Sunday, 27 November 2016

Your Sketch Challenge cards

 My First Challenge Card

The sketch

My second Challenge card

Janet's cards

These first three cards have been made by Our Janet, three fantastic birthday cards this week, you have well and truly made up for lost time, you are so talented when it comes to making cards for men Janet, those first two cards are better than any I have seen in the shops.   The third card is a pretty card, The lovely flower giving a pop of colour to the white on white background, I love that Heartfelt Creations Bella Flourish die, it gives such texture to the card.  Thank you so much for taking part Janet xxxx

Lilian's Challenge card
Lilian, your beautiful card looks like an illustration from one of those  amazing Botanical Encyclopedias, you know those ones with the gold edged pages!  
I love the delicate green, decoupaged Christmas Rose, with the script as background, a perfect card that I could easily see for sale in a National Trust Shop! Thank you for taking part Lilian xxxx

 Margaret's cards

Margaret, 3 fantastic festive cards from you this week, all beautifully stamped and coloured, your matting and layering first onto white and then onto the red scalloped die cut circle, really sets the stamped image off perfectly.  I love the backing papers too, they work so well with your stamped images. Thank you so much for taking part, xxxx

Maria's Challenge Cards

Maria, two fab Christmas cards from you this week, the first card is just so pretty with the green strips of card in the background and the wonderful white poinsettia
placed upon those white fronds of foliage, that foliage looks just like snowflakes too, very clever Maria, the second card, you have created a lovely red glitter frame,
inside which you have stamped 3 trees, with ' iced snow' gathered at their bases, which looks just like a snow drift. I love the 3 gems that actually look like glowing
stars at the tops of your trees, the poinsettia in the top corner finishes your card nicely, thank you Maria for taking part xxxx

Michele's Challenge Card
Michele, I am not sure if its just my eyes,  but the Christmas tree looks as though it's made of 'snowflakes',  which is such a clever idea, so unusual too, the flat back gems you have added look just like baubles on the tree, I love the pink card too, not something you usually use. I love it, love that die too, thank you so much for taking part, you need to get that card box filled for work asap! xxxx

Sonia's challenge card
Sonia, Such a pretty, sparkling silver snowflake you have used as the centrepiece of this weeks challenge card, the sentiment embossed in gold glitter works so well in contrast to the silver snowflake, sometimes its the simple designs that are most effective, thank you so much for taking part, I know time is precious when you get home from work xxxx

Val's Challenge Card
Val used this weeks sketch as the layout for her friends birthday card, a fantastic man card Val, I'm not surprised your shop stock is always needing to be replenished! 
I love seeing your cards each week, thanks for taking part Val xxxx

Thank you once again ladies for taking part this week, I hope you all have a lovely Sunday, we are 'puppy sitting' this weekend for our other 'grand dog' Harley, he's a very energetic Border Collie....
He is bigger than he is in this photo, still very cute though, he is keeping Paul on his toes!  

Anne sending hugs your way, hope you are well xxxx

Sending Love and hugs to all of you,


  1. Morning Ladies

    Lovely collection of challenge cards. Mine was made using a snowfytree die-I think it's by Britannia. Made 90 mini gift tags & bagged them up yesterday but watched Strictly then two episodes of Law + Order last night. Will do the minimum amount of housework today so I can get back into my craft room and start on some cards.

    Up early as I just couldn't sleep-ah well, more time to craft!


    1. Crikey Michele you must have had a production line going yesterday making 90 gift tags.

    2. Morning Michele,
      it sounds like you got lots done yesterday, doing bags of Christmas tags is such a good idea, they don't take to long to make, you can make them with 'bit box' card, that's left from card making too.
      The housework can wait, it will still be there tomorrow! I set out to have a play with a new idea for a video yesterday, but then decided to move a couple of things around in a store cupboard in my craft room, 3 hours later it was dark and I was sat surrounded by piles of stuff that I wasn't sure whether to keep or throw out!
      Do any of you remember Kameo Cards, its owner is Sue 'by eye' Smith, they used to sell loads of prepacked paper craft bits, like skeleton leaves and toppers etc, they also sold packs of what they called 'Craft paper', its actually handmade 'mulberry' paper, I have loads of different colours, these days I think its what they make flowers etc with. So I pulled it all out and I will have a play later on. I will let you know how it went, some of papers are so pretty, there a rose petals in the paper!
      Have fun crafting Michele, look forward to seeing what you made xxxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    What a wonderful display of CCs this week - again all totally different and covering every subject we need. They certainly brighten up the display board in the Café.

    SANDRA-Harley looks a beautiful Collie and full of mischief too.

    Well it happened just as I thought it would!!! Yes after clearing all my Seasonal card stuff away having completed all the cards I wanted a request came in yesterday for a Seasonal/Retirement Card. I'm not sure how I'll combine both but we'll see what appears.

    I had thought of popping in to have a look in The Range as I'm really struggling to find two presents to send to France. What do you buy two Ladies who have everything? (It gets more difficult each year) but it is raining and rain and I do not get along at all.

    LYNDA- I hope you're recovering well and your trip to the GP went well. Take it easy and remember 'baby steps'.

    I received a photograph of Gracie-Leigh yesterday afternoon. She has found her feet and the stairs!! No stopping her will be one on Jan 1st).

    Have a good day everyone. The lunch Menu today is Roast Chicken so pop in and join us. Hugs to you all Dear Friends. xxxx

    1. Janet, the chicken smells divine, I hope there is some stuffing too!
      can you pop by and pick me up on the way to the Range? we could have a browse, then go for coffee and a cake, then browse some more! My girls always like me to pick up a box of broken biscuits when I am in the Range, (the chocolate ones), I remember having a box of broken biscuits as a child, the box was a lot bigger though from what I remember, the last one we had had lots of whole 'Penguins' and those minty 'viscount' biscuits in, along with lots of Cadbury Fingers and little Choc animals in too, the excitement and anticipation is just the same as when I was little, what was going to be inside????!

      It sounds like Gracie-Leigh is at that mischievous age, where they can do the must frustrating things but all you can do is smile, its such a fun age!
      I hope the rain stops so that you can get out, good luck with the gift buying!
      Sending huge hugs,

    2. Hi Janet
      I can smell the chicken cooking, my it does smell good. I bet Gracie is into everything now, and how time flies. Imagine nearly one. Good luck with the present buying.

  3. These cards are brilliant ladies My week just flew and lots of things cropped up that stopped me from crafting So sorry SANDRA I didn't make a card
    Got told Thursday that a neighbour had died It was sudden so that knocked the wind out of my sails and yesterday was the anniversary of my son's death so lots of tears
    Take care ladies I am reading your comments but brain freeze takes over and I forget what to say I just want to say thank you for this brilliant blog allowing us to share our things good/bad/sad xx

    1. Hi Karen
      Such sad news re the death of your neighbour. Big hugs coming your way at such a sad time for you. Take care my friend.

    2. So sad news Karen, sending you both many hugs and hope your days get better. Take care x

  4. Sending hugs Karen, no words I say will change how devastatingly hurt you must feel at this time every year, I want you to know however that you are very much in our thoughts.
    Our little blog family is small but my goodness we couldn't wish for better friends, the amount of love and kindness that we all share with each other is immeasurable, I see each and everyone of you as very dear friends, who I have come to know very well, we don't speak to our family at times as much as we speak to each other.
    So Karen, my virtual arms are wrapped around you,giving you the biggest hug, lots of love coming your way too xxxxx

  5. Hi Sandra
    Love all today's cards. As I've said before not one of them is the same.
    Funny how Harley belongs to Matt, but Harley's keeping Paul on his toes while Matts away.
    Cheryl sorry I missed your snowmen yesterday they are simply gorgeous. I do love Snowmen.

  6. Good morning Sandra & Ladies
    Very dull this morning not very inviting. Well another frustrating day ahead not crafting. Loveing all your challenge cards you are all amazing crafters I love them all sorry I couldn't take part this week Terry took the plug out of my Ebosser 😥 💦HaHa. Sandra Harley is gorgeous how do your cats feel about a Dog in the house.? Hi Janet thanks doctors went ok it was only a tablet review but ended up having two more tablets to my list just taken 6 tablets this morning & I have another 5 this evening mega rattling haha.
    We have so many birds on the bird table Terry has just emptied Freddie's food on the table but they love it with The dried mill worms. We have two Robins as well love watching them.
    Love Lynda xx

  7. Hi everyone, sorry being late but have not had such a good day but just had to pop in and say how I love all the CC's this week, very good. My snowflake and poinsettia are with Silver embossing but it doesn't come up in the photo and the second one was meant for last weeks but forgot to send it. Pea brain me or is it turkey brain now before Christmas hihi You all to be busy with one thing or the other but hope that our Lynda takes it easy and our sniffly friends getting better. Oh Janet, love to see a new photo of little Gracie-Leigh, so much fun for Christmas now she's walking. Hope you doing alright. Take care everyone and have a nice Sunday evening, Love and warm hugs to you all ,Maria xxx

    1. Hi Maria sorry you haven't had a good day. Your ccard is lovely love it
      Take care my lovely friend. Many🤗🤗🤗🤗xx

    2. Not a patch on yours tho, you make lovely cards. Sleep well xxx

  8. Hi Everyone from a very cold but dry North Wales. Just got in from leaving the Travel Lodge at 9 am so pretty tred but happy. Met up with my son for a lovely late lunch. So good to see him. Although we Skype every week it's not the same as giving him a hug. My DIL didn't come for the meal so just made a detour to see her. Poor girl, I could cry for her present predicament.
    Only get 30 mins internet so not read your comments but love everyone's pretty cards
    Hope everyone is ok.
    Will try and call in tomorrow after another busy shopping day.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val. Glad you had a nice lunch with your son,so nice to give him a proper Hug. Enjoy your shopping tomorrow lots of crafty goodies 🎨✏️️✂️📝📐Hope your not too cold enjoy xxxx
      Love Lynda xx

    2. Nothing is better then a hug when you haven't seen for a while.sending hugs to you all. Long johns and thermo vest needed alright, the wind have gone very cold but have a nice time visiting xxx

    3. Good night all and sweet dreams, see you later after my walk xxx