Saturday 22 October 2022

Mixed Up Saturday


😍My beautiful Birthday card from Sue 😍

Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

Well didn't it rain yesterday,  I fully expect the Thames to be over flowing into the fields today, I was surprised at how it was pooling on the roads, the puddles around us were huge!  Mind you I expect the ground is that hard that it just flows over the surface.  Having said that it hasn't stopped our lawn from growing!   Today is forecast sun with cloud and 17° which is good to see. I'm pleased we did food shopping yesterday afternoon, leaving the weekend free.  The only thing we kind of planned was looking for a new mattress, although we have no idea where to start, should we go firm etc, our old GP recommended firm mattress for my bag issues but physio said opposite,  so I think it will be a case of trying them out.  Do any of you have recommendations?  Our current bed is Silentnight divan style bed. It's served us very well, I am embarrassed to say how old it is but we have rejuvenated twice with Memory foam mattress toppers. ☺️😳

Sonia, I hope you have an amazing weekend watching Mark and  spending time with the 'The Darker My Horizon' family.  

My Amazing Birthday Card from Sue

As you can see this was more than a card, it was a beautiful,  touching gift. 

Its an Easel style card,  with an extra piece added so that the gorgeous tags Sue created can fit in. 

These are the tags that Sue designed to match the card.  Every tag has a lovely heartfelt message written on the back that made me cry!  

I wanted to show how incredible Sue's fussy cutting is, it is so perfect it looks like it has been die cut.   

Sue thank you so very much for such a lovely gift XXX 

I hope that you all have a Super Saturday,  

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                              xxxxxx 


  1. OMG! What a beautiful beautiful card/gift Sue and your fussy cutting is sublime
    I am off to a Daisy B workshop today with a couple of friends I am so looking forward to crafting alongside other people and the Daisy B girls are such good fun They are very informative and so patient with you but the day doesn’t drag We’re supposed to be doing a bit of a session with Carbothello pencils which they will supply
    OH is off to Chelsea and so I won’t be cooking tonight So an ideal day for me
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    I love your card from Sue. It's absolutely beautiful, and one to treasure.
    Just got back to the room after having breakfast. We had a great time last night, meeting up with the 'family'. We're back to the venue at lunchtime as Paul is playing an acoustic set early afternoon, then the whole band will be hitting the stage at 8.30 tonight.
    Karen, enjoy your Daisy B workshop.
    Have a lovely day everyone.
    Sending hugs to you all.
    Love Sonia xxx

  3. Hello, from a wet and soggy Cornwall.

    Wow what a wonderful card Sue made for you, all those beautiful tags, all that fussy cutting done to perfection.
    Hope you are feeling better today and the new antibiotics are working well.

    I’ve been cleaning the grouting in my shower, it’s a bit better but not perfect, but at least I’ve achieved something today.

    Love the saying fits me down to the ground.

    Karen hope you enjoy your craft classes, I’m sure they will be fun.

    Hugs to all Lilian

  4. Hi everyone
    What a gorgeous card and tags from our Sue. Fabulous cutting out the flowers.
    Sonia, have a good weekend.
    Karen, hope you had fun at the craft class. Love to see what you made.
    Lilian, take care. Sorry it is so wet around, it does nothing if your body aches and your hands hurts so much.
    Managed to go for a walk this morning, did a little shopping and I cooked us a stew for dinner. Hard to get the root vegs. peeled and cut but was nice to have something warming this evening.
    Sending hugs to you all, extras for anyone who need some. Brenda, Lynda Cheryl take care 🤗 xxx