Saturday 12 August 2023

Mixed Up Saturday


Sue's 'Margaret' Rose

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

I hope today finds you all as well as can be expected, sending hugs to that need one. 

Sue sent me a photo of her 'Margaret' Rose that Chris bought her after Margaret passed away, it is so beautiful,  just as Margaret was.  Thank you so much Sue for sharing it with us XXX

Diecutting Essentials Issue 106

This Month's Issue has a Christmas Die with an added bonus of a Christmas Sentiment Stamp.  There is also a downloadable paper collection to use with the free gifts.

Sarah kicks off the Inspiration for the free gifts with a collection of Christmas cards, she has used the die to create some different folds too, which gives extra interest.  I think it would be helpful to have a set of hexagon dies to accompany the free gift so you can add layers to give more versatility. 

There are some really pretty cards in this  'Technique Showcase' from Cathy Andronicou.
Cathy shares some lovely ideas for adding dimension to your floral die cut cards by adding raised die cuts on foam pads and raising your first stamped layer on foam pads so that you can into the base layer to give even more dimension. There are projects for everyone in this feature, some simple designs and some that take a lot more time. 
I really love those last two cards.

'Back to Basics' :  Sarah has shared some great ideas for adding 'Hinged Die cuts' this gives you some fun places to hide sentiments or hidden messages.  They look great ideas for Man cards, some men appreciate a bit of a technical element!! 😂🤣

'Expert Guide' :  Lorraine shared some lovely inspiration for creating cards with 'Over the Edge' die cutting. Some of the cards feature partial die cutting, others are a bit simpler with the die cuts placed over the edge of the card.

Nicky shares some great little tips for getting the most out of your free dies, little things like ' If you use the hexagon with the point at the top, cut a sliver if card off of the point at the back of the card so that it stands up'.  Or 'If you don't have textured paper, run a piece of paper through a tiny patterned embossing folder'.  Great for new card makers and us experienced crafters with a bit of crafting dimenetia!!! 🤣😂

Ruth has created some amazing Gift Bags, Gift Tags and Cupcake toppers.  Its nice to have something different to cards to create, plus you can never have enough Gift Tags.! 

Skills Booster:  Heat Embossing to add texture and interest to your cards.  Using embossing powders with embossing folders and stencils.  The effects are all different and all very effective. 

That's all for this review, I'm not sure that I would have bought this magazine if I saw it on the shelf, that Christmas die is ok but there isn't much versatility with it.  I think I will end my Subscription and just pick the magazine up if I like the look of it. 


Janet, I will be thinking of you today, I hope the showing is over quickly so that you and Jim aren't left hanging about.  I also hope you didn't overdo things yesterday preparing for today, hopefully you can spend the next few days feet up and relaxing. xxx

I hope that you all have a great weekend, we will be mostly.....moving stuff !!! 🙄

Sending Love and hugs to all of you, 



  1. Hi everyone
    Love the quote ☺️
    Sue, your rose is beautiful and a lovely reminder of your mum 🥰
    Thank you for the magazine review, some good articles in there. Not sure about the dies either, but the sentiments look nice.
    Janet, hope it goes well today and you can find something to take your mind off things xx
    Have a good day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Hi everyone
    Great quote, 😉
    Sue, love the rose. Beautiful reminder of "mamma" Margaret x
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Thank you for the magazine review. I will get this one. I like the die and have some hexagon dies somewhere.
    Janet, fingers crossed and will be thinking of you. How did it go yesterday, any cakes to report on ?
    After an early night and quite warm even with the windows open I was up at six trying to finish off a birthday card for step-son. He is coming home for a week next week so we going to Colchester to see him for a few days. As he is a teacher I wanted to put a,b,c on the front but I have lost the a, how typical or what 😕
    Have a nice day everyone. Many hugs to you all xx

  3. Hi Sandra and all looking in. Love the saying. I wonder how long I could keep using it 🤣 Mums rose smells beautiful as well as looking so pretty. I smile each time I go past it in the garden.
    Thank you for the review. There are some ideas that I would like to have a go at but like you I think the Christmas die is a bit limited. Not one that I will be buying this time. Good luck with packing, for holiday and for moving. Your house must be a sea of calm and tranquility at the moment……not! Try not to stress too much my lovely xx
    Enjoy the day and try not to get wet if you have the same weather as we do today!
    I’m home alone until later this evening so crafting is my plan once I hit publish here 😁

  4. Janet, I’m thinking of you both. I hope all goes as well as possible for you xx

  5. Hello Sandra and everyone
    Sue how thoughtful of Chris to give you such a beautiful gift, a rose to remember your lovely mum Margaret, she was such a lovely lady. Every craft show she came to she always had delicious home made cakes in her bag to share with everyone. She was such a lovely thoughtful lady.
    Sandra - Thank you for the magazine review.
    I’ve had another sleepy day again had a nap after breakfast and another after lunch, I keep telling myself the the body is healing itself when we sleep, at this rate I should be bouncing around!!!
    Janet hope you and Jim are Ok it must be painful showing your beautiful French bolt hole to possible buyers. 😘
    Take care everyone, sleep well. Big Hugs Brenda xxx