Saturday 5 November 2022

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

How are we all this chilly Saturday morning?  

What are you all up to this weekend?  We haven’t planned anything as yet.   I feel like going somewhere nice this weekend, a National Trust property maybe.  I will check which ones are still open.  That's if it's not raining of course. 

Sophie & Lucy's ET Pumpkin

This is the girls Pumpkin that they were asked to create fir their department at work.  I will say that ET looked more realistic with his lights switched on, the photo was taken by Park Photographer though,  they didn't realise he lit up.  The girls said loads of people had their photographs taken with him!  

Creative Stamping Magazine 

Issue 114

There are some lovely stamps with this issue,  2 amazing sets, featuring Cats and Dog.  They are quality stamps too. They have been made in partnership with Battersea Dogs home, some of the stamps are actually based on Cats and Dogs that have benefited from Battersea which is a lovely touch.

Sarah Jackman Read has designed these amazing 'Floating ' cards, when you look at them you wonder how they manage to stand up.  The clever tutorial takes you through how to make them step by step. 
If you need any clearer details just message me and I will send you the article.  

Vanessa has designed some adorable Christmas cards with the free stamps, perfect for any animal lover. Each card is made using different inks etc, there are some great hints and tips too, like "When painting with Distress inks,  layer the colour to add shading.  

You could tie this 'Masterclass' with this weeks Challenge,  get your old Embossing powders out, build up the layers to create different effects, I have a huge box full of different coloured UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel' that I used in my Melt Pot, like everything the trend dies off,  but you still have the products left.  If any of you want to have a play I will gladly post you a little bag of some. 

Some lovely little projects to make and either sell or donate to charity in this feature, my cats would love the little Cat gift box filled with treats.  I'm sure Benji and Barney would too. 

Tracey Rogers has designed some fantastic cards for Men using stamps from both sets,  you could use sone papers from your stash or use some of the background stamps to create your own papers. Some cute ideas here.

I'm not sure this creative piece is for me, I don't see myself using it, maybe a Bookmark but not one that is attached to a cotton reel,  I have enlarged the steps in case any of you want to have a go at sone of the techniques though! 

Sam Calcott is brilliant at anything 3D or Kinetic,  she has used the free stamps to create some fantastic interactive cards, there is a 'Wiper Card', 'Shaker Slider Card and a window card to have a go at.  

I thought I would include this Guide to Inkpads that you can screenshot and keep handy to refer to refresh your mind on which ink pads work best for which techniques. 

Lastly a cute feature,  some lovely 'Pet Portrait'  style cards, again perfect to donate to Charity, 

I have included the step by step instructions to Mask an image to create a background.
These would be could to make in the colours etc of friends pets too, I know Becca celebrated Benji's Birthday, she would love a card for him too. 

That's it for this Issue, I think the stamps alone are worth the money you pay for the magazine, there are some lovely features too.  


I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,  

Love and hugs to all of you, 



  1. Great saying My craft room looks more like an art museum every day
    E.T is brilliant No wonder people had their photo taken with him
    I don’t think I’ll be buying this magazine I don’t do cats or dogs I have one friend who is besotted with cats and don’t think it warrants me buying the magazine just to make a card for her Thank you for the review It’s interesting that they didn’t include Versafine in their ink review
    It’s our turn to clean the bowl’s clubhouse today After that we don’t have anything planned
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Morning everyone
    Cute stamps with this issue of creative stamping, will have a look in the store.Thanks for the review. ET looks great, no wonder people wanted a photo with him. Wishing Matt to get better soon.
    Not doing much today, feeling of Thursday still so resting up. It's cold and grey out so nice to make some crafting indoors instead.
    Have a nice Saturday everyone, warm hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Love the quote 😉
    Sophie and Lucy’s pumpkin is fabulous.
    Great magazine review and free stamps, lots of lovely ideas.
    I really must get myself into gear and do some cards. We had a pop up shop at work yesterday with a lady selling cards (not handmade) and I was tempted to buy some. There were packs of 8 cards for £4.50, and although they were very nice, I couldn’t bring myself to pay that much when I’ve got a cupboard full of craft supplies just waiting to be used!
    I hope you all have a good day whatever you’re doing
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hello, cold and wet here again today.

    Great pumpkin crafting, no wonder they were so popular.

    Interesting magazine review, lots of interesting article.
    Haven’t done much today, woke up feeling really rough, seems to have passed of now. Didn’t get my ironing done so that will be for tomorrow.
    Hope Matt is feeling a bit better today. This covid is knocking people for six, still not wearing masks at our surgery, R and I still wear ours, generally the only ones.
    Have a good evening, Lilian

  5. Hi Sandra and all looking in today. Thank you for the saying and the review. Some sweet stamps for animal lovers. And a few techniques I would like to try. I found this comment unsent from last night so now I’m off to see todays post! Hope you all slept well. Sending hugs. Take care xx