Saturday, 6 May 2017

Mixed up Saturday !

Good Morning Ladies
Welcome to our ' Mixed Up Saturday'

First up this week we have Lilian's 'first' attempt at
Patchwork, although you would never believe that by looking at it, because they look perfect!

In love the combination of fabric that you have used too, 
Such delicate patterns in pretty shades of blue.

The blues in these cushions and door stop match the other 
Cushions perfectly too, I love that material Lilian, did you say you bought it locally, such bright a cheerful design .
Your venture into​ Home Decor has been 100% successful
Lilian, thank you so much for sharing your designs

Christine's card that she made for the Pootler's Design Team,
I will say that she was a lot luckier with the stamp set than I was!
You have made a beautiful card Christine, this is one of my favourite stamp sets, I particularly love that fern!
Christine has a blog too, the address is on the photo.
Thank you for sharing your project Christine 

This is the stamp set that Christine used, if any of you 
Are interested then just let me know xx

Michele has bought another amazing selection of dies from China, I love the American Style car, it reminds of the ones in Grease a little, lol, I can't wait to see it die cut!
The Deepest Sympathy has a lovely font, elegant, I love the 'Thank you' die too, it's a little topper in itself.
The Music score's are always useful and the selection of Window dies will be great for so many different cards.
Thanks for sharing those Michele, I look forward to seeing them 
Die cut XXX

This final photo is of Michele's prize from Sue's New Die 
Launch !
I think that some of those individual dies will be used more than others, the tropical flower and you could use the parasol as an umbrella maybe?!
Congratulations on Winning Michele

Another fantastic selection of craft goodies ladies, I am happy to share anything you like, just send me the photos.

Have a lovely weekend Ladies,

Love and hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    Lilian -WOW, your cushions look amazing-FANTASTIC!!! They are better than anything you could buy in the shops.

    Christine-lovely card, very pretty.

    My dies have taken quite some time to arrive (2 more still to come) but at the prices you pay..that's fine. I'll try to make some cards using them & send photos to Sandra although I'm not promising when-ha ha!!

    Dad was in good humour last night, hedput the oven on to keep his Fish & Chips warm while we went for a walk. The Physio was really pleased with his progress & suggested he try using one crutch around the house. Dressing was removed but 2 stitches hadn't dissolved so a new dressing on for 5 more days. I've left him a couple of jobs to do this morning while I do his shopping then I can think about heading up to my craft room-hurrah!!


    1. Hi Michele
      I'm glad the physio was pleased with your Dads progress. One thing less to worry about.

  2. Morning Everyone
    LILIAN- your patchwork is STUNNING!!!
    I love the pattern you made and the colours are of course my favourite. Anything in blue.
    Your Sailing Cushions and door stop are beautiful and the material is so clean and crisp. Both sets will adorn any room with pride.

    CHRISTINE- A beautiful card and that fern is so gorgeous. Thank you for letting Sandra show it to us.

    MICHELE- what a wonderful set of dies and as you say it doesn't matter how long they take to get here when the price is right. Looking forward to seeing complete cards.
    Great news re Dad - he will find he has a new life. Just wait until he has the other hip done there will be no stopping him

    Off to Meadowhall this morning with my new 'wheels' and then order Tesco for Monday and I think a quite afternoon. I just might have a glass of red this evening.

    The CAFE is OPEN. Everything is set so come on in. Hugs to you all.xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      Enjoy your shopping with your new super wheels. I mdon't get just join you later in a glass but mine will be while not red.

  3. Such good news about your dad MICHELE and I love the dies you have bought
    Your sewing skills amaze me LILIAN I don't sew very much but I know how hard it is to get those central panels straight
    Pretty card CHRSTINE
    I hope the wheels help JANET
    So glad to hear that PETE's been accepted for the trial PAT Although there seems to be a lot of running around for the pair of you still
    Off to do some food shopping this morning - I need to buy meat I'mnew at this shop on line mularkey and couldn't trust myself at choosing a Sunday joint on screen I need to physically see what I'm buying
    Hope to craft later My ScanNCut needs to go back It's not cutting circles cleanly and I need to cut out an idea that's in my head

    1. Hi Karen
      Yes still lots of running around for Pete I'm afraid. Plus I need to sort out school as well. I also prefer to see what I'm buying shopping wise. Hope you ScanNcut sorted.

  4. Good Morning All, wet here today, it's flora day in Helston where I spent my school days, I don't go anymore but it will be packed, it's a wonderful site to see all the couples dancing through the streets, ladies in their long dresses and lovely hats, and the men in morning suits and top hats, with buttonholes of lily of the valley, all very traditional.

    Christine love your card, this was the first ever stamping up set I bought and I still love it, although non of my cards looked as good as yours.

    Thank you Sandra for showing my cushions, they are far from perfect, hadn't realised how small the pieces are when you are actually sewing. The yacht cushions are made from the fabric that I bought last week, just two squares of fabric sewn around three sides turned right side out cushion in sew up the last side, I'm afraid I didn't bother with an opening in these ones, in all took less than a quater of an hour to make, unlike the patchwork ones. The little door stop is a free pattern found on the wed, should have cut a bit bigger.

    Well enough of my rambling, have a good day all, hugs Lilian

    1. Wow I love your patchwork Lillian it's gorgeous also in my favourite blue.the door stop is lovely. Unfortunately I don't do sewing.
      Hug's xx

    2. Hi Lilian
      Great sewing Lilian. Love the patchwork and the Yacht cushions. Great doorstop.

  5. Good Morning Sandra and all,

    Lilian your cushions are so pretty. Such a lot of work has gone into the patchwork ones and in my favourite blue. Love the material you've used for the sailing ones and even a cute doorstop. All lovely.

    Christine, your card is so pretty and what a lovely stamp set.

    Michele love all your dies. Well worth the wait. Great to see the die set you've won. I'm still waiting for mine. So glad your dad is getting more mobile. How long is it until he has his other hip done?

    Lynda, hope you had a lovely play with your Gemini yesterday.

    Pat so pleased Pete has been accepted for the 'trials' although I hope you have a good book to read during your 8 hour wait.

    Janet. Bet you'll soon be whizzing around on your new wheels.

    Had a great time at Craft Club. I took all my stencils and pots of Creative Expressions Colour Cloud and had such a happy and mucky 3 hours. Last week I took my punches with me and have to say I'm enjoying using something other than dies at the moment.

    Off to Iceland shopping shortly so better get myself organised. Have a lovely Saturday everyone.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val
      Yes, I have goods in my iPad so I'll have a read. Pete doesn't read as such. But Craig suggested that he download Netflix on his iPad and download some episodes of the older programmes he likes to watch.

  6. Hi Val
    Yes I'm loveing my new toy. I cut the two weaving Dies & cut with just one pass I was sooo pleased not having to do 8 goes. Had a good play yesterday & hopefully get in craft room today.
    Love Lynda xx

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Arrrrrrr just lost my comment 😡😡
    Good morning SANDRA & everyone it's very dark &windy we are going out for a walk before it rains ☔️.
    LILIAN your patchwork is beautiful love the colour's my favourite well done xx
    MICHELE love all your Dies as you say well worth the wait. I'm waiting for some too. Your Die you won from SW looks interesting look forward seeing your first card. Pleased your Dad is improving with his walking. Hope you both enjoyed your fish n chips last night. Xx
    KAREN sorry your scan n cut isn't very well hope you get it sorted soon xx
    CHRISTINE your card is very pretty I love the stamp set you used it's lovely.xx
    JANET enjoy your trip it on your new Hot Wheels now don't get doing Wheelies.😂😂 take care Hug's xx
    PAT so pleased Pete has been accepted for the trials. Have you got any adult colouring books that's what I took wen I was in hospital.8 hours is a long wait for you but worth it. Hug's for you both xx
    Well goin for our walk now will pop back later.
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Yes Lynda I've books to read or colouring to do as well. Not to sure what the hospital will find to do that takes 8 hrs. Plus we're up again on Tuesday when the 2 hr infusions start.

  9. Hi Sandra
    Just love your patchwork cushions and you've probably seascape ones. Would never know that this was a first attempt.
    Michele love the dies you bought from China as well.
    Well yesterday I had confirmation of my urgent appointment at the throats clinic at the Churchill. So I though well at least I won't gave to make a special journey as I'll already be up there with Pete.
    Today I had a letter cancelling it saying we'll be in touch in due course with another appointment. Good job it came today as I'd have already been up the hospital on Monday before our post came.

  10. Me again.
    Sorry Christine, I was wondering where I'd seen this card before. I'd been on your blog, so I'd completely forgotten to say how lovely it was.

  11. Well I've cut what I need So I can bundle ScanNCut up It's being a bit temperamental in that it leaves slithers on cut bit and sometimes won't cut an accurate circle
    Was thinking that signpost in your win MICHELE would make a lovely North Pole sign for that dreaded time of year

    1. Brilliant idea-thanks Karen.


  12. Great idea Karen re the signpost in Michele's win.

  13. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra thank you for showing the lovely selection for mixed up Saturday. Sorry I am so late, son is here & he has been digging garden for us & I have been helping where I can. Sue also sends her apologies, she went to Longest Wild Life Park yesterday with RJ, his Gem & the two Chris's & does not feel very well today, she will begin as soon as she can, sends her
    Lilian your cushions are lovely, your first attempt at patchwork is lovely & the others are lovely as well but then I love
    Christine your card is lovely, I also have this stamp but at the moment have not much time to craft, thank you allowing us to see
    Michele love all your dies look forward to seeing your cards. Interesting die you won, wonder what you will do with it, look for to seeing results. Pleased Dad seems to be happier, enjoy your week
    Lynda pleased you are getting on well with your Gemini & it cuts your weaving dies easily,
    I must close as I just dozed of with my finger on a button.ha ha
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret xxx