Saturday, 16 June 2018

Mixed Craft Saturday

Gift Tag Tutorial

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

I have another video tutorial today, I know you must be sick of the sound of my voice by now but a video tutorial is the best way to show how easy these super cute little gift bags are.  They measure 4 inches by 4 inches, so they are a good size for popping some jewellery in or some sweets and a gift card, what girl doesn't like a hand bag?!

You will need a piece of card that measures 9inch x 4 inches
Score this along the long side at:                   4 ich and 5 inch

The bag side pieces measure: 1 1/2 inch x 5 inch
score along the long side at :  4 inch
and along the short side at   :  1/4 inch and 1 1/4 inch, also mark a tiny line at halfway point (3/4 inch)

The decorative papers were cut at 3 3/4 on both sides, but see the video for full details.

The rest of the Tutorial is easier to follow along with video rather than me trying to explain in text.  You will love how it turns out, you can use up small bits of decorative paper for this or from as little as a 6x6 pad.
I would love to see your designs, so remember to send them in!!!

Now onto your crafts and shopping.........


It was Harry's 4th Birthday this week, which I cannot believe, it barely seems five minutes since his 1st Birthday!  Anyway, Harry is a PJ Masks fan, (I think it is one of the popular Kiddies TV show at the moment).  So Lynda found some images and created that stunning card, I bet his eyes lit up when he opened it Lynda, you are so clever.  I honestly think that that gorgeous little boy will be a Model when he is older, he is such a handsome little chap with hair to die for!

Lynda's second project today is absolutely stunning, omg I love it so much, here is Lynda's description........
"It's just a frame from pound shop I covered the back with gesso then put a piece of pretty napkin it some slap it on over it. Stamped a few birds &cut them out glued on . Put some building wax on frame made bunch flowers. Easy peasy xx"

Lynda bought some stamps this week too, WOW that Lady stamping is stunning, I can't wait to see it given the 'Lynda' treatment!! 
A lovely sentiment stamp set which has a lovely Font, the other stamp set features two stunning Scenery stamps, I am really looking forward to seeing the cards you make with your new stamps Lynda 

Thank you so much for allowing me to share your card, stunning Frame and your shopping Lynda.


Karlie is Dannii's daughter, she is 13 and loves papercrafting, particularly Origami, she has sent me this absolutely gorgeous box that she has made using those beautiful 'Dreaming Florals' papers (picture above).  Karlie your box us so pretty, the two papers you have used work perfectly together.  Your box is beautifully made, your corners are so neat, you are a very talented crafter Karlie and I cannot wait to see more of your work, keep sending your projects in and I will gladly share them.           Thank you so much for allowing me to share your Box.


Michele treated her to some a couple of magazines yesterday, Love Cardmaking and the Apple Blossom Box Kit, (picture above), I think that treating yourself to a magazine is better than chocolate as a treat as it's great to click through but it can also be the thing that inspires your next great project.  That Apple Blossom mag is fantastic, you get loads for £12:99, I love the stamps and dies.                                    Those alphabet dies will be really useful Michele and that lattice effect background die is amazing, it gives a Tartan look to the card.

Michele made this absolutely gorgeous card for a colleague that was leaving yesterday, the lady was so thrilled she came over to thank Michele for her card, so kind and I think a little gesture like that is a huge boost to your confidence.           Thank you so much Michele for sharing your work and shopping.


Danielle and her family are going on holiday in just over a week and she decided to make an Album for her youngest Daughter Layla, she used "Grace Taylor' Forest Friends papers and accessories.   I will leave Dannii's explanation below.....................

"Were going on holiday in less then two weeks. My youngest daughter Layla has Autism so has a lot of repetitive behaviors. One being she can sit for hours looking at photos on my phone or laptop of our family over and over again not sure how she never gets board lol. So I thought I would make her an album to put some of our holiday pictures in. That way she can look at them when ever she likes. Layla loves animals most of all owls. I only had a bit of owl paper. Anyway here is how it turned out. She absolutely loves it." 
Thank you so much for allowing me to share your Album Danielle.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in today's blog post, I genuinely love these weekend posts that feature your work, shopping etc, I think it's one of the things that makes our blog great.  Thank you to all of you once again XXX                                One thing that is frustrating me with the blog right now is the mixed sized fonts, omg it's driving me crazy, it does it automatically and it won't let me change it!!!  So annoying!          I hope you all enjoy the video tutorial, I have really enjoyed making the videos, they are light-hearted and fun and hopefully informative and helpful in some way.      

 Have a lovely weekend ladies,

Love and Hugs



  1. Morning Everyone.
    Love everything that everyone has contributed this week. Such a variety of Saturday goodies.
    Off out shortly to get my nails done then later its our community Fayre which is always fun. We have an orphanage quite near by and the money raised goes to the children there.
    Sorry Sandra I forgot to send my cc photos through. Will do it later.
    Have a good Saturday everyone.
    Hugs to all.Valx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Great to se everyone’s crafty shopping & some really lovely projects-especially the gift box.

    The Apple Blossom box set has a new design All Occasions Embossing Folder plus the rest of the goodies which should work well wit the rest of the range. The Alphabet dies & the tartan background ones are EBay bargains (from China ).

    Well-of course we have rain today because I’m meant to be sat outside, under a gazebo trying to encourage anyone at the Summer Fun Day to make a Father’s Day Card!! I’m hoping the Social committee have got a back up plan.


    1. Oh I hope it clears up for yo of that they have a backup plan

  3. Great video SANDRA but your work did disappear off the screen sometimes lol! It must be so so hard to fit everything in etc
    Some lovely stuff on show today
    I especially like DANNII idea for her daughter It reminded me of the journal I wrote for our first BIG holiday because I wanted to remember every second LAYLA will love filling it up and looking back
    Your elder daughter’s origami is gorgeous
    OMG Harry’s 4! Great idea for his card Love the frame I have accumulated frames from jumble sales over the years to use for cross stitch I must root them out
    Great buys MICHELE No wonder you bought the magazine for THAT EF stamp
    Thank you ladies for your words of encouragement re my dad I’ve always been pleasant to his wife but she was very nasty to me and my sister when we were young and so I am very wary of her that’s all Had she been different I may well have been more accommodating So the latest is I don’t know how he is I rang the ward who said they didn’t have him Could she tell me if he’s been discharged or moved ward - No So left a message on his mobile (if it’s still valid) and their home number and nothing I will try again today
    We have sunshine here but also some black clouds Don’t know what I’m doing today I really shoul get on with some swear words
    Take care all

  4. Margaret Palmer16 June 2018 at 11:52

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra thank you for the video will look at it later & for showing all the goodies. Enjoy your
    Danni lovely book you have made for your
    Karlie you have inhereted your talent from Mum how lovely look forward to seeing more of your
    Lynda as always you have excelled with your card & frame, look forward to seeing what you make with your
    Michele you have some good buys as well & your card is kovely. Hope the sale goes well & children enjoy making their
    Karen hope you find out about Dad, you should be kept
    Maria sorry to hear about Mum & Dad hope you have better news soon…xxx
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  5. Wow ladies some great projects. Love the pj masks card. Thank you for sharing mine and Karlies projects. Have a lovely day all xx

  6. Lovely projects ladies and thank you so much for sharing my project and for your kind words. xx

    1. It was a pleasure Karlie, i can't wait to share more of your work xxx

  7. Seemingly my dad has been moved to a different ward - wasn’t told that! Apparently he’s been on oxygen too because of chest infection which they’ve stopped today - not told that either!
    Wife not sure whose mobile he’s got hers or his own but she has spoken to him today ...!

    1. It really isn't right that you don't get to know what's going on with your dad. Surely if she's phoned him today she knows who's number she rang!!!!
      You must be so frustrated Karen. Thinking of

    2. Hi Karen
      This is not good that you don’t know where your Dad is or what’s happening to him. As Val said if she’s rung him she must have known what number she’s rung.

  8. Hello everyone from a rather dull and soon rainy Bucks or I will have to go and water the pots and new planted plants in the border. I find the wind chilly, I so want to have the sun back.....
    Karlie- hi, I love the box. Such a pretty paper used. Love to see more of your work.
    Danielle- love the holiday memory book for your daughter. Look very tricky to make. Loads of spaces to put pictures from your holiday for her to look at later.
    Lynda- oh look at Harry. He is so cute, already 4, where did the time go ?
    Like the stamps a lot and the card and frame, wowsie !
    Michele- stay strong. Loke the Apple Blossom kit, very nice items this time. Love the die from ebay. Beautiful card too !
    My parents, back and forth to doctors and hospitals right now. So great to have the facetime and message possibilities we have these days to stay in contact but still worried. Family can be hard sometime to get along with so I feel for you Karen, hope you get to speak to your dad yourself.
    I hope your Saturday is ok and you have a good day as possible, take care. Many hugs Maria xxx

    1. Take care MARIA Hope you’re mum and dad get better soon

  9. Hello everyone, cold,wet and windy here today, still it saves watering.

    Mr Arthritis has been with me today, bad knee and hip.

    Lovely crafts and shopping on show today.

    Have only done my ironing today, plus my card for challenge, not sure if I’ve done the same one before, hope not.
    Will look forward to seeing all the cards tomorrow, really look forward to opening up on Sunday. Hugs to all Lilian

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Lovely mixed craft Saturday.
    Love the book you made for Layla Danni.
    Hasn’t Harry grown Lynda. Love his curls.

  11. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Sandra love your bag & Video thank you.
    DANNII I love your holiday book for Laylor she will love looking at all the holiday pictures KARLIE I love your box the papers are really pretty you have made it perfect. Thank you for sharing.
    MICHELE love all your shopping especially the Die from China.i might look for that.Thank you all for your kind comments on my card,shopping & frame.
    We have been out all day went to HernBay weather was quit warm with a warm wind so very pleasant. Took 8🐾 We had fish & chips very nice then had a slow walk. On the front.Then back to the car only been home half hour.
    OH just made a cup of tea. Have a good evening Hug's
    Love Lynda xx

  12. I don’t believe it I have just lost TWO long comments. I’m going to keep this brief- just in case.!!
    Brilliant display ladies.
    Hope you have all had a good day .
    Love Brenda xxx