Friday 18 March 2016

Something New & News

Good Morning ladies,

I have been playing with something new over the last week or so, and really enjoying it too!  What you see above is my first attempt at decorating MDF, I ordered a kit of beautiful lace, that I showed on last weeks 'Guilty Secrets ' feature, I bought some MDF shapes from Farnborough and thee two go perfectly well together.
I used a piece of my favourite Bella Rose (First Edition ) paper to cover thee MDF heart, I adhered it with Cosmic Shimmer Glue,  I sanded the edges, to smooth off the edge of the paper, I then used hot glue to attach the heart trim and then thee pretty pink pearl string on top of that.  I then attached some green natural grass and muslin cloth to the heart, I topped that with some of my pink flowers  and some coloured stamens, with a little foliage too.
I then decided to add a word, so I covered a Laser Cut word with Gesso and then painted it pink and sprinkled it with glitter!
I hope you like it xx

Now my inspiration for wanting to 'alter' and make things pretty came from watching You Tube, one of the Channels I found really inspirational was
Scrimping Mommy
Here are a couple of her pieces of work........
 A Beautiful Wall hanging 

Amanda (Scrimpy's) Own Lace Caddy

I have got 2 of these Lace Caddy's , I am part way through decorating one,
They would be good for carrying anything around, craft tools or embellishments, you can buy the spools to wind your lace on too, Fernli Designs sells Amanda's caddy its just £3 and you can decorate to your on taste.
There are so many more beautiful things to see on Amanda's YouTube channel 
Or her Facebook group 

Scrimpy's Craft Boutique.

Now for the news,.,,, Amanda has asked me to be on her Design Team as a Guest Designer, how exciting is that??? I was so over the moon when she asked me, i only hope that i can do her gorgeous laces and trims justice! 
I can't promise anything as elaborate as Amanda's but i will give it a go!
Go check out Amanda's work, Cheryl has been and she is hooked already!

I hope you all have a good day,
Love and hugs
Sandra xxxx


  1. Good morning everyone
    Sandra what a delightful piece of art work You really are a very clever lady.
    I have just left a comment on Amanda's Facebook page, will have a look on her utube section later.
    Not been too good for a couple of days, bad throat etc and now a racking cough but it'll pass, don't feel quite as bad today, we'll up to the now anyway.

    Really enjoyed looking at all the guilty buys yesterday and Beth's cards were the beautiful and she's such a clever young Lady Hazel.
    Must say Sandra it's about time you were on a design team so well done.
    Will pop back later
    Hugs to all in need of one
    Jean xx

    1. Hi Jean,
      wish you better, not nice with a cough. Take care xxx

    2. Hi Jean hope you feel better soon it's the cough that takes the longest going. Take care.
      Hugs Lynda xx

    3. Hi Jean, sorry you're not feeling too good, this virus is a really bad one,so take care .

  2. Bon Jour everyone from a very frosty but sunny Marigny.

    SANDRA - I'm I love with your Heart. I love everything you have done and cannot wait to see the Caddies you're in the process of doing.
    I can just hear your excitement here in Marigny at being asked to be a Designer on Amanda's Site and I'll be popping in to see just what's what and how she does things. Many CONGRATULATIONS Dear Friend. You're one very talented lady and will do well and your work deserves to be seen out there.

    I cannot believe it's Friday (just been off to turn the coffee pot on for breakfast) but as it is we're off to Market for the first time this Spring. Looking forward to seeing who is there and what's on offer. Of course we will have to call in the Pastry shop as it would be rude not to wouldn't it!!

    I was pleased to see Marigny Dobbi did well yesterday so I hope he continues to behave himself. Please let me know if anything is not up to standard. After all we have a high standard to keep up.

    I hope our missing Friends are just busy and not ill and I'm looking forward to seeing you all back very soon.

    Hugs are on their way so can someone please put them into the basket for general use when they arrive as I don't want them hanging around causing chaos and tripping Friends when they come through the door. We've had too many falls lately and certainly do not want more.

    I'll be in later. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet, have a nice day. Hope the pastry shop is open for you and enjoy the market. Don't forget to report back what you and Jim had :-)
      The Huggles had been quiet for a reason alright and I hope Norah is coming in to have a stern word with them. Salt in the sugar bowls, yack ! Tea spoons are missing too again so if you see any around they probably belong to the cafe xxx

    2. Bonjour Janet,
      Oh I am looking forward to the pastry description later!!
      Now I know that you will love everything that Amanda has designed and created because you have done some similar projects yourself, you have altered some beautiful boxes and you love making Plaques and home decor too, hopefully some of things in my DT kits will really appeal to you too!! Who doesn't love lace?
      Have fun at the market today,
      Sandra xxx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-beautiful project. I'm not surprised you've been asked to join the Design Team, you're a very talented crafter!

    Jean-hope you're soon feeling better. It's a nasty cough/cold virus that's about at the moment.

    All I can say is...thank goodness it's Friday! I'm hoping to pop to Hobbycraft (at Aintree, which is fairly close) tomorrow to look for a birthday present for a friend.


    1. Hope your day is not to bad Michele and you get lucky tomorrow for the present hunt. Wonder what else you coming home with :-) xxx

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  6. Good morning Sandra and ladies on this good to be alive day. The suns shining, the birds are singing and its Craft Club day.
    SANDRA just love your hearts. Youre so clever. I wouldnt know where to start. Many congratulations on your design team debut, its very well desrerved.
    JEAN do hope you feel better soon. There are so many bugs around at the moment.
    JANET enjoy your trip to the market. The pastry shop sounds so inviting.
    well my computer seems to be behaving itself after yesterdays fiasco.
    Gracie is sitting here looking longingly at her lead telling me to hurry up but must just nip over to Scrimpys and take a peep. The caddy and the book are exquisite. Such talent and wonderful ideas.
    wwill pop back later.
    Have a great day everyone.
    Love Val x

    1. Hi Val, hope you and Gracie had a nice walk. She must have missed you when you were in the UK and happy you are back. Have a happy crafting day xxx

    2. Hi Val
      Hope you enjoyed your craft club. & Gracie enjoyed her walk bet she missed you. Enjoy you evenig. Hug's xxx

  7. Yayyy fantastic to see you finally release your Design team place . We are grateful to have you on the team Sandra as your work is outstanding and you are such a lovely lady I just know we will have fun.... Adding another string to our crafty bow is always fun and your altered heart is just stunning , I know this will be one of many as altered art soon becomes addictive. Have a wonderful day ladies however your spending it and have fun xx Amanda

  8. Hi Sandra and everyone. Love your altered heart, it's stunning :-) The paper and flowers are so pretty. Congratulations on your news, that's fantastic :-)) Looking forward to seeing more of your altered creations.
    Hope all well and have a lovely day.
    Hugs to all xx

    1. Thank you Sonia, I know that you have started playing with mixed media and 'altering' so you will already know that exciting feeling of having different materials to add to your papercrafting!
      I may be turning to you for Some inspiration!!
      Sandra xxx

    2. Hi Sonia, have a nice day . Take care xxx

    3. Thank you Sandra. Hoping to try to do some more on my butterfly album very soon, and now have all the lovely goodies for my parents' memory album - so watch this space! Hugs xx

      Thank you Maria, hope you had a nice day. Hugs xx

    4. Hi Sandra, loving your work, keep it going my friend. Huggies. Xxx

    5. Hi Sandra, loving your work, keep it going my friend. Huggies. Xxx

  9. WOWSER SANDRA! Well done you on both counts The MDF heart is very pretty and I'm not surprised Amanda has asked you You produce some beautiful work

    1. Hi Karen, hope you are ok. Busy knitting little cardi's ? :-) Have a good weekend xxx

  10. Congratulations Sandra, your work is beautiful hence you are part of the DT. Enjoy designing beautiful pieces for Scrimpyscraftboutique on Facebook. We are all looking forward to seeing your gorgeous creations. Hugs xxx MJ.

  11. Congratulations Sandra, your work is beautiful hence you are part of the DT. Enjoy designing beautiful pieces for Scrimpyscraftboutique on Facebook. We are all looking forward to seeing your gorgeous creations. Hugs xxx MJ.

  12. Good morning Sandra and everyone,

    WOW Sandra, fantastic news I am so pleased for you, and the results you are showing us today are just fabulous. I was thinking about the journey you've been on over the last couple of years, i'm sure you hardly recognise yourself when you look back and see what you have achieved, so much in such a short space of time, I'm proud and privileged to say I know you. XXX

    Ladies, please forgive my ramblings of yesterday at one point it was like the !!!! had hit the fan, things were going in every direction. Anyway this morning is another day everyone off to school, so hope no other accidents happen today.

    I'm popping back home this morning it's a friends funeral at the local church.

    Hope you all have a good day, love and hugs, Brenda XXX

    1. Brenda, don't apologise for yesterday! You had a terrible day and to me just putting it down on here helps! You got it off your mind! We will hope today is better,sorry you have to go home to attend the funeral. Not what you need, yet need to go as it was a friends. I am having one of those days were I need to be in three places at once at times. We are to ready when asked to help! We say " no problem". Then stop and think after " why did I do that?"

    2. Hazel, thank you for for your lovely message. Yes we are always ready to help and our family and friends know that, and will always be there at the drop of a hat. Don't go over doing things today, even though you need to be in three places at once! John always jokingly said to people don't retire you will work twice as hard. xxx

    3. Brenda, you take care and hope the day will go without any problems. Good they got off to school alright this morning. Think the teachers were on strike here yesterday. John is so right, how did we have time to work on top of everything xxx

    4. Brenda! I couldn't believe it when I read about your day yesterday! Talk about stress? Please don't ever apologise for just getting things off your chest! We all do it from time to time! Sorry about the funeral and I hope it goes as well as these occasions can! Xxx

    5. Afternoon Brenda - we all have those days when we just want to go somewhere and scream at the top of our voices so please don't every apologise to us here as we're all here for each other.
      Sorry you have a sad day today but I'm sure you will be able to think about some special times you have had with your Friend. Take care Dear Friend. xxxx

    6. Good afternoon BRENDA sorry you had a stressful day yesterday please don't apologies just scream in the cafe we don't mind you get it off your chest we are here for you.
      Hope the funeral for your friend went as well as it could
      Hug's bruised droopy bits Lynda xxx

    7. Hi Brenda. As the others have said don't apologise for letting off steam on here. You really did have "one of those days" didnt you. At least all turned out OK. I hope you had a much calmer day today. Hugs are on their way x

  13. Morning Sandra and ladies, I love your heart design Sandra, the flowers look so real, well done on becoming a designer for Amanda, another string to your bow.
    I'm off to cover our wee craft shop today, to take care everyone whatever you get up to.
    Janet enjoy your first pastries of the year!!,

    1. Hi Jess, have a lovely day in the craft shop. Have she got any of Sue's new paper pads and dies in her little shop ? xxx

  14. Margaret Palmer18 March 2016 at 10:42

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe.
    Sandra what a lovely heart you have done it beautifully as always. Mamy congratulations on your new job you have so much talent well done.xx
    Sue coming today first time we have seen her since Farnborough so alot to catch up with.
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xx

    1. Hi Margaret, have a lovely day and enjoy seeing Sue today. Hope she is better and you and pops are fine.
      hugs xxx

    2. Hi MARGARET
      Hope you enjoyed your day with your lovely daughter,
      Hug's xx

  15. Morning Sandra love your hearts x and so pleased to have you on the team x I love your work hunni x thank you for posting such gorgeous work xxx

  16. Hi Sandra and all in today.
    Tea and crumpets finished and the phone have at last stop ringing with the fifth survey call this morning, grrr. Congratulations Sandra ! wow, this is so exciting. Your lacy heart is Beautiful !
    Looking forward to see more of your mixed media work and Amanda's too.
    Having a lazy morning, only made some stampings and hope to colour them up with my Spectrum noir but find them not easy to work with so will have a look on youtube to see for some hints . Going to a showroom kitchen this afternoon. They still saying it would take up to 4 weeks to have it all done so we have to see if we going ahead.
    Have a nice day all, if feeling under the weather I wish you better soon. Lynda, hope your chest is better today.
    love and hugs Maria xxx

    1. Hi MARIA hope you got some inspiration from you tube. How was the kitchen show room did you find one.
      My son & Sam bought a bathroom & kitchen from B & Q all paid for last year they had the bathroom delivered & they where holding the kitchen till they wanted it delivered & they do now Believe it or not they have only lost it. Xx

    2. Lost it !? What happened to it ? well our trip to the showroom was ok, I saying that because all he had up and running for now was to look in some catalogues ! Nothing up on the wall with doors, handles ,worktops etc. so a bit disappointed after waiting 2 weeks. He quoted us just over twenty-thousand £ and the work will take about four weeks. Seeing someone else on Monday. Think he might be more but we have to wait and see. Left a message on your blog hihi xx

    3. Maria, I think you arebeing robbed! We had a leading company in and as I said a week from start to finish. I would look around even get a joiner in to give you a quote!

    4. Hi Maria. I agree with Hazel. I think you need to look around to find someone that will do it cheaper and it should only take a week at the most, unless there is major structural work to do as well.
      I hope you get it all sorted soon
      Hugs on their way x

  17. Hello Sandra,
    Congratulations !!! I hope you thoroughly enjoy being part of a DT . Look forward to seeing your work! Today's heart is beautiful. Beautiful colours too!
    Well it's crazy Friday here today again! So far this morning I have made 11 cups of coffee!! It felt like a cafe here for a while. My car needed a new windscreen thanks to a stone! So we had two men fitting that , two gardening, my DIL 's Dad called round . One husband , one friend and me! Friend and I had two cups!! Ha ha!
    Whew! Now waiting for my shopping to arrive!
    Pat - I've sent my Challenge card in! I just couldn't have you showing me up! Ha ha!
    Take care everyone and have a good day!
    Janet - enjoy the pastries !! Xxxx

    1. Hello my Mad Hatter Friend
      I think you need some of that extra strong coffee I sent over to the Café the other day. Just help yourself and I'll send more. Hope the Motor Technicians and the Gardners were worth the cups of coffee hehehe
      Hugs just for you xxxx

  18. Sandra, what an accolade for you and Cotswold Crafters. If anybody can, you CAN, go for it.

  19. Thx for all the lovely comments on my cards. Beth

  20. Good morning Sandra and ladies. Love the your altered heart! I did one of these a couple of years ago at the NEC, loved it and of ourse planed to do more when we got back! Did that happen no! Like a lot of things with me. Congrats on you design team place. Xxx

  21. Afternoon Sandra & ladies,

    WOW! what an achievement girl, on DT team for Amanda. Well done, nobody deserves it more than you. Will the café still be open now you getting famous? hehe Your heart is gorgeous.

    My photography class yesterday went very well. A lovely gentleman knew my camera and showed me where to find things. Windows 10 would not read the CDROM manual so I didn't have a clue where all the commands were stored. Now I shall be off and away trying out all the different pictures I can take.

    Beth's cards yesterday were so delightful, fresh and pretty. Well done to you too Beth. I can see your Nan has taught you well to use your imagination.
    And the secret stashes were again marvellous. I have to admit, I have been tempted as the Range had quite a few items with sales stickers on. I don't know how, it must be the fault of the Sale Fairy , but they jumped into my trolley before I could even look around! Well I had to pay for them didn't I? It would have been rude not to. That's now come out of my spends for my Grand Trip. D***

    A knock came at the door, the delivery man was there, a gurt big parcel was brought in and I was so disappointed it wasn't the one I was expecting. Boo hoo! Have to wait even longer now and I thought Hermes was the messenger who delivers everything quicker than Royal Mail. Usually if I have a Hermes parcel it is delivered the next day.
    However my Teal GC is now back home, all repaired according to the invoice, but it looks suspiciously like a brand new one. Icing on the cake was a whole new set of plates. Yay!

    I hope our Madonna with the bruised boobies is improving with age. I can sympathise very well, I thought my right one had gone 20 rounds with Mike Tyson a few days after my BC operation.

    I won't be in tomorrow, it will be a day of reflection and celebrating Pete and his wonderful life with us.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl, looking forward to see some beautiful photographs from you one day. Glad you liked the course. Sending you some hugs and will be thinking of you tomorrow, take care xxx

    2. Love and hugs for tomorrow Cheryl, I only know what you have told me about Pete, I would have been a privilege to have known him xxx

    3. Hi Cheryl. I am sending special hugs for you for tomorrow. From all you have told us about Pete you have so many wonderful memories about a truly wonderful man. I will be thinking of you tomorrow x

  22. Sorry ladies about Beths very quick thank you. Need I say mum had other plans for her and big sister for tonight! She had to get ready to go out. No word of me having to feed them. We decided scotch pancakes were in order, so we were making them, those two were eating as quick as making. At least they had something to eat. I will say thank you very much for your kind comments, she read them all, she would have replied better, had time allowed. A text message informed me about them having to get ready to go. Xxx

  23. Hello Sandra and All, sorry to be late, the day has just run away with me.
    Sandra your heart is beautiful, congrats on the design team appointment.
    Went to the range today to try and buy the pack you bought, they didn't have and seemed not to be able to find out anything about it, boo hoo.
    It's been a lovely day here,although a little chilly in the wind.
    Had a lovely day crafting with my friends yesterday, made 5 cards !!!!!
    The roads were very busy ,seem a lot of people down already for Easter,
    Still a few fields of gold , last few daffy, if you don't live were they grow flowers you will never have seen the beautiful fields of golden daffodils, it gives a lovely lift to the day. The primroses were also flowering on the sides of the road.
    Hope everyone who are not feeling well soon feel better.
    I'll say good night now and see you in the morning.
    Hugs Lilian

    1. Lilian, I will ask my son and see if they got any here in MK. I would love to have that pack myself so....
      Have a good night, hope the knee is behaving xx

  24. Good evening SANDRA & ladies
    Wow I love your heart Sandra it's Gorgeous congratulations on your DT appointment you deserve it I did a friends request for Amanda's FB page & she accepted.Sandra I couldn't find the shop to have a look at all her lace extra. Had a look at you tube. I might get some MDF at AP I fancy having a go after seeing Leonie's shows on Hochanda she dose it so good.
    I went to the doctors this morning as still in a lot of pain more on the left side. She just said it will take a long time healing as it was a nasty fall & she just gave me stronger pain killers.& told me to rest So i haven't done anything today I had a sleep this afternoon through boredom.hihi. I might try my book folding on my lap tray tomorrow & see If I can manage it.
    Well Terry has just given me a Cupper so will see you all tomorrow.
    Hug's Lynda xxxx
    SHEILA hope your ok my friend thinking of you & Nikki always love & Hug's Lynda xxxxx

  25. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe tonight.
    CONGRATULATIONS SANDRA on being asked to join the design team. I know this is not going to be the last that you get asked to join a team. You are so talented and your wonderful items deserve to be seen by everyone. You will do a fantastic job. I'm so proud of all that you have achieved since I have been lucky enough to know you. Todays heart is gorgeous, so beautiful, looking forward to seeing the lace caddy whem it is finished.Love and special well done hugs my lovely xx
    Lynda, sorry you are still in so much pain. I hope the new pain killers help and I'm glad to see that you are resting. Take care my dear friend. X
    I had a lovely day with Mum and Pop and now have Phoebe here for the night, we have been watching movies and now I'm ready for my bed : )
    Hugs to you all with extras for those in need. Take care xx

  26. Your MDF is beautiful, what a lovely piece to hang in anyone's home. Thanks for the info on the caddy and congrats about the design team.