Saturday 15 October 2022

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

How are we all today?  Not much happening here, I think that if Paul goes in the garden I will probably go into my craft room, something I don't normally do on the weekend.   

Frustratingly I called the surgery AGAIN (3rd time this week) for my test results, I explained that I still wasn't feeling 'right' so was concerned that the Antibiotics I prescribed weren't the right ones, thats why the Nurse i saw told me to call surgery,  as of yesterday still no results, so I asked the receptionist what I should do as these Antibiotics were making me feel rough and I don't want  to be taking them unnecessarily! She was just silent,  then said 'try calling them', I asked who, urgent care?  She said well ......, so I said ok I will call urgent care and tell them that you asked me to call them, she then said "oh err um no, we will call the lab" ! I am still waiting!!! 

Diecutting Essentials Issue 95

Magazine Review 

This months Issue features some great techniques and the Free die is lovely,  you get a bonus stamp set too which features some useful sentiments.

This first feature shares some lovely Seasonal Scene cards, made using a combination of the free dies and.....

These lovely free downloadable papers  

Pop up cards are so much fun, these cards are lovely, it looks fairly easy to make them too. 

This technique has been featured before, I love the effect, I used it on this card.....

You use die cuts to create faux embossed look.

The technique used for these lovely,  sparkling cards is the 'Inlaid Glitter Die cut' technique, you may recognise one of the cards......

These lovely Clean & Simple cards are made using the free dies, they look like similar to snow globes, you could use these dies in combination with your snow globe dies.  

I absolutely love this technique,  grab your Embossing folders,  find your little used Brushos,  Pixie Powders,  Mica powders and make some lovely cards.  You either sprinkle powders on folders emboss then spritz with water Or this card...

With this card I added pixie powders and spritzed before embossing. Then after it dried I used a dark teal ink to gently swipe over raised/embossed areas, that step makes a huge difference.  A brilliant technique. I recommend you give it a try. 

Get your Flower dies out and create some gorgeous floral borders and frames for your cards.  Some of these cards are beautiful.  I will definitely be having a go.

Finally this last feature shares some amazing gift boxes, tags, and decorations, using the magazine free dies. 

There is a lot more featured in the magazine,  I don't share the features that are advertising particular brand of stamps and dies as they are mostly things that we wouldn't buy or use.  Also if you buy the magazine you want some surprises. 

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,  

Sending love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Fantastic saying today It’s definitely why I craft
    Die Cutting Essentials has to be my favourite magazine I don’t buy craft magazines very often but if I do it’s this one
    You really need to nag the surgery and I’d definitely call 111 and/or make an appointment to see your doctor
    Looking after the boys later (can’t wait!)
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hello it’s a lovely sunny morning here.

    Great saying very apt.
    The magazine review is very interesting , will finish reading it later
    Going to finish my challenge for this week, found a lot of texture pastes, some were not recoverable, but tried some crackle paste which took ages to dry, but now crackles!
    Hope you have a good Saturday, Lilian

  3. Hi everyone
    The saying is so true. For some moments it can help.
    Thanks for the magazine review. Nice die included and maybe not just for x-mas.
    Home alone today, OH have football again so hoping to start on a x-mas crystal work and do a cc for this week or you have to use the ones I sent for last week.
    Hoping everyone who are not 100 percent today soon will feel better.
    Have a nice Saturday. Hugs xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Love the quote 😊
    Great magazine review, love the freebies.
    So frustrating for you about your results, and the antibiotics. Hope it gets sorted soon.
    Have a good evening everyone.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hi Sandra and all looking in today. Thank you for a great review. There are definitely some techniques I want to try. I hope you get some response from your GP on Monday morning, if not I agree with Karen and think you should ring 111. Hopefully as you have been seen recently they will help you. Take it easy my lovely.
    Karen, I’m sure you are shattered but very happy after having the boys 😍
    Maria, you must get on to your GP. You can’t carry on as you are. Stay snuggled up xx
    I’ve had a quiet day feeling rough.
    Have a good nights sleep everyone and enjoy tomorrow whatever you do xx
    A quiet day as I have been feeling rough.
    Sleep well everyone. Sending hugs. Take care xx