Saturday, 26 September 2015

Happy Birthday Cheryl & mixed crafts !

 Happy Birthday Lovely Cheryl xxxx

 More of Brenda's brilliant Pottery

Janet's Gorgeous 'Proggy' Hedgehog!

Karen's fab gift box 
Good Saturday Morning Ladies,
First up I want to wish our Cheryl a very happy birthday and a year full of good health, wealth and lots and lots of happiness. You are an amazing lady and a great inspiration to others! xxxx

Now onto our Crafts, first up today, well it wouldn't be Saturday without some pottery from Brenda,
Love the blue mottled effect on these plates Brenda, by the way your Zentangled bowl was the inspiration for Sophie's latest piece of Art coursework, I will get a photo when she has finished.
Thank you Brenda, for your on going contributions to mixed craft day, I look forward to seeing the ones you made last weekend! Xxxx

Now the next gorgeous. Little creature us Janet's 'proggy' hedgehog, now I would have been clueless to the 'proggy' part but have been watching a lady making proggy rugs, bags and all sorts on Hochanda, she us a delightful lady, who started on C&C doing pottery I believe, it's a bit like rag rugging but you use felt like material.  I am sure Janet will set me straight, I absolutely adore him Janet, as I am sure your daughter would as a mascot for all of her rescued animals! Thank you so much Janet for this and all of the other photos you sent on Friday xxxx

Last but by no means least is Karen's very neatly designed and built gift box, if my memory serves me correctly I think she saw the tutorial on our Patricia's blog, Karen I love the colours you have used and that border die looks just as pretty as lace on that box top, Patricia, something else to pack in your bag for the retreat, box making demo!!!
Karen I am so thankful that you sent me the photo to share with our ladies, xxxx

I may have confused some of you yesterday, it's today that we are up at Dawn to take Becca, Josh, Jordan & Emily to Luton and then on to Colchester, I will be channeling your positive thoughts.
Sophie and Lucy are staying behind as they have another football match and Matt is in France at the Motor Cross 'Des Nations' championships, so it will just be Paul and I.
I hope you all have a fab weekend, especially our birthday girl!
Love and hugs
Sandra xxxxx
Ps some Ally Pally Photos tomorrow !!!


  1. Good morning Sandra, hope all the travellers will have a good day. Remember when you go to your Mums .... positive thoughts!! Be assertive, Paul is with you he will be your support. We are all here, we will be sending positive thoughts as well.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our CHERYL have a fantastic day.
    BRENDA :- more of your wonderful creations, love the colours.
    JANET:- I have seen that company's kits but never took much notice. Will need to look closer next time. I love your cute little "critter" he or maybe she is delightful.
    KAREN:- great box love your elegant design. Glad the Tutorial was of help and you have had a go at making more different style boxes.
    Oh! wow! it so, so, dark here this morning.
    Café nice bright and colourful all set up ready for the day ahead. I have put on a pot of Lentil Soup, think it might be needed for lunch time.
    There were a couple of Teacakes left in a box from yesterday I have toasted one, I am over at my favourite table doing some People Watching .....!!
    (((((hugs))))) in the basket by the door please help yourself, they are there for everyone. See you all later. xxx

    1. Hello Patricia,
      May I say that the Cafe looks lovely this morning. It's also dull and gloomy here. I think most of us are making nicer boxes, and much easier, thanks to your tutorial.
      Love Muriel xx

  2. Morning/Afternoon to all who pop in today.
    Sandra - as Patricia has said 'positive thoughts' deep breath and remember we are all with you. Paul is there as your support and our hugs are all around you.
    Have a safe journey both ways.

    Brenda - your pottery never fails to please. Today's offerings are just beautiful.
    Karen - a beautiful beautiful box - Patricia is such a talented lady isn't she.
    Proggy Hedgepig - Yes he is a kit from the company of 'Proggy' and yes he came via Hochanda. They are a company based in my neck of the woods I believe and they offer a wide range of animals as well as other kits such as door wreaths and a Christmas Tree. The kit contained the hessian for the base material, the eyes (these are safe for all ages), the fleece for his outer covering, the template for all the shapes needed and the 'progging' tool to make the holes in the hessian. All this for £9.99. The method is the good old fashioned way of making rag rugs. The wooden peg makes the hole in the hessian. You then poke a piece of fleece through and pull half way. They make another hole a couple of strands further on and pull the other half of the fleece piece through that one. It could not be easier. Any age can do it. I also bought another kit at the same time but this one is an owl which can be used as a hand puppet.

    Well as it's Saturday morning it means shopping so off we go to Meadowhell.
    Have a good day everyone and I try and pop in later.
    Hugs for all. xxxx

    1. JANET:- it is ages since I have been to Meadowhall. We have friends who live just outside Wakefield. John used to work for a company in Ossett, we were down that neck of the woods a lot.
      Happy Shopping bet the pasties are not just quite so good!!!

    2. Hello JANET
      I love your proggy hedgehog he is so adorable. I must have a look at the web site as I think Harry would love him.
      Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely weekend Hug's Lynda xx

    3. Janet, I love your name for Meadowhall. Was that a deliberate mistake? ha ha. Your proggy hedgehog is adorable, I'm waiting to see the owl when that is finished. We used to make mats and rugs and dad used to cut up clothing that was worn out for mam and I to use.

  3. Morning Sandra and the rest of our lovelies,
    Happy Birthday to our dear Cheryl.... have a lovely day with the family and I hope the sun is shining down on you.
    Sandra wishing you a safe journey and my positive thoughts have been transferred from yesterday to Patricia said you have your Paul by your side supporting you when you arrive at your Mum's. Also don't forget you have your lovely cafe crew backing you up in spirit.
    Such a wonderful array of crafts again this morning :
    Brenda I always love seeing your lovely pottery, those colours are great.
    Janet I watched some of this on Hochanda and your cute hedgehog is adorable.
    Karen your box is just exquisite I always think flowers turn the lid into something really stunning.
    Can't hang around this morning as it's Nikki's day but I'm also going to catch Sue Wilson on her first hour of the day. See you all later after hearing all about Nikki's little break.
    Hugs in the basket so please take one wheth you need on or not.
    Love and hugs Sheila xxxxx

    1. SHEILA:- have a great day with Nikki. Looking forward to hearing how she enjoyed her trip out. I am hoping to see Sue's shows today .... if I remember. I tend to get carried away and forget to turn the telly on. xxx

    2. Sheila have a lovely time with Nikki today I can feel your excitement on hearing all about her little minni holiday away.
      Enjoy watching Sue's show.
      Love & Hugs Lynda xx

    3. Sheila, have a wonderful day with Nikki. See you later when you tell us how she enjoyed her trip.
      Muriel xxx

    4. Sheila, I hope you're having a lovely day with Nikki. I'm sure she will have a lot to tell you about her little holiday. Looking forward to hearing all her news LOL xx

    5. Shiela hope you and Nikki are having a lovely day, I bet she hasn't stopped talking telling you about her brilliant time away.
      Take care, xxx

    6. Hi Sheila, enjoy your day with Nikki, I have Nic home here with me today, lots of cuddles. Xxx

  4. Good morning Sandra and all the coffee shop crew
    Wow yeat another wonderful selection of crafts today Brenda as always some beautiful pottery you really have a special gift they are wonderful dishes.
    Janet I love your little hedgehog on of my favourite animals your is wonderful, love it.
    Karen what an elegant box so very beautiful to enhance any gift or card.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our birthday girl Cheryl, hoping you have a fantastic day and a wonderful year to come filled with lots of good health and enjoyment.
    Sandra as Janet and Patricia have said remember we are all thinking of you and keep those positive thoughts upper today sending you big hugs and love xxx
    The washer is on I live in hope the weather will brighten so it can go outside as it is very dull at the moment so much for the weather forecast saying bright sunny day!
    I am off to do some more unpacking at our daughters she is getting there and the new replacements for the tumbler dryer and freezer are arriving for her too,
    Sheila have a lovely day with Nikki hearing all her exciting news about her trip away.
    My hugs are in the corner please just help yourselves take as many as you need.
    I will pop in later but have a lovely day everyone.
    Margaret xxx

    1. MARGARET:- I know you love to help .... please, please, take it easy and mind where you step with all that packaging lying around!!! xxx

    2. Margaret C, take it easy - look at me, I'm a wreck! They don't call me the Marie Celeste for nothing ha ha.
      I know I've said it before, but I've got to tell you that your bags are the best thing since sliced bread. I use two or three every night and they are such a comfort and ease any pain so quickly. Thank you so much.
      Muriel xxx

  5. Good Morning Sandra,
    Hola everyone!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday Dear Cheryl,
    Happy Birthday to you!
    I hope you have a lovely day. I hope you are doing something really nice .
    Careful with the candles!!
    Lovely selection of crafts today!
    Brenda - as usual your pottery is lovely! I really like blue and white so this is right up my street. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Janet - I watched a programme which that lady was on and enjoyed it. Your little hedgehog is very cute. They must be so of too. Thank you..
    Karen - your gift box is lovely. Love the colours you have used and the pretty flowers too. Thank you.
    Michele - I do hope today finds you feeling a lot better.
    Hazel, Saba and Muriel - You are a cheeky bunch but I'll get my own back!
    Patricia - you too for telling everyone who had forgotten, that we're an hour ahead!! How could you!
    Margaret - sorry it was you who required oxygen yesterday! I do trust it helped!
    I miss you all too, how weird is that!
    Sandra - have a good day today - hope it goes as well as it can! Safe travel too.
    Everyone else - sending hugs , miss you all!
    Oh - Sheila - hope the signing can keep up with today's excitement ! Have a lovely day with Nikki!
    Lots of love,
    Myra xxx

    1. Hola Senora, (I can't do the thingy over the o, but you have to imagine it's there. Saba knows the proper name for it - show off!!!) You didn't really think that we hadn't realised that you were an hour ahead of us!!! The temperature in Newcastle is a blistering 14c and the humidity is zero, so we are really feeling it!!
      Have a great day, take it easy on the Sangria.
      Muriel xxx

  6. Good morning all, oh I am late in this morning!!, being lazy is all I can say, got up at 5.20 to see to Harris, his alarm is needing reset I think. Anyway pitch black so I went back to bed, as I had watched the clock nearly all night. Was hoping to get washing out to Margaret, washed Charlies towelling dressing gown late yesterday thinking " oh that will dry tomorrow if I get it out early". How wrong was I??? He has got another one, but of coarse it's not his favourite.
    Cheryl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Have a lovely day with your family popping in.
    Brenda, more beautiful pieces of your pottery .
    Janet, oh your hedge pig is so cute,
    Sandra, big smile and think of lovely thoughts. You are only there for a short time. Come home and get the soap box out we don't mind, that's what it's there for.
    Saba, I hope you had a lovely meal. And today's sailing is good.
    Myra, enjoy your day.
    I hope everyone else has a good day, Sheila, I can just see Nikki signing so quickly trying to tell you every thing about her over night that you will be dizzy.
    Will pop back later to see what's going on. xxx

    1. Hello Hazel, that's why I did a mega wash yesterday. Everything in sight and a few things that weren't!!! The sun was out when I got up, and it was slightly breezy, so everything was dried. I've finished ironing the bedding this morning, watching Sue, and am just about to start the lunch as George has decided to chop a Fir tree down which has grown too large for the garden. Funny thing is I just took a snippet from the top of a tree which he despatched from the other side of the garden years ago (our garden is tiny) and it grew and grew, just like topsy. He saw me looking at the one he is taking out, and just said "Don't even think about it" ha ha. I just hope I can remember how to cook lol.
      Have a great day, you are really getting into this Retirement Lark!!!
      love Muriel xxxx

  7. Sorry Karen I forgot to say I love your gift box, making a beautiful box can make s simple gift into something special. xxx

  8. Gosh it's quiet in here this morning, but good morning Sandra and ladies who are up and about
    Happy birthday Cheryl, hope you have a lovely day.
    Love the blue and white of your pottery Brenda.
    Janet your hedgehog is gorgeous, watch some of the on Hochanda shows.
    Karen love you box, the flowers make it so individual, this would cost a fortune in the shops.
    Back to my rant yesterday about my delivery from C&C, when I phoned customer services they were updating their system and was told to phone back in half an hour, when I phoned back recorded message to say they were closed now and we're open Monday to Friday, I am still fizzing mad!!,
    Soap box returned to whoever wants it now.
    Hope everyone has a lovely day whatever you are doing.
    Take care xxx

    1. Jess, did you turn the CD or DVD, or whatever it was, over to make sure that the one you wanted was not on the other side? Try to calm down, you'll make yourself ill!! (mind you I'm a fine one to talk, I'd be jumping up and down!)

    2. Is that why you have a trampoline in the back garden? Xxx

  9. Good morning SANDRA & all you lovely ladies.
    What a lovely mixed craft BRENDA your pottery is as gorgeousI as ever love the colour so ptetty.
    KAREN I love your box & the decoration is beautiful
    JANET I have commented under your post I love your hedgehogxx
    SANDRA I hope your not stressing too much sending you positive thoughts hope you have good a day as possible my lovely. Safe journey xx
    CHERYL HAPPY BIRTHDAY have a brilliant day with your family & hope you get to see Milly May xx
    MYRA have a lovely day in the sun enjoy what ever your doing today.
    SABA hope the see is calming now stay safe & enjoy your day xx
    MICHELE I hope you are feeling better today & you can enjoy your holiday xx
    Well not much on the cards just got to pop Hobbycraft for some card.& £ shop.
    Then try & watch Sue's show last night & some of today's. Must get two birthday cards made today.
    Must put washing out now before I go out. Will pop back later.
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Hello Lynda, don't buy too much at Hobbycraft.

  10. Good Morning Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Have a safe drive to Luton and then on to Colchester, tell us tonight how it all went.
    Happy Birthday to our Cheryl ! Have a lovely day and many more. Love that photo of you.
    Brenda LL- love your speckled pottery, Beautiful colour.
    Janet- she is soooo cute, love it.
    Karen- love your box and the striplet and flowers makes it.
    Sheila- I'm sure Nikki can't wait to tell you what she been doing, have a nice day together.
    Myra- have a fabulous holiday. Did you get a feel of what Saba's life is like when walking down Puerto Benus ?
    Saba- hope the weather settled and you managed to get ashore for a nice warm Croatian stew. Rather you then me out there as I'm not good in the rough.
    Margaret- take it easy. We don't want you falling over so mind how you go.
    Gorgeous morning here so loved to do something but feeling not to good so it will have to wait. Recorded Sue W so might watch that and have a cup of tea and then see what we are doing. Have a nice day everyone, hugs Maria xxx

  11. Hello Sandra, gird your loins, take deep breaths, and remember we are all behind you (who's pushing me!)
    CHERYL, Happy Birthday, lovely lady. Have a wonderful day and enjoy yourself with all the family.
    Brenda LL, what can I say, your pottery is - as usual - gorgeous. Blue and white always looks so clean. Now that's what my mother would have said, I'm turning into her NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I don't mean that, of course, she was a wonderful, kind, scatty type of lady, who - in the winter sitting in front of the coal fire - would sit, legs akimbo, showing her red silk bloomers that went to her knees ha ha. I loved her dearly, although she would drive me mad at times after dad died.
    Oh look, I've gone off on a tangent again, I'm more like her than I thought ha ha.
    Janet, I love your hedgehog. It's fab and I'm looking forward to seeing the owl. No rush - next weekend maybe lol.
    Karen, what a beautiful box. It really is lovely, a gift in itself.
    I have commented on your remarks on my way down, trouble is that it's taken so long that by the times I sign out, a dozen more comments will have appeared between me and the lovely Doh Ray Me Maria.
    Maria, take it easy and rest up. I hope you are feeling better very soon.
    Michele, I also hope you are brighter. Did you see a Doctor.
    Saba, I keep wanting to sing "A Pirate's Life for Me", but I'd better not!!!
    Got to go, I'm being very rude, Sue is talking to me from the TV and I've got to get lunch started.
    See you later.
    Muriel xxx

    1. Maureen that made me laugh - red silk bloomers eh they were a bit racey! We have some lovely photos of my sisters 18th birthday with all the great aunts, all legs akimbo all showing their bloomers! Now they were all white bloomers and of a good strong constitution, probably co op specials haha. What a sight! Xxx

    can you hear me!!!!!!!

    Hugs are on their way so I'm hoping they arrive in time.

  13. Hi ladies,
    Just to update you, airport drop off done, sitting at mums in the sunshine, my sister has made a lovely homemade lasagne for tea, we got into Colchester at about 9am, so we went to a Toby Carvery for breakfast on route, some good people watching, people actually in a pub in dressing gown and slippers!!!
    Oh my word, some of the people in that place!
    I hope you are all ok, will call in later to see what you have all been up to!
    Love and hugs
    Sandra xxxx

    1. Sandra, I can just see your faces when you saw these folk in their pjs, as long as you didn't think of Patricia and i??? We woud be dressed believe me. It's the size of the breakfasts that gets to me - how any one could eat that amount. Then go back for more. That's a change you getting tea? Make the most of it, but don't help or help to clear up you are the guests, they didn't do it when they were at yours. Just make I really beautiful thank you card when you get home and post it first class.
      It will make them stop and think. xxx

    2. Oh Sandra, what a good job you didn't recognise me in my dressing gown. I wasn't expecting you there today lol!!
      Listen to what Hazel is saying, she's spot on with her advice.

    3. Oh SANDRA what are some people like I wouldn't dream of going in a pub in my dressing gown & slippers even if it was fo breakfast how funny too see them.
      Yes I agree with Hazel as well, she always has such wise words our Hazel. Xxxx

  14. Happy Birthday CHERYL And BRENDA what beautiful pottery I fall in love with everything you make I love the Proggy hedgehog JANET I saw this demoed on Hochanda and thought that I'd like to try I did a latch hook PJ case a long long time ago
    JESS I feel for you re C&C I'm having a bit of a prob with another company (TL) so I'm on that soap box with you!
    Thank you for your lovely comments re my box Patricia's tutorial really helped and using my new best friend CS glue did too Still to try Patricia's shoe and a pop up card Can I please have 30 hours in the day 24 is just not enough

  15. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    First I must say very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our lovely CHERYL,I hope you're having a GREAT day and getting really spoilt. LOL xxx

    I've been lazy today have been watching the lovely SW. It's great that she can at least get a word in edgeways also get on with her demos. Also Hochanda seem to have sorted out some of the camera angles, I felt the close ups had improved, so they are getting there! has joined the loyalty club? They don't say on the screen how much it costs. Oh I could try their website. Silly me, it will probably say on there.
    Sandra, I have been trying to send positive thoughts your way, also praying your day goes well LOL

    BRENDA, your dishes are lovely and would grace any table. Thank you for sharing these with us. I always love looking at your pottery LOL xx
    JANET, I love your little hedgehog, I just want to give him a cuddle he's lovely.
    I remember as a child my parents making rag mats. We had them all around the house, no fitted carpets in those days. xx
    KAREN, your box is a gift in itself, it's beautiful. You would want to display the box as well as the contents. Thank you sharing xx

    I'm looking at a small pile of ironing, I think I better get it out of the way, nothing we are waiting for but it just makes the room look tidy.
    I hope everyone's had a good day whatever you are doing.
    Sending hugs to everyone, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love Brenda xxx

  16. Good afternoon, I will have a piece of that yummy looking Apple pie with some cream and a cup of tea, please. Money in the pot. Oh see this retirement it's aweful. I just can't be bothered doing anything. Maybe my mojo has retired too, because for the love of me I can't think of anything. I tired making a card no luck, thought I'd make a gift bag, cut it out then couldn't be bothered doing anything with it. Working was much more fun, having not enough hours to do everythin, yet I always managed to fine a little bit of time to craft and could think of ideas.

  17. Hi everyone, well what a bl..dy numpty I am, thank you Maureen for telling me to turn the cd over to look at the back, I didn't think I was that stupid!!!!
    Good job I didn't get through the to customer services, there were two CDs in the colouring techniques cd box, I would have felt a right tube.
    The Destinarions cd is obviously a freebie., think I need to go back to my bed and get up again with more brains.
    Hazel thanks for telling me about the demo, but I'm not really into Sheena Douglas will just have a look at the cd.
    Will catch up later, take care.

    1. That's ok Jess. Ask me how I knew, go on ask me. How do you think I felt when I got through to C&C with all guns blazing ha ha xxx

    2. Oh what are you two like! Xxx

  18. Morning Ladies

    Cheryl-a very Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

    Brenda-wow, I love today's pottery, beautiful colours.

    Janet-I want that hedgehog! I love everything to do with hedgehogs & am feeling very guilty about not feeding my two back at home for 2 weeks.

    Karen-what a gorgeous gift box. A lovely addition to the card & gift.

    I'm feeling slightly better, mainly because I managed to sleep last night. We went out to the Myakka River State Park & drive round the 7 miles of lake. You could hire bikes but strangely enough I didn't feel up to it! We saw quite a few alligators (took some great photos), 3 deer & lots of birds. No Manatees though-shame. As we'd driven quite a distance to the park we continued to Ellenton shopping mall and walked all the way round. It not an indoor shopping mall so you actually get some fresh air & it's huge! Hubby bought some more tee shirts then we had a quick visit in the American Golf Discount shop to come out to torrential rain! That made a huge difference to the temperature-much cooler.
    I think after all the walking I was tired enough to
    sleep. Only problem is I have lost my voice & am squeaking like a cartoon character!!!!!!

    Never a dull moment eh?!


    1. Hi Michele, I'm glad you're feeling a lot better, are you trying to kid us that you don't always sound like a cartoon character (hard hat) xxx

    2. P.s. If you are going to the Retreat you'll see a very good resemblance to a Manatee - me!!! xxx

    3. Hi MICHELE so pleased your feeling a little better hopefully your start to improve. I would love you to send some of your pictures so we can see them. Enjoy your evening
      Hug's Lynda xx

    4. Hope you feel better soon Michele - you are just giving your husbands ears a little holiday too! I hope you see some manatees they are so lovely xxxx

  19. Hi Sandra
    Firstly I'd like to wish Cheryl a very Happy Birthday. I hope you have a lovely day. Keep our positive thoughts with you Sandra, but I assume your at your Mums now. Love today's offerings on Mixed Craft Saturday. Brenda's pottery is as usual gorgeous. Karen love your hedgehog and Karen's box is a gift in itself.

  20. Good afternoon everyone
    Sorry I'm late, busy as usual on Saturday mornings, picked Nic up, then went out for a ride, ended up in McDonalds for an ice cream, then my daughter in law has just left so a quick post today.
    Hope everyone is well if not hugs in basket.
    Brenda, Janet and Karen you are very clever ladies, I love to see the offerings on Mixed Craft Saturday,
    Sandra hope your day is going well as can be, so looking forward to tomorrow's photos from AP ,
    Will go now as Niic will be asking for tea soon
    Take care everyone
    Jean xxx

    1. Hello Jean, have a lovely time with Nic, it sounds as though you've been very busy up until now. xxx

    2. Jean, glad Nic has had a good day with you, if McDonalds ice cream brings a smile to her face and she enjoyed it good. I must admit I enjoy a McFlurry now and again. xxx

    3. Jean pleased you & Nic had a nice time this morning & had a lovely Mcflurry ice

  21. You'[ll all be pleased to know that George ate all of his lunch and hasn't asked for a Rennies!!! Mind you, I have to admit that it was nothing flash. He has had the same Saturday lunch since I've known him (51 years). Pie, mushy peas and chips!!! I always have a sandwich.
    His mother always did it every Saturday and all the family ate it. When we were courting after about a year,I summoned the courage and did ask one week if I could have something different. Oh, my word, no wonder she took a dislike to me!!!
    Rachel was born on a Saturday at 12.15 lunch time. George came AFTER he'd has his lunch ha ha.
    See you later.

    1. Oh MAUREEN that bought memories flooding back Terrys mum always did pie mash & liquor on a Saturday I hated it,I was so shy I just ate it untill I plucked up the courage & told her I didn't like she wasn't amused.

  22. Maureen, so glad George enjoyed his lunch, at least you didn't have to think to much as to what to give him!!! xxx

  23. Hi ladies,
    Thank you all for such wonderful cards and birthday wishes on the blog.
    Well, I have had the most wonderful day full of doing nothing except what took my fancy. Visitors were arriving all morning with flowers, pressies, cards and themselves.
    Fiona and Joseph came for lunch then we all went to leave Pete his birthday card and scrumped some cooking apples in the church garden. Then went over to our new park where at the young age of 63, I had my first ever ride on a zip wire. It was fantastic even though I didn't realize it would stop so suddenly, throwing me onto the ground! I lay there laughing so did the little girl who was waiting her turn and Joseph. They don't call me a nuttinanni for nothing!!!
    Off now to the pub with Joseph to wait for the golf players to arrive, then it's the raffle and supper.
    Brenda, your bowls are superb, I cannot heap enough praise onto you for your fantastic skills.
    I am loving the Proggy hedgehog Janet, he is so cute.
    Karen's box is so pretty in silver. I adore it.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Cheryl sounds like you have had a great day! I can just see you flying down at great speed and going plop! At least you can laugh and hopefully didn't hurt yourself. Enjoy your evening xxxx

  24. OH has chosen his glasses at last. He's such a narcissist that he felt he looked good in all of the frames! Eventually I left him and daughter to it. I tried on a pair that I liked and thought they looked good and they just fell about laughing!
    I'm glad George enjoyed his lunch. Sometimes I wish OH was like that. Most days I'll suggest something, anything and he just turns his nose up.
    SANDRA _ Hope you're getting along OK
    I think I forgot to say earlier that I have appreciated all that you've said about my humble offering I am extremely flattered when you lot produce such exquisite craft
    Have a great evening. I'm going to settle down with either some knitting or my colouring book and enjoy watching Strictly - need to watch last night's first

  25. Hi everyone
    I Managed to get my crafters compainion pearl white card from Hobbcraft
    & in TKMax I got two nice storege boxes one to keep my gilding wax pots in & a little larger one for my colour cloud pots in. I left OH behind to cut the grass & went on the bus, at leased I could look at things I wanted to look at.
    IN Wilco I got some plastic folders with holes on the side that go in a ring binder they open at the top with press stud.& I have put my embossing folders in i can get two E/ folders in one. They are so easy now to find whichE/folder im looking for. So chuffed with my shopping trip.
    Right must start dinner won't take long Spag bowl.i bulk cook the sauce so only got to defrost & cook spaghetti.
    Pop back later xx

    1. That sounds like a good shop Lynda I must say I like the sound of those folders you got to put your embossing folders in I will keep a look out for some of those,
      Enjoy your dinner xxx

    2. Hi MARGARET yes & they were only 80 p my friend got them in Sainsburys she paid £1.99 so bargain shame they only had 5 so will look in again for more.

    3. Lynda I'd forgotten TL max does craft stuff! They are opening a huge one near us soon and we've been saying what do we need one of those for! Now I know! :) xx.

    4. Hi DIANE I didn't see any actual craft stuff in TK Max I just came across the lovely boxes they were nicely decorated & very sturdy the larger one was £3.99 I got 6 pots of colour cloud & 8 pots of texture past pots in it the smaller one £2,99 i put my Gilding wax in it so all neat & tidy now. Hope your face is ok now & bruises all gone, lovely picture of you with Barbra Grey on her blog. Xxx

  26. Good evening everyone
    AGH! I have just lost my message, so here we go again!
    Cheryl delighted to hear you are having a wonderful birthday and brave you on the zip wire good for you.
    Sandra I hope all our positive thoughts are reaching you, I am with Hazel and her good advice, have a safe journey home.
    We got the grand total of ZERO boxes unpacked, some visitors arrived and stayed and stayed until lunchtime when it was time for my daughter and grandson to go for their riding lessons. I looked around and found a large pile of ironing so did that followed by more out of the new tumbler dryer, then emptied the washer and loaded the dryer up again. I can safely say the dryer has been put through it's paces! By the time I left all the ironing was done and when they returned from riding I got a very grateful phone call. They have all been invited to the village hall tonight for a pie and pea supper and beetle drive so are hoping to meet some of their new village neighbours. No doubt the unpacking will get done one of these days, the problem is there is no time during the week for her thanks to marking school books and preparing lessons.
    Myra I hope you are enjoying the lovely warm sunshine, we have not seen the sun today at all, temp 12 C, do go easy on the sangria!
    Saba hope you are in calm waters.
    Michele so pleased you are improving a little and are able to get out for a little retail therapy!
    Someone is asking for a cuppa so I am off to put the kettle on, but only because I'm thirsty and tired of the football, I'm recording Strictly and SW.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.
    Margaret xxx

    1. Oooo MARGARET I bet Lisa was very pleasantly surprised & very grateful when she came home & all her ironing was done. Your a Star but please don't over do things Margaret how is your foot now .
      Love Lynda xxx

  27. Very quiet in here have you all been watching Sue??? At least the girl let Sue get on with her demo. Makes a change.

    Sandra, I hope you are home safe and not stressed, we were all sending positive thoughts all day. xxx

  28. Good evening folks, quiet in here this evening.
    Are you all telly watching?? I was watching Sue, I quite enjoyed it. I felt she had more time to explain things. Non of this excitement saying things had sold out or were limited stock to make you rush to buy. Well it never made me do that but I am sure some people did.
    Here's my cuppa coming, better have that before I spill like I did the other evening. xxx

  29. Oh no don't spill your tea, that will never do. That's Johns job to spill and break things is it not??? xxx

  30. I wonder if Myra is out on the town or do you think she is relaxing with that bottle of wine? Saba, might be sitting on the deck in the moon light drinking her glass or bottle of wine, but to think all of us will see the same moon no matter were we are? Ok Michele won't be looking at the moon, just now. Hope your voice is coming back, Michele.
    Cheryl, so glad you have had a wonderful day.
    We haven't heard from Janice for a while, I hope she is just busy and not unwell from exhaustion???
    Margaret, so much for you taking it easy, why is it my calcium and magnesium tablets don't give me that amount of Energy!!! I hope you will take it easy tomorrow. xxx

    1. I'm here, Hazel! Just been out for dinner. Lovely Restaurant and very busy. Not one Sangria has passed my lips! Honest injun! Not keen on the stuff at all !
      Sorry I have missed Sue's Shows - never mind such is life!
      I have seem some amazing shapes in swim suits! We even met an elderly lady in a bikini pushing one of these mobile zimmer three wheel things! Not a pretty sight! Xxx

  31. Thank you all for your kind comnents about my pottery. It is very much appreciated.
    JANET. I love your hedgehog. Looking forward to seeing the owl. No pressure but I love owls.
    KAREN. Love your box. Especially the flowers.
    HAPPY BURTHDAY Cheryl. Glad you have had a good day. Very brave going on the zip wire.
    Michele. Glad to hear you had a good night last night. Hope it is the same tonight. Hope Sandra is ok. No doubt we will hear all about it tomorrow. Haven't seen Sue or her mum in the cafe today. No doubt Norah is busy. Miss her.

  32. Hi Sandra and all the lovely ladies
    Phew made it at last! Sorry it's been a busy day - had to go shoe shopping for Julian and with football roadworks fresher week and university open day it was a nightmare getting to the shops! We had a lovely time though wandering about on the sun - yes 21 degrees today! We came home and face timed Emma ( still in her PJs in the afternoon! Then it was time for dinner and rugby! A busy day.
    Cheryl happy birthday my lovely, enjoy the rest of your birthday and good health and happiness for the following year and more. Xx.
    Brenda oh I do love your china, this blue and white selection are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Xxxxx
    Karen your box is beautiful. I always make mine at the last minute and don't get time to decorate them but this looks so attractive. Thank you for sharing xxx
    Janet oh what a sweetie isn't he cute! I've seen these kits in hobbycraft but haven't looked at them closely. I must do that. Thank you for sharing too xxx
    Sandra safe journey home, remember big smiles and lots of nods! Now why didn't I think of going for breakfast in my pjs when we stayed in the premier inn! Lol.
    I hope everyone is ok today, Jean and Sheila I hope you have had a lovely day with Nic and Nikki . I think ice cream and excitement are the words of the day xxx
    Maria and Michel I hope you both feel better soon and Myra and Saba and Michel have a wonderful time. Right I must go there's another try about to take place ( rugby!) see you soon xx xx

    For 1 week only the have the new Spellbinders Platinum machine for £119.99 and free postage!
    It has got me thinking, apparently it will cut up to 8 layers so if anyone had lots to do perhaps Christmas cards or invitations, this would make life a lot easier.

    1. Margaret C,
      get thee behind me Satan!!! xxx

    2. That's a good price Margaret! Ooh don't tempt me! Xxx

    3. MARGARET:- ooooo!! I could be tempted. Off to have a look! I only get that channel on my IPad xxx

  34. Hello Everyone,
    Lynda, You had a good day shopping. How wise to leave Terry at home ha ha. I laughed at your comment about Terry's mam. Martha (George's mam) almost had a fit when I asked for something different. George steeps his peas every Friday evening and cooks them on a Saturday morning. I can't do them as good as him (he says). A friend of mine once said that if she ever lost her memory, she'd ask me what I was giving George that evening and she'd know what day it was!!!! A creature of habit, that's him. Still, it does make for an easy life. If it's a dinner, we have the same, otherwise he has different to me as he likes plain English food, not "mucked about". I'll have almost anything.
    Sheila hasn't been in to tell us all about Nikki's trip, the suspense is awful.
    Cheryl, a zip wire, are you of sane mind woman!!!
    Saba, if you get the chance to see this, I hope the seas are calm, the wine is cold, you are enjoying yourselves, and you have plenty of fuel.
    Myra, if you get the chance to see this, I hope the sun is shining, the wine is cold, and you are enjoying yourselves.
    Dainty, that's right, rub it in about the sun. We've been shivering all day here.
    Hazel, the more I read about Patricia's John, the more I think he must be the twin to George!! You describe George to a T when you talk about John!!!
    Ladies, I think that I'm the odd one out. I got bored with Sue - well not with Sue, that's wrong, with the programme, as I felt that the presenter kept wittering on, I had to keep turning the volume up and a couple of times she started to help Sue with putting lids on etc., then just stopped. Little things I know, but they niggled me.
    Himself is calling me, I'll be back in a mo
    Muriel xxx

    1. That's been a long mo!! Xx

    2. I know, I always get side tracked. Never do one job when you can do seven at the same time.
      How are you my friend. Are you getting the new machine. Just listen to your mother:-
      If you have a Cuttlebug, you can use the big sissix dies with it. Just use two of the thin plates. They don't make A4 big dies, so you don't need an A4 machine.
      I've used my Cuttlebug to cut the sissix dies ever since I got it yonks ago and never had any problem. Even though I have the Big Shot, I use my Cuttlebug. I've probably only used the Big Shot 3 or 4 times since I got it well over a year ago, because it was wonderful and I had to have it!!!!
      Can you make sense of all that.
      I've just realised you're up very late Myra. How soon will you be up in the morning? lol.
      I'm off to the land of nod now, so I'll say goodnight to all, sleep tight, sweet dreams and may no one's knees, feet or legs keep anyone awake tonight!!!
      God bless
      Muriel xxxx

    3. I'm very well, my Friend! Don't worry although I am tempted I tend to think quite long and hard before spending that amount of money! I agree - the Cuttlebug takes a bit of beating . Now I use small planes with my GC most of the time. I therefore need to be persuaded that it's worthwhile - really worthwhile buying another machine!
      Night Night Dleep well!
      We are having a quiet relaxing morning tomorrow - as opposed to this morning when we played a daft game of crazy golf! Competitive - my family - yes!! We did laugh a lot though and seemed to entertain some others which is worrying! Xxx

    4. Oh dearie me - I don't actually fly - small plates are what I use! Xxx

    5. Good night everyone sleep well everyone my eyes keep shutting see you in the morning love Lynda xxxxxxxxx
      Ps SANDRA hope your ok my lovely & all went well at your
      SHEILA I hope your ok & Nikki had lots to tell you.xxxx

  35. Hi Myra. Glad to hear you are having a good time. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.