Friday 19 November 2021

Your Next Challenge

Good Friday Morning Ladies, 

Woo hoo !!! Its the end of the week, I feel exhausted this week so I am looking forward to Paul's alarm NOT going off at 5am.   Our plans changed so we have a lovely quiet weekend,  which I am glad about as I have bought a couple of Tracy Evans Workshops and I am looking forward to playing with my new stamps, so hopefully that will happen tomorrow.  What do you all have planned? 

Yesterday turned out to be  really lovely as Sue came over to Craft for the afternoon, it was so lovely to sit and craft with a friend 😊  It was lovely to see Sue crafting too. 

Your Next Challenge 

I was sat playing with a really simple stamp and ended up making 2 cards in about 10 minutes, so I thought that it would be good to have as a challenge for this week so that we can all get a good few cards made ready to post out in a couple of weeks (yes I did say a couple of weeks) its 12 days to beginning of December!! 

I have shared a few cards that I think all work for the Clean & Simple style of crafting.  They are all very different but I am happy to go along with your idea of Clean &Simple.   As always I am excited to see what you create for this challenge. 

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx 


  1. Great ideas for CAS cards I really need to get moving re Christmas cards and presents alike
    We don’t have anything planned OH might go dancing later I won’t as daughter not there AND I have been commissioned to make 4 amigurami dogs So I can make a proper start whilst he’s out!
    I’m glad you saw SUE yesterday It did you both good to craft together I have 2 Tracy workshops maybe I will start one over the weekend Aall and Create have a ODS onnTCS today I will be watching but not buying
    Take care everyone xxx

  2. Hi everyone
    A great challenge for next week and lovely inspiring cards. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to catch up with my Christmas card making with this challenge. I’m off now until Thursday so plenty of time to craft! Like you, I won’t miss the alarm going off early in the morning for the next few days.
    So glad you had a lovely day yesterday, crafting with Sue 😊
    Brenda, I hope today is going as well as can be expected xx
    Have a good evening everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Not sure, as I told you already but have a crystal art to finish asap so have been sitting with it for the last 3 days so no card making have been done at all ,which means no CC yet but hoping to make a start on something tomorrow as long the fibro is alright. It's really playing up so pain piller's party it is.I wish you take care,it goes for all of you!
    Good idea for next week cc, lovely cards Sandra. You make it look so easy 🙂
    Have fun making cards after Tracy's tutorial.
    Brenda, thinking of you today.
    Sue, thinking of you all and sending hugs.
    Have a good day everyone, big hugs Maria xx