Friday 17 January 2020

Your Next Challenge and Happy Birthday Pat x

πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰Happy BirthdayπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ

 Good Morning Ladies,

Ladies please join me in Wishing Our Lovely Pat a Very Happy Birthday, I hope you have a lovely day and that you thoroughly enjoy your exciting holiday packed year ahead, so many new adventures to look forward to, lots of love and hugs xxxxx
Well I spoke too soon about the weather, Oh my goodness what a terrible day it was yesterday, we had to have the lights on all day it was that dark, the wind was so strong it was making the windows rattle, we know all the draughty spots now thats for sure, more rain too, all day long, the river is at its highest ever, we went to have a look yesterday afternoon, the hay bales in the fields are pretty much submerged, just a bit poking out of the water, seeing the current across the field was an incredible sight, the ditches and dikes are all over flowing and the river is lapping over the road, not sure how much higher it will get but there was a lot more rain yesterday and that usually has an effect the following day.  It seems as though the World is in a right pickle with Fires, Floods, Volcano's erupting, tornado and storms too, it seems like there is something new every night when you watch the news.  I hope that you are all dry and safe my lovelies xxx

Your Next Challenge

This weeks challenge theme is 'Pattern Building', putting it simply I would like you to create a patterned Background for your card using whatever medium you like for example the first card (above) I used stamps to create the background, it was a set of lace border stamps from Stampin Up, one of the first sets that I ever used!  I quite like the result, it made a lovely background.
My second card was made using Die cuts to create the background, I covered the base of my card with a double sided adhesive sheet, next I built the pattern using a Sue Wilson die that I used to cut some pretty lilac card, creating a pile, all I had to do then was play around to find a pattern that I liked, I pressed them onto the adhesive sheet and covered the rest of the sheet with micro-beads to cover the open stickiness.  I then added some matching ribbon and a some embellishments.
That's two examples of how you can create your pattern built background, you could also:

Create your pattern on your computer

Create Your Pattern using Paper piecing

Used Stamps to Build a Pattern

Used Dies to cut Shapes to build your pattern with.

Use your Groovi plates to create your pattern, that might get some of us to experiment: Pat, Sue, Brenda, Lynda, Janet, me !!

You could also use embellishments like Buttons, sequins, gemstones etc.

I have a few ideas buzzing around in my head, I am really looking forward to this challenge.
I have got some more, older cards to hopefully inspire you, I will add those to Saturdays Blog Post.
I can't wait to see what you all come up with. xx

I am so pleased that it's Friday once again, I am really looking forward to the weekend, I hope you are too,

Sending love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Pat-Happy Birthday, hope you have a fantastic day.

    Sandra-interesting challenge and one that’s going to make me “think”!! Probably just what I need.

    I’m off into work early as we still have the prem baby requiring Parenteral Nutrition ordering. Sounds like we have torrential rain-hope it stops soon!!


  2. Morning Everyone
    I hope you have a wonderful day whatever you have planned.
    HUGE HUGS coming your way Dear Friend.

    Another very dark/wet and windy start to our day here.Just like you SANDRA we had lights on again all day yesterday.
    Well that 'swear' word has come around again.I'm sure they get faster each week. The washer is already on.

    I have to get my CC sent off too.

    The CAFE is OPEN just waiting for you all to pop in.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.Take care and stay safe xxxx

  3. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Thank you so much ladies for my Birthday Wishes. I’ve had some beautiful cards so thank you very much.
    We were in Swindon yesterday having lunch at the Toby Carvery. A usual birthday outing with friends. The family I’m assume no will be down later as Keith rang last night to say he’ll sort something out. We shall see.
    Lovely cards today Sandra.
    Like you we had a dark day & rain. But we were more at your neck of the woods yesterday than mine.
    I went through floods going through Lechlade to Sandra’s on Wed. The cars coming towards me went so fast through them they absolutely drowned my car. The ditches going in to Sandra’s and I’ve never seen the flood so high up the bales of hay. Going home the flood had started lapping out of the field onto the road. But the floods towards Lechlade had almost gone.
    Bryan & Gill in Australia had some rain yesterday which washed the ash off of the trees & bushes. Apparently they should have a bit more rain over the next few days which should help with the fires where they are in NSW.
    Gentle hugs to all those in need if one today. I hope your going on ok Lynda.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT I hope you have a lovely day
    Gorgeous cards SANDRA I will have a “play” at some point
    I thought we had bad rain but driving to Aston Clinton last night was absolutely horrendous!
    Pleased to read that NSW has rain Maybe it’ll help
    Oh well back to work I snuck out for a quick mo as my blood sugars dipped and just needed a time out to treat it
    Take care all xxx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I’ve just lost a long comment because I hadn’t used Google to get on the blog. Tried to leave the comment as Anonymous. Well it disappeared into thin air, I thought I was very clever when I managed to get it back, only to loose it again.

    PAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hope you are enjoying your special day. XX

    Just had a housework day today - it’s one way to keep warm!! OH went out, on his return he asked aren’t you cold? I said no, but he immediately flicked the boiler override switch, saying it’s windy and cold outside. His blood must be getting thin.!

    Whatever you are doing this weekend- enjoy. Love Brenda xxx