Sunday 20 November 2022

Your Challenge Cards


Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

Goodness me that temperature has dropped,  it felt bitterly cold when we were out shopping yesterday, I had to dig my gloves out as my hands were hurting in the cold.   I think that sitting in the wheelchair doesn't help as I'm not physically moving about to get warm.  I not complaining, its half way through November after all, it's supposed to be cold.  We noticed that there a lot more people wearing face masks in both supermarkets yesterday, which shows that eveb though Covid doesn't make News anymore people are aware that its on the increase.  Shopping took up most of our day yesterday so we didn't get anything else done.

Lets look at your amazing 'Background Die' Challenge cards..  

Your Challenge Cards 


Janet's Description:

My First card for this week was made using everything TONIC dies and card.

My second 'throwback' card for this week was made using a SUE WILSON die and embellished with STAMPERIA die cuts.

Two amazing cards Janet,  they may be 'Throwback' cards but they haven't dated at all.
The Tonic Christmas card is so detailed   I love the bright fresh colours too.
Your second 'Stamperia' card has that lovely vintage style, the papers are beautiful and those scissors look real!  
Thank you so much for sharing your cards for this weeks challenge my lovely,  I hope that Jim is gaining strength daily, please take it easy when you can my lovely XXX 


Maria's Description:

I also had time today to make a CC  EmojiEmojiI did find this background after some searching around, not sure of it's name.  I used the new flowers by SW and leafs by JL. I haven't put a sentiment on it
because I am waiting for a new die to come.

Oh Maria it's so lovely to see pretty spring colours,  your card is so very pretty, I love those new SW flowers 😍.
Thank you so much for making time to take part in the Challenge even though you were busy packing for Lisbon XXX


Sonia's Description:

I’ve used a Memory Box corner background die, matted onto a piece of sparkly patterned card (I think from a Trimcraft pad) The poinsettia is from Sue Wilson, and the sentiment and ceramic dot are from the Stamp Market.

Such a gorgeous card Sonia, it's both clean and simple and opulent at the same time that shade of gold is beautiful,  some gold glitter card is too yellow. That clean crisp sentiment is the perfect finishing touch, Thank you so much for taking part my lovely XXX 


Lilian's Description:

Here is my card for this week I’m sorry I have no idea where the background die came from.
The flowers are the usual ones, maybe I should have done a few more flowers. I am finding my mojo seems to have left home. Take care, Lilian

Lilian thank you so much for a truly beautiful Challenge card, the die looks like a SW die.  Now I have to mention your gorgeous Poinsettias, please  tell me what you coloured them with, the colours are perfect, that red really 'pops' the metallic edging finishes them perfectly.   Another finishing touch that makes a difference is the edging around the die cut background.  I found that a lot of these background dies don't have a cutting edge, so unless you have got a perfectly accurate piece of card to cut into trying to cut around it accurately can be a pain, or you have to make a frame to cover the edges. 
Thank you so very much my Lovely XXX 


Karen has used a lovely background die SW (I think),  I love the pretty shade of pink that you have used with the die, it has a subtle pattern that gives extra detail to the gorgeous little die cut flowers that Karen had used to embellish the card, the delicate little sprigs really enhance those floral corners,  giving lots of dimension as well as texture.  
It's such a lovely card Karen but it feels a million miles from the cards you design now.  Thank you so much for taking part, your Aunt will love this card XXX

Ladies, once again I want to thank you, this was a real challenge for some of us, it felt like going back in time to making cards like we did 5 or more years ago, with die cut background,  die cut flowers and foliage and sentiment!!  I love how all the cards, they certainly don't look dated do they.  Maybe we should try and incorporate these older dies into our cards more often. When i dug out all the background dies I had I felt guilty that I don't use them more often!  I have to say though a lot of the old SW backgrounds are very similar. X❤X

I also wanted to mention that it must be a first time that two of you have used the same die, Lilian and Maria's cards look so different but both have the same background,  Karen's is very similar too. 

I hope that you all have a lovely relaxed Sunday,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Hi everyone
    I love all of the beautiful cards today 😍 The background dies are so versatile, and I admit I must use mine more!
    I’ve just spent the last hour or so on Pinterest and Instagram, getting ideas as I’m itching to do some more crafting! Nothing planned for today and Mark will be watching the F1, so a perfect opportunity 🙂
    Happy Anniversary Lilian, hope you both have a lovely day.
    Have a good day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    Yet again we have rain to start our day here. Yesterday managed to stay fine (first day of the week) but it looks as though we're back to normal.

    Today's cards are absolutely beautiful and have brought back lots of memories. Perhaps we could do a 'throwback' or an 'old die'; week sometime.
    I cannot believe how many dies I have which have not seen the light of day for years.

    No plans for today or the coming week. Jim is recovering slowly but has had to have an extra course of antibiotics so he is 'confined to barracks' at the moment.

    HUGE HUGS are on their way to you all. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  3. Morning everyone
    Beautiful cads ladies, I love them all. Don't think I have too many background dies but I guess you can make with any really. Funny tho that neither Lilian or I know the name of our die but do believe it is a SW one.
    Happy Anniversary Lilian and R, have a lovely day.
    Janet, glad that Jim is getting better. You both take care.
    We are back home. It was good to see Son and his girlfriend doing well and to see a bit of Lisbon. Some areas were nice some others not so. It was a lot of cobbles and uneven pavement so hard walking around and pretty hilly sometimes so nice to have a day of rest. Only looking after the neighbours cat for a fortnight.
    I hope you all have this nice weather today, even if a bit cold but as you say Sandra, we are already in the middle of November so.
    Many hugs to you all xxx

  4. Love the cards ladies
    We had so much fun looking after the boys And we’re now going back to theirs to have some delicious pizza
    I admit that I don’t make cards like this butI knew my aunt would love this one - it’s her birthday today!
    Take care everyone xx