Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Hilarious card from Karen

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and enjoying the sunshine, I love to see it and I like to sit out later in the afternoon and evening when it's cooler. It's lovely to sit and eat our dinner outside, this is the first house that we have had a garden that we have 'wanted' to sit out in.

Now you remember a couple of weeks back I had a bit of an incident or 'incedents' with frogs?
We still aren't sure whether the cats bought it in or if it made its own way in through the Patio doors, we have a lot of wooded areas in the garden that are consistently damp so I guess it's a haven for frogs.
In case any of you missed the post I stumbled upon a frog in the lounge, that Milo was playing with, which I bravely ejected after I had calmed down and composed myself.  I thought that was the end of it until we were in bed that night, I wondered what Milo was playing with in the corner of my bedroom at about 2am, when I shined a light on him, it was another BLOODY FROG!!!
I had put the whole incident to the back of my mind until the postman arrived on Thursday last week....

I was excited to see a personal card (rather than Bills or Junk mail), so I hurried to open it and got the surprise of my life.......3 Hilarious looking Frogs, you couldn't do anything but laugh could you.
I then opened the card and read the Brilliantly funny verse that Karen's hubby wrote, he is a flippin Genius Karen, do you use his services often????

Karen, thank you so much, we have had a hellish few weeks of worry and stress, with A Levels, strange and scary Lumps, Mum being rushed into hospital and then to cap it all last week Matt being admitted Tuesday and kept in until Sunday.  
Your card made both Paul and I laugh, something that we hadn't done for some days, I have kept the card on the side in my bedroom and every time I look at it I smile.  
Such a thoughtful thing to do, they say that laughter is the best medicine and I believe it is, I think I am going to maybe do a 'RAK' card Challenge, where you just make a card and send it to somebody for no particular reason, a Random Act of Kindness can really make a difference to somebody's day, it certainly did ours.

Lucy's appointment went well, your prayers and positive thoughts helped, its a benign Tumor, that we now have to keep an eye on the size of.  I think you could actually physically see the relief in both Paul, Myself and Lucy, she was most relieved that she didn't need a Biopsy or any needles!  Thank you all so very much for keeping us in your thoughts.

Have a lovely day ladies, tomorrow I am sharing my first Christmas card !!!

Love and Hugs to all,



  1. Morning everyone.
    Oh this card is wonderful hihihi sorry but it has made my day to see these three smiling frogs and the verse that Karen's hubby have put together is brilliant, well done.
    Glad that Lucy is fine, you must have been so worried. How have you done with the strap, when will you hear back with the results ?
    Have some house cleaning to do and tidying up, SIL is coming up early tomorrow to go with me to Bon Marche' and then we meeting the hubby's for Brunch.
    Went to bed 1am this morning and woke up again at 3 and have been sitting reading a book by Maeve Binchy since. It's over 900 pages long but easy read so shouldn't take too long to finish Lol
    I will have a go at some time today to make a x-mas card for the cc, mojo is coming back,slowly.
    Very quiet from my parents so must see if I can get hold of them later as well.
    Pat- hope Pete is feeling better. Sending extra hugs for you, Lilian, Karen and Michele.
    Have a nice day all and if you just popped in do stop and say Hi.... many hugs, Maria xxx

    1. Thank you MARIA Sorry to read you’re not sleeping too well I’m a huge fan of Maeve Binchy But. I don’t read very much these days except the freebie books on my phone

    2. Hi Maria
      I’m also a huge fan of Maeve Binchy. However, I think I’ve read all of her books. Such a shame she died but I’m not to sure if any other books were in the pipeline.
      Hope the news is good when you manage to contact you Mum and Dad. Have a great day with your SIL.
      Hope you manage to sleep better tonight.

  2. Morning everyone
    .from Marigny

    It was really far too hot yesterday to sit outside so it was a day in after visiting our friends.

    KAREN- I love love love your card. It certainly is a make you smile and your Hubby is very well versed.e

    From me being 2 until I was 7 we lived in the middle of a beautiful wood with only carttracks to get to us and we had the most lovely quite large fishing pond at the side of our 'one up and one down' house. Needless to say when the waters raised in the pond the frogs would all come onto the land and it wouldn't be the first time that we would arrive home to find the downstairs room (kitchen/living etc)floor covered in frogs. Oh and of course we didn't have any sort of mains power only a paraffin lamp to light the room so Dad was always the first to enter. I can see him now with a shovel clearing out the frogs while we waited outside. We (me and my sister) of course always brought frog spawn up to the house and was always told we could only keep them until the back legs began to form. I cannot remember how many times we said 'yes' and then of course forgot! hehehe

    SANDRA- lovely to have good news for a change. Hugs on their way to LUCY.

    I really have to make a start on my CC today no matter how hot it's going to get.

    HUGS are winging their way to you all. Have a good day everyone and don't forget the sun cream.xxxx

    1. Hello Janet, reading your story about frogs and frogspawn reminded me of my cousin John when he was little boy he had taken home some frogspawn and his mother insisted he take it outside the house. Wanting to keep them in water John climbed onto a flat roof over the kitchen and deposited the frogspawn in the water tank up there. Needless to say his mum was non-too pleased when they started coming out of the tap!

    2. Thank you JANET I don’t like frogs I don’t like frogs and remember my mum talking about walking to school and the paths and roads being covered in frogs So much do you couldn’t see an inch of pavement

    3. Lovely frog stories ladies. We have them in our garden. Mostly covered by sand. Our 4 grandchildren used to come down and look around the garden to find them.

  3. Morning Ladies

    Karen-whatbs fantastic Frog Card, love the verse too!

    Sandra-so glad Lucy’s appointment went okay. Fingers crossed there is no surgery required.

    Yesterday was absolutely awful at work so I was very glad when it was time to finish. I have a different sort of day today (still busy) -two meetings (not formal ones luckily) then I have someone’s PDR (Personal Development Review) or Appraisal as they used to be called. Plus I have to go through everyone’s training file ready gir our Audit next Wednesday. I’m looking forward Friday as I’ve booked the day off to make a long weekend.


    1. Thank you MICHELE I hope your day is calmer

    2. Wow Michele, you are going to have a busy day. I hated doing appraisals when I was at work. Enjoy your long weekend.

  4. Thank you SANDRA for showing my card I’m glad it brought a little smile

    OH writes some lovely poetry mainly in my birthday and anniversary cards and sometimes in valentines cards So he’s not used to writing for “other people” but I think he did OK - so no I don’t use his “services” very often!

    I am sooooo pleased LUCY’s appointment went OK Such a relief Now that MATT’s Home and the exams over I hope you can now relax a bit

    I spoke to my dad yesterday He’s OK and managing to walk a bit further He watched the England game on Sunday So I said to remind them again for tomorrow

    Our Award Ceremony was hilarious The funniest one was at the very end Our General Manager was banging on that he hoped he was going to win The Best Former Assistant Director award (AD is the old name for GM) He proudly announced to the whole team on Monday that he was now having to wear glasses and when his name was read out as a nominee for the Spec-tacular Award his eyes lit up Of course all the nominees wore glasses Nobody twigged until his prize was a huge pair of joke sunglasses

    I hope to do cc tonight as I was out yesterday I hope everyone is OK You know I think of you even if ai don’t make a special comment Take care xx

    1. Hi Karen
      Loved the frog card you sent to Sandra. Clever OH doing poetry. Funnily enough Craig Pete’s son ( a teacher ) whose a Science Teacher gad to give a Poetry Lesson for a new job. I asked him the age group it was for. 5 yr olds he said. Well I’ve never heard of a school teaching poetry to 5 yr olds. But OH did very well.

  5. Hi everyone
    Great frog card Karen and such a clever verse.x
    SANDRA so pleased Lucy's appointment went OK. Such a relief. Glad Matt is home. Hopefully you can all start to relax now.x
    I woke up with a terrible head ache on Monday. By lunchtime I had the wavy lines in front of my eye and went to bed. I don't get migraines very often but it was a really bad one.Yesterday I just sat around as I felt so drained. Still not feeling so good today but out at crib later so I'd better get moving.
    Will catch up with yesterdays comments later.
    Have a good day everyone.x

    1. Thank you VAL I hope the migraine has eased

    2. Hi Val
      I hope your migraine has eased throughout the day.

    3. Hope you had a better day, sending you healing hugs xxx

  6. Hi All, a lovely bit if breeze today.

    Sorry didn’t get in yesterday had another bad day, maybe did too much in the garden the day before.

    More blood tests today, shan’t have much left at this rate.

    Karen a great card, can relate to it after my frog experience the day before.

    Yes Janet we used to collect frog spawn from the stream. Dad had an old tin bath too collect rainwater and we used too keep them in that, he never minded them as he said they kept the slugs clear, no pellets in those days.

    Sandra so pleased Lucy’s hospital was ok, think you all need a bit of R&R.

    Have a lovely day all, hugs Lilian.

    1. Thank you LILIAN Take care

    2. Take care Lilian. I do hope your feeling a bit better this evening.

  7. Morning ladies,

    Thank goodness you now have prognosis for Lucy, the worry can now fall from your overladen shoulders Sandra.

    A hilarious card and so apt for your predicament.
    Fantastic verse Karen from your hubby, it made me chuckle.

    Was looking forward to an early morning dip until I saw the clouds of dust and noise coming from some kind of machine. I think one of my bottom garden neighbours are having a slabbed patio laid. This noise has been going on for two days now and I am getting quite annoyed with it as my headache is getting worse. I might go down and have a chat with the workers to see if they could use water to keep the dust down as it smells too.
    Soapbox back in the corner.

    I have/had a load of jewellery in little bags, didn't know what to do with it all until the lightbulb flashed when I decided to make envelopes for them and ended up sorting out some from my envelope draw (all the odd sizes that never seem to fit any card that I have made), and they now contain the jewellery to add to my lucky dip bags.

    Cuppa time so will pop in later to see what you have done today.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Thank you CHERYL Hope it’s warmed up for you to have a dip
      I hope you have success with the builders

    2. Hi Cheryl
      I hope your chat with your neighbours worker is successful. Hope the headache clears.

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I love this card, It is just perfect for Sandra and your predicament she was in, it really made me smile. Well done Karen and other half
    Pleased everything went well yesterday for Lucy, hopefully now you can all start to relax and recharge those exhausted batteries. XX
    Out to lunch today again with my teacher friends, should be a lovely catch up one friend is even coming up from Bognor, we only get to see her a couple times a year but it’s always lovely to do catch up.
    Will do friends must get a wiggle on, will pop in later.
    Hope you’re all having a good day, love and hugs Brenda XXX

    1. Thank you BRENDA Enjoy your lunch

    2. I hope you enjoyed your lunch Brenda. It’s lovely to catch-up with old workmates. One of outperform ladies moved to Ipswich and we see her when she visits Oxford. Another friend has not long moved to Dawlish, but comes back quite often as her children still live in Witney.

  9. Margaret Palmer27 June 2018 at 12:01

    Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra what a lovely card from Karen her OH with the verse. Thank goodness Lucy had good news yesterday now hopefully you can all
    Sorry café is late opening this morning, I have had several phone calls & have to wait for Pop for get laptop & table for me, that is the most frustrating part of recovery having to ask for everything, only another 3 weeks to go!!! Anyway café is now open waiting for you to join me.
    Hope you all have a lovely day, enjoy the sunshine.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Thank you MARGARET I bet 3 weeks feels like forever Won’t be long now

  10. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    Wow KAREN what a wonderful card and hubby is so clever at writing this perfect personalized verse. I bet his verses in your cards bring a tear to your eye. Your awards night sounds like great fun. Did you win anything? Its good to hear that your Dad is improving daily now x
    SANDRA I can just imagine both you and Pauls faces on receiving this unexpected RAK card from Karen at such a stressful time. I was so happy for Lucy, and you of course, on the outcome of her appointment yesterday. Hopefully you have had the last of bad times now and can catch up on some much needed sleep my lovely. I'm not surprised that you want to be in your garden as it is so pretty. Every week I notice something new starting to flower and the roses smell and look beautiful. You deserve to sit back and enjoy it all xx
    LILIAN how funny that you were startled by a frog. I think we will all think of Sandra each time we see a frog from now on. I hope you feel better as the day goes on after another blood test. The Blood donor sketch always springs to mind when the docs want more and more blood. I hope the results are good for you x
    VAL, I hope you are finally over the migraine on Monday. Good luck at Crib x
    MARIA I hope you are feeling a bit better today and the news from Mum and Dad is as good as possible X
    BRENDA I hope you have a lovely lunch and catch up with your friends today X
    CHERYL.Our whole village is a building site so there is always heavy machinery going causing a fine layer of debris all over the house and cars. Officially due to health and safety guidelines any type of building work involving dust of any sort has to be kept to a minimum with the use of water to keep it damped down so good luck when you have a chat to them. You have been busy with your stall preparations. Don't forget to share some pics with us please X
    JANET your early childhood home sounds wonderful in so many ways, I wonder how your Mum felt about having so many frogs visiting though! I hope you have got the important jobs done by now so you can sit back and relax now X
    MICHELE. You will be ready for your long weekend by the sound of it after a busy time at work X
    LYNDA, I hope some more injections work for you. How much longer do you have the extra 4 paws for? X
    MUM I hope the cross stitch is nearly finished now. Love to you and Pop xxxx
    ISorry if I have forgotten anyone.
    I had a very quite day yesterday after a few busy days caught up with me. The girls have their school sports day which goes on after the usual school hours so we won't be swimming today so I don't have an excuse not to get all of the ironing mountain finished 😕 Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need
    Take care xx

    1. Thank you SUE
      Yes his poems are so personal that they do bring a tear to my eye He won’t admit it but he is quite the romantic

  11. Hello Sandra & Ladies
    KAREN I love your frog card so funny & you OH what a brilliant verse.
    SANDRA hope you & Paul & of cause Lucy can now relax so very pleased for her. You must have all been worried sick with the long wait for appointment too.
    Sending you all Big Hug's.xx Hope Matt's doing ok too.x
    SUE we have xtra 4paws until Saturday. Will miss her she is so lovely & gets on really well with our 8 paws.🐾🐾
    MARIA sorry you've had another sleepless night but good you can read your book. Doesn't that make you tired.
    Weather is a lot cooler today in fact I'm quite cold after roasting yesterday crazy weather. We are going to take 8 🐾 paws out soon.
    Finished one CC sent to Sandra but going to make another one later.
    Must try & start some pages in my journal. Also try & use some of my Groove plates I've had for ages. So many things I haven't used yet.
    Well better take dogs out for a walk otherwise day will be gone.
    Hug's for everyone xx
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda
      It’s a shame you don’t live closer to us. We could have done Groovi together. I’ve quite a few plates now and you could have used them. It wasn’t so warm here this morning, quite cloudy in fact. But this afternoon the sun came out and it’s quite hot again.
      Hope you and 8 paws enjoyed your walk.

    2. Thank you LYNDA I hope the walk went well It is really hot here after a much colder start this morning

    3. Hi Pat thank you that would have been great you could give me some Groovi lessons. Hope Pets feeling better. Hug's xx

    4. KAREN walk went well thanks they are all good & come back when called xx

  12. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Great news that Lucy had one of those cysts thinks. Can’t remember what you called it Fibroadenoma ( just remembered ). As you said if it grows to 4cm they’ll remove it. However as they said it was 3.8 you’d have thought they’d have done that anyway.
    Great card Karen. I’ve seen it in the flesh so to speak.