Tuesday 19 October 2021

I have a Treat for you Today!


Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all well, those of you that are feeling under the weather I am sending gentle hugs, please get better soon.  

From what I have read in news we are all in for it this winter with awful flu bugs and 'Super Cold' viruses,  apparently because we were all isolating last year we are less immune to these bugs,  hopefully having the regular flu jab will give you some protection.  I do think that the 'work from home' rule should be upheld throughout this winter as those numbers are definitely on the increase, I saw in the news that one school had 75 cases of Corona Virus, I am guessing that they aren't exercising any kind of preventative measures.  We will definitely be masked up and hand gelled to the max while in London !

Now onto today's STUNNING card, to me this card is perfection, I love the colour,  the wreath, I just LOVE IT ❤  

Its Designer is our very own Michele, taking the pressure off yourself for a few weeks has really boosted your inspiration Michele,  this is one of your nicest cards to date.   Michele used the Apple Blossom 'Winter Wishes Winter Wreath ' die set

Layering the white die cuts onto Kraft card really works, just look at the detail that Michele has embossed into them is incredible.  The card needs nothing else, it is perfection in its simplest form.  Thank you so much Michele for allow me to share this stunning inspirational card. XXX

Enjoy the rest of your day Ladies,  

Sending love and huge hugs to all of you 

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx                                                                           


  1. Your card is beautiful MICHELE I am so pleased you’ve wanted to craft
    Living with central heating doesn’t help keep the bugs away as well
    I am quite happy to hibernate and wake up in April
    The pandemic has definitely become a children and their parents pandemic The numbers are going up here but are still relatively low Thank goodness
    I hope to start a cc this afternoon We’ll see
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    I love today’s gorgeous card by Michele. The pretty white die against the Kraft card is stunning. So happy you’re still crafting Michele, thanks for sharing 😊 xx
    There are so many colds and bugs going around at the moment. I’ve still got a cough from my cold over a month ago! Covid does seem to be doing the rounds in the schools - my neice caught it 2 weeks after being back, and I’ve heard of a few other children having it too. Sadly we seem to be in the minority wearing a mask now!
    I hope you had a good first night in London, and slept well. Enjoy your day today whatever you do 😊
    I made a start on this weeks card yesterday, and a couple of others too, so will be continuing with those. You all inspired me last week, so I’m on a bit of a roll ☺️
    Have a lovely day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    What a beautiful card Michele. I love Kraft card and the white die cuts work perfectly against it xx
    Sandra, I hope you and Pail had a good first day away. Enjoy today, with no rain hopefully xx
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  4. Hi ladies
    Wonderful card Michele, so glad you crafting a bit again and thank you for sharing your card with us.
    Have a good day everyone and Sandra enjoy another day in London. Hope the rain stays away for you walking around. It's mild today but so windy. We had a little outing over to Frost this morning and all the x-mas things are out already. We had a cold earlier but no fever, just a irritating cough and very tired. OH have had his flu jab and I have mine on Thursday. We still got our masks on going in to shops but not many have that anymore, it's a bit worrying when so many children gets it too now.
    Hoping to make some cards this afternoon, only waiting for the oomph 😲😉
    Have a good day everyone, hugs xxx

  5. Hello all, very wet and windy, here.

    Michele love your card, lovely to see you in the cafe again.

    Not done much again today, being up half the night leaves me a wreck during the day.

    Glad you are having a lovely time in London, enjoy the rest of the time.

    See you tomorrow, Lilian

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Lovely card Michele, I’ve never used White with Kraft card, they work so well together. Thank you for opening my eyes.

    Sandra hope you and Paul enjoyed today, the weather here in the suburbs has been mostly really nice, fingers crossed it’s the same in town for you two. Hope tomorrow will be a good day too. xx

    Not done a lot today, did go to the post office to send a small parcel of goodies to my sister, I send her bits every now and again to keep her inspiration going.

    Hope you have all had a good day, sleep well, Love Brenda xxx