Thursday 8 June 2023

A couple of 'Throwback' Clean & Simple cards


Good Thursday Morning Ladies,

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments yesterday, I think that we all just carry on regardless of how we feel but there are some days that it just hits you and that was me on Sunday, after 30+ years of pain, 20 of those extreme pain I guess there comes a point that it becomes too much.  I will be ok, we always are, luckily I have an amazing support network of family and friends.  
Sonia I hope that your antibiotics are starting to make a difference, keep those steam inhalations going and you should be feeling so much better for your extra special visit this weekend.

We had a beautiful warm and sunny day yesterday, it was breezy but pleasant, perfect for drying the washing, we seem to have had a lot of laundry this week, I wanted to do bedding and towels while the sun was shining,  we are sitting with our fingers and toes crossed every time we put a wash load in as our machine is making an awful noise on spin cycle, it feels like every wash is a bonus!  We were trying to think how long we have had it, it was to be well over 10 years so we can't complain.  The thought if shopping for another one fills me with dread, things just don't seem to be built to last these days.  We do try and stick with the same brand as that brand have served us well, I insist on a fast spin, our current machine has 1600 spin which it brilliant.  Hopefully we will get a few more weeks, whats plays on my mind is.. will it go on a day we 'really' need it?!!!  Do you all have a recommended Brand?

Today I am sharing two throwback 'Clean & Simple' cards....

Card 1:  I die cut a 5 1/2 inch square base card,  then cut a mat about 1/2 inch smaller, both cut with Creative Expressions Pierced Squares.  As I was cutting the smaller piece I placed one of the butterflies from Sara Davies Vintage Collection 'Kaleidoscope of Butterflies ', I liked the delicate detail of this particular butterfly. 

To add some colour behind the die cut I used a small piece of paper from the Clarity 'Indian Summer ' 8 x 8 Designer paper pad, making sure the piece covered the aperture and adhering into place, i then popped foam pads over the whole die cut square and adhered it go the base card. 
To finish the card I replaced the butterfly into it's die cut aperture and added glue to fix it, I added another die  cut  butterfly on top so that I could lift the wings.  I popped a diamante on it's head, gently lifted the wings and added the die cut 'With Love' to finish the card, I die cut the sentiment in white to keep the design as simple as possible. 

Card 2:  Is super simple and doesn't need a description, it's one of those 'Apple Blossom' Embossing folders, embellished with some sparkles.  

I hope that the sun is shining on you all today,

Love and hugs,



  1. You’re allowed to have a moan and I know how you feel about living with “something” and suddenly it gets too much In over 50 years of having diabetes a few weeks ago I lost the plot because my pump kept bleeping and got extremely upset wishing I could have just 24 hours not worrying about insulin doses and blood tests But as my mum would say ”worse things happen at sea”
    We went to see a very good show in Woking last night “Greatest Days” with Kym Marsh After having to look after Oscar after school for a while the trip on the M25 for both us and daughter was slow very very slow I was very impressed with the theatre - very new and it’s attached to a cinema, shopping mall and car park So no freezing to death or getting wet (if it had been raining!) going back to the car - all under cover!
    I am determined to craft this afternoon!
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    I love the cards today 😍 thank you for sharing - it’s always good to see ones from the past.
    Back to work today, and after another awful night, most of it spent coughing, I really wasn’t looking forward to going back. Fortunately it was pretty quiet so went better than expected.
    Another lovely sunny day here again, I hope you’re all enjoying the same.
    Karen glad you enjoyed your trip to the theatre last night. Woking theatre is lovely, I’ve seen a few things there.
    Enjoy the rest of the day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Beautiful cards Sandra and so were the ones the last few days too.
    Hoping to make something tomorrow because traveling home yesterday has knocked me out for today.
    Washing för me and grass cutting for OH is the work for tomorrow as well.
    Sadly many of us are struggling with pain, diabetes, migraines etc. Thankfully with you ladies and the hobbies we have the days goes on, somedays worse somedays better..
    Sending many hugs and well wishes for you all. Take care xxx

  4. Hello All, it’s been cloudy today, with spot of sunshine. Washing dried lovely if a bit crispy. I managed to get my mattress cover washed and also under sheets. So I’ve caught up with all jobs while the fine weather I hear.
    Love your throw back cards, especially the first one.
    Not feeling great so I’ll see you tomorrow, Lilian

  5. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    I lost my comment earlier, wouldn’t mind but had almost finished it!! It’s been a lovely day here, not sure if it’s the same all over the country.
    Love today’s cards and can assure everyone the butterfly one is as gorgeous as the photo, I know because I have it in my treasure box. I often get it out and just enjoy looking at it.
    Take care everyone, hugs Brenda xxx