Thursday 20 July 2023

Pretty in pink


Good Morning Ladies, 

Yesterday turned out to be a day of two halves, the first half was a right off, I just failed to function, mostly down to tiredness,  after another sleepless night, I seem to have so many whizzing around 8n my mind at the moment,  its hard to switch off.  The afternoon was better I finished off a couple of cards and Lucy wanted to pop to the shop and wanted company so I went with her, we then went over to our new house as Bill the landlord asked if we would like the keys earlier to help us get moved in a bit quicker as we have our holiday in less tha  a month!  This is what I mean when I say I have a lot whizzing around my little brain 🤣😂

Sue I was shocked to read about RJ having Crohnes Disease, I am sure that medicine has advanced to a point where they can get it under control, fingers crossed they get him comfortable really quickly. Sending you hugs xxx

Today's card was made using my all time favourite SU papers, I adore the colours all mixed in together it just makes you smile,  I made a simple fold where you just adhere 1 inch of the card together and add the ribbon before sticking it down.  I love to leave these papers to shine without too many bits obstructing the front,  so a simple sentiment and bow and thats it!   I hope it brightens your day too 😍

I hope that you all have a good day,

Love and hugs to all of you 

Sandra                                                                    xxxxxx 


  1. A very pretty card
    Your new landlord sounds lovely What an advantage to be able to start taking things over You’ll be able to “see the wood from the trees” more easily as things disappear
    We watched one of the county bowls matches yesterday evening I was gobsmacked to see a huge crowd of spectators!
    I’m on a training course this afternoon We’re out dancing this evening So that’s my day sorted
    Sorry to RJ has crohns Hope the medication helps
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hello, busy getting ready for grandchildren, who are coming today, it’s almost a year since I’ve seen them.

    Sandra love your card ,that paper is beautiful, can see why you treasure it.
    So sorry to hear that JR having Crohns disease, I think the modern medication can help.

    Have a good day all , Lilian

  3. Hi everyone
    Love your card, the papers are beautiful 😍
    Sue, sorry to hear about RJ xx
    Enjoy the rest of the day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Very pretty paper. I'm not a pink person myself but so pretty on flowers etc.
    Very nice landlord Sandra. He will make life easier for you. 😊

    1. What did the comment button doing there, 🤔.
      Sorry to hear about RJ Sue 😕 hoping the meds he will get can help . Hope you had a good day today x
      Lilian, have a wonderful time with your grandchildren.
      Nothing went to plan today,so fed up with stomach problems and other pains and still waiting for a appointment. Seeing a doctor on Tuesday 🙏
      Sending many hugs to you all, extra for anyone who need some. xxx

  5. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    I’m with you Sandra these papers are so beautiful and a match made in heaven with the base card. I use what I have very sparingly.
    Sue hope RJ makes a speedy recovery, I believe it’s very debilitating and painful. Thank goodness for the brilliant medicine that are now available.
    Take care everyone.
    Goodnight and sleep well. Hugs Brenda xxx