Friday, 24 March 2017

Josh's Wallet Card

Good Morning Ladies,

This blog post may not make too much sense, I have not slept since Tuesday night after our road trip.  The girls got dropped off successfully at 5am yesterday morning, we then went on to Colchester to visit Mum, tools her out for lunch, which was lovely, we then took her to get some shopping, dropped her home and then set off for home at 2pm, the traffic was horrendous, we got home at 6pm, poor Paul looked exhausted.
We fixed the girls a quick tea then got ready for bed ourselves. 

I am so excited to share Josh's Wallet Style card with you, I love how it turned out, Josh did too, he thought Becca had bought him a new wallet for his birthday.

I had some textured tan coloured card that I cut to size, rounded the corners, then cut the pieces for the inside of the card, I decided to add my own 'spin' on the wallet by adding a Photo pocket, as most wallets have one, plus i thought it added more of a personal touch. I made one credit card size insert to say Happy Birthday and another for Becca to write a personal message on. The voucher she got him fitted in the money pocket at the back. I added a a tiny piece of adhesive magnetic sheet into the little closure i made and a small magnet in under the edge of the photo pocket, so the wallet clips open and closed, just like the real thing.
I added his name on the front, then created  a box to present it in, the photo hasn't picked up the colour, it was like a dark green/gold shimmer card, I lined it with go!D tissue paper to finish the look.

What do you think?  
I can do a tutorial, if any of you fancy making one, let me know in the comments.
I haven't caught up with yesterday's comments yet as we don't get internet at Mum's.
So i hope you are all well.

Sending you love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-the wallet is amazing, it looks so real. I'd love you to do a tutorial for us, when you get a chance. Your days sounded exhausting-I hope you've slept well last night.

    Another evening & no time to start my challenge card last night. I'm straight to the hairdressers tonight after work.
    Well-the contractors finish today then the fun starts-we need to start cleaning then the specialist testing can start. It will just be nice when we're back in the main Pharmacy department instead of the other end of the hospital.


  2. Morning Sandra,

    Fantastic idea for a gift card. Please do the tutorial, it will go down a treat with everyone.

    Jamie just informed me it is 7.30 not 8.30!, I must have misread the time on my bedside clock so I might just go back to bed.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  3. Morning All,
    Sandra hope you are ok after that long tiring day.

    The wallet card is a real WOW, love to see how you made it, did you stitch around the edge , you really can think out side the box.

    No work today, back to making a smaller amount of hoods now, ( hope ) the big order for Alberta, has gone, always amazes me that the order from Canada is one of the largest every year. I am the oldest sewer they have but its always me they turn to when there is a rush on, I suppose the younger ladies don't want to alter there normal out put.

    Enough of my waffle Mr Tesco comming at 9am, which is great as we are almost out of milk, you would think after being married for over 51 yrs I wouldn't run out of basics, ah well maybe I'll get it fight one day.
    Have a great day , hugs Lilian

  4. Morning Everyone
    We have SUNSHINE!!!!!!

    SANDRA- what a wonderful work of art you created for Josh. It's a DEFINITE YES PLEEEEEEASE for a tutorial.
    I have never seen a card like this.

    PAT- My thoughts are with you both today. I'm sure everything will go to plan and then you can have a quiet week-end before your Monday appointment. HUGS for you both.

    Friday again!! where has this week gone! Housework and sending off my CC is the order of the day for me.
    Don't forget that it's a big week-end - putting the clocks forward an hour on Saturday and then of course Mother's Day Sunday. What I would give to have MUM back.

    The CAFE is ready for you all to pop in today. Have a good day. Hugs to you all.
    VAL- hope you're over your chest infection. You are MISSED Dear Friend.

  5. Hi Sandra and and all in the Cafรฉ today.
    I love the wallet,and having seen it "in the flesh" I know it really does look just like a real leather one, you have replicated it perfectly from the leather like card (I have found mine๐Ÿ˜Š)to the faux stitching and adding the photo slot and photo makes it even more personal. It's a shame that the black/subtle gold shimmer card you used for the box doesn't show up too well on the photo but it is gorgeous and perfect for the men ๐Ÿ˜Š I will have to make one for Chris as it's his birthday in a couple of weeks and he's not into trains, drinking, gardening or sports so this is a great idea. A tutorial would be great please, when you have caught up with your sleep. You must be exhausted and really sore after the long journey my lovely. Good for you for refusing to pick up Becca and co, it might make them think twice next time if they realise they have to pay for the fuel etc. Rant over and (rather shabby and well used) soapbox put away.
    I couldn't comment yesterday but did get to look at your lovely card, I love the pretty colours you used and that stamp set is great so understand why you keep reaching for it ๐Ÿ˜Š, we are having problems again with internet and TV signals at the moment which is so frustrating!

    Pat,I hope Pete's op goes well today. Sending you love and hugs and will be thinking of you both x

    Lynda, I hope you and Terry are ok. Sending love and hugs to you both x

    Maria, you will be glad when you both are feeling better won't you. I'm glad that your eyes are improving now. Sending love and hugs to you both x

    It's rather grey here at the moment, I hope it's brighter were you all are. Im off to see Mum and Pop so better get on now. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  6. Hi Val. I'm sorry that I didn't say that I am hoping that you are recovering well from your chest infection. Sending big gentle hugs to you dear friend x

  7. Hi Sandra
    Just love the wallet you made for Josh, and yes a tutorial would be lovely. Took Pete to the hospital early this morning. I stopped for about 2hr. It was so hot in the ward and I couldn't stop coughing. So I came home and rang the surgery, and I have an appointment to see the minor ailments nurse at 12.15. I've now got a very sore throats and chest all through coughing.
    It sounds like you had a hectic day yesterday and as you say the traffic is horrendous in that area. I hope your taking it easy for the next few days.
    Hugs to all those who need one today.

  8. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    YES PLEASE I would love a tutorial on this gorgeous wallet, that is when you've had time to rest and recover. I'm not surprised he loved it really is gorgeous. What a very lucky young lady Becca is to have a mum who can make something as brilliant as this.

    Pat hope your appointment goes well and the doctor is able to give you some antibiotics to clear it up quickly. XX

    I will crack on as I am about to shampoo the hall carpet, it's been needing doing for awhile, I think of jobs like this as therapy because I was so much feel so much better knowing that it's clean. Sad or what?

    Have a good day everyone, will pop in later, love and hugs Brenda XXX

  9. Hi Sandra.

    Fab card love it. Would love to see a tutorial on it please xx

    Love to all. Xx

  10. Well no antibiotics for me as I haven't got an infection only a viral one which they can't give me any antibiotics. I can go back in 2 weeks if I still have my cough and see the Dr who will arrange for me to have a chest X-ray.
    I took Pete in this morning only for him to ring me at 12.30 to say his operation had been postponed until Tuesday. After an ECG they decided he needed a more intricate pacemaker. However, he needs to stay in overnight and they didn't have any beds. So, Churchill on Monday, John Radcliffe on Tuesday. His pulse rate was 31 this morning.

  11. Hi Sandra and all visiting the cafe' today.
    Yes, please for a tutorial for this wallet card Sandra. It looks so real and it is OH birthday soon so it would be great for him too as I have had no idea so far what to make. Can understand that Josh loved it.
    Hope you managed to have some sleep and having a restful day today after the mammoth journey and that Paul not nodding off at work. Take care. Do you need the Catalogue back after a while from Stampin Up ? hugs
    Pat- thinking of you today and hope you get a calm weekend before it starting up again Monday. Sending you both hugs. Hope your cough is improving soon but yes it is horrid hot in the hospitals, no wonder we get ill by going there. I'm going twice next week for MRI's and OH have one and of course they are all on a different days LOL
    Lilian- hope your hands aren't to painful and you can rest them when not making hoods. We have too much milk so if you need any ? hugs. Used to go through quite a lot when son was eating normally but since becoming a Vegan he doesn't drink cow milk any more.
    Michele- enjoy going to the hair dressers. It's feel so nice when someone washing your hair and then pampering you a little bit from time to time. Good luck with all the moving back, hope it all look nice and working properly.hugs
    Janet- lovely to hear you also have the sun visiting your county, it's so nice down here and so want to get a start on clearing the garden before doing the first dig over but have not yet got the energy so it will have to wait. Hope you took it easy doing the house work. OH is lighting a candle for his Mum on Sunday next to a photo of her, he does this every year for both his parents so also for their birthdays. hugs
    Cheryl- did you go back to bed or ? hihi I think it is the brighter morning who doing it because I am up at 7am every morning lately and that dosen't makes any different if I went to bed 11pm or 2am. Any luck finding the material yet ? hugs
    Sue- yes at last we can see some bettering but it have taken a toll on both of us, thank you for the hugs :-) Have a nice time with Mum and Pop, hope your dad is ok. big hugs back :-)
    Brenda- do you use a machine for doing the carpet ? hope it looks good after and smelling nice. Have a nice day,hugs.
    Nice to see Laura in yesterday, love to know who you are (nosy me) what kind of craft are you doing mostly etc ?
    Tracy- hope you doing alright, will be thinking of you selling all the beautiful bunches of flowers this weekend, Take care and hugs.
    Lynda- sending bunches of hugs for you and Terry, any news ?
    Val- how are you. Where are you :) sending hugs.
    Yup I am on a streak of delivering hugs to you all as you can see and I hope you all have a nice weekend.
    I have been to the Works this morning at a garden centre and they have some nice papers out again ,£3 for 12x12's, then it was shopping. Tomorrow I am seeing Julia for a work shop but will try to get in in the morning to see you first. Love and many, many hugs Maria xxx

    1. Hi Maria
      I hope you have a lovely day with Julie tomorrow. Good luck with the scans.

  12. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Wow, I thought the wallet was real - it's fantastic. Fabulous idea for a masculine card ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope you've managed to have an easier day after your busy day yesterday x
    Have had a fun filled day at work today for Red Nose Day, and hope everyone has had a good day too whatever you have been doing. Sending hugs xxx

  13. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra the wallet is fantastic it is hard to believe it is a card & not real, no wonder Josh loved
    I have had a great time this afternoon playing with my new stamps & also getting messy fingers, unfortunately Sue didn't get down she suddenly developed a migraine, so played on my own, hope to make card
    Pat sorry Pete didn't get his pacemaker fitted, my goodness his pulse rate was very low. Hope you manage to relax over weekend & cough improves. Sending hugs to you
    Maria pleased you are feeling abit better enjoy tomorrow, thanks Pop is not too bad be glad when he has hip done, sending
    Lynda & Val hope you are both ok we miss you, hugs on
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret xxx

  14. Hi Sandra &I all
    Just lost my comment it's so anointed so will tell you all the saga tomorrow .
    Just want to say your wallet card is amazing & yesterday's card gorgeous.
    Love Lynda xxxx