Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Presscut Stepper die card, designed by Pat

Presscut Stepper Die

Good Morning Ladies,

We had a lovely day at Pat's yesterday, we were all very productive, all beavering away, although Pat was the only one to actually make a card!
Sue was die cutting Gingerbread Men, poor things, their bits were flying everywhere, I look forward to seeing the finished card Sue, Pat had quite a few Christmas Cards made, she told us that she usually makes a 100 so She will be busy for a few more nights.  Don't forget to photograph them Pat.

I was mostly playing with things today, Using some lace and glitter, with fab results and added watercolour to coffee filters, which worked amazingly well, I will make a video sharing what you can do.
I felt a bit bad though as I did leave Pat's Kitchen with a lot more sparkle than it started the day with, luckily Pat has a super new GTech Air Ram vacuum cleaner, so she can put it to the test! Sue sadly doesn't have a new vacuum, but she does have a sparkly passenger seat.  heaven only knows how it got in my bra, my boots, just everywhere! 

I have to say I was super impressed with the Presscut Stepper die, it made a good size card and die cut really well, it had a choice of straight edge or scalloped Matt and layers too. It does save a lot of measuring, cutting, remeasuring as the first one didn't quite work palava!  So a good purchase Pat xxx

Pat made her Grandson Xander's birthday card using the Presscut stepper die, it was so quick and easy too, I am sure Xander will love his personalised card Pat,
thank you for sharing it with us today xxx

I hope that you all have a good day, wrap up warm it will be a cold one !

love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Pat-brilliant card & that die looks really useful.

    Hubby loves his card. My M in L made him a card with pictures of Guinness all over it-will send a photo to Sandra. It's a great card.

    Well-the Joiner left at 7pm last night. He wanted to to finish the boarding in the loft. He only needs to plaster round the new loft access and add the trim so hopefully he'll only be here this morning. Hubby is working from home today so I'm going to B&Q for some lightbulbs then Tesco to get the food shopping so I can concentrate on more Christmas cards this afternoon. I got 7 made yesterday but I gave up after that as my hand was hurting from all the cutting out.


    1. Hi Michele
      Hopefully the joiner will finish today. Look forward to seeing the Gulnness card. Crikey you made a good few cards in one day didn't you. I might just start again later as I've just done a pile of ironing.

  2. Hello All, it's a cold one this morning, looks like we have our first frost of the winter,we don't usually get much frost here.

    Pat super card, have seen this die, but wasn't sure how it would cut, glad you all had a good day yesterday, crafting is a great time especially with friends.

    Quick comment this morning as the hairdresser is comming to tidy my hair up, hasn't grown much so it should be a quick trim.

    Have a good day all, keep warm, hugs to all Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian
      Well we've had two hard frosts and it's very cold here. Petes brother lives in Bournemouth and there weather is milder as well.

  3. Mornning Everyone
    A cold and windy start here this morning but at least no ground frost and it's dry.

    PAT- love your stepper card. That die looks very impressive and I just know Xander will treasure it for a long long time.

    We have a busy day here. We have a funeral at lunchtime - Jim's eldest cousin aged 92 - it's so sad to see families dwindle.

    I also have to contact the chemist where my prescription is dispensed as when I opened my new meds bag this morning I found that they had not put my pain patches in and today is the day I change them!!
    I only hope I can get it sorted without any awkwardness.

    Everything is up and running and just waiting for you all to pop in and have a cuppa. Hugs are on their way xxxx

    1. Will be thinking of you. hope you get hold of new patches without any hitch. Hugs xx

    2. Hi Janet
      I hope you manage to get your pain patches sorted out. I always open Petes medication in the chemist now as they kept giving him some of his old cancer tablets. I keep asking at the Drs to have them taken off his prescription list to no avail.

  4. Morning Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Woke up this morning to a beautiful frosty day and the sun is shining a little so a walk to Ikea it will be soon.
    Sorry wasn't in yesterday, the day was gone before I know it but today is another day and the pain has eased off enough to have a play this afternoon, fingers crossed.
    Liked the cards from our Michele, they are great. Hope you sell well at work with them. Very busy and they staying late in your house, are you giving the joiner too many nice cup of tea's ? Lol Are you making a loft conversion to get some extra room ? Have a nice day and make sure you get some Me time.
    Pat- the stepper card you made for Xander is great and the help with that die it must have been so much easier. They are a bit fiddly otherwise to make. Love the big number 9. Hope you and Pete are doing alright.
    Lilian- hope you have some nice dry but cold days down in Cornwall. My OH told me he was down your way quite a few times when he was working. I have only been once but would love to go again one day.
    Lynda- are you being a good girl or ?? I know you want to get back to crafting but you must take care. Sending you some healing hugs.
    Janet- hope you get some nice days and you feeling a lot better than you did.
    I hope you girls with cold and cough's are getting better.
    Anne - wrap up warm and take care x
    Sending warm hugs to you all and hope your day is filled with good things. Love and hugs Maria Xxxx

    1. Hi Maria
      Cornwall is absolutely beautiful. We used to go down quite often. But haven't been for a couple of years. Only so many places you can visit over the years. Pete always went camping with the children when they were younger. I've been camping quite a few times with them. However, a bit of comfort calls now. When I ask Pete where shall we go on holiday, he always says camping in Cornwall, no chance there then I tell him.
      Enjoy your walk to IKEA Maria.

  5. Hi Sandra
    Xanders card was so easy to make using the stepper Die cut. I'm awful at measuring and cutting unless it's straight lines, so a real bonus for me. Sandra cut out the nine for me on her scan and cut, which was a bonus for me as well. I didn't have a Die to cut the letters out so Sandra supplied those as well. So I only had to colour some Candi to put on the card.
    As Sandra said I'm busy making Christmas cards, but have just remembered I need to make another 2 birthday cards.
    Michele I just loved yesterday's cards and I could have done with that stamp myself to make my next few birthday cards. The problem with stamps is you only use them a few times and then they get put away.
    Stay warm everyone it's rather cold out there. Hugs to all who need one.

    1. Pat-the shape on the card is a die cut. Would you like some cutting out & posting to you? Just let me know what colours might be useful.


    2. Hi Pat your card for Xanders birthday is excellent a very useful Die for quick cards. Glad you had a good day with Sandra & Sue yesterday.
      Love Lynda xx

  6. Meant to say that Sandra's play yesterday looked fantastic. We watched her do her thing and she had amazing results. Look forward to seeing the video she's going to do on this technique.

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. A flying visit as I have a little man sat with me and we are reading digger and traction books, and yes, I can do them with my eyes shut 😊 I had an early BP check this morning, boy was the ice thick on the car. It was minus three!
    I love Pats card for Xander, I will definitely have to cut a few of the stepper cards out next week. I do have glitter in the car and also over me but definitely no where near as much as you Sandra 😁
    Must go and get the girls now. Sending my love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Janet and all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue how lovely having your little man with you today do you get lots of cuddles too. Think we need to call you the three glitter girls 😄
      Love Lynda xx

  8. Hi Sandra and everyone.

    Another very quick visit sorry as busy today.

    Had my flue jab first thing then food shopping then crib this afternoon. Just rushed in, taken Gracie for a walk, a quick change of clothes then out for a meal for a friend's birthday. I promise I'll catch up with all that's going on with you all.

    Love your card Pat. What a great die. Glad you all had a good time at Pats yesterday. Laughing, crafting and throwing glitter around It really sounds like fun.

    Bye for now.
    Love Valxxx

  9. Hello Sandra and everyone in the cafe,

    Pat, I love your card for Xandra, also love the Stepper die you have used, it takes the pain out of all that measuring and you just know it's going to work out. I will definitely be investigating this die, I actually bought a pack of precut steeper cards. I can see this die being a worthwhile investment, you can choose what ever colour card you like...... I really feel I'm talking myself into a purchase!!!

    John and I have been into town shopping and had lunch out. So I haven't done anything in the house today, daft thing is I feel really tired. Busy doing nothing!

    Hope you are keeping snug and warm. Take Care, Love Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      The dies well worth the money and cuts like a dream. I cut one out of copy paper as per Sandra's suggestion first. I'd folded the folds the wrong way, but better to do it wrong on a template.

  10. Hi Sandra & everyone
    Have been round Margaret's for a good few hours today.just got to get ready we are going for a meal. The couple who own the cafe in the park said she organised a meal every year & asked if we would like to go this year so that will be nice.. have to go now see you later.
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda
      I hope you enjoy your meal and I expect you enjoyed your time round at Nargarets.

    2. That was meant to be round Margaret's. Never to sure if that's me pressing the wrong letter or blogger. It's probably me.