Sunday 3 July 2022

Your Challenge Cards


Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

I hope the sun is shining a bit a 🌞 brighter where you are than it is here!  Yesterday was definitely a mixed bag of sunshine and showers, very heavy showers too, why is it that the heaviest downpours always happen just as exit the supermarket with a huge trolley full of shopping! You could have literally wrung Paul's T shirt out by the time he had emptied trolley and returned it and then put the wheelchair away.  By the time we had driven home the sun was shining brightly,  like it had never happened, anyone seeing Paul get out of the car in the village where there was no evidence of rain must have thought that he had a sweat problem!! 

I felt a little deflated last night as I could hear the village Barn Dance,  it sounded so much fun, I really wanted to go (in my heart) but in reality it would have been pointless,  there was no way of me joining in and because of the nature of the event where you have to listen to the caller for instructions people weren't going to be sitting and chatting.  It sounded like great fun though.  Then I was considering going to Newbury Crafterama today but my body is exhausted from this weeks activities so I would have struggled, also it would have been different if Sue and I were meeting up with some of you ladies as that makes the day more of a special occasion, I don't really need anything right now + plus the cost of fuel, etc so I am giving my body the day it needs, slow and relaxing!! 

Let's cheer the day up by looking at your amazing cards .  

Your Challenge Cards 


Lilian's Description:

"Hi, here is my card for this weeks challenge, embossed the base card, die cut in three colours, then paper pieced back the small pieces."

Lilian I absolutely love your card, I have always love that candle die set and cards like yours are the reason why, the embossed background is the perfect partner for the die-cut.  Thank you so very much for taking part. XXX 


Karen's Description,

Christmas card number one I wanted to experiment with the Tim Holtz dies in shades of grey/black Not sure it works but hey Ho! 

Some more Christmas cards
Another fire and ice technique with a Paper cuts poinsettia die 
4 Daisy Bee stamped cards with a printed sentiment

Card number 7 A CE paper cuts die on a Sue W fire and ice technique

Wow Wow Wow Karen 7 amazing Christmas cards, what an amazing collection of cards!! You must be buzzing that you have made such a good start to your Christmas card list. 
I actually really like the Tim Holtz dies card in the colours you have chosen,  I think that maybe the fact they aren't 'traditional ' Christmas colours.  
The Fire and Ice cards are so lovely,  the Fire and Ice background is stunning. 
Thank you so very much for 7 amazing Christmas cards Karen XXX


Maria's Description:

"Both of my cards today for x-mas is made with Stamps and die from
a Creative Stamping magazine and the papers are from the Works.
The Bling's are from my stash."

Maria your cards are beautiful,  the first card looks like its made with a Chloe die, I love how those intricate snowflakes are cut into the card background.   
The perfect random stamping on the other two cards works so well, the colours you have chosen are perfect.
Thank you so very much Maria for 3 amazing Challenge cards XXX 


Janet's Description:

These are two Baubles I made intending to use them last Christmas. Unfortunately I put them 'somewhere safe' and forgot about them. This happens quite frequently with me.Am I the only one who does this?
I used  CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS COSMIC SHIMMER TEXTURE PASTE to cover the baubles and finished them off with lace from my 'lace box'.

Such beautiful baubles Janet,  you are so incredibly talented when it comes to home decor ideas like these, you have created some stunning baubles over the years. Just to be clear you are not the only one that puts things away 'somewhere safe' where they are never to be seen again! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
Thank you so much Janet for taking part and sharing something different to a card XXX 


Georgina's Description:

"  The first one I cut the star on my scan and cut and the images are mostly crafters companion I believe they were free with a magazine.  The second two are John Next Door tree die cuts"

Georgina its so lovely to be sharing your lovely Christmas cards on our Sunday Display.  Your cards are amazing,  I have to say that the John Lockwood Tree cards are both stunning, you have really tempted me to want to buy that die. 
Thank you so much for taking part my lovely,  hopefully we will get to see a lovely flower card fro  you for next week XXX 


Sue's Description:

"Here’s my challenge cards. The letters and snowflakes are all sparkly but can’t get a good photo that shows it."

Sue thank you so much I love your 3 Christmas cards, I love the traditional colours and using the snowflakes as the 'o' is a brilliant idea !! 
Thank you so much for taking part my lovely XXX 


Sonia's Description:

"The first card I used an old wooden block sentiment background stamp. I die cut the spellbinders reindeer and added a little punched snowflake. The larger snowflake in top corner is from MemoryBox.

My second card I used Chloe’s star background die with Mirror card. I’ve added one of the Christmas Rose dies and leaves. The sentiment is a Sue Wilson die, which I’m not so been keen on as it never seems to be straight! Perhaps it’s just me, but I thought it went well with the rose on."

Oh WOW Sonia!! Two stunning cards,  I love both of your designs,  that Sentiment background is amazing, it maybe old but its right 'on trend ' now, like you that Reindeer is one of my favourites!  
Your second card using your Brand new Chloe die is STUNNING,  I love everything about it, the Rose gold mirror card looks incredible behind that beautiful star background,  the Christmas Rose just finishes it off beautifully.  I have to say I agree with you on that sentiment die, however the flower seems to disguise any imperfections! 
Thank you so much for two amazing Challenge cards XXX 


Ladies what can I say, just look how many amazing designs we have today, when I looked over them before I published the blog I was teary eyed as I feel so blessed that you amazing friends are so supportive week after week.  I truly appreciate you all more than you will ever know. ❤️ 

Sending my love & Hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    What a glorious set of craftiness to greet us this morning.So many different styles and designs with the same theme with loads of inspiration too.

    We too had a day of rain/sun/rain and yes fine while driving back from MHall and rain when we arrived home so another two drowned rats to join
    Nothing planned for today so perhaps I can make a start on this week's Challenge.

    The CAFE is open- usual hours-. Today's lunch menu is Roast Pork/Jersey Royals/and of course Greens. For afters I've not made my mind up so it will be a Surprise.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  2. Hi everyone
    A lovely display of beautiful cards todays, and as Janet said, loads of inspiration. I had hoped to make another card, I started one with Chloe’s reindeer stamp and die, but never got around to finishing it.
    Karen, I absolutely love the fire and ice technique, the colours you’ve used are lovely and the dies go perfectly - you’ve truly inspired me 😊
    Lilian, I have that candle die too, but not used it for a while. You’ve also inspired me to use it again with your lovely card 😊
    Georgina, lovely to see your beautiful cards. The Christmas tree die is lovely, I especially like the black and white one, also the pretty corner edges/border - is that one die? 😊
    Janet, your baubles are beautiful and will look lovely on your Christmas tree 😊
    Sue, I love your cards. I’ve seen some similar on Pinterest (our go to place πŸ˜‰) and seeing how beautiful yours are, I may just have to add it to my to do list 😊
    Maria, I agree with Sandra, the snowflakes are similar to a Chloe’s die, they’re beautiful and I love how you’ve cut them on the edge 😊
    Sandra, your cards are as beautiful as ever 😊
    Our weather wasn’t too bad here during the day yesterday, although it was very windy! We had a couple of showers in the evening though. Sorry to hear Paul got drenched, and you must have gotten wet too, and you too Janet and your OH πŸ˜• Nothing worse than feeling wet through.
    Hope you get a relaxing day after your busy week, and everyone has a good day whatever you’re doing.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Thank you ladies for taking part in my suggested challenge I am truly humbled that you have made some fantastic cards
    Sorry to hear some of you got drenched We we’re exceptionally lucky The rain didn’t come until around 6pm So we were all home back from the fete which was excellent
    Looking after the boys this evening Daughter and fiancΓ© are off to see Craig David
    Take care everyone

  4. Hello everyone
    Wonderful x-mas cards ladies and I love the baubles by our Janet! Hoping you stay nice and dry today. One order for lunch and surprise please, hoping i is a nice one :>)
    I believe it is by Chloe the stamps and die so you are right Sandra. Karen, 7 cards wow. Have fun looking after the little ones.
    Sonia, loving the star background die. Your cards are gorgeous.
    Lovely to see some cards by our Sue, nice you had some time for yourself. Hope Pop is fine.
    Wonderful cards Georgina. JL x-mas die is lovely.
    Lilian, lovely embossed card and that candle die (I also have it) is very pretty together.
    Hoping Paul alright after his soaking. Weather seem to be the same today. OH watching the cricket and that is on and off all the time. Will watch the racing from Silverstone later but also starting a new CA.
    Brenda, I hope you have a good day and John and you are getting better.
    Lynda, hope you had a wonderful Birthday!
    Wishing you a nice Sunday everyone and many hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hello All, sunny but a chilly wind.

    Wow what a lovely set of Christmas cards, and lots of new ideas for us to use.

    Not doing much today, joints and back really bad today, am wondering if it’s a side effect of those new tablets he gave this week
    Hope youan'

  6. That should read : hope you had a Lovely day