Friday 6 March 2020

Your Next Challenge card.....

Good Morning Ladies,

Yay it's Friday!! I am  ready for the weekend I can tell you, this week has been a long one!

Well everyone seems to be going Corona Virus crazy, we have always had Hand Soap in all three bathrooms and the kitchen and utility room, two of them are very low but could we buy any hand soap anywhere, the answer is NO!  I have actually seen a bottle of Care hand soap (normally around £1.00 - £1.50) On Amazon they are going for £35 a bottle, can you actually believe that?!
So I had to go to the under sink  cupboard and get my Wrights Coal Tar soap out, oh boy do I love the smell, it just smells proper clean!!
I know that we have to think about contingency plans etc but people seem to be going bonkers! Trolley's piled high with Bread, eggs and loo rolls! Have any of you started to stockpile ??

Your Next Challenge

Michele kindly sent me a list of ideas for our weekly challenges and this weeks challenge is one of them.

I would like you to make a Card ..…..With NO DIES, anything else is fine just no die cutting at all, you can use trimmers, guillotines etc. So you can still do your matting and layering.
A couple of years ago I could never have even thought about setting this challenge as most of us used almost exclusively Dies to create all elements of our cards, including the sentiment.

My card was made using my new Hero Arts Leafy Vine Stamp, I took a piece of Old Olive card, dusted with Anti-Static bag and then stamped the image in White Ink and then added white embossing powder and heat set.
I then stamped the sentiment, (I love that font) onto a separate piece of card and cut it with my trimmer and created a narrow white mat to lift it from the background a little.
I finished the card by wrapping around a piece of white satin ribbon and then placing the sentiment on foam pads on top.of the ribbon.
I think it looks really 'fresh' , I hope you like it too.

I will add some more cards to the blog tomorrow to give you all some inspiration.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-gorgeous Card & a great challenge. This is one I will struggle with but will definitely try to join in.

    We were sent a regional notification yesterday advising us what to do if/when the supply of face masks runs out. Do these people that are panic buying actually realise they’re causing a major problem-we will be expected to handle, assemble & prepare hazardous products without masks potentially compromising our health. The product should be fine as we have such stringent decontamination procedures to follow but it’s still an additional risk.
    I’m guessing lots of people didn’t bother to wash their hands before this problem??!

    Rant over. I’ very glad it’s Friday as it’s been a very trying week.


  2. What a great challenge and I love your card SANDRA I need to make a retirement card So hopefully I can do it as a challenge
    Congratulations for yesterday MARIA on your anniversary
    I haven’t been shopping yet but I can imagine I am going to struggle to find soap etc I agree with you MICHELE- did people bother to wash their hands or are they buying it in bulk?
    Had a lovely meal out with the crafty girls
    I am so glad it’s Friday It has been hectic
    Take care all xxx

  3. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Completely forgot to log in yesterday, but loved seeing this card take shape.
    We went to the Toby Carvery as it’ll be Perce’s birthday on Sunday. Just as a matter of interest ladies Asda in Swindon had no hand wash nor gel. I have handgel in the house as Pete used it. He always used to use it if he had to use the toilet while we were out. As people don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet, he always used it after he came out. But everyone’s just gone mad at the moment.
    We have sunshine this morning and hardly any wind. Let’s hope it stays like that for a few more days.
    Take care everyone.

  4. Hi everyone.
    Gorgeous cards Sandra.
    I hope you all have been able to enjoy some of the sunshine that we are having today. Unfortunately I'm not one as this cold doesn't wan't to go other then around in our house. Had a take away and a film at home which was nice yesterday.
    Hugs are being sent to you all, Maria xx

  5. Hello All, cold and wet again.

    Love that stamp you have used Sandra, as you know green is not my colour choice, but love the card.
    Challenge is good for me this week as I prefer to do my cards without too many die cuts.

    I always have hand sanitizers in my bag , as I always wash hands, you never no who has touched the handle when you come out of loos especially at service stations. People are panic buying already apparently, I always have a fairly well stocked cupboard, of basic essentials.

    Hope you all have a good weekend, Lilian

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Your card is gorgeous, I love the stamp, the colour, the sentiment and font.... in fact everything. Think I might have to get this stamp. It was so good to see you yesterday my lovely, it’s been far too long.
    I agree that it is ridiculous how some people are stock piling liquid soap etc. But there are plenty of bars of soap still on the shelves. Do these people not realise that it does exactly the same job, and is usually a lot cheaper and lasts longer!!! It reminds me of the ridiculous tv advert where the mum tells her son that as the shower isn’t working he will have “to smell today”. Can he not have a wash ???? All nonsense, if only people would take sensible precautions of good hand washing etc. Rant over. Soap box put away.
    I had a lovely day with Mum and Pop, love to you both xx
    Now I am off to bed. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum, Maria and all in need. Take care xx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What a beautiful card Sandra, I fell in love with this stamp a while ago. I found it on Amazon AND it’s now on its way, but will take a couple of weeks. One website wanted to charge postage, the cost being more the the stamp. Fortunately Amazon didn’t charge for postage.
    I’m back home now, very tired and ready for Bed
    Take care everyone
    Love and hugs Brenda xxx