Saturday 23 July 2022

Mixed Up Saturday

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

How are we all today?  I hope you are all rested after your housework day yesterday,  getting shopping etc.  I started my lists but so far I haven't much on them, Holiday Insurance is one thing, its so much more expensive this past couple years.  I also checked the Covid requirements for going into France, if you are fully vaccinated you just need to show your NHS proof of vaccination,  if not then you have to have a PCR test proving you are negative.  Ironically coming back into country there are NO requirements!! What does that tell you! 

The other odd thing is that last year it was Compulsory to have a 'Green card' (shows your insured to drive in Europe) but this year you don't need one, so I'm guessing they must have still been ironing out post Brexit rules last year, we always had to get them years ago, hopefully they have made their final decisions!! 

It must be easier to get on a plane and do a package holiday I guess (but i don't think I'd enjoy it as much).  Our holiday is so relaxed,  no getting dressed up for meals, no meal times to adhere to etc.  Will this be the last one ???

Creative Stamping 
Issue 111

This month's issue comes with some pretty stamps, Summer flowers with a Trellis stamp and bonus stencil.  The flowers are all quite pretty and quite decent quality.  There are some lovely inspiration ideas too. 

This first feature is really good, it explains 'No line Watercolouring',  she stamps in Antique Linen distress ink which is a light neutral colour, you can use any similar colour ink.  As you paint the flowers the paint softens the antique linen and it disappears into the painted colour.  The other methods she uses are Emboss Resist,  Guided Emboss Resist,  Simple Masking and Abstract Watercolouring.  I am actually quite excited to try some of these methods.  

Nicky uses the free Stencil and creates a 'Heat Embossed Letterpress ' background,  it actually looks really good.  Here is how she did it (zoom in ) 

She goes on to use a few other techniques with the Embossing folder, all really effective.  

Ranger have a product called Stampin Foam,  this feature explores different ways of using it, you can take anything to create a texture, from buttons, die cuts, natural bits etc, arrange them on the foam exactly as you want them to appear stamped, then heat the foam,  use it and then you can reheat and return it to its original state, ready to use again  quite clever idea.  

Here we are catching up with Christina Griffiths (designer of free stamps)  she shares a couple of projects with us and tells us what she's been up to.

Helen Griffin makes some amazing 3D projects and gifts, she has used this month's free gifts to create 3 beautiful gifts.  That coaster is so lovely 😍. 

Wow these cards are so pretty,  some 'over the edge' stamping  creates some lovely designs,  we havea 'step by step' guide to creating the first card too. 

Vanessa was challenged to design a project using One flower per card using two different techniques.   So she has used 'Ombre Tiled Background',  Watercolour Resist,  White Emboss Resist,  Masked Panel and a Two tone background   so plenty of techniques for us to have a go at. The cards are all really lovely.  

Sue has used mostly yellow and blue to colour her cards using Free stamps, the result..... lovely bright cheerful cards, some beautiful designs. They all look different too. 

Finally an amazing Mixed Media card, now I don't usually share the pages that are basically trying to sell you stuff, this is an advert for Tim Holtz new Product called 'Foundry Wax'.  I'm not really interested in the product but I thought it would be nice to share a lovely Mixed media inspiration piece with you.

Thats all for this issue, my opinion: well worth a buy if you like flower stamps, there are lots of techniques and some lovely inspiration too. 


Have you all seen the new Distress Colour???

Uncharted Mariner....

Not sure if we need another Blue but I don't dislike it.  I need to see where it sits with all the other blues before I buy it, what are your thoughts?? 

I hope that you all have a lovely Saturday, 

Love & Hugs to all, 



  1. It is interesting to read about the differences this year re paper work etc I am curious why you don’t think a package holiday is not relaxing though
    Thank you for the magazine review but I’ll pass Next week’s challenge has proven I really don’t need more stuff!
    We haven’t got anything planned for today It feels so hot and muggy already
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Thanks for the magazine review Sandra. One of my favourite Mag. but have so many now so have to wait until I buy anymore.
    Woke up early after about three hours sleep and not feeling too good so the cc for this week is not going to be made. So sorry Sandra but I'm looking forward to see your cards tomorrow ladies, wondering if Georgina have made anything this week ?
    Not doing much because of feeling crap so will not do anything other than slumming infront of the tv.
    Have a good day everyone, many hugs to you all. Xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    I love the quote 😉
    A great magazine review and lovely freebies 😊
    Hope you get your holiday insurance sorted and all the other bits too. There’s always so much to think about isn’t there 😊 I think your holiday sounds so relaxing, from the drive to your destination. It’s all part of the holiday, seeing the lovely scenery and stopping off on the way. I absolutely love it when we go to Wales (not as far as your journey) but it’s always so leisurely and in the comfort of your own car.
    Maria, I hope you’re ok and having a restful day xx
    Hope everyone is having a good day.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. I know it’s a bit late so I’ll be short.
    Great mag review , might get one of those.
    Love the new blues, but have quite a few blues already.
    Good Night All, Lilian