Wednesday 16 March 2016

Janet' Beautiful flower card and Belated birthday wishes

 Janet's Beautiful Floral card

Belated Birthday Wishes Anne xxx

Good Morning Ladies,

Firstly I would like to apologise for not knowing it was Anne's birthday yesterday, it wasn't on either of my lists!  I know you are some where a lot warmer than here! I hope you really enjoyed your birthday, I'm sure there will be plenty of cards waiting for you on your return, sending hugs your way xxx

Now hopefully Janet will have arrived safely and is relaxing as we speak, I am hoping Marigny Dobbie will have popped some pastries over for breakfast, I could just eat a 
freshly baked croissant, you cant beat them!!
Your card is so beautiful, I love everything about it,  its so pretty, all of flowers, and the aperture is just brilliant. As is the verse. 
Thankyou for allowing me to share your cards Janet 

Can we give a lovely Cafe Welcome to Amanda (Scrimping mommy) she has been on a left a comment a couple of times over past few days, she is the loveliest lady  you could ever wish to meet !! Xx

All being well Sue and I are off to Pats for a bit of crafting and a bit of a laugh ! Xx

I hope you have a good day whatever you are doing, 

Love and hugs
Sandra xxxxx


  1. Morning Ladies

    Janet-what a beautiful card, it's so pretty.

    I'm meant to be in a meeting from 8.30-10.30 this morning but my boss has asked if I'll give my apologies & help her-we have such a busy morning. A few things not sorted from last week which have caused us a few problems, delays really. Heh Ho-makes the working day go quicker!

    Tried to start the challenge card last night but just couldn't get any inspiration do I went back to reading my book. Tonight I'm going straight from work to the Dentist -always a problem for me. I know she'll have to book at least one more appointment-that means booking more time iff work unless she'll see me after 5pm.


  2. Good morning Sandra and ladies.
    Well after 3 lovely weeks in a mostly sunny UK, I'm back home. Back to the washing and ironing, all done now phew.
    Beautiful card today Janet. The paper youve used is so pretty.
    Happy birthday for yesterday Anne.
    Bought lots of crafty goodies whilst I was away. I've taken some photos so I'll send them to Sandra as well as a couple of my stay in Ruthin Castle.
    I'm out food shopping this morning. My cupboard is empty and apart from some water and milk so is the fridge.
    Enjoy your crafting day Sandra.
    Take care everyone.
    Love Val xxx

  3. Morning Sandra & Ladies,

    A quick visit this time, I'm off today to join the U3A then I can go to my first photography club meet, where I will be looking forward to getting lots of tips on how to 'set a scene'. Hopefully this will no more pictures of trees, plants or other people's appendages adorning the top of somebody's head! haha Photo bombers look out, I shall be on the alert for you.

    Lovely aperture card Janet, I thought I had this die set then realised I had given them to Tiegan when I bought your GC for her. Shall have to borrow it back sometime.

    Welcome Amanda to the friendliest, bonkers set of crafters you will ever meet. We are always here with friendly banter, tips and the best of all, support when anyone is feeling low.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hello Cheryl,
      Would they teach me how NOT to take photos of my own feet! Not a pretty sight anyway! Ha ha! Enjoy your class it should be fun and helpful too! Xxxx

    2. Hi Cheryl enjoy your photography class hope it's interesting & beneficial too you.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  4. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Beautiful card from Janet - love the aperture and pretty flowers :-)
    Happy Birthday to Anne for yesterday - hope you had a lovely day :-)
    Welcome Amanda - from another 'newbie'. Sandra's blog is lovely, full of fabulous inspiration, sketch challenges, and lovely, friendly members. Enjoy :-)
    Hope everyone has a lovely day.
    Hugs to all xxx

  5. Hello Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,

    Firstly belated birthday wishes Anne, sorry I missed your birthday, I hope you had a lovely day and were throughly spoilt.

    Janet, what I lovely card love the papers you have used it really is so pretty. I think I have ordered a die similar to this one, it's the crafters companion die. In fact I ordered it from Hochanda,that was over two weeks ago and I haven't heard anything from them yet. John will be popping home later, he can check if they have tried to deliver anything.

    Sandra hope you Paul and the family are well, and the girls are coping with there workload. xxx

    Hope everyone has a good day, love and hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Brenda I would give Hochanda a ring or email , I think. Each time I have ordered from them it's been here inside two days! This morning I've received two large packs of Grime Boss - they were on offer buy one get second one half price . I ordered them during Julia's Show on Monday night at 8pm. They are the big packs of 60. That's been really quick but it's been like that each time. Hope you get it sorted out! Xxxx

    2. Brenda, it's me again!!! Sorry!
      I've just had an email from Hochanda apologising to all Customers for the delay in Orders from Crafter's Companion. It would appear they are being sent from the Crafter's Companion Warehouse and they have a bit behind. My Orders had nothing to do with them so weren't affected. I hope this helps! You will had have had an email too. Xxx

    3. Myra, THANK YOU, I took your advice and have just rang Hochanda I was given an apology, the goods will be shipped out and ready for delivery early next week. I was a bit concerned because I would have had to have the parcel redirected to here (our daughters house) but we will be going home on Sunday so will be at home when they are delivered. Thank you once again for your help it really was appreciated. XXX

    4. Myra, I have just checked my emails, yes there is one explaining the delay. They were not slow taking the money out of my account!!!!! Fingers crossed all will be resolved next week. XX

  6. Good morning Sandra and ladies,
    Janet your card is lovely, love the flowers.
    Welcome to Amanda, we are a bit mad in here sometimes, but a friendlier bunch of people I have yet to meet.
    Waiting on the roughcaster to repair some of the outside of the house, so a day kind of wasted for us today.
    Take care everyone whatever you get up to, xxx

    1. Good day for that job Jess! It will be worth it! You need a day at home after all the birthday gadding about! Ha ha! I'm always being accused of that as you know! Xxx

  7. Hi Sandra
    Janet I love your card that Sandra's shown today. I hope your journey was uneventful and that you've settled in OK.
    Welcome Amanda, as Cheryl said we are a bit bonkers, but we're lovely with it.
    Hopefully Sandra and Sue are over at mine today. If not I'll be taking lunch over to Sandra's. I'm also having a visit from the chiropodist as well. She enjoyed our banter last time when we were here. Petes still in bed at the moment. Can't seem to stir himself most mornings now, he falls asleep at the drop of a hat as well in the chair. He knows it's his medication but still gets frustrated when he'd like to be doing jobs instead of sleeping.

    1. Sorry to hear Pete's not so well Pat! It's very frustrating when someone has always been fit and active and suddenly they can't do the things they would like to do . As you say, knowing it's the medication just doesn't help sometimes. Sending hugs! Hope you have a lovely time with Sandra and Sue! Xxxx
      PS - don't tell Sandra I reminded you - but remember the Challenge card! Shhh! Xxx

    2. Hi Pat hope you are enjoying your crafty day with SANDRA. & SUE
      Sorry Pete is under the weather due to his medication hope e gets it sorted Hug's xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Anne, I must apologise for not sending happy birthday wishes to you for yesterday. I hope that you had a wonderful day relaxing in some lovely hot spot : )
    Amanda, I must also apologise for not welcoming you to this fantastic friendly Cafe : )
    Lynda, I'm glad you are resting, sorry its too painful to turn the handle, maybe you could get Terry to do that bit for you, or is that asking too much haha.
    Janet, I hope the weather is kind to you and Jim and that you are all sorted and ready to relax.
    I am really looking forward to spending the day with Sandra and Pat. See you later ladies.
    Love and hugs to all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue no need for Terry to turn handles as I have the Ebosser it's just lifting the plates in & out as it hurts my chest.I love him but wouldn't trust him with my machine as he is like a bull in a china shop Haha
      Have a lovely time with Sandra & Pat xxx

  9. Morning ladies and Sandra ... not that she's not a lady too ha ha ha ha ... thank you for the welcome ladies thats super kind of you .... have a fab day hugs x Amanda

    1. Margaret Palmer16 March 2016 at 12:22

      Welcome to this mad cafe, I am sure you will love coming in.

  10. Good morning everyone
    Its a nice day here - a bit cloudy but nor bad at all, have to wait in for washing machine to be delivered so will catch up on some crafting while I wait.
    Welcome Amanda - hope you enjoy our little group - everyone is so nice on here and the challenges Sandra sets up are great.
    Hard to believe Easter is nearly upon us, doesn't seem five minutes since Christmas
    Enjoy your day crafting Sandra and everyone else - I hope you enjoy your day whatever you do.
    Hugs to all in need of a nice squishy one
    Jean xx

  11. Hello Sandra,
    Hello everyone! It's another lovely day and it makes everything just seem better.
    The birds are singing and my husband is whistling in the garden!
    I meant to say Cheryl - we have a little wren comes into the garden every day. So tiny with a little tail feather almost sticking straight up in the air! We have often said that we wonder why she doesn't get blown away!! Nature really is wonderful!
    Lovely card Janet and lovely paper you have used! Hope you have arrived safely without incident and are stocking up the cupboards! How is the garden looking?
    Well I must go and get on!
    Welcome Amanda! Can't look at your Facebook " page?" As I don't do Facebook. Sorry about that.
    Love to all,
    Myra xxx

    1. Hi Myra, I found 'scrimpingmommy' Amanda on youtube. It's loads of things to see. xxx

    2. Thanks Maria! Hope you are feeling better! Xxx

  12. Margaret Palmer16 March 2016 at 12:29

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra hope you have a lovely day with Pat & Sue & at leadt do a little crafting.xx
    Janet your card is very pretty, hope you are getting settled back in France.xx
    Must get on with my card yesterday disappeared somewhere.
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xx

  13. Hello Sandra and everyone in today,
    Happy belated birthday hugs to Anne, hope you had a lovely day.
    Hi Amanda, enjoy the time with us. Did you know you got a adorable daughter.
    Janet and Jim, hope you are safely in Marigny and everything is as it's should be. Your card is lovely Janet.
    Oh Jean, so glad nothing worse happened. Real scare when these things start smoking. Never last like they used too. At least the car went through it's MOT for you.
    The three graces, have a fun day together. Plenty of laugh and some crafting too. Hope Pete is all right after last night and the car not starting. Cuddles to Phoebe, wish her better. Lynda, sorry your chest still hurting and bruises they do take their time. I can see you all nodding in agreement.:-P
    Had a nice day into London yesterday seeing SIL but also went to visit her MIL in a nursing home. We had not seen her for a while so it was sad to see how old she suddenly looked but at 96 she is now well looked after and not at home on her own. Met also a very fit 100 year old who will go to Windsor to see the Queen next Wednesday and an ex goolie for Burnley or some club, who was 94. Myra , they were making Easter cards and that made me think of you tihi. They let us out too but we had to sign the book first. Had a good walk to Ikea and back again today so now sitting and licking my sores, not really but wont be doing to much later. It was nice do to hear the bird singing and see the buds on the trees waking up again. Only wished the sun had been out, very cold wind still here. Good you had a nice time in the UK Val and got some crafting stuff with you back home.
    Anyhow, hope anyone seeing the dentist or doctor will be ok and have fun whatever you are doing today. Love and hugs, Maria xxx

    1. Maria - was it the crafting made you think of me or the lady who was 94!! Ha ha! It amuses me a little that I sign myself in and sign myself out and nobody stops me!! Maybe it's the car registration number beside my name! Ha ha! Xxx

    2. Hi Maria
      I'm glad you had a lot very day yesterday. We also have to sign in and out when we visit Ellis. We sometimes have to wait until someone is free to let us out. Only the staff have the code to get in and out. I suppose that's in case we do a runner with the residents.

    3. Myra- it was defiantly the crafting, you are way to young to be a lodger . It felt like something out of the film 'Cabbage War' tihi xx

  14. Bon jour everyone. We're now all settled with everything unpacked and the fridge/freezer full after shopping this morning. I can now start to think about this week's challenge card.
    All's well here. The garden is looking OK as we have Daffodils and a few snowdrops still out. The grass is full of primroses so I've fingers crossed that Daniel doesn't come and cut it just yet.

    Hope the three graces have managed to meet.
    Pat- hope Pete is feeling better today.
    Angela - welcome to the best blog you will ever find. Daft we are but all the better for it.

    It was a big surprise to see my card today. I used paper from the Bohemia pad. The die for the aperture is a Tonic multi/graduated one. The flowers from my stash and I made the hatpins using SW's beads etc.

    Hugs to all and I'll see you tomorrow. Feet up time for me now. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      I'm glad your all sorted out now. Fridge and larder full of food. Sounds like you have a lovely array of flowers. Love the card, but I did say that further down.

  15. Hi Sandra & everyone
    JANET your card is lovely the Bohemia pad is so pretty too. Glad your all settled in & you have food. Hope your relaxing now after your journey. Enjoy your little bit of heaven Hug's xxx

  16. Hi Sandra & everyone sorry pressed publish to soon.
    I have commented on way down. We had some sun this morning but now it's raining. Haven't done anything this morning but I'm going to try making challenge card again I am getting fed up with not feeling well & getting frustrated now i have a banging in the head too. But hay ho im still breathing.
    MARIA glad you had a nice time in London yesterday also visiting. Did you help the elderly ladies in the home with their cards. Glad they let you out Maria I would have definitely missed you if they hadn't .xx
    JEAN hope your having a uninventfull day today with nothing else breaking down. Well I am going to try & make this challenge card let you know how I got on later.
    Hug's Lynda xxx

    1. Hi Lynda
      Please take care of yourself. We don't want you being ill and missing Ally Pally.

    2. I think the elderly ladies and gents could have shown me a thing or two, mainly different positions to sleep in a chair, bless them. If they didn't have neck and back pain before they would have now. You take it easy so you are fit for Ally Pally like Pat say, we want you to be there with Terry as our main photographer ! xxx

  17. Good afternoon, had little sister call in today, so had to catch up on things after she left. Lynda, just take it easy, your body is trying to recover from your fall.
    Val I bet your glad to be back to some real sunshine and warmth.
    Maria, I am glad you had a day out.
    Jean, you were lucky over your washing machine.
    Well I hope the three graces have had a good day crafting!!!!
    Well I am off to do some more bits then get tea organised. xxx

  18. Evening All, it's been dry but dull and cold ,still all the washing dried, just need to get it ironed now.
    Janet, glad you're settled in, your card is beautiful, lovely paper.
    Welcome Amanda, you will love it here, cakes are calorie free !!!!
    Going to see my friends to craft tomorrow, need to sort what to take, time to make a few Easter cards.
    Well time to get some dinner.
    See you later. Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian, hope you are ok. Give that knee a telling so you get a good sleep tonight. Look after yourself xx

  19. Good evening ladies,
    Does anyone have any confessions this week????
    If so can I have photos please ?xx

  20. Hi Myra /Lynda
    Thanks for the hugs. Petes ok really just can't stay awake. We'll see what the consultant says when we see him in a couple of weeks. Seems to sleep a lot more than usual.
    Two challenge cards done Myra. Don't daint with the shock. Plus a card for the new baby next door.

    1. You were 'on fire' today Pat, there was no stopping you!! Fab cards too!
      Thanks for lovely day, are your feet OK?

    2. Oh hh Pat! I'm more than a little impressed! Glad you had a successful day! Xxx

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