Sunday 20 March 2016

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Good Morning Ladies,

We have an amazing range of beautiful cards for our Sketch Challenge again this week! 

Brenda, thank you for making the time for taking part as well as looking after Scarlett, I hope she is feeling better, your card is lovely xxx

Hazel, wow, I really do love this card, gorgeous papers, I just love that ribbon you have used across the centre, it is beautiful, I think this is my favourite card of yours so far, thank you so much for taking part!  Let me know if you get one from Beth, I will add it on xxx

Janet, gorgeous card from you too, I like the base card you have used and the pretty border across the centre, one of your beautiful butterflies is sitting on top of that woven ribbon strip, it looks as though your beautiful flower arrangement is sat upon a little doily, such a lot of work, it shows too, gorgeous card, thank you Janet xxx

Jess, such a pretty card from you once again, lovely mix of colours, that pretty place just peeking out from under the ribbon makes the seam binding look so much prettier!  What are those flowers you have added? Are they handmade?? I would love to know which die if you have made it. Thank you for taking part Jess xxx

Karen, I was so touched that you had taken the time to make  Sketch challenge card,it was such a surprise to see it, it looks as though you have made a box card, what an amazing idea, giving a gift and card all in one!  I would love to know how you made it, if you have time !! Thanks again Karen xxx

Lilian, I didn't realise you had this much sought after embossing folder too!! It just makes the perfect card doesn't it ?!  I love the little lace flower trim you have run across the centre of the card, your flowers are the perfect finishing touch, thank yoiu so much for taking part xxx

Lynda, lovely card from you again Lynda, I love how you have created the centre border, fantastic idea, your arrangement of Sue's Rose die cuts finishes the card beautifully, I can't believe you managed a card after your fall last week, you are amazingly determined, I will have to be careful how I hug you at Ally Pally this time,
Thanks again Lynda xxx

Margaret, what beautiful spring paper you have used on your card this week, is this a new pad? It matches perfectly with the ribbon you have used for your border, perfectly stamped sentiment too! Thank you Margaret xxx

Maria, like Hazel, I think that this is one of your most beautiful cards ever, I love everything about it, the card/paper you have used, that lace border is stunning!!!
Your flowers are amazing and the colour of your foliage die works perfectly, thank you so much, your card is amazing xxx

Michele, wow you managed  two cards, both fabulous, love the embossing folder on the top card, the flowers on both work perfectly, see what you can manage under pressure (he he)!! Thank you so much for taking part xxx

Myra, I spy your new paper pad??!, its beautiful Myra, so nice to have the matching papers all in one place, I nlove how you have added the lovely stiletto shoe to the card too, having the flowers in different colours in opposite corners really balances the card well, thank you so much for taking part xxx

🎉🎉 PAT, a bit like the buses, you wait forever and two come along at once!!🎉🎉
Two lovely cards, in love your punched centre border, the flowers are beautiful too Pat, both lovely colour combinations too !  Thank you so much for taking part xxx

Sonia, I have recently bought this paper pad, it is so pretty, i love the colours yoiu have teamed if with too, lovely border and really pretty flower too, thank you son much for taking part each week, I hope you are enjoying it xxx

Val, I just love your 'love' themed card, so pretty, now please tell me about that gorgeous border!! The perfect Anniversary card, thank you so much for taking part after your busy week of arriving home and unpacking, must have taken a day to put away your new craft haul !! Xxx

Absolutely blown away by this weeks stunning cards, thank you all once again, I'm off to p!an tomorrow's sketch !!

Have a lovely Sunday ladies,
Love and hugs
Sandra xxxx


  1. Morning Everyone
    I thought yesterday's display board was a WOW but Oh when I peeked in this morning to be met with such an array of gorgousness and Spring colour it just blew me away.
    This Challenge really called for SPRING in every way and it has certainly arrived. Every card is just stunning and there are many ideas here which just might be popping into my 'must do' box if you all don't mind.
    Sandra you must be so so pleased to see the results this week.

    It's a dull morning today and cold but he birds are having their breakfast and fighting over who'se going to be king of the castle by standing on top of fat balls. Not as though there isn't enough around for them.

    After housework yesterday it's going to be crafting for me today. I want to make a few of those beautiful Mugs Sandra showed a while ago to put mini Easter Eggs in for Daniel and Sylvie and then I want to play around with some ideas of covering a notebook. See Sandra what have you done!

    I see all is set for the day in the Café and the Home made jars of Blackberry Jam have arrived safe and sound along with all the lovely fresh Croissants etc and bread.
    Have a good day everyone I hope all your plans for the day go smoothly.

    Hugs are on their way to all my Dear Friends in need at the moment along with plenty for general use.

    1. Hi Janet, have a fun day crafting. Good luck making the cute mugs, I haven't been brave enough yet to make one but I will,one day tihi Thanks for sending the yummy jam and croissant's , they will go down very well today. Grey day here too. hugs to you both xxx

    2. Hi JANET enjoy your crafting day. Do you get more inspiration in your corner of heaven. Hope you get all your prodjects finished.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  2. Good Morning Sandra, and All, Dull grey day here, looks cold, still in bed so not sure !!!!!
    Sandra firstly,can I say a big thank you for taking the time to do these challenges every week, and that you add a comment on everyone's card, it must take ages.

    Beautiful array of cards this week, sorry mine is a bit of a cheat, hands not working too well at the moment.
    Spent all day yesterday trying to make Easter cards, which mostly went in the bin !!
    Ironing this morning then may have another try at my Easter cards.
    Hope you all have a lovely Sunday.
    Hugs abound Lilian

    1. Morning Lilian, your card is Stunning ! I love the style. Sorry your hands are bad. Keep warm. hugs xxx

    2. Hi LILIAN hope your hands improve so you get your Easter cards finished. Take care Hug's Lynda xx

    3. Lilian sorry your hands are bad hope they feel better soon, trouble is we cannot really rest them can we. I love the colours of your card, I seem all these diff!sent dies & embossing folders & if I bought them all I would be broke.xx

  3. Good Morning Sandra and all coming through the door today.

    WOW and wow again, I have been sitting here for the last ten minutes and just looked back to our board of some Fantastic cards from this weeks Challenge ! I have some favourites but to see our Pat card's, you are a star and two, yes 2! Beautiful cards, I love them.

    Dobbie have helped me set up for the day. The Huggles has been told to behave but you never know. Norah if you there, we need your help I think. I have given them some colouring in books and colour pencils so should hopefully keep them busy for a little while. Have not seen the little one for a while so have someone taken him home ?
    Went through quite a bit of my programs during the night. Watch Leonie again and she is so fun to see. Think she will be at AP and Hochanda is airing live from there so be on best behaviour and looking nice ! That's going to be a challenging day hihi having a home alone day so will try to make some cards later and sorting out my dies. All these little jobs takes a long time but I think I now got S W in one place and spellb. in another. Have some dies that I haven't got a clue where they came from so they have got there own place hihi sorry to ramble on, having some tea and toast and will see how next coming in. You are all welcome come come in.
    Have a nice Sunday everyone and hope our fallen friends are soon back. Bugs and bruises go away and never come back again ! Love and hugs to you all, Maria Xxxx

    1. Hello MARIA wow your challenge card Is Gorgeous I think it's your best ever i love it. You are a very good card maker so believe it my friend
      Hug's Lynda xxxxx

    2. Hi Maria,
      I love, love your card this week, such a lovely colour & the flowers are beautiful, as Lynda said you do make lovely cards, well done.xx

  4. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    another wonderful array of cards today. I just love Sundays on your blog Sandra when so many ladies take part and such a lot of effort is put into each and every entry. Also it mst take you ages to comment on each one. Your poor fingers must be worn out!
    After quite a reasonable quotation by thd devcorator yesterday, he is starting thdpainting on Tuesday and reckons to take 3 days. So I'm srarting to take pictutes off the walls today. I havent reall found homes for all the uk craft goodies yet so thats also on todays list.
    Bye the way Sandra the eding die on the card is one of Joanna Sheens. I have quite a few of hers.
    Have a lovely Sunday everyone whatever you're doing.
    Love Val x

  5. Morning Ladies

    WOW-what a wonderful collection of cards today. My second card also has an embossed background but it's such an awful photo that you can't tell, mind you it was 8.45pm last night when I finished both cards & took the photos to send to Sandra!

    Apart from the usual chores today, I hope to spend some time in my craft room as hubby will be watching the Grand Prix then motorbike racing .


  6. Wow! All stunning creations Ladies, beautiful. Hope you are well Sandra and all in the Cafe?

    Love & hUgs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. Good morning, Sandra and ladies. A wonderful display in here this morning with everyone's cards. Again no two are remotely the same.
    Beth, I think has been to tired to do this weeks one, out every evening except Monday when she had cello lesson. They were show jumping in a competition all day yesterday and doing cross country on the ponies today. Two shattered girls and ponies.
    I didn't get back in. Yesterday Google just kept signing me out, I gave up. I have signed in this morning we will see what happens. Was very busy too, little daughter came and helped we gut our bedroom, she could get down to do the skirtings etc. Me I get down but oh boy getting up again is another story. Today they are all coming for Sunday lunch, before that I have a huge pile of ironing to do.
    Cheryl, I am sending (((((( hugs))))) as I know yesterday won't have been easy.
    Have a good day everyone. We have another beautiful one, I would say perfect Easter weekend weather. What's the bet next weekend it will rain! Xxx

    1. Hazel take it easy defently don't want you saying hello to the floor.
      I loved your challenge card it's so pretty love the papers & your flowers are gorgeous. Xxx

  8. Morning Sandra and ladies,What a brilliant display of cards today, each one is gorgeous, a lot of inspiration to keep us busy.
    Sandra, the flowers I used came from A pack I bought in Hobbycraft, I sprayed them with Creative Expressions diamond sparkle spray.
    Having an easy day today, the sun is shining here although it is a bit chilly in the shade, unfortunately that shows up all the dust in the corners, but tomorrow is
    another day., take care Jess xxx

  9. Hi JESS don't worry about dust today it will still be there tomorrow. Have a nice crafting day & relax. I will have a look out for the CE diamond sparkle spray didn't know they did it in a spray thanks.
    Hug's xx

  10. What a fantastic array of cards Is there another Karen on the blog because the above card isn't mine (which it was though coz it's beautiful!)I've been so busy with stuff, mainly knitting So sorry I keep missing deadline I always intend to and then run out of time Enjoyed daughter's baby shower We played some silly games like Guess the Baby Food and the Nappy Game - identify the melted chocolate bar That was hilarious We all kee it was chocolate but still cringed at the site of it in a nappy! Off dancing this pm which means a little bit of quality time with husband
    Take care everyone xxx

    1. Hi Karen,
      It is a different Karen, that i have met through Amanda, her name is Karen McClure, a lovely, lovely lady that saw the Sketch and decided to have a go!!
      Hopefully she will pop in so that we can all say hi,
      Your Baby Shower sounded like amazing fun, time has flown by hasn't it, won't be long now !!!!!
      Enjoy your dancing xxx

    2. Hi Karen, Yes a new Karen but all just as talented x yes saw Sandra's sketch and had to have a go x I love challenges so will most definitely be joining in more often x

    3. Hi Karen,
      Lovely to see you in the best calorie free cafe, your card is lovely hope to see you in again soon.xx

    4. Welcome Karen. Your card is beautiful, I hope you join in again, and also stop in the Cafe and enjoy a drink and cream cake. It's all calorie free in this wonderful caring Cafe so have what ever you want. There is usually someone to have a chat with, eberuone is so friendly and caring, there is a soap box under the counter if it is needed too : ) Take care x

  11. Hello SANDRA & ladies
    Wow all such lovely challenge cards I love Sunday's seeing everyone cards. Thank you Sandra for commenting on each one your a star looking forward to tomorrows sketch card challenge.
    A dull day & very chilly but I'm not going anywhere. I had a bad night couldn't get comfortable so got up & slept in my chair still in pain doesn't seem to be getting easier im going to leave my bra off today so if your sun goes in you know why HaHa. The most pain is where bra goes under droopy bits been a week now so thought i would be getting better. Going for a shower so will pop back & see who comes in. Hug's Lynda xx

    1. Lynda the colour & card you have used is lovely. Please take it easy, & don't worry there is no sun to boot out today!! Hope you feel more comfortable soon.xx

    2. Hi Lynda. I'm sorry that you are still in so much pain. Bras are not comfortable for us larger ladies anyway so I'm not surprised that you are not wearing one today, could you get one of the soft stretchy pull over your head types, just for a while? I know they are not very supportive but it would be much more comfy than a regular one when you have to wear it. Matter stalls and Primark do them really cheap, under a fiver, it might be worth a look for you. Sending gentle hugs xx

  12. Hi Sandra
    Wow,wow,wow. What put a stunning array of challenge cards on display for us today. Mind you after I'd looked at them I had to go back and have another look at them all, didn't see Myras shoe at the first look. Must have a play with that embossing folder Lilian. I bought the t but haven't had a play yet. Mind you that's if I can find it now. Off to dinner at Yarnton today, taking Doreen with us. It might be the last time she can go she says before she has her hip done. Hope Ellis is in a better frame of mind today than Friday. He was quite nasty to Doreen. Squeezed her fingers together so tight her rings cut into them, all because she used his salt pot at home instead of her own.

  13. LIDL CARD ..…

    ladies I have just checked Lidl website and from tomorrow they have paper/card packs, glue guns, crepe paper packs ( great for making flowers), punches and glues!!!
    So get down and stock up.....
    And just as av little bonus I have added link at the very bottom of today's post (under my name) for a money off voucher for Lidl, I think its £5 off if you spend £40,
    PRINT IT IN GREY SCALE THOUGH or you willbbe out of ink!!!
    You can print it off a few times too as its valid for ten days I think !!
    Enjoy, stock up, Pat, make sure you leave some for me !!!!

    1. We were only talking about this on Wednesday weren't we and saying that it must be time for it to be in Lidl! Thank you my lovely. I will have to get some for me and Mum, and you if you haven't already got yours
      And thank you for the voucher, that makes it evenore of a bargain : ) xx

  14. Hi Sandra just had look at Lidl voucher but in their turms & conditions it said wouldn't except copy's or defaced vouchers only original vouchers. So do you think they mean this too. Xx

    1. Hmm not sure lady that sent me them is an avid bargain hunter, I will check with her xx

    2. Thanks Sandra not to worry they can only say they will or not take it. I will just punch her lights out HHHHAAAAAHHHHAAAA.XXX

    3. Plenty for you Sandra, as I need more card like I need a hole in my head. They usually will only take originals which are in the phamplet that they do.

  15. Hi Everyone such stunning cards x I love them all I adore sketch challenges as they are such a great way to see everyones versatility and their own spin on everything x Thank you Sandra for such a fab challenge roll on next week ;) x

    1. Hello Karian welcome to the cafe' hope you stay SANDRA's challenge cards are great fun gets the brain thinking & I love seeing everyones take on them. Hope you enjoy the Mad Hatters club.
      Hug's Lynda xx

    2. Hi Karian
      Welcome to the cafe. Some of us are a bit barmy. But we're harmless really. Please watch were you stand the huggles get everywhere.

  16. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a lovely selection of cards, & it is all down to you, a very big THANK YOU!.
    The card I used was a freebie with Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine this month, there were 4 & all lovely.xx
    Waiting to see what tomorrow's challenge will be,hope I have time to do it. Alan has op.on bunion tomorrow which means bedrest for 2 weeks just allowed up to use the bathroom so I will be on dog walking duties plus all other jobs. He has been warned that it is very painful!! you all know men & pain! He thinks he will be up & doing in 2 weeks, I think he will have a surprise.
    Hugs on way to all who need them to be Margaret xx.

    1. Hello MARGARET well done on your card it's gorgeous you are getting really good at it. Ooo I feel for Allen I never new how painfull a bunions opp would be i would rather have another baby haha. I had both done but my right one wants doing again but don't think I can stand the pain I had crutches didn't have to stay in bed. Sending him Hug's & you too.

    2. Margaret Palmer20 March 2016 at 17:36

      Thank you Lynda think I might need them! xx

  17. Hello Sandra,
    Sorry this is going to be really short! I've got the dreaded flu bug which my husband kindly gave to me! Not feeling too good! Lovely cards all of them!
    Be good everyone. It's a lovely day here today! Xxx

    1. Hello MYRA sorry you have the horribal virus bug hope you feel better soon & it dosn't last too long. It was very nice or your Husband too share. Hug's Lynda xxx

    2. HibMyra
      Sorry to hear you have the virus that's going around. Tell hubby not to share next time. Hope your feeling better soon.

  18. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    What a gorgeous selection of cards all really lovely and so very different. On Sunday It's like going to an exhibition at gallery, a real treat. Thank you all so much fo brightening my day.

    LYNDA, I hope you are talking things easy today. You must really have hit the ground with some force. Go easy on yourself, take care. xxx

    MYRA, Dose yourself up and rest, a hot toddy wouldn't hurt. Tell your dear husband he doesn't have to share everything. xxx

    MARGARET, Hope Alan's Op goes well and he will be a good patient. xxx

    We are back home now, bags all unpacked, although with schools Easter holiday immenant don't know why we bothered, as we will certainly be going back for a few days. Daughter did say you don't have to go home, why don't you stay another week. !!!!!!!! She and SIL had a lovely week in Tenerife and his cousin apparently kept saying how great it had made his birthday surprise having them there.

    Sandra, Sorry I didn't get a card made for this weeks challenge, I was really hoping to make make one as the sketch really appealed to me. Ciara made one then cut off the bottom half for some reason. This morning I was showing her the blog and all the beautiful cards, after lots of Wows - she said where's mine? WOOPS..... Grandma forgot to send it.

    I'm not cooking this evening, we are going to have Chinese and chill out. We think we deserve it.!

    Sending love and hugs - there's enough for everyone xxx Brenda xxx

    1. Hi BRENDA
      I bet your glad to be back in your own home. Enjoy your Chinese meal.
      Thank you I did go down with a big bump. I am taking it easy as can't do much at all too painful. I should have reported it at the restraunt but just wanted to get out felt embarrassed my son said we should have looked if anything was on the floor that I slipped on. Oh well too late now I could have got millions 💷 haha.
      Have a nice relaxed evening. Xxx Lynda xxx

  19. Hi again, sorry ladies I have just checked the spray I used for the flowers on my card, it is a Crafters Companion spray called diamond sparkle, sorry for telling you porkies!!,

  20. Thank you JESS sounds good especially easyer to do on flowers. Xx

  21. Hi Margaret
    I hope Alans op goes well. He might well be surprised if he isn't mobile within two weeks.

  22. Hi Sandra and everyone. Loving all the beautiful cards again this week :-) Can't wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow Sandra.
    Hope everyone is well and has had a good day.
    Hugs to all xxx

  23. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe tonight. I have finally got to comment, started a few hours ago but had a house full until a while ago.
    Once again the challenge cards are all beautiful, and so different. And once again I have not had time to finish mine! I am going to have a full day this week to craft and I m not going to let anything side track me so that I can join I'm the challenge. I hope everyone has had a good weekend. I hope the weather warms up again, it has been cold hasn't it.
    Mum, you know I will be thinking of Pop, and you, tomorrow. Will be waiting for the call to say it is done. Pop will be in for a shock won't he once the two weeks are up. Good luck!!!! Love you xx
    I must go now, I.m falling asleep typing this so I hope it all.makes sense : ) Take care xx