Thursday 2 January 2020

New Year Craft Trends and Pantone colour of 2020

Good Morning Ladies,

I thought I would do some research into some of the upcoming Craft Trends for 2020, the first thing I looked at was the 'Pantone' Colour of the Year which for 2020 is Classic Blue, I think that this shade of Blue is lovely and would work well with Card Making.
This chart shows some of the other colours that will be 'Key' in 2020, there are some lovely shades in that chart.
I also read that Green is going to be big this year, which is fine by me, I will add a piece here that I found when doing my Research.....

"Green with envy? Not us! But chartreuse green is a popular color for crafts going into 2020. "It evokes feelings of growth and harmony," Johnson says. On Etsy, there has been a 12 percent increase in searches for green items and a 55 percent increase in searches for neon green in the last three months compared to the previous year. Kelly green fine glitter has received 369 reviews on the site, and these Celtic Knot Green Jacquard Ribbons have more than 1,600 reviews. Finding ways to add green to your crafts will keep you on trend for the new year"

Quilting is going to be really big in 2020, there has apparently been a huge rise in people looking for simple Beginner quilting patterns to download, I have to say this is something that I have always wanted to have a go at but it is one of those things that looks really complicated to start.

Constellation themed crafts are set to be really popular too, so anything that features the Night Sky, stars etc, we will have to watch and see what Constellation themed papers and craft items 

Here are just two examples of Constellation themed papers I found on Google, I know SU did something similar a year or so back, they don't shout Spring and Summer to me I'm afraid, but we will have to wait and see it these predictions are right.

Another big trend that is predicted to grow is anything Stained Glass Themed, we have seen Sue Wilsons Stained Glass style Dies in this past year or two, this trend will continue we will also see Mosaic style kits that will give the same effects.

Art Therapy, Painting By Numbers, Colouring Books etc will continue to grow in 2020, this will branch out to other things like Rock Painting too, I have seen a trend where people Paint Rocks and leave them around for people to find, such a lovely idea.

I find it quite interesting to read about what the experts think will be popular, let me know if you have seen any predicted trends.

I hope you found this little feature interesting.


We had a lovely New Year's eve, we cooked a lovely Dinner together and watched Avengers Endgame, which took us almost to midnight, we saw the New Year in with a Cup of Tea!  The fireworks started and Harley got himself all worked up, which took us a while to resolve, he did eventually settle.  The funniest story of the past couple of days is about Bella,  Harley got a lovely new bed for Christmas, it sits proudly in the corner of the lounge, Harley keeps coming in, sniffing it and laying by the sofa on the floor, we think it's because most of the time Bella is spread across the whole bed, I think she know she isn't supposed to be in there, if you call her she just spreads out even further! Little Minx! 

I hope that you all had a lovely New Years Day,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-very interesting to read about colour trends plus other trends. We’ll have to see if the predictions are correct. The blue you have shown is lovely & my favourite colour.

    As another piece of tooth has just cracked off, my first job will be phoning the Dentist this morning!


  2. Very interesting article to read Blue is a real favourite of mine What I want to know is who/how decides what trend colours are going to be in the first place!
    I had a lovely quiet day I was supposed to be clearing/tidying craft room but it didn’t happen!
    I am just finishing an Edwards Crochet Doll Emporium figure for a friend I hope she likes it
    Take care all I hope the bruising is disappearing now that the anticoagulant injections have finished LYNDA and that you’re beginning to feel better
    I hope the meds are helping MARGARET and did you manage to get some sleep MARIA

    1. PS Quilting is something I’d like to try particularly English paper piecing (I think that’s what it’s called) I have already cut paper hexagons and have fabric from Aldi but just not got around to it - Maybe this year

  3. Morning ladies,

    I hope you enjoyed the first day of this new decade yesterday. we had tremendous fun at the Spirit and raised £950 for Children's Hospice South West. It was announced that yesterday was the 35th anniversary of when the Father & Son's football match became a village event. First run by my neighbour Den Lush, he and his 3 sons played in many of the first matches, it is now run by two sons, Neil and 'Woody, (Nick), plus a committee. The original funds were raised for village groups then as a whole we adopted the Children's Hospice as the main beneficiary.

    Would love the challenges to carry on Sandra.
    Not sure about who dictates what the next trend will be? I don't go along with them just to feed someone's ego or self importance.

    My dad has gone back into hospital again, my BIL finally reached me late evening. Must ring Mum later to find out what is happening now.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  4. Morning Everyone
    Very interesting reading re colours and trends.
    I didn't realise I was 'before the time' last year in that when I look at my favourites for last year I used a lot of blue-it is one of my favourite favourites lol.

    I have to get my knitting needles out as I've had a call from my Granddaughter telling me that 'Mrs Christmas' has been damaged and could I knit another one. So of course Nans always come to the rescue don't they.

    The CAFE is OPEN and back to usualhours so pop in when you can.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.Take care and stay safe.xxxx

  5. Hello All , very cold and windy here, “ cuts you like a knife “ as my Dad was fond of saying.

    Sandra love all the info on the coming trends, I was always told the colour prediction came from a team of international designers.
    I love that colour blue, and I must be in front for a change as I’m making my first quilt only have the boarders to do, and then the big thing , for me is the quilting.

    Michele epp is very easy, but as it’s hand sewn, so can’t manage that any more, lots of Utube demos.

    I’d loved to see the challenge continue, it keeps me card making, don’t mind repeat ideas.

    Just finished cleaning the bathroom, no cleaners this week, forgotten what a struggle it is.

    Lynda do hope you are on the mend, sending ge well wishes. Hugs Lilian

  6. Afternoon all.
    I like the colour blue. I interesting to read about the trends for this year.
    Michele- hope you get that tooth sorted and you not in any pain.
    Lynda- hope you are ok, big hugs for you and Terry.
    Pat- sounded like you had the house full, with dogs. I hope the fireworks didn't made them too nervous. Not nice for pets if they are too loud.
    Cheryl- hope your dad is alright and you get some answers after speaking to mum. Take care.
    Janet- what happened to Mrs Christmas, too many toddies ?:>)
    Karen- have fun with making a start on a quilting work. I'd like to finish a cross stitch this year but went wrong somewhere and it been put under the bed since some 11 years ago now (oh that's bad)
    I managed to have a better night from 2am and slept in until 9am. Have not done much today but hope to make some start on cards later. Postie came with some dies I ordered as my own x-mas present. OH don't know yet, 🙈
    Lilian- do take care, not too much cleaning and running around. I guess your cleaning lady is back soon. We are staying in today, so cold and wet outside, not nice at all but hope it gets better.
    Sending hugs to you all and try to have a good day whatever you are up too. Maria xx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Yesterday was a nightmare, I was trying to leave a message on the blog, after I lost my fifth comment I gave up. Google was just not ready to start the new year!

    I love all of the shades of blue. Like others I wonder who decides what will be the in colours, could it be that somewhere a company has amassed huge amounts of certain colours so they then say it’s the in colour.

    MICHELE did you manage to get that tooth sorted out?

    LYNDA hope the pain and discomfort are easier.

    I’m going to try and press publish, fingers crossed 🤞 Love Brenda xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    As blue is my favourite colour, especially the shades that are “in” this year I am delighted.
    Such pretty patterns too if the ones shown are anything to go by.
    It will be interesting to look back at the end of the year to see if our card making have been influenced.
    Sandra, it’s good to hear you all had a lovely New Year’s Eve too xx
    Brenda, I also wonder if the “in” colours etc. are overstocks too x
    Mum, one way or another we will get you crafting again this year. Love you xx
    Lynda, I hope you are feeling better each day x
    We had a late start to the day after a bad night of very broken sleep. I have done the laundry and waged up after dinner and now I must transfer the birthdays etc. onto this years calendar as I have only just thought about it! Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx