Tuesday 20 July 2021

Peaceful Reindeers


Good Morning Ladies,

How are you all managing in the heat, my goodness me it was a warm night here, it was still 25 degrees when we got into bed, it is so frustrating when all you want to do is sleep.  A bowl of ice ❄ in front of the fan does help to cool the room but the ice doesn't last long.  Sue I hope that you had a slightly more comfortable night, it must be so much worse if your have your own 'hormonal heater' on full blast too! Sending you hugs XXX

Yes I have another 'Soapbox' moan!!!...... I am appalled at the Government / news referring to the relaxing of restrictions as 'Freedom' day!!  Freedom is something that is fought for, be it through War or Personal Struggle, the simple act of removing a Face Mask and being allowed to go to a nightclub does not deserve the title of Freedom Day!!  Sorry about the rant ladies !!!

Now onto today's card, I have to tell you that I hadn't realised that I don't have any 'Animal stamps, apart from the Hedgehog I used yesterday and Reindeers, I am going to have a rummage through my Magazine Freebie box to see if I can find any in there.  Is this a good excuse to go shopping????

I used the Starry Sky background from the Bokeh Dots stamp set to create a background for my little scene, I stamped it in Grey ink and added some clear sparkle pen to make it look really starry.  I then stamped the Christmas Tree from the Lovely As a Tree stamp set in Misty Moonlight ink, the Reindeers are from an old stamp set called 'Dashing Deer' I used Misty Moonlight for these too.  I used a water brush to add some colour around the bottom of the tree and the Deer.  I couldn't decide on a sentiment for this peaceful scene, all of the Merry/Happy Christmas ones just didn't seem right, so I went with the 'Peace on Earth', I wrapped some sparkly Misty Moonlight twine around the bottom of the card and popped the sentiment on top.  I matted and layered the card onto a mat of Misty Moonlight and then onto a white card base.  I hope that you like my card XXX

I hope that you all manage to keep cool and comfortable today,

Sending love and hugs to you all,



  1. Your card is stunning I love the soft colours and is a perfect “scene” for the sentiment
    I totally agree with you re the term Freedom day I don’t like it We are lucky enough to live in a country in that we are free
    I am going into the office today for the first time in 18 months I am nervous but LFT done Face mask ready and laptop packed and ready to go
    OH is working today so I hope to craft later I have one in readiness to put together
    Take care all I hope you feel more comfortable today SUE xx

  2. Morning Everyone
    Love love today's card SANDRA. Such a peaceful scene.

    Yesterday definitely wasn't 'Freedom' Day. Obviously whoever decided to use that term hasn't a clue what that word means.

    This household (all two of us) will still wear masks and comply with the distancing rules. We will not be going into public houses/theatres/cinemas etc etc. Numbers are still climbing and I cannot think of what they will be in around two week's time when crowds and crowds have disregarded all care and attention. What use will all lockdowns been.

    Sorry for the rant but I just needed to say.

    KAREN-good luck today. I'll be thinking of you. Hugs on their way to you.

    My hairdresser is coming this morning so I'd better get a wriggle on. I'm hoping for a cooler day but not too sure that's goingto happen.

    The CAFE is of course OPEN to all who wish to visit.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE IN EVERY WAY. STAY SAFE.xxxx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-stunning card.
    I think you need to go shopping to look for animal themed items or at least on Pinterest for ideas. You probably have some in the magazine freebies.

    I thought my HRT patches were controlling my hot flushes but I’m not so sure now. I did manage to get some sleep last night.

    I’m meeting crazy friend today at Dobbies-just hoping there's a table outside we can use. I’m taking her birthday presents & card as it’s her birthday tomorrow.

    Workmen still here so no chance of gardening again today-it’s too hot anyway.


    PS I wish the government had just said everyone still had to wear masks. They must work as it’s the only PPE we’ve had for the last year! I still
    Had my mask on last night when I went to get weighed and so did the other ladies.

  4. Morning ladies.
    Love the card Sandra.Such a pretty scene.
    Not much sleep and not feeling too good this morning so just going to take it easy and might do some colouring in. OH has gone to Nothampton to watch cricket, promised me to keep mask on if close to others. What is the government doing to us ? this is going towards another lockdown, well we soon see.
    Have a nice day everyone, Maria xx

  5. Hi everyone
    A beautiful card, love it 😊
    The whole situation is ridiculous! Saw on the news this morning, that all night clubs are now open for everyone to go to, but from September they won’t be letting anyone in who hasn’t had both vaccinations! What on earth is that all about - why wait until September, makes no sense 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🙄
    Hoping to do some more crafting today.
    Hope you get on ok back at work Karen.
    Have a good day everyone, stay safe in the heat. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I love today’s card, the sentiment works beautifully with it. I don’t think you have any choice about buying some animal stamps or dies as you need to make some more inspirational cards don’t you. That’s what I would use as an excuse anyway 😂 xx
    I did manage to get some sleep last night. Thanks for all of the hints ladies, the ice in front of the fan and cooling wrists both worked quite well xx
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  7. Sorry for repeat message. I totally agree with the use of the word “freedom” and what it truly means!

    Wow beautiful card Sandra you defenly need to go die or stamp shoping that's for sure.
    Carers just turned up
    Hugs Lynda xx