Tuesday 26 October 2021

Maria's Son's Birthday card


Good Morning My Lovelies, 

I hope you are all well,  sending gentle hugs to Our Lynda & Margaret, I miss hearing from you both each day and want you to know that you are both always in my thoughts xxx

Well yesterday turned out to be a bit of a "I wish I hadn't started that ' kind of day!  I am struggling for space in my craft room so I decided to have a bit of a declutter and reorganise,  I was looking for some metal embellishments at the same time, frustratingly they didn't turn up, my reorganising moved out of the craft room to the cupboard under the stairs, which isn't tall enough to stand up in, we used it to store all of my craft stuff that didn't fit in my room, it goes back about 10ft and is packed to the door, I managed to get rid of a huge pile of cardboard and the packaging from parcels ( that i was saving for goodness knows what reason), i ended up (with Paul's help) pulling most of the stuff out and sorting through it, I put a huge pile of Magazines in recycling and that made room to move some stuff out of my craft room into the cupboard.  One of the biggezt hoards i have is card, from back when Sue, Pat & I would visit those Pay- Per -Box places where you cram a box with as much card as you can for about £5, also from buying at shows, I have so much but the only coloured card I use now is either black or Stampin Up  card because it matches my inks. The other thing I have but can't throw out is Hunkydory/Kanban "All Occasion" card kits, I can't see myself ever using them to be honest.  Anyway I ended up having to give up because I was in agony, I will finish it today 🙄 (hopefully)

Thankfully Maria shared the amazing card that she made for her Son Christian's 30th Birthday.  It's a really lovely 'Shutter Card' that Maria has made perfectly,  the matting and layering on these cards can be really tricky but Maria has mat & layered hers perfectly.  Such a lovely,  personalised card, I bet Christian loved it !  

Thanks so much for allowing me to share Christian's card Maria, its Amazing XXX 

I hope you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs 



  1. Morning Everyone
    Jim has gone for bread as usual and so I'm waiting for my first cup of coffee and just baked bread.

    I love love your card MARIA. So personal and definitely a keepsake.

    Off to do our food shopping for the rest of the week and then depending on how tired I am I might have a look and see what I have in crafty things.

    HUGS are on their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  2. It’s a wonderful card MARIA I bet Christian loved it
    I hope you are feeling better today SANDRA I hate throwing “kits/card” away but I bit the bullet and donated a load of card to my neighbours children It’s a shame schools/care homes around this way can’t take in stuff because of covid as they’d really appreciate it
    Yesterday we visited a proper garden nursery and bought some more winter pansies They are so prey and come in such a variety of colours My favourite being a beautiful blood red and yellow
    Charlie came out of hospital last night Hopefully we’ll get the details today bless him
    I am out to lunch with the Salsa ladies today A few of them I haven’t seen in over 3 years I’m really looking forward to it
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    A lovely card Maria 😊 Thanks for sharing.
    Fingers crossed with the rest of the sorting out Sandra. Im putting off clearing out my cupboard as full to the brim! The last time I put everything away, it was all just chucked in there, so im surprised it’s not all falling out when I open the doors ☺️😂
    Janet, so pleased you had a good journey and your lovely neighbours prepared everything for you. Enjoy 😊
    Karen, glad to hear Charlie is home. Enjoy your lunch 😊
    Lots of crafting to do today as I didn’t do any yesterday in the end.
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Morning everyone.
    Thank you for liking the card I made for Son. The layering was a bit tricky but have written it down in a book so hopefully that will help for next time.
    Hope the tidying up goes well today Sandra.
    Good to hear from you Janet, have a nice time.
    Sitting in Frost, forgot it is half term. Too many kids running around 🤭😀
    Have a nice day everyone, many hugs Maria xx

  5. Hello, a really rainy day here, not so cold though. Have taken the winter duvet out to air as R has been saying he’s really cold, we are opposites, he feels the cold, but I am opposite. Luckily have dual heat duvet.

    Maria what a fabulous card for your son, so technical looking I wouldn’t know where to start. Did you have a special die for it?

    Cleaners today , thank goodness, the house smells lovely when they have been through.

    Not sure what I’m doing today, have some ironing to do, but my back is playing up again. Hope all have a successful day, hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian, I bought some of the bigger ones but I have a die for a smaller version so I will send you a few.
      Gentle hug and hope you can sleep at all tonight with you bad back, take it easy xx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Maria love the card you created for Christian’s 30th birthday. You have put so much detail into making it very special.
    Karen pleased to hear Charlie was allowed home yesterday, hope he is doing well and Oscar was able to cope with his brother being away from home.
    Janet love to get an update from you.
    Sandra hope you have been able to continue sorting out your Aladdins cave. xx
    Have a good evening everyone, hugs Brenda xxx

    1. Janet LOVELY to get an update from you. X