Sunday, 19 March 2017

Your Challenge cards

Your Challenge Cards

Good Morning Ladies,
Welcome to our usual Sunday morning blog, featuring
Your amazing Challenge Cards.
This weeks Challenge was to take one Stamp or Die set
And make both an Any occasion card and a Christmas card, 
Let me tell you that you all did an amazing job, i was absolutely
Blown away additional opened your emails this week.

First up are the cards i made to Inspire you, i used Stampin' Up
'Swirly Scribbles Thinlit Dies' to create the main part of my cards.

Karen's​ Challenge cards

Karen has used Sue Wilson's Shadow Box Collection to create both
Of her amazing cards, the Baby card is the 'New Arrival' set, i believe Karen 
Has created the Christmas card by using Tattered Lace 'Advent Calendar' dies to fill the Shadow Box, 2 fantastic cards Karen, thank you so much xxx

Janet's Challenge Cards

Janet has used a pretty floral Frame die to create both of her 
Cards, when i saw the Christmas card my brain told me it was 
Poinsettia​ Frame die, but on the birthday card I didn't see Poinsettia, 
I just saw a pretty flower frame, maybe it's all physcological (or I'm crazy)
Either is plausible!!! 
Either way Janet has created two fantastic cards, just the change of 
Background, sentiment and colour and voilà !! 
Thank you so much Janet xxx

Michele's Challenge cards

Michele has created two sets of cards for this weeks Challenge.
First servers made using Stampin' Up! 'Swirly Scribbles Thinlits'​
A really lovely corrugated background for the birthday card, using the Swirly Circle 
With a few little blossoms, such a cute card.  The Christmas card used the same
Die but with a Festive Background and the addition of a sprig of Holly.!
That die set is SO versatile !!!
The second pair sees almost identical cards, the difference being the embossing folders and the sentiment in the stars.  
Thanks Michele a perfect representation of the challenge!

Brenda's Challenge Cards

Brenda has used the Tim Holtz  'Crazy Birds' stamps and dies 
For her Challenge cards this week, how funny is that bird Character?!
I love his quiff !! Haha, he looks like a 'Rockabilly Robin' don't you think?
Just a change of colour, background and embellishments and you 
Can see how fantastically this set works for both occasions.
It is such a funny set too, i can think of so many people i could send these
To, i think i might add them to my neverending list!
Thank you Brenda, so much for taking part 

Margaret's Challenge cards

Margaret has used the same pretty Circle Frame die for both cards,
The Christmas card has a beautiful pine cone background paper, which
I absolutely love, those pine cones look really 3D! A Christmas sentiment 
and some festive trees finish the Christmas theme.
The same die, this time with a pretty floral background and a 'Just 
For You' sentiment work equally as well to create a pretty card
That would really brighten somebody's day!
Thank you so much Margaret

Lynda's Challenge Cards

Lynda has used the same beautiful flourish die for both of her
Cards, the first card has a beautiful Butterfly die cut
And some pretty gem stones finish a pretty birthday card.
A pretty festive background and some stars 
Instead of butterfly make a fantastic Christmas card.
Thank you so much Lynda 

Sonia's​ Challenge Cards
Sonia has made two absolutely stunning cards using HoneyDoo Flower 
Fountain stamp set, I absolutely love what you have done with both cards,
An absolutely genius idea to die cut the Christmas flowers to create a
Christmas card, as the flourish works perfectly for both.
The purple card is simply AMAZING!!!
I love every single thing about this card, One of your best i think,
Your 'Mojo' is well and truly back ! 
Lovely to have you back back on the line up !
Thank you 

Lilian's Challenge Cards

Another set of HoneyDoo cards, this time from Lilian,
What a coincidence!!!
Two totally gorgeous cards, this time the Floral Crest stamp has
been used by to create both cards, this time it's purely the colour 
that creates the difference between the two cards, well and the sentiment
Of course! 
I love that orange colour Lilian, so pretty! 
Thank you so much Lilian 

Well you have to agree, that is one incredible line up of cards!
Thank you so very much Ladies

I am off to sort tomorrow's challenge now, hhhmmm
What to choose ??????

Have a lovely Sunday ladies 

Love & Hugs



  1. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    Such a wonderful collection of CC's for us to enjoy today. Each and everyone is beautiful and it is so good to see Sonia's gorgeous cards amongst them all, your mojo has certainly started to work again 😊 Thank you all for sharing your fabulous cards with us 😊
    Sandra, I hope you and Paul have managed to move the unit in your craft room without causing you any extra pain my lovely x
    Cheryl, what a beautiful idea to have a trophy in Pete's name and I'm sure the winner will treasure it. May you manage to find the material very soon and understand and sympathise with your frustration x
    Maria, please see the doctor to get treatment for your conjunctivitis dear friend. Sending big gentle hugs for you x
    I hope everyone has escaped damage from the stormy weather. It was bad during the night here, the wind has dropped now but it's rather dull at he moment. I'm having a lazy day and hope you all have a good one whatever you do. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Pat and all in need. Take care xx

  2. Morning ladies,

    A gorgeous plethora of stunning cards to brighten up a dull start to this Sunday. You talents are totally amazing in the different designs. Pat on the back to you all.

    Last night's party went with a swing. Unfortunately the winner of Pete's Trophy was away on holiday so could not be there. The school is arranging a little surprize for her for the presentation to be at the school when she returns. I had the honour to give a little speech about Pete's involvement with the Panto and his Trophy and to present the second prize.
    Today is one of reflection for my family and myself. It is the fourth anniversary of his passing from our lives. We are taking him his floral tribute before lunching at the Friendly Spirit.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Thinking of you especially today Cheryl. Xxx

    2. Hi Cheryl
      What a shame the recipient of the new trophy in Petes honour was unable to collect while you were there. I hope you all have a lovely meal together after taking some flowers on the anniversary of his death
      Hugs on there way to you.

    3. Hello Cherrelle,
      Thinking of you on this very special day, it's lovely your family all get together to celebrate Peter life. Hugs Brenda xx

    4. Sorry CHERYL predictive text took over there and sleepy and I didn't spot it XX

    5. Hi Cheryl,
      Thinking of you on this special day, how lovely that all the family

    6. Hi Cheryl, my thought are with you and the family today.

  3. What a dazzling array of cards! As SANDRA has said - a change of colour/sentiment and a card looks so different MICHELE that was very clever - exactly the same card but using a different EF
    Good to see SONIA's cards
    Thank you for your kind words on my craft area It may have looked organised BUT it truly isn't
    I hope your eyes are clearing up MARIA
    Have you noticed that HOCHANDA don't seem to be advertising Ally Pally ... Last time it felt like they were plugging it every 5 minutes...

    1. I would love some of the baby sentiments please Karen xxx

  4. Morning Ladies

    What a fantastic collodion challenge cards-they're all so lovely.

    Karen-where did you get the sentiment die from you used on the baby card?

    Lilian-your stamping is fantastic , wish I was that good.

    Well-it's windy again here & just started raining..again. Looks like it will be a craft room day after the housework is done.


    1. It's Sue Wilson - part if her New Arrivals collection I have both It'a Boy If you want me to cut any for you let me know - that goes for any of you ladies

    2. I use the Misty stamping tool, expensive but well worth it as stamping is my main love.

  5. Morning Everyone
    We seem to be heading back into Winter here instead of running into Spring in a couple of days time. It's wet, windy and cold. Where has that lovely spring like weather gone we had a few days ago.

    Another fantastic array of CCs this week and so so different. I find it amazing that with just a different colour and sentiment a card can be so different. Our display board is just awash with happiness.

    We're off to Christina's today so as usual it will be lunch in Bakewell and then on to Hognaston for the afternoon. It will definitely be an afternoon sat in her warm kitchen around the table with her two beautiful collies visiting each one of us to see who will feed them pieces of 'Fat Rascals'.

    The CAFE is ready for visitors today. The counter is well stocked with goodies (all calories removed of course) and the heating is on so everyone will receive a very warm welcome in every way.
    Hugs to you all and enjoy your day. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      I hope you have a lovely day with Christina.

    2. Hello Janet, enjoy your drive down to Derbyshire and a lovely visit to Christina's and all her a,nimals/ pets xxx

  6. Hi Sandra
    I wonder if you managed to move the unit into your craftroom.
    Ladies what a stunning array of cards today. How clever Brenda to use your crazy birds for Christmas cards. I'm hoping your going to cut me some and bring to Ally Pally if it's not to much trouble. I'll go back later and study them in more detail.
    I succumbed yesterday and bought some cough medicine from the chemist yesterday, as I still have this blasted cough.

    1. Hi Pat, I have them stamped ready for you. just need to die cut them, I was going to post them to you. Just in case I forgot ( even worse, damaged them ) wIll get them to you this week. xx

  7. Good morning Sandra and everyone who stops by the coffee shop today,

    Ladies, don't you just love opening this blog on Sunday mornings, I love to see everyone's interpretation of Sandra's challenge card. This week you have certainly done her proud, two cards from everyone and four from Michelle, (what a star) Sonia I love your lilac / purple card it really stands out.

    Hope everyone has a good day, Love and hugs Brenda XXX

    1. Hi Brenda
      Love the colouring you've used on your crazy birds. Great to see them on Christmas cards.

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies.

    OMG I'm blown away this Sunday morning I'm still cosied up in bed. Ooooohing and ahhhhing at all the stunning and creative cards u have all done.
    I do love those crazy birds tho every time I see them here I get a smirk on my face lol.

    Honestly tho ur all a really talented bunch. Love to all xx

    1. Hi Tracey
      Yes, those crazy birds are so cute.

  9. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a lovely lot of cards again thanks to you, they are well all so different, lovely to see Sonia with her mojo back. Look forward to what you come up with for
    Maria please see Dr about your eyes or at least pharmacist, it is about time it started to clear. Sending healing
    Lynda hope you can persuade Terry to get his leg looked at, sending
    Pat hope the medicine helps your cough, all the worry is not helping, take care hugs on
    I hope to have a sort out of all my craft stuff & put it in some new plastic units I bought from The Range, I think Karen has the same ones, at least that's the plan.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Thanks for the hugs Margaret. I also hope the cough medicine helps. We had a small independent pharmacy in Witney ages ago. They used to make up their own cough medicine and it always worked. Never quite so sure about the branded ones. We shall see.

  10. Lovely cards love the birds and the whirl
    Bitter cold here today
    Elizabeth Bennett

  11. Hi Sandra and everyone. Wow, such a fantastic selection of beautiful cards today. Just goes to show how versatile our crafting stash can be. This was a fabulous challenge Sandra and certainly helped me get back into it. I think one of the reasons my mojo went awol was simply the fact that I felt I had exhausted most of my dies and stamps and didn't really know what to do differently with them. The stamp used was a new purchase, but I shall definitely be looking at all my others to see how I can use them for more occasions than just what they are intended for. Thank you for everyone's kind comments, really means a lot 😊
    Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow's challenge will be.
    Cheryl, thinking of you and your family today x
    Hope everyone is having a good day. Sending hugs to all xxxx

  12. Hi Sonia
    I love these Honeydoo Stamps. I've bought a couple of them which I haven't used yet. However seeing your cards I'm definitely going to have a play.

    1. Thank you Pat. The Honey Doo stamps are lovely and the images stamp so well. Wish I had bought some more now 😊 Hugs xxx

  13. Hello All, hasn't it gone cold?, also wet and windy.

    Lovely cards today, all so different, it certainly makes you think out side the box,
    Looking forward to seeing what you have for us tomorrow.

    Roast chicken for dinner tonight, so I'd better get a move on, hugs to all Lilian

  14. Hi Sandra & everyone
    I love all the challenge cards today your ALL gifted ladies. I wasn't very pleased with mine as they were a last minute rush. Brenda I have those angry birds but still haven't used them yet so must hunt for them out & Make it my next project.
    I have been tidying my craft room but didn't get very far as wanted to get my SIL birthday card done but it ended up in the bin & craft room is even more messy now oh well another day tomorrow. My crafty mind isn't playing nice I have my worried head on. MARIA hope your eyes are not as painful today How is your leg are you still in pain with that. Sending massive Hug'sxx
    Cheryl hope today was a good day & good you had all your family with you. Celebrating & taking flowers for Pete on the 4th anniversary of his death.Big Hug's xx
    PAT hope the cough medicine works for you. It's so draining isn't it. Big Hug's xx
    Sandra hope you & Paul managed to rearrange your craft room & make's it better for you.
    Love & Hug's Lynda xx