Tuesday 14 January 2020

Karen's amazing 'Wobble' Card

Good Morning Ladies,

It sounded like we all had that 'Monday' morning feeling yesterday, I'm never a fan of Monday's anyway but this week the Girls were both working too so the house was really quiet, chilly too, I do feel so wasteful heating the whole house when it's just me here, but I hate being cold and it seems to make me body seize up, I sat in my craft room for a while with a throw over my legs and a hot water bottle, it feels worse after you have been in the kitchen because the Aga kicks out so much heat, it's too much work to take all my craft stuff in there, I would be forever up and down.  I will usually 'make do' with hot water bottle etc until about 2.30pm and then I will go an advance the heating, it doesn't seem so bad when it's just an extra hour!  Paul just says to put it on and not worry but this house is huge and costs a lot to heat, I might look into getting a little heater of some kind for my craft room anyway, it has two windows and a tiny radiator and no carpet, the radiator is also the last one in the line from the boiler so it never seems as hot as the others, we'll see!

I was going to keep Karen's Wobble card for Saturday's post but I was just too excited to keep it to myself.  It's brilliant Karen you are just so talented when it comes to coming up with designs that will make a card 'personal' for someone, whether it's for a Hobby or Job or an achievement you get it spot on every time.
Karen's Description:

"This is the wobble card I have made
It is a leaving card and my “brief” was She works in Child Health So could I do something along those lines AND as a joke include a Buddha as she thinks everything is some way or another is connected to Buddhism
I used a Serif background and googled free cartoon children images I printed off a second sheet of children and cut them on ScanNCut to layer on top xx"
The Buddha is in the top left hand corner, (this is what I mean about Karen going that extra mile to really make a card special to it's recipient).

Karen did say after that she ordered some actual 'card wobblers' to make it easier next time, getting the weight right when making the wobble mechanism yourself is quite fiddly.
The other good thing about them is that they fold flat for postage!

Thank you so much Karen for sending your card in for us all to see, your description had us all intrigued. XXX

Sending hugs to all of you, extra large ones for our dear Lynda,

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Karen-your Card is absolutely amazing, it’s stunning & I’m sure the recipient was thrilled.
    Sandra-we have a couple of oil filled radiators which we use when we don’t want to hear the whole house & they’re brilliant. Efficient & not expensive to use. Might be worth considering.

    I have a meeting with my line manager this morning as she’s finally realised that we have a staffing problem-lots of staff just not enough trained to work in my area as it’s highly specialised & the initial basic training takes 6 months!


    1. Hope the meeting gets you results you need

  2. Morning
    A fantastic card KAREN. So unusal and really good fun.I'm sure the reciprient really loved it.

    Well it's my first K&N afternoon of the year and I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone.
    The weather isn't great wet and windy but it will be good crafting with others.

    The CAFE is OPEN -usual hours-so pop in for a cuppa and a chat.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.Take care and stay safe.

  3. Thank you for sharing my card The guy who asked me to make it thought it was brilliant So hopefully the recipient will too
    I’m like you SANDRA I sit at home with extra cardigans and scarves only because OH comes in and says it’s like a sauna in here! But again, like PAUL says to switch it on
    Although it’s a bit dark still it doesn’t look too windy here
    Big hugs all around xx
    PS I am going to Stamperama Stevenage on 16th Feb if anyone is interested It’s not the same as a Watford meet-up for chatting and crafting but it’s a great little show

  4. Morning ladies,

    Finally home from my sad family visit.
    Linda's funeral was as fun as her sense of humour, her two girls hit the right notes in organizing their mum's tribute.
    We walked in behind her to Pink's 'Let's Get This Party Started'.
    The Reflection of her life was with Aerosmith's 'Don't want To Miss A Thing' and the walk out was to Bob Marley's 'Jammin'.
    A beautiful service from the non-denominational pastor was so tear jerking at times but she took notes from Eddie and the girls and gave us a heart warming speech about her life.

    My other mummy's birthday is today so if the weather holds I will be visiting her later this afternoon. She is nearly 80 now bless her, if it wasn't for her and 'daddy' Rueben I don't know where I would be now. They took me in at the lowest point in my life and helped me see the way forward. Thank goodness I took their advice and lived with them for a while to get my act together. I could not have asked for better Godparents for my children.

    Busy day today with washing, using this new wonder ball with ceramic beads. I have been looking for non-chemical ways to launder and found this on the Internet. First lot is already on so will post my results later.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Wow what a wonderful card Karen. You are so clever at making your cards special for the recipient.
    The weather is awful today. I was going out to see friends today as Sandra asked me to come over on Wed this week. They wouldn’t have been expecting me so it didn’t matter that I stayed in in the warm instead. I succumbed and put the healing on just after lunch. So I sat and watched the snooker on BBC 2 instead.The ferry time of our holiday to the Isle of Man has been changed. Instead of us leaving Henley in Arden at 8.00am we’re leaving at 6.45, so a very early pick up once again from home. So I’m assuming they had a letter as well. I did pop down to Pat ( Peter friend ) as him and his wife popped into Oxford to get tickets to see Cabaret at the Theatre in Feb.
    I hope everyone stays safe in this awful weather if you have to go out. Gentle hugs to all those who are still feeling unwell.

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    A quick visit in between relatives houses.
    Karen your card is fantastic, I love the wobbly cartoon children and the little Buddha is a lovely touch. Thank you for sharing it with us x
    Sandra hope your thumb isn’t tooo bad my lovely xx
    Mum sending you love and hugs xx
    We are in a very wet and windy Devon catching up with Chris’s step brothers and families for a couple of days. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    About putting the heating on Sandra I feel for you, especially when you are in the house on your own. Our youngest daughter has a home office and doesn’t like to put the heating on when she is the only one in the house and working from home, like Michele she has on oil filled radiator and her office gets so snug and warm. It might be worth looking into for you.

    KAREN your card is fantastic, not surprised the guy who asked you to make it though it was brilliant as I’m sure Juliet did, including adding Buddha BRILLIANT. Not surprising you keep getting more requests for cards. xx

    Weather has been awful today so wet and really blustery, compared to most of you we are in a relatively sheltered area, I hope you are all safe and warm. As I’m typing daughter driving up to Halifax for work, needs to be there for an early start tomorrow. We did chat a short while ago, she should by now be on the M1 you never stop worrying about your children no matter what age they are.

    Take care everyone, Love Brenda XXX

  8. Hello All, really stormy here , we have a big table in our back garden , the wind picked it up as though it was made of paper, very scary, R has been away, so I’ve not ventured out.

    Karen fabulous card, love the wobbly people, very clever.

    Sandra do hope your thumb is getting better.

    Hugs to all, Lilian