Tuesday 22 March 2022

Mother's Day Flower Card


Good Morning Ladies, 

How are we all today,  we were blessed with another beautifully sunny day, it felt colder than yesterday though, it's so lovely to have all the windows open letting that fresh country air in, we stripped the bed while it was sunny and breezy too, nothing feels as good as line dried bedding,  it just smells fresher!  I did regret not remembering to close the window earlier though, as I went in the bedroom at 4.30pm to take my meds and it was freezing in there. It felt clean and aired though. 

I sat and made Paul's Mum's Mothers Day card yesterday afternoon,  the pale yellow looks darker on camera, I paired it with cream for a softer look, I used Sara Davies Vintage Lace Rectangle dies for the detail, I didn't have a Mother's Day stamp though, I have no idea what i used to use, after rifling through a load of Magazine stamps I found one, it isn't perfect but looks okay, I embossed it with gold embossing powder for a more luxurious look, I used gold edged ribbon to match it too  I arranged the flowers and for a change I used Pinflair Glue rather than my hot glue gun, it made less mess,  there were no glue strings everywhere either!  I felt a bit nostalgic filling up the syringe, like the old days of crafting ( when we used Kanban kits)!  Anyway I hope she likes it, I don't find it easy doing Mother's/Fathers Day cards, I just treat it like any other card, try not to think about it.  I have to make her birthday card today, she will be 80 on Friday!! 

Guess who forgot to make the bed before bedtime,  there is nothing worse than being ready for bed and walking in to find an unmade bed!!  It was lovely once it was made though 😁

Lilian I hope that you are over the worst of Covid, we are laying low as our whole village has a mass infection as they all went to a leaving drinks party at the pub a week or so ago and everyone that went has become ill with covid.  That's how easy it can spread,  the newest varisnt is even worse than omnicron 

Take care and stay safe my lovely friends,

Love and hugs to all,

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Your card is beautiful I haven’t made a card with masses of flowers in yonks I haven’t had the need to make one
    Dancing was fun last night but my hips and knees are complaining this morning
    I hope you’re over the worst of it Lilian
    Take care everyone x

  2. Hi from a sunny MK.
    We have done a bit of gardening today, well OH did most of it while I sat and read but I emptied some flower pots and trimmed some bushes but not too much for it was still frost on the grass first thing thi morning.
    A wonderful mother's Day card Sandra, the flowers and the die used for it is lovely together.
    Thinking of you Lynda and Terry, sending hugs.
    Lilian, do hope you and R feeling some better soon. Take care.
    Brenda, an extra hug just for you. Hoping you are alright x
    Karen, hope you are not in too much pain so it will stop your dancing.
    Have a good day everyone and many hugs to you all, Maria xx

  3. Hi everyone
    A beautiful card for Paul’s Mum, she will love it 😊
    I did a bit of crafting yesterday but still need to make a Mother’s Day card, fortunately I don’t need to put it in the post so I’ve got all week to make it.
    Hope you’re all having a good day and enjoying the sunshine. Hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Let’s hope this is the third time lucky I really am trying to sort out my inability to post a comment. I’ve made a few adjustments on Google fingers crossed this works.
    Beautiful card today Sandra, I am sure Paul’s mum is really going to love it it will be very special.
    Great you got all your washing dry yesterday, doesn’t it smell so lovely and fresh when you bring it indoors.
    Take care, love and hugs XX

  5. Wow - not sure which part worked but something has. Sue I don’t know if this will help you, at the bottom of the Chrome page I was working on its said English (United States) I change it to English (United Kingdom) not sure if they’ll be any help to you. Because anything else I fiddled with I put it back to its original setting. Good luck.