Saturday 11 March 2023

Mixed up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

It's very cold here today, I kept looking out of the window to see if we are blessed with more snowfor Friday but there wasn't a flake, I was very chilly though, it took me a while to warm up each time I got up, that is one part of this whole bladder thing I wish they could solve, some nights I may get lucky and only get up twice after my last visit at 1 am, but more often I am up four times, each time causes my AF to kick off so it's back to bed to try and calm breathing so I can atleast try and get some sleep, I don't have anything to drink after 9pm apart from a swallow of water to take my tablets.   So it's hardly surprising I am so exhausted,  for some reason this time the Nitrofurantoin has given me a really upset stomach just to add to the joys!  I am counting the days to my urology appointment!! 

Janet I do hope that you got your Tesco delivery made it through so that Jim doesn't need to go out.  It doesn't take much for our country to grind to a halt. Stay safe my lovely XXX 

Sue has done us a great magazine review.....

Simply Cards & Papercraft 

Issue 241

Simply cards and papercraft  March issue 241 review
This month there are a selection of both stamps and stencils with pretty florals and bottles.

This article has some really pretty cards which are lovely and fresh, perfect for spring cards. There is a technique step by step of making perfect backgrounds for vases and bottles. It is something I will be trying as it looks so good.

The tried and tested this month is the Sizzix electric die cutting machine. It cuts A4 size and has all the plates needed. It also comes with a nice selection of dies and an embossing folder so you can start crafting as soon as you open the box.

More pretty makes using the freebies here. There are several off the page makes which would be perfect for ladies or Mother’s Day gift.

 This article shows how to make some lovely cut out shaped cards. This is a lot easier than it looks, and something very different to the usual card shapes we all use so often. This is another one that I will definitely will be trying.

Julie Hickey tells us a bit about herself and her crafting journey. She creates beautiful cards, these shown are lovely pops of bright colour to cheer us along.

The final article using the free stamps, stencils and free downloads and again there are some lovely makes. More techniques to try, especially that gorgeous red poppy make.

This article is all about using the free digital stamps and papers. The Mandala type digi stamps are pretty and would be great to colour if you want to sit down and relax before using them to make into cards.

As always let me know if more information is needed.
Take care
Sue xx
Thank you Sue for a fantastic review, there are some great techniques in this issue, I love the faux bleaching technique it looks so effective.   I really appreciate the time you took to write the review my lovely XXX 

Wasp Nest

This is the Wasp nest that Paul & Sophie managed to remove from the loft, its hard to get an idea of the size, it was a huge. 
The first photo above is the outside of the nest, it is a real work of art, there were little flecks of blue  throughout the whole outside which must have been something they ate/collected.  The little holes are the entrance holes. 

This photo shows the layers of the nest, they create little posts to hold the layers apart.  

This was one of the layers that had come away from main stack, I wanted to show how perfect each of those hexagons are, it is so fascinating.  Some still has lava in but the whole nest died in the colder weather.  

This is the underside of the layer above, you can see the texture, it looks like carpet underlay! 

This was a top piece, I wanted to show how they start a new layer, that bit looks like a tiny toadstool! 
This last piece is the bottom,  I have zoomed it, what I wanted was to highlight how they scale down the size of the hexagons, they look the same size in photo but they were a lot smaller. 

Nature is absolutely incredible,  it blows my mind that those tiny creatures can create such a precise and perfect work of art.  I spent ages just thinking HOW they can make and repeat those perfect hexagons. 
I hope you are as fascinated as we were, we gave the nest to Sue to take home to show the Grandchildren as its not often you get to see one up close. 

We are having a quiet day today to make sure I save as much energy for tomorrow.

Have a lovely Saturday Ladies, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. I’m creative too!
    Thank you Sue for the magazine review It’s always helpful to know what’s inside
    BOY! That nest is amazing! I wonder if a museum would like it after being admired by Sue’s grandchildren or the animal park come to that
    We bought some very cheap photo frames to replace some very old fashioned ones but some will require mounts So I will be faffing with my ScanNCut to get equidistant frames
    Take care all xxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    Well wed still have more than a good covering of the white stuff. Very little was added yesterday but it was and still is extremely cold. The road in front of us has one side clear -thanks to the small amount of traffic (4x4s) who managed to get out. The rest are till thick.
    Mr Tesco did a fantastic job yesterday and managed to deliver. I cannot praise these drivers enough. They do a fantastic job.

    HUGS areon their way to you all. If you have to venture out please take great care and stay safe.xxxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Love the quote 😉
    Great magazine review Sue, thank you for sharing 😊
    That nest is fascinating. I generally don’t like things like that, but was intrigued to see your pictures.
    Another very cold day here today, just had a rain shower but up until then, the sun was out.
    Enjoy your day tomorrow at Ally Pally.
    Have a good evening everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Lovely quote, all I can add is that I must be very creative! Ha Ha
    Great magazine review and lots of interesting articles.
    Some years ago John removed a wasps nest from daughters loft it was a fascinating piece of art, how can such tiny insects build this amazing structure.
    I hope you will be well enough to get to Alexander Palace tomorrow 🤞I will be there and looking forward to seeing you xx
    Take care everyone, Hugs Brenda xxx

  5. Hi everyone
    Thanks Sue for the magazine review. I like this one.
    The nest is fantastic, what a structure these little horrors can make. Very interesting.
    Have a good day tomorrow at Ally Pally. If I had gone today you wouldn't have been there......
    Hugs are being sent to you all, take care 🤗 xxx

  6. Hello, sorry to be late again.
    Love that quote, so me!
    Great mag review Sue, almost tempted.

    What a creation your wasps nest is.

    As it’s late I’ll just say goodnight Lilian

  7. Hi Sandra and all looking in tonight. A great saying and it must be true as I am VERY creative 🤣🤭🤣🤭
    This months magazine does have several things that I want to try. I was thinking of cancelling it but ever since then it seems to have improved a lot. And the freebies have been good quality too. Unlike years ago when you had awful soft useless stamps or card kits that weren’t even printed correctly making them impossible to use.
    Sandra, I hope you manage to get some sl ep tonight my lovely. See you bright(!!!) and early xx
    Brenda, I have everything crossed that you can make it. That will make my day 🤞🤞🤞
    Karen,!I hope you are well. Looking forward to seeing you there xx
    Maria, sorry that you can’t make it. I know we did all say that we were going tomorrow, I only knew because I put it in my diary as soon as we got into the car when we were leaving Watford 🤣🤣but as it turned out you have missed it anyway you poor thing. . If there is anything you want just let me know and I can get it for you, or at least I can let you know prices if you want. Stay snuggled up and feel better soon xx
    Lilian, Janet and Sonia we will be thinking of you all tomorrow. Sending love and hugs. Take care xx