Sunday, 27 March 2022

Your Flower Challenge Cards


Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

Firstly today I want to wish all of you wonderful Ladies,  A very Happy Mother's Day, you ladies are the closest thing to a Mum that I have, I love and appreciate you more than you will ever know. It's so comforting to me knowing that are all there for me πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜❤

We have no plans as such for today, just a relaxed a chilled day, we were going to go do a National Trust house and Garden but I feel a little bit guilty leaving Lucy on her own as she is still poorly, we also need to sow some seeds and there are so many jobs to do in the garden,  we might go and have a wander around a garden centre or something. 

I hope that you all get to have a lovely day with family if possible, relax and chilled out day if not. 

Now lets see your floral cards .....


Maria's Description:

My first card is the Card I made using Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Flag colours. 

The Poppy and Hyacinth cards are made using the New stamps that I bought at Ally Pally.

Maria your cards are amazing, Your Ukraine card has the colours 'spot on' and you have also added that stunning Sunflower that is Ukrainians National Flower.  It couldn't be more perfect ! 

I loved the stamps that you bought at Ally Pally and the cards you have made with them show how great they are. The background you have made for the Poppy card is lovely,  the pops of yellow draw your eye, I love the lines across the background too, you have kept it simple enough that the stamped image takes centre stage.   
The Hyacinth card is equally beautiful,  I love that delicate background and the colours you have used on the Hyacinth itself work beautifully the yellow in the background really makes those purple petals pop.  Thank you so much for taking part in Sonia's Flower Challenge.  XXX 


Janet's Description:

"Here are my CC for this week.
Have a good week-end. loads of love and hugs xxxx

Both my Challenge Cards for this week are made using LABLANCHE'S KIT FOR 'EASTER'.'

Janet these cards are stunning, those papers are divine, I may well have to go looking for them.  The pressed flowers look so realistic,  that stunning pink flower (looks like a fancy tulip to me but I am probably wrong) is breathtaking, look at the shading on its petals,  LaBlanche is the queen of detail!!  Thank you so much for Supporting Sonia's Flower Challenge. XXX


Karen's Description:


I did this card at a make and take at Ally Pally and finished colouring it at home I added the JL poinsettia to make it a little Christmassy.

Card 2:

I followed Hazel’s technique 
You must use a stamp press 
Stamp it in black onto the Kraft card Once dry just paint over the top
When paint dry stamp again 
Don’t take it out of platform so that you can stamp over the top again. Then used a Pencil to shade.

Two lovely cards Karen, I really love how you have just coloured the coat red, it's like those amazing paintings you see of london that are grey scale apart from a london Bus or phone box.  It could have been any season but cleverly adding the poinsettia changes into a lovely Christmas card. 

I have a 'thing' for Kraft card, so this second card really appeals to me,  the design maybe simple but the shading takes ages. It is so effective though, I am definitely going to make one of these.                  Thank you so much for two lovely  cards & Supporting Sonia's Challenge  Karen  XXX 


Sonia's Description:

Card 1:

The first card I’ve used Sue Wilson flowers and inked them in Spun Sugar and Tumbled Glass distress inks. The ceramic dots in the centres are from The Stamp Market. I haven’t put a sentiment on yet, but will wait for an occasion to use it for.

Card 2:

The second card I’ve used AALL and Create flower stamp. I kept it simple to show the detail of the flowers, using Kraft card for my Matt. The sentiment is from LOTV.

Card 3:

The third card, I used a Tim Holtz flower stencil, inked in Spun Sugar (quite difficult to see in the photo though) I’ve used an AALL and Create stamp and sentiment. The flowers are Sue Wilson’s and The Stamp Market dots in the centres.

WOW!! Sonia,  3 absolute stunners!!  The first card is so pretty, I love those 'sugared almond ' pastel colours, it would make a perfect Easter card.

Your second card is so beautiful in its simplicity,  a stamp as detailed as that, that has taken the artist hours, deserves to be seen in its simplest form so that we can appreciate the exquisite detail.  

Your third and final card just perfect, I love the background,  I love those simple flowers too, that sentiment works beautifully. 

Thank you so very much for choosing such a great challenge,  you can see how much everyone enjoyed it by that amazing display above X❤X


Lilian's Description:

Hi, here is my card for this week, very basic I’m afraid. Mariane stamp not sure where the stencil came from. Oxide inks for the background. Echo line pens for the flowers . 

Absolutely beautiful Spring card, this card would work perfectly for Easter, Get Well as well as birthday.  That stamp is lovely, is that lovely background detail part of the daffodil stamp, or something you have added yourself? Either way I love it. ❤️.  That pretty yellow background is the perfect backdrop!  
Now I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I know what an effort getting in your craft room must have been, I hope you got a little bit of joy while you were Crafting my lovely 😍 XXX


Ladies I hope that you all have a wonderful Mothering Sunday .

Sending my love and huge hugs to all of you, 



  1. Morning Ladies

    What a lovely selection of challenge cards today.

    We have sunshine again today which is great as I already have the washing machine on. We’re hoping to do some gardening today and I have great hedgehogs are back!!!

    Maria-you asked about my greenhouse. Sadly there was quite a bit of damage during the storms. All fixed now though. I’ve become quite efficient at fitting glass now.


    1. So lovely to see you this morning Michele, enjoy your day in the garden, the sun here is behind the clouds today! Have a lovely day and try not to worry too much about Wednesday xxx

  2. Ooh ladies Your cards are beautiful Some lovely ideas that I am going to borrow if I may For instance I have those Sue W Daisy dies and that background stamp that Sonia has used but many of the Aall and Create A7 background stamps would work I think and Maria’s Ukraine colours -I would never have thought to split a background in half like that It works beautifully and I imagine other colour combos would work too
    Our meal out last night was lovely
    I will be starting to roast the meat soon -roast beef and honey/mustard gammon ready for the visitors for lunch and tea this afternoon
    I hope you all remembered to alter your clocks and enjoy your day you’ve all deserve it

    1. Ooh Karen sounds like you have a busy day, it's worth it though! Like you I was amazed at how those Sue Wilson flowers looked on Sonia's card, I haven't used mine in years. Have a lovely day xxx

  3. Morning Everyone
    Love love Sunday morning. A first cup of coffee and then everyone's beautiful craftiness to look at.
    This week's Challenge was beautiful. Thank you SONIA.

    We are hoping for a quiet day as yesterday what somewhat hectic. We met Jim's Niece and her two teenagers along with Jim's Nephew and his teenage Son who are over from the Netherlands for coffee. It's the first time they have been able to get across so lots and lots of catching up.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting for you.

    1. I imagine you and Jim are exhausted after yesterday, I think that we are all out of practice spending time with large groups, I spent the afternoon with Matt, his partner Alex, the girls and their partners, I was both mentally and physically exhausted, which confused me as all i did was sit and chat, Alex is really shy/quiet so getting her to chat can be a struggle, she is a lovely girl though. Enjoy the rest of the day my lovely XXX

  4. Morning everyone.
    Happy mothers day to you.
    Fabulous cards on display. Thank you Sonia for choosing the CC. Love the papers that Janet have used. Lilian's card is beautifully spring feeling. Karen, love how you just used a bit of red on the girls coat. Thinking of starting on the myself.Sonia, love your cards. The craft card one is a beautiful flower stamp.Sandra, love your cards xx
    How many of us have changed the clocks yet ? I forgot so that's my first job for today. Having a little walk later, might do Dobbies. Not too far to walk to. No cooking today, Son is getting a take out in for us all. Fancying a Chinese.
    Have a great day everyone whatever you do and glad to hear your greenhouse is still standing Michele 😊
    Many hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  5. Hi everyone
    Happy Mother’s Day lovely ladies 😘
    Thank you for taking part in the flower challenge, I’m loving all of your beautiful cards 😍
    Been to see my mum and dad this morning, and picked James up from the train station. He bought me some lovely smellies from Lush - I absolutely love their products 😊
    Marks rehearsal has been cancelled later, so I won’t have the tv remote to myself πŸ˜‚ Oh well, I will just spend the rest of the day relaxing 😊
    Have a lovely day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hello all, another lovely day again.

    Hope you are all enjoying your Mothering Sunday.

    Not happening here, cooked a piece of Gammon in my ninja for the first time, turned out really good. We had some for lunch while it was hot, I left it on the work top to cool, and I can see someones been helping himself.

    Hope you manage to get out in this lovely weather, as I think it is changing next week. Lilian