Thursday 30 March 2023

Simple background:Watercolour


Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope today finds you well, we had a wet and chilly day yesterday and more rain forecast today, the highlight of the day was hearing the birds joyful singing between showers 🐦  

Now if any of you had a rough day yesterday I'm about to make yoymu feel better.....   

I got up and decided to shower, condition my hair, then use a pretty smelling moisturiser,  make myself feel brighter than the day looked!  So I did, I had to have a little relax before drying my hair, I felt good, so I thought lets keep this good feeling going with a nice healthy lunch,  tuna salad with pickled red cabbage and beetroot, I'm not a huge tuna fan, to me it smells like cat food,  but I know its good for my heart.  So I prep all the salad, then I get to opening the Tuna, I lift the pull tab on the lid then hold it over the sink and gently press to drain the water out, or I 'thought' i was gentle...... all of a sudden there is an audible click and it seemed like the whole tin exploded, covering me from 'Newly washed & conditioned head to the tips of my fluffy slippers in slimey, sloppy tuna 🐟 fish, 😳😲🤢  It had soaked through my clean t shirt to my bra, everything was covered!  I could have wept had it not been for the hysterical laughter behind me, for a few minutes I was like the pied piper, the cats wouldn't leave me alone !!!  So all clothes in washing machine,  me back in the shower, I can still smell tuna on my arm though 😪!  

Now onto my card.... I am happy to admit that I have a problem with 'abstract ' or deliberately messy cards, to me there is a fine line between too little and too messy, I love the look of these style cards on Pinterest so I treated my myself to a new stamp that would work for many different card styles, because like all of you the thousands of stamps that I already have weren't right.

So I decided to go with a watercolour background, I got out a set of watercolour paints I've had for over a year and not touched 

I bought these 'Koh I Noor' stackable watercolour paints ages ago, it was the Chocolate Baroque woman selling them on C&C.  To be fair they do have quite decent pigment.  They were on a special deal for £10.                                                                       Back to my card, I used a piece of acetate to transfer 'smooshed ' paint onto a piece of watercolour card that I had spritzed with water, building up the colours and I also tapped the brush a few times to give some splatters.  I popped it on the Aga to dry, I placed the dried piece into my stamping platform (incase I needed to restamp onto the rough textured watercolour card) I stamped using Versafine clair.  To finish I mounted onto black card, then onto a white card base.  A simple sentiment finishes the card. 

I hope that you all have a lovely Thursday,  I am staying well away from Tuna today. 

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                      xxxxxx 



  1. Oh poor you The antics with the tuna did make me smile though
    Your card is beautiful and I love the watercolour
    I did a covid test a little while ago because I feel rough but thankfully it is negative I have a chest ct scan later Then we’re off to Chelsea to watch the ladies play
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    I love your card today. The watercolour background is perfect for the stamp 😊
    I love tuna, but I hate opening those tins! I usually get it over my hands after the first press, which smells for ages after! I bet the cats thought it was their birthday 😉😂
    Karen, glad to hear you’re negative, but hope you’re feeling better soon. I hope the scan goes ok, and enjoy this evening.
    I’m happy to say I did some crafting yesterday, mainly backgrounds. I received my Lavinia order, and I must say that their Mystical Mica sprays are lovely 😊
    Have a good rest of the day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Nice card Sandra, like the water colour smoothing.
    Hoping no more tuna attacking you too soon 🤭 😊 personally I like it in a sandwich but not the smell so much.
    Having problems to get anything done today, OH has gone out for a walk but I couldn't go. Sending many hugs to you all, extra for you who need some. Take care 🤗 xxx

  4. Beautiful card Sandra, the messy background works perfectly with this stamp, I love it. xx
    Your day yesterday sounds really funny, I’m sure it was funny to you at the time, it must have been horrible covered in all that Tuna and brine, the cats probably thought you were the treat of the day. Ha, Ha.
    Had an appointment today at the chest clinic, had chest X-ray it showed I have fluid on the right lung - again. Doctor thinks it’s coming from the cancer. Anyway next Thursday I will have the fluid drained off - again.
    Hope your day has been more exciting than mine. Take care everyone. Hugs Brenda xxx

  5. Hello All, another wet day, we don’t have a car, it’s in the garage for service and MOT. But they have found other things that need doing, they have been doing it for two days still not finished, dread the thought of the bill.

    Sandra, very sorry about your tuna shower !!! Love your card, the water colour background is great, this challenge really suits you.

    Been busy today, managed to get several jobs done around the house. Expect I’ll pay for it tonight.
    Dentist tomorrow, have to have four fillings, app. For 50mins.

    Hoping to finish my card tomorrow when I get home, night all. Lilian