Sunday 27 December 2020

A gorgeous Christmas card


Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

I have to admit it feels really strange not sharing all of your Challenge cards on a Sunday.  

I thought I would spend the next few days sharing some of your Christmas cards,  the all deserve a day of their own on the blog.  Also if any of you any of your recent makes that you'd like to share just send me a photo and brief description.  

Today's card is Lilian's gorgeous Christmas card, it really catches the light and I love the combination of dies that you have used.  Thank you so much my lovely XXX 

We had a lovely relaxing Boxing day, we will have to break our tradition of not leaving the house to return Lucy's new Coffee Maker, one day in and its stopped working, much to Lucy's disappointment,  she was thoroughly enjoying honing her 'Barista' skills. So frustrating,  it had a 10amp fuse too, so no other appliance had a fuse that we could try to see if it was fuse that was an issue,  hopefully we will get either a fuse or the machine replaced. 

The flood waters continue to rise,  we are the right side of the Thames luckily, some of the areas nearby are really suffering though, flooding is bad enough but to get flooded this time of year and have the added worry of Covid on top must be terrifying,  our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone in that situation x

I hope that you all stay warm and dry and have a relaxing Sunday,

Love and hugs to all of you,




  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-your card from Lilian is stunning.

    I’ve had a lovely couple of days off so far. I’ve deliberately stayed off social media so I can spend some time with Phil.

    Brenda-sorry to hear you’ve had a fall. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


  2. Morning Everyone
    Love your card LILIAN.

    Well we had rain all Christmas Day and it carried on all day yesterday so much so that I'm sure we've had enough to need 'the Ark'.Fortunately there isn't any flooding around us but my heart goes out to those who are having to contend with floods as well as everything else.

    It has been very very quiet in our house and I have to say we have made the most of it.

    BRENDA-I hope you are OK and not too damaged after falling.

    HUGS are winging their way to you all.TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  3. Lovely card LILLIAN
    Take care BRENDA Hope you’ll be back soon
    We did very little yesterday It was nice to just relax
    Not doing anything much today either but must go for a walk at least
    Take care all xx

    1. Any bought me a crochet kit to make a hat for Christmas Karen. The Pom Pom had already been done. ( that’s the only bit I would have been able to do. Karen Amy’s Mum works at the pre school with a lady called Nicky. So when I’m able I’m going to ask if she’ll give me a few lessons. It’ll probably be ready for next winter though. Amy thought it would be easier for me to make my own as normal hats are to big for me. When they were a lot smaller My head could fit into their hats.

  4. Hello All, did Bella visit you? Hope you are all safe. It was a terrific storm. We are ok here but haven’t been out side to check for any damage, it was so noisy so not much sleep.

    Thank you for showing my card Sandra, not very original.
    Have decided to use my calendar to show different background ideas, been watching a few Utube videos to inspire me.

    Hope you all have a good Sunday, Brenda hope you’re feeling a bit less sore. Lilian

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    I’ve also not been on my iPad over Christmas so missed 2 video calls over Christmas. Well Hailey Rd was completely impassable on Christmas Day and they had the fire engines out pumping water out of houses in Hailey Village, Hailey Rd, West end and Bridge St. which means that No one can get through to the other side of Witney if They wanted to. We had a big storm yesterday as well so that means more floods I expect. As the sun is shining I’m going to have a walk to the bottom of my rd and see what the Hailey Rd is like now.
    I hope your feeling a bit better today Brenda after your fall.
    Take care and stay safe.

  6. Sorry meant to say what a lovely card Lilian, as was mine.

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. What a beautiful card Lilian made for you. It is gorgeous and mine was too from you Lilian.
    It will be nice to see the cards that you received Sandra, thank you for thinking of doing that. What a shame to hear that Lucy’s coffee maker has stopped working already. Fingers crossed she gets it replaced/repair very soon.
    Brenda, we are thinking of you and hope you are a little less sore today xx
    I am spending the day with Mum and Pop so nice to just sit and chat. We hope that you all continue to stay safe and dry. So sad for those that have been or being flooded out. Love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum, Brenda and all in need. Take care xx

  8. Hi everyone
    Gorgeous card from Lilian.
    Hope you managed to sort out the coffee machine.
    Christmas has gone so quickly, what with working all through. I’m off tomorrow then working the rest of the week but am off the week after. I’m looking forward to the break and hope to get some crafting done.
    No damage here from storm Bella thankfully, but a lot of debris on one of the roads to work and some flooding under the bridge, but that had all cleared by time I came home. I feel sorry for everyone affected by flooding, it seems to happen every year at Christmas.
    Having our first COVID injection at work on Wednesday, ironic really as we’ve only just started having weekly Covid tests last week! At least it’s a step in the right direction. The papers said hopefully by March we’ll be out of these tighter restrictions and lockdowns, fingers crossed 🤞
    I hope you’ve all had a good day.
    Brenda, glad to hear you’re on the mend. Take care everyone.
    Love and hugs to you all xxx