi Val,
      Sue brought some Ventura Gold with her on Friday to try on my Gemini, but we ran out of time. I tried it yesterday & doing it as they said it would not go through, I tried it again leabing out the plastic shim & it went through, I do think it has so much pressure when you put coloured paper through it might be good idea to put thin paper next to embossing folder it seems to take colour out. Hope you inderstand what I am trying to say.xxxx

    3. Hi Margaret. Thanks for that. I have tried different combinations but nothing seems to work. Saying that everything else works perfectly and I'm really glad I bought it
      Do hope you're having a good day. XXX

  6. Heartfelt Creations on both Hochanda and C&C at mo

    1. I've recorded the programmes Karen but thanks for the heads up.

  7. Morning Sandra and all.
    Lovely card and I will do my best to make a two tone coloured card. Can it be any colours together ?

    Happy birthday to our Sue, have a lovely time in Devon x

    Michele- hope your dad will get along ok. You have a nice day. Good luck finding new furniture, we are still looking.
    Karen- have a good time being chained to the craft room Lol New washing machine, hope it's not turning up to late to spoil your day.
    Val- does Pip do the UK as well ? My windows get cleaned on the outside but indoors it's up to me and with the shoulder problem at the moment it is a bit tricky. hope you have a nice day.
    Lilian- happy sewing. take care and hope the weather improves over the day down South. Sunny here at the moment but dark clouds are brewing so sure it will be rain this afternoon so hope to do some crafting. OH is complaining tho this morning that he have nowhere to make his cuppa so might have to tidy up a bit first. Had a limping walk around the lake first thing and must write down what I eat(again) so annoyed I put on a lb yesterday.
    Have a nice bank holiday whatever you are doing, hope you will be alright Tracy working today.
    Love and hugs, Maria xxx

    1. Hi Maria, so sorry you're having problems with both your shoulder and your knee. Let's hope you get sorted out soon. I had a similar problem with my right shoulder but after my op 2 years ago when they pinned my shoulder to my arm, apart from having no strength in it whatsoever, I have been pain free. A wonderful feeling and one that I wish for you.

      I will ask Pip if he'll tootle over to your house to do the inside of your windows. He's just been telling me he's going over to watch cricket at the oval next month so maybe he could do a detour!!!

      Enjoy your crafting and have a good day. Love Valxxx

    2. Hi Maria
      I hope your shoulders get sorted soon. It's a shame you had to limp around the lake.

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies
    First of all can I wish Sue A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I understand your down in Devon today so I hope you have a lovely day.
    Sandra love your sketch today and I hope you have a better day than yesterday. It's not like you to have a mental block. I hope your manage to get your card done today. I'm busy sorting card for the Ruby Anniversary I have to do for our friends Marion and Robert. A surprise party is planned as the both have there 70th birthdays this year as well. I don't have a mental block, I'm just mental.
    Hope Matts lambing is coming to an end and he can get back to a bit of normality. Hugs to all who need one today. I'm off to read the comments that have been left.

    1. Hi Pat. I must admit I'm not keen on cricket although Pip assures me it's far more exciting watching in the ground rather than the tele.
      Hope you manage to get your cards made and also that the appointments for this coming week go well.
      Love Valxxx

    2. Hi Val
      Yes I loved watching it live. I understood the game so I expect that helped. I used to keep score when my husband played for the bus company. Pete and I loved fed to watch the Indian 20/20 but that's no longer on the tele.
      Tuesday appointment for Pete at the hospital. Wed is the Drs re his pacemaker medication. But at the moment the week after on Monday is for my cough and throat. Hopefully Petes tests are all finished after this week, so just waiting to see if he meets the criteria for the trials.

  9. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Fabulous idea for this weeks challenge (Thanks Michele x) Love the card Sandra and the pretty butterfly :-) Have 2 days off work now, so will try to take part.
    Lovely selection of cards yesterday from everyone. Sorry I didn't get in!
    Hope everyone is having a good day. Sending love and hugs to all and extra Birthday wishes for Sue xxxx

  10. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    This weeks challenge is a very interesting, one colour now that is a challenge. Thank you Michelle for suggesting this. XX
    Sandra I love your card and the colour you've used is FAB. hope your day has been better than yesterday, sending extra ((((hugs)))) I'm sure I would have a mental block if I were asked to do a wedding card in emerald and white. Think I would use this little Emerald as possible maybe like a shadow. Hope you'll be able to share the results with us.
    We've had my sister here all day so it's been a lovely chatty day. John has just taken her to the station to get the train into Victoria. She should be home in about an hour, she will ring to let us know when she gets back.
    SUE I hope you have had a lovely birthday. What a great way to spend your special day, In beautiful Devon and with your family. xx
    Hope everyone has had a good day, Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  11. Hi Sandra & everyone
    A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ hope your enjoying your time in Devon & being spoilt xx
    SANDRA hope you had a better day today after yesterday The challenge card this week is interesting but will have to think about this more matching the same colour's. We had heavy rain this morning good for the garden then the sun came out at lunchtime. & got my washing dry.
    MARIA sorry you had to limp round the lake this morning hope you get your knee & shoulder sorted out soon take care.
    PAT hope you manage to get your cards finished.. You still have more hospital & doctors appointments this week when is it going to end for you Hug's
    MICHELE hope your dad gets mobile soon. How did the furniture buying go have you found something you like. XX
    I hope you have all had a good bank holiday with lots of crafting.
    Love Lynda xx