Monday 18 October 2021

A very Special Guest Designer

Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you all had an enjoyable weekend, we didn't do anything much, having said that the weekend flew by. This morning I am packing for our little trip to London, I am going to try not to over pack 🙃 🙄

Talking of packing how are you getting on Janet? are you taking some craft bits to top up your Marigny stash?  What day do you leave?  Oh don't forget to download your Covid passes!  I am so excited to read your updates my lovely.  xxx

Today's card....our special guest designer is Lucy!!! She wanted to make a card for her Boss (as in Mr 'Cotswold Wildlife Park').  She knew that he loved Rhinos so that was her theme, all I had in my stash was one piece of SU paper from years ago, she photocopied it and enlarged the Rhino, we pronted onto 300gsm card and she fussy cut it, she the created the design you see above. 

She knows him well enough to know that he didn't want a big thing made of his age  so she just added it to the insert, I love how she carried the rhino theme into to insert.  Her colleagues were amazed by her design and all wanted to add their names.  I hope he lets her know that he liked it.

We popped to Next yesterday afternoon,  Paul asked why I needed to go shopping before we go away, I explained that I like to get a new top when we are going away, something new to wear out in the evening makes us all feel better, plus I haven't bought a new jumper / warmer top for a couple of years, I was shocked when I tried a size 18 on and it was way too big, sadly the only other size they had was an 8 and that is NEVER going to happen!! I asked if he would like a new top or shirt too, he looked at me like I had lost my mind, I agree that we rarely go out, some of his  'best/going out clothes are coming on 10 years old, he says I have only worn some if them 2 or 3 times (which is probably  true), is it just my husband??? 

Right I must stop procrastinating and get packed, 

I hope that you all have a great day,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. I think Lucy’s card is amazing She’s gone to amazing lengths personalising it No wonder the others wanted to sign it
    Enjoy your trip away and my OH is just like PAUL! We were recently given some photos from our friend that recently died and OH said “Ooh I still wear that shirt” and these photos are from 20 years ago
    I managed to get a lot of the crochet done which I’m pleased about because I just know OH otherwise k/a last will want me to sort his costume out next week!
    My laptop is poorly so it’s going in to be looked at today Fingers crossed it won’t mean needing a new one and it can be revived
    Take care xxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    LUCY - I love love love your card and I'm sure it will be treasured. Lovely for MUM to have another crafter in the house.

    We had a busy day yesterday. We booked the ferry (both ways) and the overnight stay in Calais (outward bound).We completed our 'Honour Statement' other than signing and that will be done on Thursday.I signed and filled in my Passport and then Eveything (Honour Statements/proof of Vacinations/one of this year's Tax invoices for Marigny-this is proof of where we will be living for the three weeks we're there and finally the passports. These are now all in an A4 plastic folder.
    We are sailing on Saturday and staying over in calais and then drive down to Marigny on Sunday hopefully arriving around tea time. We are returning on Monday15th November.

    My job for today is looking at craft resources I want to take (after a two year absence I just cannot remember what I have over there) I can just see Jim's face when I produce my 'luggage'lol.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready for all who want to pop in for a chat etc.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  3. Hi everyone
    A wonderful card by Lucy and I bet her boss loved it 😊
    Good luck with the packing. Mark is exactly the same, mind you saying that he has a wardrobe full of t shirts which he seems to buy frequently for gigs!
    Have a lovely time in London 😊
    Janet, good luck with your packing too. I expect you’re both very excited to be heading back to your second home 😊
    Karen, fingers crossed your laptop is repairable. I don’t think we realise how much we rely on these things until they go wrong!
    Going to do some crafting today, have a couple of ideas in my head so fingers crossed they work out 😉
    Have a lovely day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hello , it’s a very soggy day here today, unlike the last few days which have been lovely.

    Lucy love the card, very clever use of different designer papers.

    Sandra not sure when you’re going on your trip to London, hope you both have a lovely time together.

    R will always wear is old clothes unless I keep an eye on him, he says they are more comfortable. I buy all of his shirts (doesn’t like T-shirts), so he has plenty of nice shirts, but says he wants to keep them for “ best”.

    My cleaners are coming today instead of tomorrow, so have had to get up earlier than usual. It’s lovely when they have finished, the house looks so sparkly. ( I’m easily pleased)

    Not sure what I’m doing today, hugs to all Lilian

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Lucy your card is brilliant, great planning on your part - knowing he loves Rhinos, this is sure to be a winner, hope he realised that you had made it. Your co workers obviously appreciated your efforts by wanting to add their names. Take that as a compliment. xx

    Sandra I think most of us recognise the male outlook on buying cloths. I can’t remember the last time John went cloth shopping, I just buy him what I think he needs for birthdays/anniversary’s and Christmas. Recently we were in the spare bedroom, he asked what was in the drawers underneath the bed, I said I think it’s all household linens etc. Well the first drawer he checked had some of his OLD (like Old Testament old!) cardigans, two are Starchy and Hutch style - some of you are probably to young to remember them. It was like he had found treasure - what I thought is unprintable. Worst still he has been wearing them!!! JANET he like R will keep things for best. He has lost so much weight that “his best” are all about 4 sizes to big for him now. Roll on Christmas I know what I will be getting him.

    Karen hope your computer can be sorted out and it nothing terminal. We do take them for granted. xx

    Janet you sound very organised with you planning. I find taking craft items anywhere is a pain, all the ‘what ifs keep looming up in my head’, good luck xx

    Have a good day everyone, hugs Brenda xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Lucy your card is fantastic. Your boss will be thrilled at such a personalised card. No surprise your workmates wanted to sign it too. Sandra how lovely that Lucy wanted to make a card. I hope you and Paul have a lovely time in London xx
    It very wet here today, not nice at all. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  7. Hi all
    Fab card by your Lucy Sandra, her boss will love it.
    Hope you all had a good day and aches and pains were a bit lighter.
    Have a good night everyone xxx