Friday, 25 September 2015

Festive Friday

Good Friday Morning Ladies,
I thought that as we are officially now in Autumn we can start looking properly at Christmas cards.
So I have decided that for the next few weeks we
shall be having 'Festive Friday', I am more than happy to share your Christmas cards too, as it will give even more inspiration to all of our viewers.
First up is the card that I started while crafting with Pat on Wednesday and finished yesterday.
I used the Sue Wilson 'Festive Collection' 'Snowflake Background' Die that Pat bought me for my birthday.
I cut some dark blue Foundation Card with the die and laid it over some white card covered with a double sided sticky sheet and sprinkled with some Iced Snow for a sparkly snowflake look, I used some Pinflair Glue gel to give a little lift and dimension to the card.  I used the oval centre from Creative Expressions Austrian 'Innsbruck' die to give a larger centre to place the CE 'Let it Snow' die cut on to follow along the snowflake theme.
I decided to create an Easel card, so scored an A4 piece of card in half and then scored half way across the front from top to bottom, this gave the base of the easel, on to which I matted some white and another layer of the dark blue card,
I repeated this layers on the base, I then added the
new 'Snowflake Border' from Sue's Festive Collection to use as a stopper, using double sided foam tape, made stronger with Cosmic Shimmer Glue. I added some AB crystal adhesive gems to highlight the snowflakes and give extra sparkle.
I will add that Paul didn't put the top of the card correctly into place behind the stopper when he took the photo, so I will be having a 'word', I may need to dock his pay this week!!
I know its a little different colour wise for Christmas, but I thought I would experiment.
I am slowly getting back into this card making thing and quite enjoying it, so watch this space!!
I am not sure if I have enough Mixed Crafts for tomorrow but I will do my best. If you would like to send something please feel free, I don't mind the Grandchildren makes either, especially if it makes them smile.
Busy day and early night in our house today, we have to be up at 5.30am to take Becca and Josh to Luton Airport, we are then continuing on to my Mums for the day! (thinking positive thoughts, thinking positive thoughts)!!!!
Love and huggles


  1. Good morning Sandra and the Café Gang hope you are all well.
    Wow! Oh! Wow! SANDRA:- your card is absolutely amazing, love, love, love, it.
    Fantastic colours, I like making Christmas Cards in "different" colours, it also makes them stand out from the crowd!!!
    A really busy day ahead for you today, safe journey to the airport. Hope all goes well at your mums.
    Set everything up for the day, hope it is looking ok!! I see some of that famous Lemon Drizzel Cake in the cabinet again, wonder how long that will last??
    Taking my Tea & Toast over to the corner table to do some people watching.
    (((((hugs)))))in the basket by the door. See you all later. xxx

  2. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. I love your card, it is gorgeous. I know some people don't like darker colours on Christmas cards, I didn't used to, but I think this looks beautiful in the blue that you have used : )
    I thought I had better leave my comment before I try and get some sleep or I will be even more out of sync!
    I will be thinking of you tomorrow my lovely. Sending you special supportive hugs. Just close your eyes and imagine you are sat here in your wonderful Café surrounded by all of us slightly(!!!) mad ladies if you need to escape in your mind for a while. Then hopefully you will be able to let everything else just flow over your head.
    Maureen, I forgot to say that I am so pleased to see you back in the Café. I hope you continue to feel better each day.
    I have cakes to bake later on ready to take to Mum's for her McMillan Coffee Morning tomorrow. (Please don't do too much today Mum! Gem and I will help you in the morning x )
    I hope you all have a good day ladies. Take care xx

    1. Good morning Ladies!
      Oh Sandra, what a stunning Christmas Card! It is Glorious, I love how you have used the dies, I think the easel card shows them off beautifully, I wasn't going to buy any xmas dies this year, but I think you might have tempted me with that snowflake border , it's so special!
      Hope all your day goes well,and let any niggles flow over your head and let them go xoxo
      Sorry I didn't manage in yesterday , it was an extremely busy day.
      All packing done, just have to go to the dentist this morning again, then do my usual housework and that's us all set to go tomorrow.
      Cafe looking bright and cheerful , so I'll have some tea and toast and just sit and enjoy admiring it!
      Love and hugs to you all xoxo

  3. Good morning, Sandra and all who call in. Sandra, your card is gorgeous, I like using dark colours, as like Patricia says it makes the card stand out, it's like white on white cards they also do that. Now as for visiting your mum, do as Sue says and just think of being with her and Pat crafting when it gets to much. Or think of a day when you were on holiday. Becca and Josh are very lucky that you are taking them to the airport, are they off somewhere nice? For a week or just the weekend. Right I'd better go get showered and dressed, SABA would be horrified I am sitting in the corner in my pjs. xxx

    1. Good for you Hazel your enjoy your new relaxing time you have definitely earned it. xxx

    2. We know they will be 'posh' pjs Hazel :) xxxx

    3. Oh no they were just cozy fleece ones. Diane. xxx

  4. Hello Ladies, Sandra your card is amazing, love it.
    Quick post as Daughter comming tonight for the weekend.
    Have a good day everyone

    1. Have a lovely weekend with your daughter Lilian - hope your back is feeling better today xxxx

  5. Morning/afternoon to all who may call in.
    Sandra - what a Stunning Christmas card. I usually don't like these cards in colours other than the traditional ones but you have changed my mind this morning. I just love everything about it.
    As for your visit this week-end please take deep breaths; think of your wonderful holiday and know that we are all around you with hugs and support.

    Well I have a much better day yesterday. Managed to cut and make the card which gave me so much trouble the day before. I had to stop after lunch as my youngest Daughter Nicky paid a visit for the afternoon so after I've done the dreaded housework this morning I'm hoping I can at least make a start on the next bday card needed.

    I'm hoping that all who are on holiday are having a good time.
    That everyone under the weather are improving.
    and that all who are travelling today/this week-end have a good journey.

    After commenting that my winning die hadn't arrived yesterday yes the postie knocked on the door just before lunch with it so that's another reason I want (wish) to do some crafting today. I want (wish) to play with my new die.

    I'll just pop over to the table by the window to do a little people watching and finish my drink before tackling the housework.
    Hugs should be in the basket please help yourselves to as many as you need.

  6. Beautiful card Sandra. I like dark blue and white Christmas cards and do some every Christmas along with more traditional colours. Hope you have a good day. Will be thinking of you. Do as Sue and Hazel said. Well dry so far. Having haircut at 12 and then hope to go out for the rest of the day. Hoping it doesn't rain.
    Diane and Michelke hope you are feeling a bit better and Maureen pleased you are taking it easy still.
    Take everyone. Hugs in the basket. Just going to have some tea and toast and people watch for a little while.

  7. Good morning ladies,

    A very striking card Sandra, snowflakes should be all shades of white and blue sparkly. That background is stunning.
    Have you ever looked at one under a magnifying glass? I expect if you could get one that had a slow melt, it would be multicoloured and faceted to catch all the colours of this earth.

    No stamp cataloguing today, I met a dear friend of mine yesterday whilst sorting out Giorgina's problem, who has invited me to an early birthday lunch today at our favourite eating spot as he is not available tomorrow.

    I have my normal quick dash around on Fridays which will be quicker than average before I go off to join him. Some weeks I hardly ever see anyone, and this week has been a whirlwind of days out! Good job I have the weekend to slow down. Tomorrow will probably be busy with family popping in so I am planning on Sunday, chilling out and catching up with all recorded programmes I haven't had chance to watch yet.
    Boohoo though my favourite, Defiance, finished this week, end of season and finale. Love Sci-Fi programmes and anything to do with alien races.
    Starscape was a big favourite of Pete & I.

    My first inhaler alarm is merrily ringing away, time for me to get it sorted.
    Love & hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Enjoy your lunch Cheryl. And your family popping in tomorrow. xxx

    2. Have a lovely lunch Cheryl and your visitors tomorrow xxx

    3. Have a lovely pre-birthday lunch Cheryl. I've seen a snowflake magnified on TV Cheryl and it's just how you described it. xxx

    4. Oh wow Sheila, that is so nice to know. How lucky you were to see it and thank you for telling me. Now when I get asked '20 questions' by the grandchildren, I'll know what to tell them. xxxx

  8. Good Morning All,
    Sandra, you're card I s lovely - I love using dark blue and white for Christmas cards! Your card is lovely. It is a real stand out card!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good day everyone and do try to behave!
    Sandra - safe travel - hope all goes well at Mum's !
    Lots of love Myra xxx
    PS -- the smelling salts are on the soap box!!! Xxx

    1. Smelling salts I think I need oxygen! 08.55 posting what on earth are you doing? Have a lovely day enjoy the warmth, quite chilly here. xxx

    2. Remember that's actually 9.55 Spanish time!!! xxx

  9. Good morning everyone.
    What a gorgeous card greeted my eyes this morning. Sandra, it's so - now what am I trying to say - "Stand outish", no that's not quite right. It zings out from the screen and is gorgeous.
    Myra, I've had to lie down to recover after seeing that you posted at 8.55. Are you feeling all right, my dear? lol. I'm so pleased that you told us where you had hidden the smelling salts!!!! Have a wonderful day, don't get too much sun, and drink plenty - and I don't mean beer ha ha.
    Well - One load of washing is just about dry and I'm ready to hang out the next load. Then I am going to meet an old friend (a different old friend!) in town for a couple of hours. I may see if I can find a couple of bargains in M&S like Dainty did when she was shopping. By the way Dainty, I cannot find the photograph you mentioned on Sue's blog. Did you mean Sue Wilson, and on her Particraft card blog?? You have to spell these things out for me, I can be a bit thick at times!!!
    Sandra, you'll have been to and back from the airport, and will probably be at your mum's now, so when things get a bit rough, or when you feel like screaming, just imagine you are back in the Cafe with us and enjoying yourself. We could be crafting, chatting, working - WORKING, where did that come from!!!! Well, we could be enjoylng ourselves and having a laugh.
    Michele, I hope your chest is improving daily and that you feel much better.
    Janet, enjoy playing when you've finished your housework. (Just sweep the dust under the carpet!!!)
    Lilian, have a good day and enjoy your daughter's stay.
    Brenda LL, there's nothing better than people watching. I'll be doing that whilst I'm waiting for Valerie later today.
    Saba, I hope the seas are calm.
    Hazel, I cannot believe that you posted in your PJ's. You are really getting into retirement mode!!!
    See you all later, be good !!!
    Muriel xxxx

    1. Oh, how very rude of me. Cheryl, my little flower, have a lovely day and enjoy your lunch. It's always a famine or a feast (no pun intended) with seeing people, or doing things. I either never cross the doors or see anybody, or I'm never in and people are calling all the time. xxxx

    2. Maureen Diane's photo was on Barbara Gray's blog and bless her, her lovely smile is still there even after her terrible fall. Well done Diane and hope your body is healing and you are feeling much better. xxx

    3. Haha thank you Sheila - oh Maureen sorry wax I having a senior moment - yes I meant Barbara's blog! I know you go on there ( not that I'm stalking you of course! :) ) enjoy your trip out - lots of bargains on posh knickers in M&S sale haha xxxx

    4. Hi Sheila
      Good job you said it was on Barbara Grays blog. I gathered it wasn't on today's as I opened it up and came face to face with a monkey. Good job I know what Diane looks like or I'd start to get worried. I did find her in the end.

  10. Good morning Sandra and each and everyone who pops in today,
    Sandra I echo Patricia and Hazel when I say I love cards like this - the darker background makes the foreground POP. Hope you enjoy your day at your mums, I often escape into my mind when I need to, Had hypnosis once for a phobia and he said think of something funny, the thing I thought of was my son with his arms and legs flailing everywhere when he saw a spider. Hes a big strapping lad too.
    Nipping into town shortly and then want to get on with some cards - so will be back later
    Hazel I'm sat here posting in my pjs too haha
    Need to get a move on and have a shower then Im off
    hugs to anyone who needs them, Ive left them in the basket
    See you later
    Jean xx

  11. Good morning SANDRA & all you lovely ladies.Yes good morning I'm early.
    Houswork done washing out so just sitting in the cafe' by the window with my builders tea & toast & people watching. SANDRA your card is stunning I love blue & white C/cards they just pop out at you.
    Well the sun is out today so will be taking 4 paws x 2 out for walk.
    I have Emaild Sandra the picture Terry took of all the lovely ladies at AP Saturday. DIANNE Hope your bruises have almost gone now & no more kissing the pavement it hurts you know.xx
    I really hope all goes well at your mums Sandra just do as others have said just think you are with us in the cafe' having a laugh & chatting & join me peopl watching. SABA hope your enjoying your holiday & the waters are calm have a lovely time.
    MYRA have a lovely day too.You haven't had to much Sun have you commenting so early think I nead the Tin hat haha.Xx
    CHERYL have a lovely day with your friend & enjoy your lunch & tomorrow with your family visiting will Milly- May cuddles be had xx
    MAUREEN enjoy meeting up with your different old friend & hope you find some good bargains. Have a good day xx
    I will Pope back later SANDRA to see how you're day went.xx
    Love & Hug's for now xxxx

    1. I'm not doing that again in a hurry Linda! Bruises are a beautiful shade of green now - it's quite exciting watching them change colour! Thank you for asking xxx

  12. Good morning Sandra and all the coffee shop crew
    Got up extra early this morning, housework all done, been out shopping to Keswick as we passed Bassenthwaite lake it really looked very full and it's only September, goodness only knows what will happen in winter, flooding on a grand scale no doubt. The fells are looking so lovely with the heather out in full bloom.
    Michele hope there are some signs of improvement for you.
    Sandra what a beautiful card the colours are perfect they really do catch the eye, I love dark blue and white for Christmas cards they really do 'stand out from the crowd' .Hope all goes well at your Mum's for you.
    Someone is asking for lunch so as he is claiming to be neglected and has not been fed for all of 2 hours I had better make a start, then after lunch I shall be getting the fruit weighed out for the first of the five Christmas cakes I make, not all for us I may add, some are for presents! Shall I make one for the café too?
    Have a lovely day everyone, my hugs are over in the corner just help yourselves.
    Margaret xxx

    1. Hi Margaret - the mention of the Christmas cakes sounds wonderful . I used to make them but everyone is on a diet now, the smell is something all of its own - just like bread baking xxx

    2. MARGARET:- thank you for the inspiration .... bought all the ingredients for my cake today. Well the ingredients are bought when the cake will be made is another story!! Maybe tomorrow or maybe another day ... no definitely tomorrow!!

  13. Oh no! Lock the coffee shop door!! Someone has pinched my post!! Teehee!
    How weird! I posted about 10.30 and I followed up with adding a reply to Maureen's post about Diane's photo and yet that is there. Where is my dummy and rattle? I am throwing them out of my pram now!! Tin hats on! Hahahaha! xxxx

    1. Oh Sheila! I know that feeling well, in my case I have to try and remember what I said in the first place, my grey matter isn't as sharp as it used to be.
      Now come on, pick your toys up, and we will sit and have a lovely cup
      of tea and a natter. LOL xx

    2. Toys all picked up and now I'll come and join you with that lovely cup of tea Brenda xxx

    3. Oh Sheila you have made me laugh xxx

    4. Sheila you have painted a brilliant picture throwing the dummy out - glad all tidy now - had a good giggle xxx

    5. SHEILA:- that was so funny to read. I know it's not funny when it happens. Myself and the others have all experienced it and know the feeing. xxx

  14. Hello Sandra and coffee shop ladies,
    Is it today to tomorrow you are on the airport run and them visiting your mum? As I was reading your comment I thought Saturday, if it is tomorrow just breathe in (oops and out) and stay calm, if it's today I'm praying hard - really hard all goes well.
    I LOVE today's card. A dark background would not be one I would usually go for ( Although I have got this colour card, so must have thought about it at sometime! ) your card is just beautiful, it would certainly take prime spot in this house. Thank you for sharing this with us. PAT I like your choice of birthday gift for Sandra. xx
    I started this post about 11 AM just off to Lynda, it's now almost 1:15 OH is working in the garden, and keeps popping in saying "could you come and give your opinion!" I made a suggestion a couple of weeks ago about making a change between two flower beds that had a narrow step going through them. Well, we have had plan A, Plan B and plan C. After so many 'what ifs' We are now back to my first suggestion. So my next job will be to move a few small shrubs and we are back on track. He really is very good, and likes me to think of other possibilities, I wouldn't like anyone to think I was moaning!!!!!! But I have to confess, feel better for getting it off my chest. LOL
    OK it's time I sorted out lunch - Now what's on today's menu?
    Will pop back later, love and hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda - that's my next job, want to move a flowering bush to the other side of the garden as it grew so big during 'summer' and was overpowering some other plants around it - John will help me on Sunday so hope it stays dry xxx

    2. Brenda OB, don't overdo it, speaking from someone who knows!! xxx

    3. Yes Brenda, please take it easy, maureen won't be over doing it for a while? Or maybe a week at least. Seeing how she is away to attack that huge pile of ironing. xxx

  15. Hi Sandra
    Well, all I can say if wow wow wow. I just love this card. It's amazing what you made with the cutting outs you were doing on Wed. This is my sort of card as you know. I know you'll be up early to take Becca up to Luton, and then on to see you Mum. Think positive thoughts on that front Sandra. I hope the garden gets sorted Brenda by OH. I hope that he's keeping ok as well.

  16. Morning Ladies

    Sandra- I love your card, I think the colours are perfect for a Christmas card.

    I'm coughing less but have all but lost my voice now! I'm only just showered & dressed as I didn't sleep much last night, probably because I didn't do much all day. I'm finding the heat exhausting-more than usual. It's been averaging 95F which I think is 35C in real terms plus high humidity.

    We might go out later in the hopes that I sleep tonight! Fingers crossed....!


    1. Michele I must have been typing as you were're really having a rough time of it especially as you are on holiday. I do hope you start to feel better soon and can enjoy the rest of your holiday. Hope you manage to get out later. Love Sheila xxx

    2. Hope you feel better soon Michelle, its definitely no fun being ill at any time but not on holiday away from home comforts - take care xxx

    3. Oh my poor wilting little flower, so sorry to hear you still not better. Special (((((hugs))))) coming your way. xxxx

    4. Michele, I think it's time for a doctors visit. Don't you think, or your holidsy will be over and you will be not have benefited from it at all. xxx

    5. Michele you poor thing , nothing worse than feeling ill when you're away from home, I think you should take Hazel's advice and see a doctor, take care xoxo

    6. Michele I'm with Hazel please think about going to see a doctor and then you will be able to enjoy the rest of your holiday. xxx

  17. Hello everyone,
    I'll try and do another post and keep my eye on it to make sure it doesn't escape through the door again.
    Sandra your card is stunning and I love the colours...I'm one who doesn't mind what colour a Christmas card is made in. I used to love the traditional red and greens but as the years have gone by I'm loving more and more contemporary colours. Hope you had a safe journey to the airport and your visit to your Mum's went off okay.
    Myra and Saba hope you are both are continuing to have a lovely time.
    Diane I do hope that your aches and bruises are healing well.
    Michele I do hope you are feeling better today and can start enjoying your holiday. I've probably left someone out so I'm very sorry if I have so I will leave extra hugs in the basket just in case.
    See you later
    Love and hugs Sheila xxxxx

    1. Hi Sheila, was catching up with the last few days last night and will be waiting to see how Nikki enjoyed her overnight away. So pleased she is enjoying herself xxx

    2. Hi Sheila , I was wondering how Nicci enjoyed her overnight stay away? xo

    3. Hi Anne I'll find out all about it tomorrow when she comes, I'm sure she will be full of it and her signing will be all over the place trying to tell me bless her. Promise I will let you know after she's been. xxx

  18. Hi Sandra and all the lovely ladies
    Sandra your card is beautiful, I've just bought that background die, it looks gorgeous in the white and blue. The snowflake boarder Is fab too but I must stop buying dies now and start making some cards! Safe journey to the airport and beyond ( I sound like buzz light year!) and think happy thoughts with your family visits, big smile, tape might help! Lots of nods and perhaps a set of ear plugs? Take care xxxx
    Right I must get on, I've washed towels today as the sun is out - makes all the difference doesn't it. I'm tackling the ironing - I've strapped the large cut on my hand up to make it more comfortable - the cuts on my face are healing quite nicely - wrinkle cream must help! I've got NCIS on to keep me company - oooh the lovely Gibbs :)
    See you all later xxxxx

    1. Hi Diane I have said this on numerous occasions o stop buying an start using but I don't take any notice of myself.
      Pleased to see you are recovering from your fall, I saw your photo on Barbaras Blog, Shes such a lovely lady, Take care

  19. I knew you would get a surprise this morning! He he! It made my day!
    I know I'm sad!
    I heard from Saba today and she has been having internet problems but hopes to maybe pop in later. Thought you may like to know that she is ok!
    Well, I'm sitting in the shade with my feet up! We went to Puerto Banus after breakfast today and walked around the harbour and the shops! We then had a lovely Tapas lunch sitting outside at the edge of the ocean. It was lovely. So relaxing. We hope to go into Marbella Old Town tonight and have booked a table at a Restaurant in Orange Square - or Plaza Naranja ! It's really good for people watching too.
    Maureen - I don't drink beer - hate the stuff!! You are obviously feeling lots better! I'm soooooo glad about that! Sorry you required oxygen! Didn't mean to scare you that much!!
    Sheila - you made me laugh!
    Diane - I saw your photo - you looked lovely and quite relaxed considering what had happened !
    Cheryl - so very sorry you have been so unwell. Hope you manage to get out a bit today! It's the humidity in Florida that I find draining - it must be worse if you are unwell.
    I must go but will maybe call in later!
    Lots of love,
    Myra xxx

    1. I meant Michele - not Cheryl!! I'm so chilled I'm mixed up! Xxx

    2. Myra, that will be the wine that is helping you with the relaxing then? Glad Saba is ok, you do worry with so much going on where they are.

    3. Ha ha Hazel, you'd better duck when Myra reads that xxx

    4. Hi Myra , I love Naranja square and the smell of the blossom, ( tiny wee insignificant green flowers, but boy do they have a wonderful scent! ) and of course just seeing the oranges on the trees , it all has such a wonderful atmosphere! We go to Malaga next week and then on to Calahonda for two weeks , can't wait, anyway enjoy your meal and have a great holiday! xo

    5. Hi Anne, It was lovely there tonight! It was warm and quite busy but not too busy! Limes were falling off the trees - clearly all the trees aren't orange ones . I agree the smell at blossom time is beautiful. My DIL drove home - never driven the car before and it is a Peugeot 405 estate! I was so proud of her. Not easy and we had parked in an underground car park! Hope the weather stays lovely for you too. Xxx

  20. Ahoy me hearties
    Well, we arrived here Sunday and I found my Croatian SIM card was not working. Monday we drove into Zadar to sort it out. Turns out that the credit I put on in June was only valid for one month. Anyway I put some fresh credit on and that solved that. We then set sail in the afternoon and anchored up in a lovely secluded spot and spent the next day just swimming and relaxing. Tuesday we set off for an island called Zyrje but mid afternoon the weather report was pretty bad, storms coming from the North so we decided to take shelter in a bay which offered us some protection from these North winds. To cut a long story short, we moored up to find the restaurant was closed for the winter and then the storms began except the gale force winds came from the south!!! We were safely moored, so no real problem except we got the full force of it and it was a bit like being on a bucking bronco. So a wobbly dinner on board. Then to my horror there was no signal on my phone or I pad. I was not a happy bunny. The storms lasted for two days, so we were stuck in a black signal hole, fortunately we had gas this time so we didn't starve!
    Today we finally set off again and have now moored onto a buoy and hopefully the restaurant will be open and the wind won't stop us rowing ashore for some hot food prepared by someone other than me and some company. We haven't seen a living soul since Sunday evening and I am getting cabin fever. Of course the rain started just as we were arriving and I had to catch the blasted buoy in the pouring rain. It's a bit like hook a duck only on the move. You have a line in one hand and a pole with a hook on in the other. As the boat gets near you lean over the side and attempt to catch it with the hook, pull it up a bit and thread the ships forelines through the ring at the top. It's always very thrilling!
    Hoping for better weather tomorrow so we can get some decent sailing in, but the forecast is not looking too good. Ah well, there are worst things happen at sea, whoops we are at sea!!!
    I have read through all the comments and looked at all the beautiful cards on show this week. They were all lovely and Sandra yours today is gorgeous. You really have got your mojo back.
    Dianne, your poor face, you are a true hero carrying on, I would have sat in a corner and cried. Still you won't forget that visit will you. Hope things go from your myriad of shades back to a lovely peachy blush soon.
    Michele I could cry for you. It's just rotten that you are feeling so ill on your holiday. I hope your chest doesn't get any worse and soon you will start to enjoy yourself.
    Maureen glad to see you are back, you had me abit worried there, especially as I had no idea how you were doing.
    Patricia, thank you so much for sending me (at least I hope you've sent me one Lol) the list, it must have been a nightmare to do. Bless you. And I hope Johns knees are not bothering you both too much now.
    Sheila, lovely to hear Nikki is going away for a treat, she will be full of it on Saturday. Her carer sounds lovely.
    Jean, I hope the house hunting for Nic is going well too.
    Lillian, I am Saba, (I'm Barbara really, but don't tell the others) sorry I wasn't there to welcome you to the blog, you seem to have settled in nicely. Lovely to have you with us.
    And Tres too, I recognise your name from Sue's blog. It's just lovely to see some new friends joining us in Sandra's amazing cafe. Welcome to you both.
    Sandra, just one last thing, hope today wasn't too stressful for you. Remember we all love you and think you are wonderful.
    Love and hugs for all,
    Ps Myra, no more beer with your breakfast please, it's not ladylike.!!!!
    Saba xxxxx

    1. SABA - STOP PRESS Myra is no lady!! (Is there room on your yacht for me, her bazooka won't reach there) xx

    2. SABA, Oh I am feeling sea sick with just reading about you having to ride out that storm. I hope you have got on to land, I won't say dry incase it's raining. Enjoy your meal, safe trip back to the boat. xxx

    3. SABA:- Hazel does NOT do boats no wonder she's feeling seasick!!
      Hope you get better sailing weather in the days to

    4. My word Saba I'm glad it's you on the boat and not me.Pete would have absolutely loved it. The best bit of the cruise we had was a storm. Just says his much he loved ( not ) the cruise. Mind you I'd like it on the boat, just not swimming in the sea. Sounds like your having wet weather as well. Hope the weather improves for you.

    5. Oh my goodness me Saba! I'm with Hazel on this one I am not a boatist I like my feet on terra firma. Clive would have loved to go on a cruise but I just couldn't do it.
      Hope it gets alot calmer for you. xxx

      SABA TOO!!
      Honestly you soon find out who your friends are! What is this - get Myra Friday!
      I am going to simply turn the other cheek - careful Muriel! - I will not rise to the bait - I am just happy I have no housework to do, or cooking , or, washing or ironing!
      Smugly yours, Myra xxx

  21. TRES, oh no, don't tell me there's someone else that I've missed whilst doing a moonlight flit from the Cafe, Welcome, I recognise you too from Sue's blog. Here, have a glass of Baileys and tell me all about yourself!!! (I'm harmless really, just go a bit mad now and again!)
    Well Dainty, you thought you'd have a bit of fun did you, sending me all over the place to look at blogs, trying to find a photo of you after your fall! I can tell you that I am not best pleased ha ha. AND I didn't get the message about cheap knickers until AFTER I'd got back from town. That's another black mark against your name. You'd better not blot your copy book again before October, otherwise I'll cry!!! lol Seriously, I eventually found you, and your poor face looks all grazed. The jolt would not have been good either, I think we'll have to remove the intravenous feed from the Baileys just for a day or two! I do hope you feel a lot better.
    Saba, I have three word to say to you. Courgettes and Dry Land!! All right, that's four but I'm not counting the "and". Stay safe.
    Hola Myra, henjoy thee deenhar theese heevenhing = that's Spanish for enjoy your dinnner this evening. You didn't know that I was a linguist, did you?
    Sandra, I hope today's visit went well, and that you are not stressed or upset.
    See you all later, I'm about to start on a mountain of ironing.
    Oops, that nearly finished me off - low flying comment appeared at my left elbow and knocked the ironing board over. I think I saw the word SHEILA attached to it, but it was gone, as quick as it came.
    Who was it that saw "Who Do You Think you Are" last night. Wasn't it amazing. The first 8 people in his family were Kings starting with William the Conqueror. You couldn't make it up. Fascinating.
    See you later.
    Muriel xxxx

    1. Bon Soir Maureen/Muriel
      We saw 'Who Do You Think You Are' last night. Both of us were transfixed watching his family unfold. That Gentleman has all my admiration. how many would go through the events and all the necessary operations as a result of his injuries; be confined to a wheelchair without any feelings or movement from the waist down and then go back to his Journalist/Reporting job travelling all over the world. He is one fantastic person.

      Now PUT AWAY THAT HORRIBLE PIECE OF HOUSEWORK CALLED AN 'IRONING BOARD' and sit and relax and have a drink or two.
      My hugs to you to keep you company this evening.
      Janet xxxx

    2. Is an Ironing Board the same as a medieval torture board? If so Maureen, please be careful. xxx

  22. Hi everyone, I did post before 9 this morning, it seems to have joined Shielas
    In the wild blue yonder, anyway I think I can remember what I said so here goes, Sandra you card is beautiful, love the dark blue with white, so festive looking.
    It has been a busy week for me, it feels like I have been back at work, I was covering our wee craft shop today and was at my friends shop onTuesday and Thursday, so not much crafting done.
    I came home to find an order from Create and Craft had arrived, it is the Crafters Inspiration Magazine, with a few freebies that are Sheena Douglass Perfect Victorian Floral die set, Sheenas Perfect Partners Poppy stamp set, Woodgrain 5x4 embossing folder, Woodgrain template, a tutorial video and another video which should have been Papercrafting CD ROM with over 650 printable elements, but instead the video is Destinations twin CD-ROM,mnemonic trying to phone c&c but have to phone back as they are updating their system, Steam coming out of my ears, off to try and phone them again, will let,you know how I get on.
    Sorry Sandra, I hope your day wasn't too stressful, and you have arrived home safely.
    Will try to get back later, recording Sues shows tonight and watching Strictly.

  23. Jess don't know if you are interested or not? But Sheena Douglas is doing demos at Adiran my local craft shop on Sunday the 4th October from 10-4. Well I say at the craft shop, he has had to hire the hall next door to the shop. Should be a good day. I bet you are shattered after your busy week. I think feet up and relax is what's needed. xxx

  24. Just about to get a cup of tea and settle to watch Sue Wilson on Hochanda,
    hopefully will pop back later. xxx

  25. SHEILA:- I am doing exactly the same xxx

  26. Enjoyed that Program. Looking forward to the ones tomorrow. Will go and read all the comments now as haven't had a chance.

    1. BRENDA:-thats the first full show I have watched on that channel.
      Have to say I quite enjoyed it. Still too much chatting by the presenter though. Looking forward to watching tomorrow if I get time, no recorders in this house. We really don't watch that much telly and to me what's on normally isn't worth watching or it is repeats. xxx

  27. Helllooooooooooooo,
    Well, I enjoyed Sue, but they don't read out many comments. Lots of talk and if you want to pay by flexi you have to ring a National Rate telephone number. Well that's one way of bumping the money up.
    I've been locked in my little room, with the Butler bringing regular cups of coffee (I have it in a china cup - I do try to be posh!) Aren't I good, I've done the background to 17 Christmas cards!! I've just got the stamping to do (3 different types of stamps), then layering and sticking on to card. Then inserts, so nearly finished ha ha.
    JESS, did you manage to get through to C&C? I've rung them before to complain about only receiving one DVD and was told to turn it over as the other one was on the other side!! I don't know why I bothered, I don't use them as I'm not sure of what I'm doing!!!
    Janet, Bon soir Madame (I hope that's right) I love that programme, and I agree with you, Frank Gardner is a remarkably brave man. No wonder when you consider his roots. Me, I'm a total wimp!!!
    Cheryl, I don't mind ironing at all. I get myself set in our bedroom, switch on the TV and wade through it, although I think I am finally getting a little sense. When I started feeling tired and needing a sit down, I switched off the iron and will finish the bedding tomorrow. Good or what?? Have you had a good day, did you enjoy your lunch?
    I've checked the Baileys and nobody seems to be drinking it, so I've switched the Tanker to Prosecco and put the nuts and nibbles in their little dishes. I've even diced some nice cheese and put out Silverskin pickled onions (more Working Men's Club, I think, than Sandra's refined, posh little Cafe!!) so help yourselves ha ha.
    Sheila, will you let us know how Nikki enjoyed her trip. She will be dying to see you and "tell" you how it went. Oh how lovely to see her so excited. I bet you have a very happy day with her. Enjoy yourselves.
    Well, I think Mr Sandman has sprinkled a little of his magic dust over me as I'm feeling very tired. Trouble is that George will wake me up about 2.30 and then every hour it until about 6. Never mind, I'll be nice and comfortable, in between him jumping all over the bed with his dodgy feet and legs. I think John and George couldn't make up a decent leg between the two of them lol.
    I am seriously considering getting twin beds, but his pet lip quivers whenever I mention it.
    Patricia, I hope you aren't kept awake tonight. Hit him with the rubber mallet, I've brought the big lead one up tonight, trouble is that it's sooo heavy, I cannot lift it!!!
    Hazel, you are very quiet. This retirement lark is obviously wearing you out!!!
    That's it, he's arrived. He's brought my Margaret bags with him, he really is so good to me. What will we do at the Retreat. We won't have microwaves to heat them. Ooh, it's getting nearer and nearer.
    See you all tomorrow, please will the night owls talk and sing quietly, it's bad enough with George's snoring and jumping.
    Lots of love
    Muriel xxxx

    1. Muriel - only you could come up with Prosecco and pickled onions!
      What a combination - I know I promised to keep your combinations out of the conversation but wow - this was too much for me!
      Night Night Dear, sleep well, and I hope George does too! Alastair is asleep - we are an hour ahead of you mind you and we walked a lot today in the heat! Nobody has got sunburned though! Xxx

    2. Oh Muriel your posts always make me smile and then your PIC (partner in crime) always comes up with a funny reply but....I have to say I can't stand those teeny tiny silver pickle onion, far to dainty for me I much prefer the big butch brown pickled onions with a good crisp bite!! Night, night me dears and thank you for the laughs you give me. See you tomorrow.
      Love and hugs Sheila xxxx

    3. If anyone would like my share of pickled onions they are more than welcome, I cannot stand the smell of silverskin onions! Sweet dreams Maureen hope you get a good sleep. xxx

    4. Good night MAUREEN sleep well you do make me chuckle out loud.
      I like the sweet small onions not buch ones like Sheila hehe.
      Hope GEORGE doesn't do the oki coki in the night you know the one put your left leg in the right leg out in out & do the oki coki.HAHA,
      Love Lynda xx

      SHEILA have a lovely day with Nikki tomorrow & hope she had a lovely time look forward to hearing all about her adventure.
      Good night love Lynda xx

  28. Good evening everyone
    Well we had a lovely surprise this afternoon our relations who have just celebrated their golden wedding called to see us. They didn't want any big party or fuss so their daughter treated them to a stay at the same hotel where they spent their wedding night. Which is only a few miles from us they had spent the morning visiting the church where they married and a few favourite places too. We had such a good catch up the things you remember too, we still cannot believe it was 50 years ago we were on our hands and knees pinning and cutting out her wedding dress, and that was not straight forward either, as when we took out the paper pattern the back of the dress piece was missing! Luckily I had been taught how to make pattern pieces and alter them so we soon had the problem sorted.
    When I was out this morning I called to see my friend who makes wedding cakes and she was telling me she had just had a call from a lady ordering a wedding cake her THIRD one! Her daughter is a florist and she has a wedding this weekend, now you will never guess how much the flowers are costing? Maureen better sit down before you read on....£3,000!!!! I just could not believe it.
    Sandra I do so hope today went without too much stress for you.
    Saba so pleased you are safe and have weathered the storm!
    I'm off to bed now so I shall wish you all good night and God bless.
    Margaret xxx

    1. Night night Margaret.......£3000 for flowers!!!!!! How many dies could we buy for that and I wouldn't have to think twice about the Platinum!! Haha!

      Love and hugs Sheila xxx

    2. Good night MARGARET wow I agree with SHEILA £3,000 for flowers much prefer buying SW dies.
      Sweet Dreems have a good rest,hope your ankle is healing up now. Love Lynda xx

  29. Hi Sandra,

    Gorgeous card, so sorry I have missed your birthday, I do hope you had a wonderful day, the cards you have received are so beautiful. Thank you so, so much for the lovely, kind comments you wrote on my blog, life does get in the way at times and I was finding I was trying to juggle too much at the same time so rather than stress myself out trying to keep cards going for the blog I took a break from it altogether lol! I don't wish to give it up as I have made so many wonderful friends on here like yourself but I guess I will have to not worry so much about getting a card on there at least 3 times a week lol! I am still crafting when time allows but obviously being on Sheena's team that has to have priority of which I am enjoying and I do have some cards from here latest shows this weekend to post from Sunday, shame we cannot post before the shows lol! Anyway you take care and happy crafting
    Love to all at the cafe.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx