Sunday, 13 November 2016

Your Challenge Cards

My Challenge card 1

My second Challenge card

Cheryl's Challenge Card

Janet's 1st & 2nd Challenge cards

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Lilian's Challenge card

Lynda's  1st Challenge card

Lynda's 2nd Challenge card

Lynda's 3rd Challenge card

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Lynda's 6th Challenge card

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Pat's 1st Challenge card

Pat's 2nd Challenge Card

Pat's 3rd Challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

Oh my goodness!!! What a response this week, you are all so amazing, thank you so much xxx

Cheryl, I love the colour of your card, blue and white are the 'frosty' colours to me, your scene 'looks' like a Winter sky, what did you use to get that amazing sparkle?
an amazing challenge card thank you xxx

Janet, two gorgeous Winter scene cards, the snow is glistening, it looks like you could walk down that street, the 3rd Snowflake card is so pretty too, using Spellbinders Grand Decorative Squares and Snowflakes.  Thank you so much for taking part Janet xxx

Lilian, such an amazing Snowflake card, the Mirror card really shows those die cut snowflakes perfectly, I love how you have used the snowflakes to create a decorative border at the bottom of your card, amazing Lilian, thank you so much xxx

Lynda, WOW, Lynda, 6 cards from you this week and each one so different, you have used so many different techniques too, you have used Sue's Snow Globe die with a Deer in, your gorgeous Pixie powder background in another card, the Inkyliscious Bauble technique is gorgeous too, now Lynda I love those stamped scene cards, with the snowman in the foreground, you have framed theme beautifully too, they are so delicate, stunning too! Your 6th card is another amazing card, plenty of snowflakes and a pretty background. Thank you so very much for all of your cards xxx

Margaret, two stunning 'clean and simple' style cards, wow I love that embossed snowflake look, amazing what a difference the background colour makes too, 2 absolutely gorgeous cards Margaret, thank you so much xxx

Maria, oh what a darling little Owl, all wrapped up in her hat and scarf, she is adorable, just like your card, thank you for going to the trouble of making it despite feeling under the weather, I really do appreciate your effort my lovely xxx

Michele, oh my two absolutely gorgeous Snowman cards, I love the images you have used and the backgrounds work so well, you have framed them both so well, you really do know how to compose a perfectly balanced card, love them both, thank you so much xxx

Val, oh what a pretty Christmas card, you have used the 'Pleated card technique' for the style of your card and you have made it work so perfectly as a Christmas card, I love the combination of papers you have used, the pretty braid across the middle and the stunning snowflake to finish, gorgeous Val, gorgeous, thank you so much xxx

Karen, I love the white on white look you have designed, it works so well, particularly with the combination of dies you have used.......

SW Noble Ornate Pierced Squares die
SW Lattice Snowflake EF
SW "Let it Snow" die
CE Diamond Sprinkles
The Diamond Sprinkles have created the perfect amount of sparkle, without being OTT, I love your card Karen, thank you so much xxx

Pat, well what can I say, 3 Gorgeous snowy cards from you this week, the first one, using such pretty blue card with printed acetate, the 4 snowflake brads secure the acetate, brilliant idea!  
The 2nd card in classic Navy, white and Silver, it works perfectly Pat, I love the snowflake embossing folder you have used, it is so delicate.
Your 3rd card you have created your own stamped background, then added a die cut snowflake and sentiment, lovely card Pat. Thank you so much for taking part this week, it really brightened my day to see that you had time to sit and craft this week, as you are usually so busy, thank you my lovely xxx

I have to mention how very touching the Festival of Rememberance was at the Royal Albert Hall, I watched with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat, but there was one thing that frustrated me, now I will normally avoid discussing anything political but, I cannot keep this in, every member of that service was impeccably dressed,Uniforms perfectly turned out, except for one disrespectful cretin, who couldn't even fasten his top button and wear his tie correctly, how disgraceful, I shall not utter his name, any of you watching would have no doubt noticed him too!! I am sure he will be dressed the same at Whitehall tomorrow!  (leader of labour party) for those that didn't see.  I am sorry if I have offended you with my frustration, but if you attend something as respectful as that you should dress respectfully!

Thank you all once again ladies, you are all amazing!

Love and hugs to all of you



  1. I have just lost my comment but have to get on so I will be back later. X

  2. Morning Ladies

    Wow-what a fantastic collection of cards.
    My second card was made using the front of an old anniversary card-I'd kept it as the pattern/texture on it was unusual and for once I've actually used something out of my "bits box"!! I keep old cards if the have a nice pattern or are textured and the plan is that I use them on a card which rarely happens.

    Hubby surprised me last by suggesting we walked to the Indian restaurant in the village. We had a lovely meal and a nice walk there & back. We'd recorded Strictly so we watched that then another episode of Law + Order SVU.

    We're off out to look for a new Christmas tree as Dobbies have 20% off everything which finishes today. Hubby has work to do so I'll do the housework then sort out tea in the slow cooker.


    1. Hi Michele
      I hope you manage to sort out a tree. I tried last year to get a fibre optic tree as ours is such a faff to put up. But they don't seem to sell them any more.

  3. Hello All, beautiful morning here, having a lie in this morning, as R is playing for remembrance service at 3pm with no service at church this morning.

    Wow ladies what a lot of wonderful cards, I decided to use my cricut explore, poor thing has been sadly neglected.

    Hoping to plant my tulip tubs today if it stays fine, but first have to go to Asda for a few things. Tennis and ironing this afternoon, sadly no Poldark this evening, so I shall endeavour to do some moor of C cards.

    Have a good day all, hugs for all, Lilian

    1. Sorry forgot to say watched your video last night Sandra, very good.
      Also I agree with you over not dressing properly, think it's laziness, what an example to set to our young people.

  4. Morning Everyone
    What an amazing array of cards this week. All so very very different and all beautiful. If we carry on with so many CCs we shall have to start looking for a bigger Café Building with more wall space for all of our goodies. (How're you fixed SANDRA moving into somewhere like 'Shipton Under Wychwood Hall' just outside Burford. I'm sure Paul wouldn't mind hehehe

    We're off to visit Christina today so it will be lunch in Bakewell and then off onto Hognaston. At the moment the sun is shining and a clear sky fingers crossed it stays that way for all the Remembrance Parades. My Grandson will be marching with the Veterans in Rotherham this morning.

    Have a good day everyone whatever you all get up to.
    CHERYL I hope your plumber turns up early tomorrow.
    Hugs to you all. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      I'm sure Paul and Sandra wouldn't mind moving into Shipton under Wychwood hall, but fancy you knowing that it exists. My granddaughter works in Tall Trees a care home. The residents are lovely she says but not the people who works there. She's on the Dementia ward. Now she knows that's what area she wants to work in she's looking to start nurses training with that in mind.

  5. Good Morning Sandra and ladies.

    WOW ladies, haven't you been bees this week. A lot of you making more than one. All very beautiful and very impressive. The prize has to go to you Lynda for submitting six. All so different but lovely.

    The Festival of Remember last night was so moving last night night and yes he stuck up like a sore throat. What a scruffy disrespectful little man. That's the man ladies not his politics.
    I shall be watching the tele avidly this morning to watch the Remembrance Parade. Both my grandfather's were killed in the First World War and I always feel emotional about it.

    Had a lovely afternoon out yesterday at the Craft Fayre. Lots of stalls with so many hand made gifts. I bought a few things to put in Lynn's stocking for Christmas.It was a lovely warm afternoon and we sat in the sun and had a light lunch. Two ladies that I actually introduced to card making had a stall there I haven't seen them for over a year and my were their cards beautiful.

    I'm going to sort my wardrobe out this afternoon. I have mislaid a favourite jumper and I know it's lurking somewhere at the back of my wardrobe. Not a nice job but one that I'll feel god about when it's done.
    Glad you're feeling a lot better Maria.
    Hope you have a lovely day ladies whatever you're up to.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Sorry ladies. My typing skills have gone to pot today. X

  6. What beautiful creations everyone This is what I love about coming to the cafe on Sundays is to see everyone's interpretation of the challenge Just beautiful!
    I'm just about to park myself on OH's chair - his is nearest the window and finish sewing Donna - the reindeer - I finished crocheting it weeks ago but with these glasses I have been putting it off
    I agree with you re a certain persons lack of respect - disgraceful I'm sure most of us, if asked, visiting other culture's churches (as an example) would cover our heads and/or remove our shoes out of respect for their culture As was last night he should have been dressed appropriately for the sombre occasion! Soap box is back in the corner now

  7. Morning Sandra,

    My oh My, what a wonderful collection of snow cards. You totally amaze me every Sunday with your talents ladies. They are all so gorgeous, if asked to choose one I would be hard put to do so.
    I am so glad we have woken up to a gloriously sunny day, yesterday's rain was relentless.
    Thank you Sandra for your kind words re my card. My flash on new camera does not seem to pick up the colours, as it is actually plain silver paper matted with a square of sticky DS paper then sprinkled with iced diamonds or iced snow. Sorry I can't remember which one, the card matting was done some time ago. A frame was added and then I cut a piece of Hunkydory snow acetate slightly larger to attach over the matting. Then I red taped it to 6"x6" card blank to give a gentle dome effect. Fished around in my box of sentiments and added NOEL to finish off.

    Kev the plumber has not rung to say 'nay' so I am looking forward to my new boiler arriving tomorrow. It will probably take him the best part of the day to fit it and ensure everything works ok.
    I probably will go ahead with tomorrow's walk, Jamie should be home to answer any questions Kev might ask.
    So today is packing up all my floor robe crafting items to store them in the loft for a week. I shall be going to Innsworth, Gloucs, on Thursday with Giorgina to pick up my good friend Brian, who is staying for a long weekend with us.
    Cooking roast gammon for Sunday dinner so I must finish posting now to go and buy some fresh veggies from our local Spar.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl
      I hope you enjoy your walk tomorrow. It's supposed to rain here tomorrow. Hope you have a warm house later on in the day when Kev's fixed your new boiler in.

  8. Good morning Sandra & ladies
    WOW a gorgeous array of cards this week they are all stunning ladies. I had a good afternoon yesterday making my challenge card & ending up with 6 think I was on a roll. Sandra thank you for showing them all & for your lovely
    words / comments you gave me 🤗 Xx
    I hope weather stays dry so we get our walk today yesterday we just drove to Ramsgate market in sun shine for some fresh veg & was going to have a walk on the beach only got half way up market & it came over very dark & it poured ☔️💦down so everyone was huddled in shop door ways.
    Sue hope you feel better today & your headache hasn't turned into a migraine
    🤗Xx .must get on & finish housework got upstairs to do before our walk
    Pop in later. love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda. All of your cards are beautiful, each one different. I wish I could get on a roll when card making, I'm lucky if I get one finished in a day! I hope the weather is kind to you today, it did pour yesterday, didn't it. Take care x

    2. Lovely cards Lynda and you certainly were on a roll doing six.

  9. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Wow, such a lovely selection of cards displayed - you have all been so busy creating these beautiful cards :-)
    I hope everyone is keeping well and having a lovely weekend whatever you may be doing.
    Sending hugs and thinking of you all xxx

  10. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. I commented early this morning then pressed the wrong key and lost the lot! I had to get on early as we had our Remembrance Day service and parade this morning. All of our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers did us proud, as they always do. Just one hiccup, the Beaver flag decided to slip down the flag pole being held by my eldest little Beaver just as we started to parade into chirch. I had to find a bit of string, not so easy when you are in full uniform and have no bag with you, (which is full of all sorts!)to make a temporary repair with some elastic found in the church hall. It always make me proud to see how respectful all of the Scout group are on this special day. That rude disrespectful man at the Remembrance service on TV last night could learn a thing or two from these children, that's for sure! Soap box back now.
    Wow, once again some fabulous cards, as always so inspiring and all different in some way. Thank you all for sharing them.
    I hope you all have a good day, and can enjoy the lovely blue sky we have at the moment. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  11. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    What a great Sunday with a big wall with some wonderful snowy cards. Oh boy Lynda ,6 cards! you really did have a good evening, are they stamps with the snowman ? they are lovely. Love Janet's wintry scene ones, my childhood winters.
    Sue- hope you feeling better today. hugs (real one on Tuesday )
    Sonia- hope you doing alright and still enjoying your new job.
    Val- wardrobe clearing,hope you found your top. Same here today so a huge bag for charity and some went in the bin.
    Cheryl- good luck for getting the heating back tomorrow.
    I hope you all having a nice Sunday. Many warm hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  12. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra you have done it again, inspired everyone to make some lovely cards, thank you. Sorry I meant to do another but have not felt like crafting since Wednesday, these colds do take it out of
    Watched the Remembrance Service this morning, was lucky to see one of our Petanque players marching with the Blind Veterans, he only has 10% vision but the way he plays you would never know. It is so good to see all the youngsters take part, well done Sue I know how much you & the others put into the group.x xx
    Thank you Lynda & Maria for best wishes I feel better but not too much
    Cheryl hope you are warm after tomorrow, enjoy your
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  13. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    What an amazing display of carbs today, Lynda you certainly were on a roll as was Pat. Ladies I love all of your cards, it's so inspiring to see everyone's interpretation. XX

    We watched the Festival of Remembrance from the Albert Hall and you couldn't fault all those taking part, everything was just perfect. Wasn't that 10-year-old girl amazing, for someone so young she had such composure, she held her head up high and very proudly read the poem she had composed and spoke of her Daddy. by the time she had finished I had a very very soggy tissues in my hand, she was just amazing.
    Sandra I think you and John were singing from the same hymn sheet last night, when he saw the said gentleman his reaction was "look at that scruffy Herbert"

    Not a lot happening here today, had a couple of hours in the garden earlier, it was really lovely out there, now I'm about to have yet another tidy up in the craft room. I don't know how it gets so messy!!! Ha ha

    Hope everyone is having a good Sunday, love Brenda XXX

    1. Oh OOPS - what an amazing display of CARDS

    2. You made me smile We say " scruffy Herbert" too

  14. Hi Sandra
    What an amazing array of cards today. Isn't it lovely how each one of us have made so many different cards from 1 design.
    My last one was actually a glittered piece of card snowflake card that I'd found in my stash and I just added some glitter snowflakes. Looking forward to Tuesday ladies.

  15. Hi Maria hope your feeling better. Yes the snowman scene is a stamp I bought it last year sorry can't remember where i got that.from.Hug's 🤗🤗xx