Saturday, 25 March 2017

Mixed Up Saturday

 Mixed Up Saturday

Good morning Ladies,
Welcome to another 'Mixed Up Saturday'

First up ........

Karen's Chocolate Bar Wrapper Tutorial

The Wrapper i shared on Thursday

Karen's Christmas Wrapper

The Tutorial

Here goes

1) Select chocolate bar. This one actually had a paper wrapper but it doesn't have to be.Measure length of wrapper and circumference of wrapper and add 5cm. Imy case 15cmx23cm

2) Choose background paper, patterned, stamped etc and cut to size. It needs to be paper, card is too stiff

3) Choose appropriate dies, as my background paper (which I'd coloured turquoise in Serif to match the foiling) I used Sue Wilson's Let it Snow. I cut this from white card that had a sticky sheet adhered to it. Covered the die cut with MCS glitter.
Tags are Sue W Pierced Flags . I backed the patterned one with white card to strengthen it

4) I wrapped the paper around the chocolate bar and stuck with tape. 

5) Add decorations

If I'd thought more about it I think I would have shadowed the "Let it Snow" with navy or something.

I don't know if this helps, it really does depend on the size of the chocolate bar as to dimensions etc. I'm going to try another one with a Kit Kat as the wrapper is red and decorate it with poinsettia 

Lots of love
Thank you so much for taking the time to create that Fantastic Tutorial
Karen, it explains really clearly how to create one of these
Amazing Wrappers, this will definitely be on my 
'To Do' list, thanks again

Next up .......

Ciara's Mother's Day Card

Ciara has used Brenda's new Stampin Up 'Avant Garden' stamp set
To make this absolutely beautiful Mother's Day Card.
Ciara, your stamping is better than mine, you are a 'natural' when it
Comes to designing and making cards, I absolutely love how 
You have used this stamp set, your Mummy will love her card.
Thank you for letting me share it with everyone 

Janet's Easter Cups

Janet looked back to the 'Mug'  tutorial i did last year to create these two amazing
Mugs for Easter Eggs, Janet I love the card that you have chosen for your mugs,
That pretty blue one with those cute little flowers reminds me of a
Wedgewood Mug we have, it's so pretty.  The brown and Gold 
Mug looks perfect for those pesky men! 
Thank you so much Janet 

Well that's it for this week, please share photos of any Chocolate Wrappers of Mugs
That you make, it would be lovely to see them.

Pat, I hope Pete's op went well, hugs to you both xxx

Val, hope you are on the mend too my lovely xxx

Hugs to all of you 


  1. Morning Ladies

    Karen-I just love your chocolate wrappers, might have to try making one.

    Ciara- your card is absolutely gorgeous, you are very talented.

    Janet-the Egg mugs are brilliant, really great idea.

    I'm so glad that working week is over-it's been truly horrendous & all I'll say is the Contractors haven't left!!!
    All I managed to do last night was put 2 lots of washing in the machine as it was nearly 8pm when we were eating . Today we have glorious sunshine (again)-frost on the ground but it's going to be another lovely day. Quick visit to Southport then we have 2 large units (bookcase & glass display cabinet) to empty as we've sold them and they're being picked up tomorrow morning.


  2. Morning Everyone
    Yes we have sunshine again this morning. Fingers crossed that it stays like it did yesterday.

    KAREN- Thank you for your wrapper tutorial. It will certainly come in handy for Easter bars instead of eggs.

    CIARA- it's some time since we saw one of your beautiful cards but I think this is your best so far. You have definitely caught your Nan's gene for crafting. Your card is just beautiful and I know how much your Mum is going to love it. Thank you for allowing us to see it.

    I said yesterday that that I wanted to do something for Easter and remembered that tutorial SANDRA gave us last year for the mugs. They are so so easy to make and don't take oodles of time either. I'm going to try and make a larger one. I also thought that they could be useful if Sandra decides to do this week's Challenge including the usual card.

    Off to Meadowhall this morning and then I think this afternoon may be busy.

    The CAFE is ready and waiting for you all. HUGS to you all with a few extra one for PETE. Hope everything went well yesterday. xxxx

  3. Morning everyone,

    Love the chocolate wrappers and the Easter Egg mugs Michele and Janet. Super way to give an inexpensive gift.

    Sunshine is pouring through my windows as we speak.
    My poor joints seem to have frozen up though, not a good sleep last night either. Every time I go for tests, they say nothing is wrong. Well as this is getting worse progressively, I do believe they may be incorrect, something is definitely amiss somewhere.

    Pat, if you have time to pop in, I hope everything went well for Pete and he is now feeling a bit chirpier. Gurt squashy hugs for you both.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  4. I dis visit yesterday but I think my comment went into the black hole
    Firstly a few WOW's! SANDRA - the wallet you made for Josh was stunning and I'd love to see a tutorial I wonder if Sheena Douglas' faux leather would work?
    Your card is gorgeous CIARA the stamping, composition, colours are superb
    And JANET I love the mugs Years ago I had a go at making Easter Eggs (only once - not easy) and would have needed something as pretty as these to place them in - I need to have a go at making one
    Thank you SANDRA for showing my little tutorial
    Lovely sunny day here Hope it warms up My bones needs some heat and sunshine
    I hope PETE is doing well Big hugs to everyone xx

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Loving the tutorials very handy. Will Def try the choccie wrapper. Love it!!!!

    Well the shop is bouncing today along with my mountains of flowers and plants. Boss is due in shortly and I'm already running down lol
    So been sent for lunch before she arrives xx

  6. Hello Sandra and everyone, and

    KAREN, Thank you for the tutorial for making the chocolate bar wrapper, it is certainly one that is going to be very useful addition to our creativity file. It just perfect for that small gift and makes saying thank you that little extra special. Thank you again for taking the time and trouble to explain this so clearly. LOL

    JANET, I had forgotten about these Mugs, thank you for reminding us they really aren't brilliant. What a lovely way to make the gift look special. Hope you're having a good day LOL

    I believe I said on Thursday we were picking Ciara up from swimming, and she had asked could we make cakes for the cake sale at School on Friday also she needed help with her Mother's Day card, (which translated means what will bring over for me to make a card!!!!). We arrived home just about 5 o'clock I got on with there meal, she went and had a quick shower and washed her hair, I was called when it was time to put conditioner, by which time the meal was ready. As they ate I weighed out ingredients for her cakes. Eating over, cakes quickly mixed and in the oven. After checking what crafting goodies I had with me, she starts her card, testing the flower stamp using a Coral colour, she then turns the card over starts again with the Purple colour, it was finished by the time Mum arrived home at 7pm. Cakes were out of the oven and almost cold ready to decorate. Miss then starts her home work fortunately she didn't have much, and Mum said she would help with decorating them. It had felt a bit like a marathon, but we got there. I have to say Sandra she really loved these stamps.
    I have looked on Pinterest and there are so many cards out there offering a wealth of inspiration not with just this set but so many other stamps. It's mind blowing.

    Thank you for your comments on Ciara's card, I will make sure she sees them tomorrow, when we see her.

    Hope everyone is having a good day, wishing you all a very happy Mothers Day.
    If like me you no longer have a Mum, Happy thoughts, my Mum is always in my heart, you can't stop loving someone just because they die. In fact it is like the unconditional love we have for our children, whatever they do and at times you do not like them - BUT you never stop loving them. xxxx

    Love and Hugs Brenda xxx

    1. OH JANET Sorry ..... you do realise I had ment to say the Mugs ARE brilliant!
      Sorry again, my age and predictive text .... definitely a big problem !!!

  7. I have just switched on to HOCHANDA and there is a banner stating "tonic arrives in 5 days" Are there two companies called tonic...?

  8. Hello All, it's a beautiful day here, been out in the garden, but at the moment have come in as the sun is very strong.

    Karen great tutorial for the chocolate wrapper

    Ciara you card is lovely, sure Mum will Iove it.

    Janet great gift mugs, I'm not much good at dimensional things.

    Yes Karen it's definitely Tonic comming on Hochanda, saw a promo with them arriving , Jodie and a couple of others, apparently from the 30th of this month.I wonder what C & C will have left.

    Hope everyone is having a lovely day, much as I love the sun, my joints hate it.
    Hugs to all, Lilian

  9. Hi Sandra
    Lovely to speak with you this afternoon.
    Love the tutorial Karen must have a go when I get time.
    Love the mugs Janet.
    How lovely is Cara's card for her Mum. It doesn't matter what colour you use they always look great.
    Well, Pete didn't have his op yesterday. After he had an ECG the consultant said that the pacemaker they usually put in wouldn't do Pete much good. They proposed putting one in with 3 wires into the heart instead if two. As that's a bit more complicated he would need to stay in overnight. So as they didn't have any spare beds he's to have it done on Tuesday. However, if he feels dizzy or feels worse he's to call an ambulance straight away. He's to do nothing strenuous in the meantime. So I caught him digging up parsnips if you ever did. All he says is stop nagging when I told him off.
    So that Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday taken care of next week.

    1. Pat soo sorry things are not going right for you at the moment, no wonder you still have your cough it is all the stress. Sending you lots of

  10. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra thank you for showing us mixed up Saturday, they are all
    Karen your wrappers are lovely & instructions good, I think this is something​ I will have a go at, thank
    Ciara your card is exquisite I know Mum will treasure it, well done & thank you for sharing with
    Janet great idea must have a look, well
    Lynda hope to see you in tonight, it is annoying when comments disappear & why is it always a long one. I really hope things are beginning to improve for you both. Hugs on
    Maria hope you enjoyed your day, sending
    Lilian hope you don't pay to much with your joints tomorrow, it is soo tempting to work in garden when sun shines, hugs on
    Val we are getting worried about you hope you are fully recovered, hope to see you soon, hugs on
    Sue hope you feel better today, love you xxx
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  11. Hi everyone.
    Thank you Karen for the tutorial for the chocolate wrapper. i was thinking of having a go it's just one problem, someone have been in the bar before I managed to make one Lol.
    Ciara- you mum will love your card because it is gorgeous ! well done making such a great job with stamping. You have a wonderful talent for card making. Hope the cakes sell well, sure they tasted yummy.
    Gorgeous mugs Janet- I too had forgotten about them and I never made one so will look for the tutorial and see what I can do.
    Pat- thinking of you and Pete. Very naughty of him not taking it easy but sound like my dad, never can sit still. Take care.
    Sue- sending you hugs and hope your migraine is gone for this time. Have a nice time tomorrow with family.
    I hope you all had a good day. I was running late this morning so just had time with a quick shower before OH drove me over to a place called Yardley Gobbion for my day of crafting with Julia. It was a fun, messy(especially when I tipped a pot of glitter over ) but also tiring day so when back home I just sat in my chair and didn't move for some time before cooking dinner and then Son had a film for us to watch together.
    I hope you all have a lovely Mothers day tomorrow and we will light a candle for OH's who are no longer with us in memory. I am being taken out for breakfast so I hope to see you sometime in the afternoon. Hope you all have a better and good night. Many hugs, Maria xxx