Saturday 24 June 2023

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

Welcome to the weekend,  time to relax and do what you love!  

Our Gina sent me the above quote, its so accurate, I can put my hand up and say that I bought stuff from Sweet Poppy at the last craft show (Ally Pally) that I haven't even opened let alone used !  I know I can't be the only one!  Thank you Gina for sharing the quote with us XXX 

Creative Stamping Magazine 

Issue 123

This month's issue is a Collaboration with the RSPB, so by buying this Issue you are supporting the charity. The bird themed stamps are lovely,  lots of detail, some great scene building stamps too.

This first piece focuses on using the free Embossing folder to create different backgrounds to use with your stamps.  Using techniques such as Faux letterpress and sanding back to create different effects. 

Some lovely mixed media style cards, Rachel has used Nature & textures as Inspiration for her designs.

Masterclass:  Trapped Emboss Resist

Basically you lay down a base colour,  stamp an image on the background and then emboss with clear embossing power,  therefore 'trapping ' the base colour under the embossing.  You can then add more ink over the embossing to darken the background (the trapped colour would appear lighter)  or you can lighten the background (the original 'trapped' colour will appear darker) .  By playing around with colours you can really make your original image pop!  The designer has used the Ombray effect which works really well.  Baby wipes are a great tool for removing ink.  I will definitely be having a go at this technique. 

Framing & Sectioning Techniques are used to create some masculine style cards using the free stamps  I really like the bright fresh colours of these cards.

Jessica has used some different 'Over the edge' techniques to create some really lovely cards.

Some fun ideas for making projects that would make great Charity Fundraisers.

In Depth Make:  

Floating Panel card, Nicky has used an assortment of the free stamps to create this fun Floating Panel card.  If any of you want a closer look at the instructions.

Lorraine has used Masking techniques to create these amazing,  brightly coloured cards that are quite simple by design. 
I have to say these are my favourite cards in this magazine!  

Now I thought I would share this subscription offer with you in case any of you were considering a new magazine subscription, as the free gift is really useful,  you get Watercolour Inks a brayer and a small Media plate (gelli plate).

There are lots of techniques featured in this issue, the stamps are really usable too.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,

Love & hugs to all of you, 



  1. Hi Sandra and all looking in. Unused new stash. Does that really happen? Well it definitely in my house 🤣🤣
    Thanks for a great review. Some of the cards are beautiful aren’t they. Have a nice weekend with Paul whatever you do my lovely xx
    I am hoping for a quiet day so I can craft after a busy week. Enjoy the day everyone. Sending hugs. Take care xx

  2. Morning ladies
    A great saying I have so much stuff that I haven’t opened, a lot of which I’ve forgotten how to use
    The magazine looks interesting
    Just finished a quick step lesson (not easy in this heat) Next is a waltz lesson with Aljaz!
    Take care everyone

  3. Hi everyone
    Love the quote 😉 think we can all relate!
    Great magazine review, thanks for sharing.
    Work was hot and humid, thought we were going to get some rain earlier, but sun is out again!
    Karen, hope you’re having a good time and it’s not too hot!
    Have a good rest of the day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    That quote is so true, I think we could all put our hands up to that one
    Thank you for a brilliant magazine review, Wow, so many stamps included in this deal. You can’t go wrong can you question?
    Had a quiet day today, yesterday John thought he’d give me a treat annd took me to Wimbledon. It was lovely and everything is close to the station. The downside was I have had sciatica for the past week and it’s so painful moving around, but I put on a brave face because he was trying to cheer me up. bless him, he does try so hard. But I have to admit I was pleased to come home.
    Karen, I hope you’re both enjoying your weekend, I’m sure you
    I hope all the ladies are okay. Take care and stay safe.
    Big hugs for everyone Brenda XXX

    Lynda and Terry, thinking of you both, and all her other friends who are not able to comment at the moment xxx