Saturday 27 November 2021

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

How are we all this Saturday Morning?  What are you all up to this weekend?  
We are all packed up ready to set off for Brixham, we are staying at a hotel in Paignton tonight, Brixham was mostly Guest Houses/B&B's that didn't cater for disabled/wheelchair customers,  there is no way I could manage stairs these days with the deterioration of my knee and left hip. So we have a hotel with a view of the sea, so expensive though, we are staying at a Travel Lodge, the one in Paignton is more expensive than the one we stayed at in Covent Garden! 
It will lovely to spend time with Paul's parent's though, it's sad to think they won't be coming and staying with us anymore.  Anyway I must go and get ready,  or we will never get on the road.

First up today is the Amazing card that Karen made for Paul to Congratulation him on getting his job, he was so touched by your kindness Karen, thank you so much xxx


Maria has shared some of her absolutely gorgeous Diamond Paintings, Maria I cannot believe how beautiful these are, so much detail,  I think my favourite is the Wreath one,  it would make such a beautiful Christmas decoration. The first one would like beautiful framed for a bedroom. How cute is that little Robin too, they have come on so far since the first ones I saw, the level of detail is amazing.

Maria's Description:
I have also made some A 4 x-mas cards
with crystal art and funny enough I got 2 of the wreath and it's pretty so might be keeping one on the fireplace 😉 with the other decorations .

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Crystal paintings Maria XXX


That's all for today Ladies,  I hope you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Karen & Maria-lovely projects.

    Sandra-I definitely suffer from STABLE. Good luck with your journey. I hope the weather is ok.

    We still have hake force winds here-50mph, they got up to 60 last night and it’s truly scary.

    As you know I’m not crafting much at te moment and to take some pressure off myself I’ve decided I’m not sending out Christmas cards but will be making a donation to charity. I hope you al understand and fingers crossed that next year I’ll be back crafting.

    Michele .

  2. Lovely to see you in the cafe MICHELE I hope you are keeping well I agree with MICHELE in that I will not be sending cards and will be making a donation to British Heart Foundation- Gary’s choice of charity

    Thankuou forvsharing my card I made it a few months ago and needed that special person to send it to With the hot air balloon Paul was the perfect choice
    Your diamond art is so pretty MARIA I expect the photos aren’t really doing them justice
    I hope you get to Brixham OK SANDRA and that you can sort things out with PAUL’s dad
    It is bright but wet here I think a bit of sewing is on the cards today My hands are so sore with tiny cracks all over them from washing them and hand sanitizer!
    Take care everyone xxx

  3. Morning everyone
    Lovely card Karen. You are very good at putting these together and colours are nice.
    Lovely to see you in the cafe' Michele,hope you are alright!
    The crystal arts I'm making are so so shiny, think if you can zoom in you might see some of it. Thank you, they are nice to make.
    Hope the drive down goes well. The road might be icy. it's coming down sleet and hailstones here at the moment and it feels so cold so I'm not going anywhere today.
    Brenda, sending you extra hugs and also to our Lynda, Lilian, Sue and to anyone who need some, I have plenty of them to give out, oh and not forgetting your dogs,cats and Turtle 😊 Have a good day and wrap up warm if going out anywhere. Maria xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Sandra, I hope you are feeling a bit better today. I will be thinking of you all. It’s going to be a difficult visit but I hope Paul’s Mum has managed to get some answers and that the care home is now looking after Paul’s Dad properly. It beggars belief that the care given by so called trained nurses/ carers is so lacking and with no thought for the patient. They should be ashamed of themselves but they don’t care do they and if asked why things haven’t been done they simply say they didn’t have time! We all know that nurses etc. are very busy but it is not an excuse for not caring for someone properly. I do hope he gets a ToTo air mattress to at least help with his pressure sores. Sending you my love and gentle hugs my lovely xx

    Karen you’re card is lovely. You have really got the knack. I hope yesterday went as well as possible xx
    Maria, your crystal art cards are beautiful especially that wreath it is wonderful. I can imagine it would be put out every year 😀 I hope you are not in too much pain at the moment but this cold weather isn’t very good for sore joints is it! Xx
    Brenda, I’m sorry to hear you have had such a sad month and that you are still struggling to feel better. I do hope you get some answers and whatever treatment is needed dear friend xx
    Lilian, I hope you make the call the other ladies talked about as you can’t go on as you are bless you xx
    Sonia, it’s good to hear Barney is starting to listen to you a bit more. Keep it up and in a few months it will a pleasure to take him out 😀 xx
    Janet and Lynda I hope you are both as well as you can be xx
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  5. Hello All, very rough here today, but at least it’s a bit better than in the night, it was so noisy, kept worrying about the tiles on the roof, all ok this morning.

    Karen love your card for Paul, lovely thoughtful thing to do.
    Maria your pictures are stunning, you must have endless patience.

    Lovely to see you in today Michele, understand fully about Christmas cards, our family don’t give presents to all the cousins, but give donation to air ambulance.

    Sandra hope your trip is going well and not too much debris on the roads, we have trees down blocking some of our roads.

    Not much else happening, sitting watching Davis Cup tennis, GB in the lead so far. Have a good day, keep warm, Lilian

  6. Hi everyone
    I love the quote 😊
    Karen your card to Paul is fantastic, such a lovely thing to do 😊
    Maria, your crystal art pictures are beautiful, I can imagine them sparkling in the light 😊
    Nice to see you Michele, hope you’re doing ok xx
    Sandra, hopefully by now you have arrived in Brixham. I hope the journey wasn’t too bad.
    It’s been so cold today, I couldn’t even get warm at work, surprising considering it’s usually so hot there! Tomorrow I shall be taking an extra cardigan with me. We seem to have missed the worst of the weather here (as we usually do) we had some rain and sleet this morning and it’s been quite windy but nowhere near as bad as some places have had it.
    Im settling in for the evening with Barney, the heating on full and Christmas films on the tv 😊
    Stay warm everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Love the poster - I really can relate to it !!!

    Karen how thoughtful of you to send this beautiful card to Paul when he got his permanent post ( a post he really deserved to get) I’m sure he was really moved by your thoughtfulness.

    Maria your Crystal Arts pictures are lovely, you must have the patience of a saint to make then, each piece being so tiny, I just couldn’t hold them with my clumsy fingers.

    Nice to see you Michele, hope you are coping with the pressures of work and life. Re crafting, Very sensible decision not to put yourself under extra pressure at this busy time of year.

    Sandra hope the journey to Devon went well and you found Paul’s dad settled into the care home, i hope the catering staff have been a bit more imaginative with his food requirements.

    Lynda, Lilian and anyone else who not feeling their best I hope life improves for you all soon. xx

    Sandra sorry I have sent a challenge card to you this week, I had two ideas I was working on, both ended looking very messy. I will try and make them work for next weeks challenge.

    Have a safe journey when you return from Devon, I hope Paul’s mum is coping with all the changes she has had to face since FIL’s unexpected health problems started. xx

    Sleep well everyone and stay safe and warm. Hugs Brenda xxx