Tuesday 24 March 2020

My Mother's day card from Sophie

Good Morning Ladies,

Today I am sharing the card that Sophie designed for me for Mothers day, it took her most of the day, she sat had hand drew it into her special drawing tablet, adding all the detail including the background by hand.  What is it? I hear you ask....
Well she kept hinting to me all day, she said 'I have this great idea, it would work great for Man cards too, I had no idea what she was doing.  She handed it to me in the afternoon and said ''I understand if you don't know what/who it is''
Of course I could see straight away it was Kenny Rodgers, she had made an Album cover with a vinyl record inside, that had her message on it, what an absolutely brilliant idea and I can see it being used for so many different people.
(just to explain, I love Kenny Rodgers music, always have and found him the most charming man, I was so upset to read that he had died last week)  Sophie had obviously remembered that.  Such a thoughtful idea.
Their cards absolutely made my day, they both put so much effort in, I will treasure them, the best thing about them is they both made me smile and we all need all the smiles we can get these days.

Now, where is that bloomin Soap Box, somebody help me up please!!

I had the single most frustrating day of my life yesterday, I can't remember the last time I felt so angry, boy did I have to bite my tongue !
I called my mums surgery early morning, after a few attempts I got through to the Receptionist,  who was the rudest cow, I explained really politely that my mum was extremely vulnerable and totally isolated, she is deaf and has blocked ears so that her hearing aids aren't working so she has no communication with the outside world, I also said that she is experiencing more seizures which was very concerning as the last major one had her breaking her femur/hip''
'' So receptionist says "your mother's blocked ears are hardly an emergency, have you any idea what is happening in the country right now"

I about blew a gasket !!  and explained again at length that she cannot make or recieve calls in an emergency, she can't hear the door or the phone, she is in my opinion in danger

Receptionist "why can't you go and help her"

Me "because i am disabled and live 160 miles away, my sisters are (1) looking after keyworkers children and (2) working on critical care ward caring for other peoples vulnerable relatives

Receptionist "what do you expect us to do if she can't answer phone"

I said that she needs to be seen by someone that can maybe syringe her ears AND she needs her seizure medication increased

Receptionist ''well there is nothing on record to say that you can discuss her medical notes etc'

I explained that I understood that and that as she pointed out quite exceptional circumstances, I also pointed out that if I could not get something in place today and anything happened to my mother over night I would be back to remind her that she had refused to treat my mother. 

 Receptionist "Well I can get the GP to call you but she will not discuss your mothers medical notes
 with you"

I reminded her that that was all that I had asked for, the GP called me about 5 hours later, she was a locum, so wasn't aware of my mums history, so I explained briefly and explained my concerns, she said that she totally understood why I was concerned and I was right to be concerned, she said that she would call my mum (and which point I just laughed) I explained again that the problem was that she couldn't hear, but she said that she had to try for herself.  Which she did, mum hung up and claire called them back and had to take a letter round giving Mums permission to allow us to discuss her medical history etc.  This Dr was also going to pass everything on to Mums usual doctor and that they would try and organise a 'Face to face' visit.  Hooray!! it only took 10 hours!  
So watch this space! 

I guess we all knew that this 'lockdown'  was coming, it doesn't make it any less of a shock though, so many things to think about.

Aren't you glad we are crafters?!  I don't know how long it will be before online craft companies close too as their staff are as at risk as any others, so we will all have to rely on our stash.
How long do you think yours will last???

Sending love and hugs to all of  you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-I love Sophie’s card, the picture is a brilliant likeness of Kenny Rogers.
    I can’t believe the attitude you had from the receptionist, hopefully something will be sorted for your Mum and soon.

    I’m off to Tesco/Co-op early this morning in the hopes I can find a bag of potatoes. If not we’ll have a rethink about the next couple of days meals. I wonder if I’ll have to showing my hospital ID badge soon if I’m out+ about?!!


  2. Sophie’s card is gorgeous and such a clever idea - turning it into an album cover
    I am so pleased you eventually got some help for your mum
    No offence to the good/helpful ones but 99% of GP receptionists are not clinically trained and act like little Hitlers Sorry But I’ve had similar experiences over the years
    I’d almost put myself into lockdown but now it’s been forced upon us it feels -I cannot express myself properly - worse. I hate having to rely on OH and I’m completely neurotic about him going out etc
    I agree SANDRA that small companies may go out of business unless they can survive on online shopping or the government can help them
    Crafting will become more and more my therapy Although I have little energy for that let alone anything else
    Please take care all and stay safe xxx

  3. Morning Everyone
    Love the card SOPHIE created for you.She has such a talent.

    I'm so pleased that you managed to get to someone who helped yesterday for Mum.Hopefully things will be sorted quickly.

    Things are really getting problematical here but I'm sure we will find ways.
    I'll try and get some crafting done today that's if I can concentrate.

    The CAFE is OPEN for you all to pop in for a chat etc.
    HUGS are winging their wayto you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.XXXX

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A fantastic card that Sophie made for you on Motherd Day Sandra. I’m glad you managed to get some help for your Mum. Hopefully the dr will be able to sort her out when he arrived. I know our Drs no longer syringe ears out for patients, but I’m not to sure what happens instead. Craig went into school yesterday. As they’re closing the block his class is in he spent the day disinfecting drawers and pencils etc. He goes back in after Easter. They only had 8 children anyway so think they’re just using 1 classroom. Karen will be off work at the pre school behind our house. However, she cleans at the catholic school at the other side of town. They seem to be using all the classrooms so it looks like she’ll have to work normally.

  5. Morning everyone.
    Love the card Sophie made for you. I too love K Rogers and sad he passed.
    Receptionist at our surgery are normally fine but we used to have a hag but she's now gone. good you mum will get some help, keep us updated.
    Another beautiful day,so thought of crafting is put aside for the gardening instead but I'm sure I got stamps and dies to last me a few months. I also got some crystal art cards to make up. It's just OH I'm worried about...
    Have a nice day as possible my friends and stay safe xxx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    What a fantastic card Sophie made for you and such an original idea, I love it. Yesterday sounds such a frustrating day for you, Hope now Claire has given them mums signed consent you will never have to go through such a performance again.

    Today i feel very sad it’s is a friends funeral, the church service was cancelled last week as all churches have now got closed doors for services, so the only service will be at the crematorium for obvious reasons, very sad to say only the family will now be attending. This morning I had a message to say her husband, he has dementia and he wouldn’t of been going to the funeral service anyway, but he is now in hospital with the coronavirus. Such sad times. Please ladies keep yourself as safe as you possibly can.

    JANET did you sort out your shopping order? You are a regular customer for the home delivery service, For that reason alone should get priority. Think I would be having a moan at someone higher up.... I actually hate to complain but would feel justified in your case. xx hugs on there way to you.

    Take care, love Brenda xxx

    1. Thinking of you Brenda,so sad. Sending you all some extra hugs xx

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. What a fabulous card from Sophie, and yes I recognised Kenny Rogers and yes he was a great singer but I didn’t know that he died last week. And what a brilliant idea of making an “album” with the sentiment and greeting on. Well done Sophie. I can see lots of us wanting to use this idea but we will be printing pictures of the stars rather than drawing them! Lucy, your card for your Mum is so pretty, I love the flower arrangement. It looks like you have picked up Mums talent of making flowers look beautiful. No matter how I try I really struggle but then we all have our talents don’t we... just not sure what mine is though 😂 I’m glad you finally managed to speak to a GP for your Mum Sandra. It is disgusting when you get treated like this by a receptionist. Thank goodness you persisted. What might happen to someone who was frighten to push to speak to a doctor. It doesn’t bear thinking about does it. Take care my lovely xx
    Brenda, so sad for you that you have to miss the funeral. It is good to hear John “meet himself coming back” this morning as MIL used to say x
    Apparently the shops are just about full of stock but with very few customers so at least we should be able to get what’s really needed.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx

  8. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Such a fantastic card from Sophie, what a lovely idea.
    Disgusting behaviour from that receptionist, surely she must’ve realised how worried you are about your Mum, especially with the current situation we are all in. I hope they manage to get the doctor out to her.
    Hope everyone is keeping well. Hugs to all xxx

  9. Hello All, what a time we are living in.

    Sandra love both of your Mother’s Day cards, very talented daughters. I also love Kenny Rogers, sad he’s no longer with us.

    Sainsbury’s have a number to let them know you are in the vulnerable group, I tried all day yesterday but could not get through, have been a customer for delivery shopping for some time, but there are no slots at all. Very sad. Would rather R didn’t go out but needs must I suppose, have enough for a few days, so not too worried.

    Hope you are all keeping safe, at least we can craft, not that I feel much like it.
    Hugs to Lilian